Guilt and Shame A Jewish World Conquest Tool

As a former Christian, I am very familiar with the feelings of guilt and shame. Looking back I can see clearly  how this Christian religion has devastated my self-esteem: Others first, giving in, forgiving abusers over and over again, seeing prosperity as evil, fear of not getting to heaven if I would be rich, the endless threat of hell if I was not perfect according to this religion, and much, much more. The one bible quote that stuck in my mind the most from early childhood on is the one about the rich man going to heaven being as likely as a camel going through the eye of the needle. It kept me borderline poor. It was not an overnight process to free myself from this nonsense, for when giving up this religion, one often has to also give up many Christian social connections. That’s hard. We need social connection. But I am free of the fears of Hell now.

The Christian, always feeling guilty but really not, instead a victim, is the perfect match for the abuser to take advantage of him. This is why he lets his white nations be overrun with other races to change the Christians’ home land and have it taken away from him. For that purpose, I now understand, the main abuser of the Christians who plays a double game, the Jew, way back thousands of years ago, when invading the German territories in Palestine, has invented the Christian religion by twisting and filling the Germanic history with lies, represented but altered in the Bible, (about the Amalek and their god Baal) to destroy the strong and prideful German, the father of all the white race. The Jew prays every day: “Do not let the Amalek come to anything.” WWI and WWII was forced upon the strongest Amalek, the German, to destroy his people, his homeland and wealth created with his hands and very creative mind.

Not only that, the Jew has also invented the militaristic Mohammedan religion as the opponent to the Christians, to help eliminate the Christians. As we know now, the Jew always plays a double game to pit tribes against each other. We see this in his double dealings with weapons sale to each enemy. Furthermore, the Jews overthrew Russia and killed 66 to 100 Million Russians, most of them Christians. Though the Jews in Russia are not the Jews of the bible days, they are instead Khazars/Huns/Mongolians that have taken on the Talmudic Genocide Religion of the Jews around 600 A.D. This ought to wake up any Christian about the plan of the Jews. They called it Communism in the Soviet Union. Hitler called it Bolshevism. The whole genocide plan of the Jews is based on the Jewish Talmud and the Old Testament with their god Satan’s order to kill all races besides the Jews. Jesus, most likely a German freedom fighter, told us what the (original) Jews in Palestine are:

44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. [*Jewish Holocaust Invention]45 

And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

Try to believe me. I speak he truth from historical documents and from seeing the big picture.

In the New Testament you can read how the Romans were afraid of Jewish power (money power gives control). The Jews having become rich through usury had already bought many leaders in Rome, including Caesar. Palestine, a German location (the Germans lived all over the world as leaders) was invaded by the Jews and Jesus tried to rescue his trusting and good-natured German people from the destruction by the Jews and often, therefore, spoke in parables. He even said one time that he is speaking this way so that the “others” could not understand him, only his own. Of course, most of his quotes have been altered and some even twisted into the opposite. I cannot imagine a strong German who was very protective of his kinship group saying they should hate their father and mother, brother and sister and not save up (any wheat) for tomorrow, as drought was probably inevitable in some years. Insane teachings! Not Germanic at all!

Before the Christian religion was forced upon the Germans by the popes and kings, the Germans had very high morals in tune with nature and did have a God who was to them Allvater (all father), the creator, whom they called Baldur, and in the Bible he is called Baal (another prove that Germans lived there, besides the thousands of Germanic graves found by 1925 and probably destroyed by now by the Jews). Pope “Innocent” (!!!) genocided 9 Million German women by torture! (Dr. Mathilde Ludenforff) It’s all about genocide of other races and the strongest opponent, the white race, first! It was so thousands of years ago, a hundred years ago and today! The method for this is described in the Grimm fable “The brave little Taylor.” The Taylor is the Jew and the two Giants are the Germans / the White Race. The Jew knows how to turn the giants against each other so they would slaughter each other while the Jew sits in a save hidden place, attacking the giants. Examples are the French Revolution, American Civil War, Russian Revolution, WW1, WW2. When all is devastated, the jew comes in and “buys low” and later “sells high.” He takes on the name of the slaughtered and robs their estates. Suddenly they become noblemen with lots of land and power. And the members of the white race have fallen for this for centuries due to guilt, shame, and endless forgiving to the jew, indoctrinated in them. Jesus, transformed spokesmen for the jews by the Roman Jewish scribes, told us in the commandment that we have to forgive 70 times 7. With that setup the enemies of the Christian can do him a lot of damage.

Jesus’ words and many things in the Bible have been altered by the Jews to teach the Germans and all the white race (and then other races to weaken them) to psychologically and economically suicide themselves over the centuries. Hebrew is an ancient German language, and the Germans have neglected this language but the Jews have taken on this language (goes with the identity theft) so that they can read, alter, and control all the ancient texts, and keep the ones who would make us strong and proud hidden, or destroy them. Alter the others and include them in the Bible. Where are all the ancient Germanic texts? Hidden in the Jewish Papal Office?

The Jews have deceived people that Hebrew is THEIR language and that they are the Israelites. They are not! They are indeed the first identity thieves. ‘Israel’ is an ancient German word, and the Israelites were German tribes. Utter confusion, contradiction, and nonsense is the result of the Jewish re-writing of the Bible, making people frustrated in studying the Bible. They’ll keep us busy banging our heads against the wall and argue over the text for centuries while they steal our money (taxes and crashes), land (usury) and possessions (debt)!!!

