German-Engl. “German” Courts Against Truth and Justice in Service of the Jews

…And they all said, “We do not know of such a thing. We know that all the barracks or buildings, that bodies, and that above all things all our clothes and the linen have been brought back for such gassing again and again, but people? How do you get this idea?”…



Video: Ursula Haverbeck’s statements now in English… “German” Courts act against the law and bow their knees to their tormentors, the jews. – Holocaust deception –

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“Why German Constitution Art. 5 is not valid – Holocaust / Ursula Haverbeck”


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Why German Constitution Art. 5 is Not Valid-Holocaust-Haverbeck (Warum GG Art 5 Ungültig)


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[*ca. 2015] …What is the reason why I do all this at my age? In 14 years, I haven been to court 31 times, perhaps already 33 times, I don’t know exactly. In my own legal processes and those of friends I have informed myself about the legal activity in the Federal Republic of Germany. I’ve had very many very terrible experiences.

0:29 But on the other hand, I have also learned that among the judges, and even among the prosecutors, there are always the good and the bad, as in all of life. There are those who suffer from the fact that they have to do this, because they know very well that this is against rights and the law and against their conscience; but there are also those – and these are, unfortunately, especially the young female judges – that

0:53 I’m not at all clear about whether they believe the nonsense they are stating. Maybe they even believe it. In any event, it is catastrophic what they are doing. And someone told me that the training of lawyers today no longer has anything to do with legal education, as the fathers find this out when their sons study law and insist that all that their fathers have learned was wrong.

1:15 Well, I have gained a lot of experience and have been able to track the development of these 70 years from 1945 to 2015, also with regard to criminal and judicial practice, and have found that in these 70 years we had twice the opportunity where it looked as if there was a turning point back to a German historiography corresponding to reality.

1:59 The first phase was from 1945 to 33 years later, 1977 to 1979; it’s always several years. The first man who really concerned himself with this problem [*Holocaust] is Joseph Ginsburg whose pen name is JG Burg. Apparently, it was already rumored in America during the war that the Germans were gassing the Jews in European concentration camps. Ginsburg was assigned by the Americans to research these rumors.

2:46 This Austrian-Romanian Jew had already become known somehow as a writer, and he was interned also, but not in a building but in a whole district area only for Jews. And so he was freed by the Americans, and they gave him the order that he should visit all the concentration camps, especially those in Eastern Poland, and question people who were still in the camps;

some of them did not even know where to go. So they were still present in large numbers. And he also had the opportunity to take part at the Nuremberg trial at any time to find things out from the people.

3:33 So the order was to find out from them whether there were poisoning gas chambers for humans. And they all looked at him incredulously and did not even understand what he wanted. Well, he wanted gas chambers where people were gassed!

And they all said, “We do not know of such a thing. We know that all the barracks or buildings, that bodies, and that above all things all our clothes and the linen

4:03 have been brought back for such gassings again and again, but people? How do you get this idea?” So, that made it quite clear to him. And then he wrote a book about his experience – and not just him.

So he was neither one of the guards, nor was he really a prisoner in one of these concentration camps. And then there is another man, that is Thies Christophersen – perhaps the older persons present here are familiar with his name – who was a gardener at Auschwitz.

4:35 He worked for the camp but partly also probably outside of it. Even though Burg said there was no such thing as gassing [*gassing people], the rumor further inflated. And Thies Christophersen, whom I have met personally, said, “All nonsense! I’ve lived next to Auschwitz. I’ve grown vegetables there; there was no such thing.”

He also wrote a book called Die Auschwitz-Lüge. And then there was another man, even an American, that one should mention, Arthur Butz. Mr. Butz, a professor, who was so indignant at what was said in America that he researched it and also came to the same conclusion.

5:21 And then comes the forbidden book by judge Dr. Wilhelm Stäglich, and that is the decisive thing, and I have indeed in the trial at Bad Oeynhausen set his book bevor me. Dr. Wilhelm Stäglich was an officer in the war and with his unit 44 – it is always about unit 44 as now with the [*trials of the] older gentlemen – was stationed very close to Auschwitz, and it was arranged that he should take care of his troops with food from the kitchen in Auschwitz.

5:59 For this reason, as he describes it, he was in Auschwitz himself several times. He moved about freely, and he could also take pictures or do anything he wanted to. He had come across a wonderful, large bakery that especially impressed him.

And it was of particular interest to him that later, when it was rumored more and more of gassings [*of people], he saw a picture of large “gas chambers for people” that these were the OVENS OF THE BAKERY he had photographed at Auschwitz. So they were now „converted“ [*represented as gas chambers].

