Jew: Liberalism and Nationalism CANNOT CO-EXIST = Your Nation Cannot Exist!

…Liberalism and Nationalism CANNOT CO-EXIST – these are words out of the mouth of a Jew who was extremely well versed in politics, etc. This means YOUR NATIONS cannot exist…

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Subject: NEW VIDEO: Nationalism & Liberalism CANNOT CO-EXIST! My Best Jewish friend HATED Afrikaner Nationalism!!


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There was a massive influx of Twitter Refugees on to this week! The Jews & Liberal filth have been at work. For the first time, my small Gab following is now bigger than my Twitter following! So I think there’s a clear sign that Gab is winning. Gab is run by a White Christian in the USA whose trying to make a difference. If these new platforms as well as our platforms can begin taking on the *MASSIVE* Jewish/Elite anti-white corporate system then we’re going to flatten our enemies despite the *ENORMOUS* difference in money! But we are white people after all.

Remember the Romans who lived in wooden houses invaded and conquered multiracial Egypt which was the “New York” of its time. The German rural people called NAZIS took over Germany.

Our little hodge podge groups of white people, working as #TeamWhite ((C) Alex Linder) can take on much bigger forces if we work with the same energy as the Romans, Germans, Italians, etc. Don’t worry about our little hodge podge setup. We’re going to show them what we’re made of. They’ve been screwing with us ETHNIC EUROPEANS ((C) Mike Walsh) – and we’re going to hit them in the kisser like the vastly outnumbered Germans did to the Soviet masses and SEND THEM REELING!!

Today’s video is IMPORTANT. The setting might be South Africa, but the message is critical for whites, especially white nationalists. This is from my discussions with my knowledgeable Jewish friend – this was no ordinary Jew. He HATED Afrikaner Nationalism. Now those of you outside South Africa need to know the actual definition of Afrikaner Nationalism, because, regardless of the Afrikaners/Boers being Christians, “Afrikaner Nationalism” is defined as a WHITES ONLY STATE. Its a totally RACIAL DEFINITION. Boers, whenever they seek a state and they’ve been struggling for this since 1835 – each time the globalists come smacking them down – always with Jewish Britain leading the charge. The Boer definition is a state for themselves, but they ALWAYS define it as a WHITES ONLY state. Boers NEVER discriminate against other whites. A little known fact is that Boers have assimilated whites even from Britain and Scots too. In my own family we had McLeods – pure bred Scottish. I knew McLeod’s who couldn’t speak a word of English – they only spoke Afrikaans. The Boer, despite his Christianity, is always a RACIST when it comes to himself. He only wants to co-exist with OTHER WHITES. That’s always been his demand and his original fight with the British in 1835 was over this.

Now my Jewish friend became extremely ENRAGED at Afrikaner Nationalism because he said that Liberalism and Afrikaner Nationalism ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE! And he was of course, like most South African Jews a Liberal. (Those who weren’t Liberal, were communist). But this discussion of ours has massive implications for all whites everywhere – the Jewish view that NATIONALISM is a hideous thing which must be stamped out. (This is of course what they’ve been doing to Europeans since the 1920s). But they do it EVERYWHERE. So I urge you to ponder this concept that Liberalism and Nationalism CANNOT CO-EXIST – these are words out of the mouth of a Jew who was extremely well versed in politics, etc. This means YOUR NATIONS cannot exist.

Of course this brings me full circle to the issue of Judaism and Liberalism. I believe Judaism must be BANNED.

Therefore, one could say that Liberalism must also be banned/outlawed across the Western world if it and Nationalism cannot co-exist. In other words, if the USA, Canada or France can’t be allowed to have nationalism, which is the very thing that created them ALL – then it follows that Liberalism is a kind of terrorism a form of INVASION actually and therefore the Nationalists have every right to make it ILLEGAL! So those are some thoughts to ponder.

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Video: Nationalism & Liberalism CANNOT CO-EXIST! My Best Jewish friend HATED Afrikaner Nationalism!!

While I talk about Jews & Afrikaners in South Africa, this applies to ALL WHITES EVERYWHERE, especially the Germans.

I tell the story of my search for friends and allies for the whites of South Africa, ESPECIALLY the Afrikaners, and how it was that I came to realise that Liberalism is not what it appears to be. It is in fact, totally and utterly opposed to the Afrikaners as a group. Furthermore, Afrikaner Nationalism embodies Racialism – Afrikaners want all whites, not just Afrikaners in a single state, a VolkStaat, which is a RACE BASED STATE. This is like the Germans were thinking under Hitler. Thus the Germans are scripted for DEATH, as is the Afrikaner and as are ALL THE WHITES OF THE WORLD. I explain what my Jewish friend explained and why Liberals are probably the greatest RACE TRAITORS and the deadliest enemies of the whites and why you will find White Liberals and Jews being friendly to blacks like Malema. We whites are on DEATH ROW. We just weren’t aware of it and there is NO PLACE for the Afrikaner, just as there is no place for the German or any other white on this planet. The only path we are allowed to walk along is the path that takes us to OUR EXTINCTION! That is our future. There is no other future for us.

You can view the video here:


Video: Rhodesia’s Rebellion – 50th Anniversary of UDI
I made this video in November 2015 to celebrate Rhodesia’s Rebellion against Britain of 11th November 1965. In this video I also read Dr Peter Hammond’s message that he wrote in celebration of UDI. I discussed some of the history of how we whites came to be in Rhodesia and I also mentioned our Portuguese neighbours in Mozambique.
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Video: Untold Story of South Africa’s Greatest Rightwing Organisation
This is the incredible story of 4,000 White males who were intent on fighting and surviving a black race war if the blacks were going to attack us. But this is not the story you hear about.

Instead you hear about the Boeremag who are in jail. There are about 20+ White Boer Christians now in jail in South Africa. They are in jail for planting bombs and trying to start a race war more than a decade ago. But they are not the heroes. They are the the ones who were misled by someone who never went to jail. Some of them will be in jail for life. But there were other white men, about 4,000 of them. They originally started the organisation now known as The Boeremag.

When the organisation was penetrated by Govt agents and misled and it tried to start a war based on the Siener Van Rensburg “prophecies” … these men slipped away quietly into the shadows where they lie in wait… These are the white men who were NOT outwitted by our enemies! And they’re still out there waiting… Its good to know! As my brother, who was in the Rhodesian SAS said: “Run away … and live to fight another day!”

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Video: SA Race War: 1st Battle Between Blacks & Whites – Part 3
I got an update from Pretoria West, Bremmer St, where the whites had been fighting with the blacks. In one sense, the whites seemed to have won. They got far better than they expected, but on the other hand, were the blacks engaging in revenge? Alex and I analyse the news we got.

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