The Downfall of the (White) Afrikaner Nation-Orion

With the growing population of Blacks, came demands for more power and saw the beginning of insurrection against White power. As long as we could pay, it was still all right but when the recipients of the golden eggs found out that the goose could not produce more of them, they came to the conclusion that only by slaughtering the goose could they get the eggs inside. Black nationalism was born...

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A lot of what I will be saying might not be welcome in certain quarters, but what we have seen is the result of failed policies by so-called leaders of the Afrikaner nation over the year, followed by their abject surrender, which in retrospect was the only solution available to them as the country was bankrupt, thrown out of the SWIFT banking transfer system and strangled economically and politically. We won all the battles, but we lost the war, in spite of being the strongest, simply because we did not understand the dynamics of history and because it was too painful for us to define who the real enemy was.


I heard that slogan so many times over the years from politicians and others that I have never been able to understand how people could be led by the nose for so long. Who were those enemies who were out to destroy the ”Volk” ? Looking back to the beginning of the 20th Cent, the time when the fate of South Africa was effectively sealed,  the first ones were the UITLANDERS. Those rowdy Uitlanders who came to the mines of Kimberley and Johannesburg were the devil personified and had to be cast into hell according to Afrikaner spokesmen. They were going to destroy the Volk and change the shape of the nation according to the preachers and politicians. In fact they were just looking to make a fast buck out of the fast growing mining bonanza. Instead of being welcome by the Volk , they were rejected because of their ways, their religion and their customs who clashed with the Boers’ outlook in life. With gold and diamonds came the BRITISH EMPIRE, the mightiest empire on the face of the planet. And the Boer republics went to war against that empire, instead of bending and pretend to submit and raise later when that empire would be weaker. After losing a quarter of its white population, the Boer republics capitulated. It has been calculated that , had those republics made a deal with the empire, instead of fighting a losing battle, the white population of South Africa would be in the region of some 12 million today. As it turned out the Empire gave power back to the Boers in 1910 in Vereeniging, being only interested in gold and diamonds. South Africa became a dominion of the Empire, like Australia and New Zealand and Canada. This bitter conflict left a lot of marks on the Afrikaners’ psyche, with the result that they withdrew into their shell blaming all and sundry for their plight. Beside the Brits and the Uitlanders, there were now another lot of enemies and traitors: the JOINERS who acted as scouts for the Brits in the ABO, the HANDSOPPERS, who surrendered or stayed neutral. At the end of the conflict, some 95% of Afrikaners had been turned as they wanted peace. Only the BITTEREINDEERS remained, who could not bear the thought of living under a British dispensation. To preserve their Calvinist belief, their language and Culture, they emigrated to Argentina, a catholic country, speaking Spanish with a totally different culture. Had they stayed here they would have been part of the “Volk”, speaking Afrikaans and contributing to the survival of the culture. Instead those idiots, and there are no other word for them,today  speak Spanish, are Catholic and wear a gaucho hat.

Over the years, there were other awful enemies of the “Volk” : first and foremost, DIE ROOMSE GEVAAR, which was going to turn little Afrikaners into raving pope followers with their KATHOLIKE INDOKTRINASIE. Then we had SWART GEVAAR (SH…, let us not talk about that. Blacks did not exist even so there were some 100 or more on each farm alone, and more aan die ander kant van die heuwel. Every farmer wanted to be a tribal chief. Everyone became one until the black body decided to get rid of the head. In the meantime they used their only weapon, their birth rate, which like the nut cracker, with enough pressure, broke the white nut.)

In the meantime, the 30’ were a political free for all: beside the usual enemies, there were the BLOOD SAPPE, (Afrikaner traitors), the ordinary SAPPE, die JUDE, OOGENHEIMER, die GEEL GEVAAR, which led to the 1922 rebellion, crushed by Smuts. Strangely, Afrikaner nationalists and Uitlanders found each other in that rebellion. In the thirties with the rise of National Socialism in Germany, there were further split between pro Brits and pro Germans . The Nationalists created the OSSEWA BRANDWAG and the other went to war “for queen and country”, not theirs but the British Empire. The war over, the Smuts government decided to make South Africa “a jewel of the British Crown and brought in some 165 000 Brits. When millions of refugees were fleeing Europe and would have found a home in South Africa, the doors were closed. Now there was a new enemy: DIE SOUTIES, those with a leg in Britain and the other one in South Africa, with the rest in between hanging in the sea.

There was panic among the Afrikaners who were going to be drowned by the flood( nobody mentioned the Black masses) so when in 1949 they won the election, the first thing they did was to cut immigration. The IMMIGRANTS became the bogey men which were going to destroy die Volk. Meanwhile some 5 million Germans went to Brazil, millions of Europeans went to Argentina and Australia. Immigrants to Australia had to spend some two years on farms before being allowed in towns. With a shortage of women, ship load of women from Greece , Italy and other countries were brought in, who in most cases were married on arrival to lonely male immigrants. Nobody asked if they were qualified or not, what was their religion or their language, they were “boots on the ground” on an immense continent. In 1960, eventually immigration to South Africa was restarted due to demand from industry and mines, but “we do not want rubbish” as we were told. In other words, only qualified people, not the 0y Polloi, the little folk who are the backbone of a nation. By that time Europe had recovered and qualified people stayed home. Those who would have come were rejected on ground of qualification, country of origin, religion. The reason was simple. The regime, ostensibly pro-White was in fact helping the black population by supplying jobs, welfare, breeding grants, etc. THE YEARS OF APARTHEID WERE THE GREATEST BONANZA FOR BLACKS. They were fed, nursed, schooled, employed, etc . at White tax payers expenses. With limited White population growth, the Black man moved in and just bred, bred and bred. The Nationalist regime just built houses, clinics ,schools for them while the White population was effectively starved of billions of funds which could have been used to increase the birth rate.

With the growing population of Blacks, came demands for more power and saw the beginning of insurrection against White power. As long as we could pay, it was still all right but when the recipients of the golden eggs found out that the goose could not produce more of them, they came to the conclusion that only by slaughtering the goose could they get the eggs inside. Black nationalism was born. The response of the white regime was as always: don’t frighten the white masses, they might not vote for us. We cannot blame black nationalism, for it meant that Blacks effectively existed. The new scapegoat was the ROOI GEVAAR. To admit that we were fighting Black nationalism was too painful, so we were told that the enemy was COMMUNISM. The white population was told ad nauseam that Communism was the bogey man, but that Blacks were our friends because we were so good to them. Those Boers whose ancestor took on the British Empire could not understand that another group of population could not tolerate their rule. The rest is history.

The homeland project of Verwoerd and the welfare state could only have been successful if the population had been stabilised and of course if that population had the intelligence to pass from tribal status to industrial status  in a few years and that without trauma. At the same time the increased demands of black development effectively bankrupted the state.  Then of course we went to war, in Mozambique, in Rhodesia, in Angola, in South West Africa. We won every battle but lost the wars, because we could not understand that times had changed. Colonialism which was in vogue still in the thirties, became a dirty word after WWII. Financial colonialism became the new policy. Debt slavery was a more effective and cheaper tool to control the former colonies than gunboats and boots on the ground. The days of physical empires were gone. The British empire is something of the past, but the City of London, still financially runs it. And that is why our mini empire was doomed . No people, whatever their colour and creed will ever accept willingly to be ruled by others for any length of time. It applied to Blacks under apartheid and to Whites South Africans as well. We are today second class citizen in our country, subject to discrimination, racism, physical threats, etc. WE CANNOT LOOK BACKWARD. THE PAST IS GONE. LET US WIN THE FUTURE.


To follow….

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