Deutsch-Engl. Chemtrails: Today the Whole Sky is One Milky Soup with Streaks

Chemtrails destroying the true blue sky. Looking at the sky today, really gets me down and worried. We were supposed to have some sunny days per the weather report, but all is mostly milky-white-grey, totally criss-crossed with chemtrails. It’s 2 pm, and it looks like 5 pm. This destruction of our natural environment makes me quite anxious.













Geoengineering-Haarp Werner Altnickel


Inverted Pentagram used in witchcraft and occult rituals to conjure up evil spirits. Satanists use it 2 points up and pagans use it one point up. Any way it is used, it symbolizes evil. It matters not if two points are up or one. It matters not if it has a circle around it. It still is a symbol of Satan.


The sun was created to sustain life on earth and belongs to every creature. How dare they to block out the sun and take its normal impact away from us! How dare they create artificial clouds filled with aluminum, barium, arsenic and many other deadly chemicals raining into our rivers, lakes, ocean; onto our foods in the farms, onto wild animals’ food and environment and onto the whole earth wherever these anti-humans decide to spray their chemicals. We are all breathing these deadly chemicals in, and they will make us very ill over time, perhaps even make people sterile, and will even kill us with cancer.

The sky used to be Azure blue. For a long time now, in many areas, it is a milky looking medium blue criss-crossed with streaks from airplanes’ chemical trails that have turned into a white gauze-like coverage with feathery outburst. Those are not clouds but an artificially created cover of the sky to block out the sun, they say, and perhaps other planets by special air planes spraying these deadly toxic products into the sky. I have just learned yesterday, that the chemicals they are spraying are sucking out the moister. A friend of mine has told me for a couple of years now that she feels the air does not have the same amount of moisture anymore and the plants are suffering for it.

Dr. Klinghardt’s information from his Secret Service patients is that the aluminum in the sky sprayed connects with the aluminum in high technology to spy on people. [*This aluminum is also getting into our bod, settling in our brains and we are becoming conductors also to make us obey their evil commands?] But I do not know if I can believe a Secret Agent because they cannot reveal the truth. I think they tell us lies until they die.



I took my clues from people and started doing whats called barefoot epidemiology to try to document in a scientific way what was happening to the people who were downwind or downstream from some polluting industry, and provide them with a scientific document which they could use politically. In her concluding observations, Dr. Bertell also discusses the UN as championing diversity in opposition to globalist monocultural-privatization program and inevitable resources wars: Right now we are having them over oil and water but there are more things down the line that are going to become scarce, and people are going to fight over them. So we are setting up our children and our children’s children for incessant warfare over scarce resources. (20 min.)


The video is in German, translated into English. (Health damage from chemtrails)

Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt: Gesundheitliche Auswirkungen von Chemtrails

Chemtrail Plane! Those are NOT contrails!!!!

chemtrails Los Angeles 5-30 & 6-1

This video is in English with German subtitles.

Chemtrails Piloten, Aerzte + Wissenschaftler Berichten

The report in German below confirms by officials that catastrophic amounts of aluminum, barium, arsenic are in the air and are coming down from the chemtrails sprayed by airplanes almost daily all over Europe and America. Either they are planning to make us ill and more ill to kill us or they are doing this to hide the gigantic planet system moving into our solar system, Nibiru (Planet X, Wormwood) ten times the size of this earth, including its moons and a gigantic astoroid belt, as some people claim. What ever it might be, the way our government treats us by making us ill and deceiving us is abhorrent. Definitely, a dark government is behind our American people, controlling them. Many of these demons are in the U.S. Congress and have been creating a disaster for the United States and countries all over the world for the last 100 years. I think they are trying to kill most of the population on this earth, and especially in the West firs, one way or another.

Although these chemical records are from Bavaria, Germany, it is a good example of how the air quality has changed and has become extremely unhealthy over time. It is most likely very similar in the United States and other countries. Click for an enlarged view!


Barium in the air in the state of Bavaria Germany.


Aluminum in the air in the state of Bavaria, Germany


Arsenic in the air in the state of Bavaria, Germany


Chemtrails: The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health

Katastrophale-Konzentration-von-Aluminium-Barium-und-Arsen-in-der-Atemluft-amtlich-bestätigt Information ueber Chemtrail Vergiftung und wie man sich beschuetzt

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