How The Enemy Within Recruits “Right Wing” Patsies For Political Assassinations-Piper

The enemy within the United States…


Excerpt from “The Judas Goats-the Enemy Within”

By Michael Collins Piper

In the summer of 1963, Ralph P. Forbes—a U.S. Marine veteran well known for his so-called “right wing” political views—had an unsettling experience that he relates in the following personal account, which he has entitled,“The Day the CIA Recruited Me to Be a Sniper Assassin.”

Forbes’s personal experiences as related here dovetail with the accounts of others—both on the political “right” and “left”—who (like Forbes) believe with good reason that they were being considered as potential assassins (or as “patsies”) in the events that took place in Dallas on November 22, 1963—an event that remains of continuing interest to millions of Americans who believe that the murder of President Kennedy was a turning point in modern history.

Forbes—now a correspondent for American Free Press—has been politically active all of his adult life, more recently in his adopted state of Arkansas where he has waged a number of highly effective political campaigns only to be the victim of high-level“votescam” and other dirty tricks of the lowest sort.

In any case, Forbes’ reminiscences of his experiences with the FBI’s infamous COINTELPRO operations aimed against American political dissidents, waged in concert with the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B”rith, could fill an entire volume. Forbes’ remarkable first-hand account of his 1963 experience follows.

They never told me the name of the operation, that summer  of  1963, but  from  what  I  have  since learned I believe it was the CIA’s ZR/Rifle Team.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.To understand the situation let me share some background. The Bay of Pigs and the Cuban missile crisis were still hot issues. The cold war was getting hot. There were hot spots all over South America, Asia, Africa, the Mid-East, Europe, etc. I was a patriot when patriotism wasn’t cool. Because I wanted to fight Communism I turned down appointments to both West Point and the Air Force Academy to join the Marines.When my hitch was up and they asked me to re-up, or reenlist, I gave as my condition that I be sent over on a combat mission to Vietnam. They said,“Sorry, ‘Nam will be long over before we can get your ship-over papers processed.”

Although many Americans were not yet wholly con- scious of Vietnam, our boys were already coming home in body bags. The radio news was nightmarishly Orwellian. “This week two American advisers were killed, bringing total American casualties up to eleven.” Next week the script might read,“This week three American advisers were killed, bringing total American casualties up to seven.”

The reported numbers were picked at random, and bore no relation to reality or the previous reports. My buddies were being stabbed in the back and sent to slaughter in another no win war. So I and other like-minded vets did everything we could to fight treason wherever we found it.

In the summer of 1963 several of us were approached by spook types with offers of “doing something” for our country. American interests needed “wild geese” or mercenaries as surrogates in exotic places all around the globe.

Not only would we help save America and the world, but we would be rewarded with large bounties in numbered Swiss accounts and enjoy a life of excitement and adventure. It came to pass that I, an ex-Marine who shot sharpshooter and expert, was invited to a recruitment meeting in a hotel in Hollywood.

The vibes were all wrong. The agent, who thought I would take the bait, gave me the creeps. He apparently thought I had been briefed a lot more than I had. He hinted my assignment would be to “terminate” Castro “with extreme prejudice.” He was very proud of the “pieces of steel” in his small briefcase.

Within a short time, it seemed less than a minute; he assembled a precision target rifle with scope. He wanted me to handle it. Before I would touch it I took a towel to make sure not to leave any latent fingerprints. He said that it was very sharp of me, but he seemed extremely disappointed or upset. He explained the rifling, the cartridge weight and load, the action, bragged about the scope, the weight, the quick assembly and disassembly.

He was extremely mysterious and vague. Sometimes he hinted it was a “company” (CIA) operation. Other times he suggested it was financed by Texas oil baron H. L. Hunt or some other rich anti-Communists. Or maybe a joint covert action sponsored by people in high places, both in and out of the U.S. government, perhaps intelligence agencies from “friendly” countries. They couldn’t tell me more, until after they were sure I was in.

The meeting lasted less than an hour.At the time I didn’t have a clue of what the real agenda was, but it did not pass the smell test.Wiping the piece off, just in case, I hand- ed it back and said I would let them know. I never saw this recruiter again, but that was far from the last time they would try to set me and other patriots up to be the fall guys to take the rap for that infamous crime in Dallas.

Had I not seen through the attempt to recruit me, people today might have heard that “right-wing extremist Ralph Forbes” had been one of the assassins of John Kennedy—but like Lee Harvey Oswald I was simply one of the potential fall-guys.


This is just one story by one man, but based on the well-documented record of The Enemy Within, it is safe to say that there are many such stories that could fill the record.

What appears in the pages of this volume is only the tip of the iceberg—a deep, murky hidden world of intrigue that would shock the average American if he knew the truth.


These interviews are from 1998 – Kay Griggs, wife/ex-wife of Colonel George Griggs.

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