6:37 But since he had the experiences [*at Auschwitz] before this, it was very clear that these rumors were not true. So, as I said, these three books, Die Auschwitz-Lüge [*Auschwitz – A Personal Account],

then the book by Stäglich, that he wrote after indeed very thorough and careful research, like a lawyer does, called Der Auschwitz-Mythos [*Auschwitz – A Judge Looks at the Evidence]

and then the book by J. G. Burg, called Sündenböcke [scapegoats]. And the book by Butz came somewhat earlier and is called Der Jahrhundertbetrug [*The Hoax of the Twentieth Century]. All very unambiguous titles.

7:11 And all this became known in 1978, and Stäglich’s book was published in the spring of 1979. And in November 1979 what appeared? The great Holocaust film. At this time, all of us for the first time actually really became aware of the word Holocaust; we were occupied at the time with something else.

And this film, a wonderful story, a Hollywood production, with all the horrors that THOSE (*globalizers) had thought up, now stood against these three eyewitness reports.

7:53 And what happened? And that is, I think, the core sin of the Federal Republic’s justice system. The FRG Judiciary claimed that the film represented the truth and that our own judge colleague is lying. The books were all banned, judge Stäglich was retired early, and Christophersen even went to jail. And after that he emigrated to Denmark.

And Mr. Burg, though he was a Jew, was also persecuted. His book was also forbidden. So, we have the really unique phenomenon in history that courts see a film as the truth, but what their colleague says – a judge of 20 years and very respected man in the Hamburg court – is wrong [* in their opinion] and his book is forbidden.

8:53 Basically, one really doesn’t need to know anything else. If people feel compelled –  because the judges have certainly not done this voluntarily; they were coerced just as today – to forbid three such books with one stroke in order to present this film as truth, then this is clearly proof that something isn’t right.

9:10 Well, since then [*since the 3 books] we really should have had to do nothing at all anymore, but we still have. In any case, we had all thought that now they can no longer sweep things under the carpet and now things must be clarified. But nothing happened. Really nothing at all.

9:39 Then exactly ten years passed, and we had once again a positive development for Germany, namely the FRG and DDR were united. So that was in 79 and this was in 89. And in 1990 came the Zwei-Plus-Vier Vertrag [*Two Plus Four Contract = West and Eastern Germany  (that’s 2) plus France, Great Britain, Soviet Union and USA (that’s 4)].

And there is a federal judge, Dietrich Deiseroth, who gave an interview some years ago, and the interviewer asks him,

10:15 “How was that then? And what was actually decided and signed in the Two Plus Four Contract?” And so [*Deiseroth] clearly states in the interview –

I believe that he read this – that “All four enemy powers have signed that they now give up all rights against the Federal Republic and that this is now a completely free, sovereign state. That’s what the parliaments have decided and this is established.”

10:48 And three or four weeks later, THEY MADE A SECRET AGREEMENT, WHERE THEY HAVE VIRTUALLY REVERSED ALL THIS, and suddenly the old Deutschlandvertrag [*German Treaty = a relationship treaty between the FRG, France, Great Britain and the USA of 1952/1955] was once again the foundation.

And then the interviewer asks Professor Deiseroth, “Did this also go through the Parliament? Was that also signed by everyone?” “No,” he answers. And then he asks, “And was that legal?” “No, it was not legal,” said Professor Deiseroth, “We did not have a government that put up resistance and said, ‘That’s not possible, we will stay with what has been decided.'”

11:29 And this is what is always the most bitter thing, it always comes back to ourselves, to us as citizens. Then we should have questioned the government for the first time very sharply, and already then we should have sent them to hell when they did not represent German interests and made an illegal secret agreement the basis of their politics. This is really shocking! And then comes 1991.

12:00 And in 1991 we all thought again, ‘Oh, this is wonderful:’ An official educational institution, close to the FDP (political party), the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute of Switzerland, their representative was Arthur Vogt (the lecture, however, took place at the Thomas-Dehler Foundation), invited a speaker – and there were also two others – and the subject was the Holocaust.

The film was now well-known, and so on. And the first two of them spoke in favor of the film, but then Arthur Vogt came from Switzerland, and he said, “I have never believed in the Holocaust. There was no such thing as that.” And then he expounded on it.

12:42 And how did he arrive at his conclusion? He says, “We had in Switzerland from the Schweizer Rundfunk (Swiss Radio) every week a report about the state of war and what happened. And the Holocaust was never mentioned in there.

And now suddenly, all the world spoke of the Holocaust. And so in indignation I went to the director of the Schweizer Rundfunk and said, ‘Listen, you reported weekly. Why did you not report about the Holocaust; that was such a terrible thing!’”

13:14 And what did the director of the Swiss Broadcasting say, ‘Don’t get upset, I did not know this either.’” It was also unknown in Switzerland. And from this Arthur Vogt concluded it can not have existed and has represented this for the first time at an official educational institution.

And of course this was also a breakthrough for us because we didn’t have this information before, but then there was no Paragraph 130 [*illegal Jewish law put above the German Constitution].

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