The books of the Bible are historic documents of the white race the Jews got a hold of, claiming they are theirs, and changed to serve their world conquest plan: Guilty, shameful and weak Christian vs. two main enemies, the brutal, selfish, greedy and murderous Jew and the militant Muslim (invented by the Jews to help destroy the Christians) who forces conversion or kills.

Already in the late 20th century, the “brave little Taylor” had control over most of the newspapers in Europe. He poisoned the “giants” with lies about the Germans to attack the greatest and most successful “giant” of all. The Christian crusaders’ children bombarded with lies and grown into men, driven by guilt over the so-called evil Germans, didn’t wait long to attack Germany. Of course it had all to be finagled with deception so the average man did not discover it soon enough. After WW1, though, there was still the German King and German historians who spoke truth and defended Germany against the lies. The king was driven into exile by the Jews, as the Marxist plan was to destroy all kings and queens so that the Jews could have full reign. Then the Jews took over the German government and spread their lies and deception full force. One honest, honorable, and great leader stood up against the lies and the injustice against the German people, and that was Adolf Hitler, supported by many Germans who saw the treachery of the Jews in the Weimar Republic. Adolf Hitler recognized the force behind all the destruction as the Jew, the Bolshevik / Communist Jew. From then on, this giant of a man received massive abuse, defamation, over 40 attempts on his life, in all, to keep Germany down. When Germany was revived and started to blossom and an example to many white nations, the Jews went through with their plan of another war of the giants, WW2.

The three main evil Jews, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, set out to destroy the giant Germany in WW2. There were many other Jewish leaders on their side. The Jews fought as partisan leaders (against the Geneva Convention), really as murderers, against the German civilians and soldiers in all countries that were active in war against the Germans.

They were supported by many evil Jews after the end of the war to psychologically and physically destroy more Germans. 15 Million civilian Germans were murdered or killed, most of them AFTER the end of the war. Jews took over Germany again parading as Germans. Deceivers of the most skilled kind!!! The Germans, organizational, inventive and hard working are being used and abused and sucked dry by this Allied occupation, run by the USA/Jew government. At the same time the new generations of Germans born have been indoctrinated for 72 years now with a false history that instilled in the Germans a false guilt. This time the lies about the Germans went into the extreme so that Germany would never rise again, by inventing the Jewish Holocaust. This created enormous guilt in the Germans born after the war, and when people feel guilty and shameful it keeps them weak, and it IS VERY EASY TO EXPLOIT THEM AND MAKE THEM PAY ENDLESSLY. AND GERMANS ARE PAYING ENDLESSLY.

And that was done to the Germans, and if they fight the Holocaust lie, they are sometimes reported by their own brothers and sisters who are incensed by such Nazi ideas.  After all, those Christian brothers and sisters want to be “good people” so they do not have to feel guilty; never mind justice! Wasn’t that also a command in the Bible? And what about the command ‘not giving false witness?’

And the poor fellows do not get to prove the Holocaust fraud in court, but the Jewish Kangaroo court sends them to prison and punishes them with ruinous fines and induces the Germans in media bombardments ‘what evil Germans those Holocaust deniers are;’ e.g. Thies Christophersen, Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, Horst Mahler, Ursula Haverbeck, Henry Hafenmayer, and many more. Constantly and repeatedly, the Germans are served the Holocaust lie in the media, so that their spirit will never recover from the guilt and shame. Young children of course are devastated with the horrors of this false Holocaust, this Holohoax! SHAME AND GUILT IS WHAT KEEPS THE GERMANS WEAK. And there are some from other nations, like Erdogan, who adds his attacks shaming the Germans, though, I am sure, knows the truth. It’s possible that he is a Turkish Doenme Jew; in any case he is under the control of Jews.

There is so much more to be said but I have been ranting on.

Once people comprehend what the undertow is in our lives, they will understand the causes of many horrors and be free of the chains of a shameful and weakening religion. It’s time to fight for our survival. The start of this is a spiritual comprehension of what we are REALLY up against and getting not only the mind but also the body strong and healthy.

Our new president, Donald Trump, thought to be a white man, was at first the great hope of the German Right, but is a great disappointment; actually he is now seen by the awake white people as a traitor. He gives the Jews preferential treatment among all peoples, clearly says so, and acts accordingly. Part jewish himself, he is intimately connected with the jews financially and in family relationships. He claimed to be a ‘German’ only to motivate the Germans to promote him in the presidential race. A Jewish trick! His family apparently has been financially entwined with the Jews for a long time, at least up to his grandfather, who apparently was a Jew.

He “loves the Jews,” he proclaims. It is clear to me, that he has either been so brainwashed and deceived as not to see that the Power Jews are the most evil people in this world, or he is a deceiver himself. It’s hard to tell; one thing is for sure, he is a Capitalist to the core.

The “Little Taylor” has many tools to destroy the “Giants:”

Mr. Horst Mahler, former attorney (de-barred) and a philosopher who points out the Jewish genocide plan in the Bible for all the other races, who is non-violent, and who rejects the Jewish Holocaust as a fraud, has been to prison for his stance for many years, and currently (since mid-2017) albeit being very ill, he is back in prison again for philosophically and critically examining the writings of the Jews, arranged by the control of the German courts by the Jews. He is in his 80s:

We are fighting to Win!

Agenda: White False Guilt

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