Civilian Internment Camps for Germans in the British Occupation Zone

…From 1945 to 1949 a total of 90,000 German Civilian persons went through the British internment camps in the British occupation zone…

Bad Nenndorf – once British torture and interrogation center of Germans


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At the same time when the British were enforcing their Bergen-Belsen trials in Lüneburg and were outraged over concentration camps, they filled, partially up till 1949, “during peace times and liberation conditions” concentration camps with more than 90,000 “suspects”, whom they have grabbed anywhere with the excuse to be “unreliable regarding the security” of British troops. There was no such thing as “danger to the security”. So they established “Civil Internment Camps”, among others in Esterwegen with more than 2,600 German civilians, Neuengamme – until August 15, 1948 – with more than 7,900 civilians, Neumünster-Gadeland, Fallingbostel, with up to 9,500 prisoners (disassembled on June 2, 1949), Sandbostel by Bremervörde, Eselsheide bei Paderborn, besides 4 other camps. 70)S. 66. Hemer in the Sauerland, Recklinghausen, Staumühle by Hövelhof in the Senne, the infamous torture and interrogation center of the Military Secret Service OSDIC Bad Nenndorf, where also SS-Obergruppenführer (SS supreme group leader) Oswald Phol was tortured to unconsciousness before he was delivered to Nuremberg. 69)


68) compare Historische Tatsachen Nr. 31, Pg. 4 ff.

69) compare Historische Tatsachen Nr. 47, Pg. 35-40

It was normal procedure that persons were imprisoned for years without a trial simply by someone’s information and that the treatment, care, sanitary conditions were miserable, not fit for humans. 70)

“From 1945 to 1949 a total of 90,000 persons went through the British internment camps in the British occupation zone. 70) P. 31

One counted now not on a few million but with a total of 200,000 to 250,000 [*civilian] prisoners in the total Reich that fell under “Automatic Arrest” 70) P. 35

Until May 31, 1946… the Brits imprisoned 71,250 persons. The majority of them, about 654,000, was arrested because they belonged to an automatic arrest category… 70) P. 38

The life conditions in the No. 2 Civil Interment camp were extremely hard in the first year, along with Westertimke and Paderborn, the by far worse of all British CICs (Civilian internment camps), at least pertaining to food…


70) Heiner Wember “Umerziehung im Lager. – Internierung und Bestrafung von Nationalsozialisten in der britischen Besatzungszone Deutschlands”, Essen 1991 70) P. 59

English inspectors at Fallingsbostel, criticised that 44 Percent of the imprisoned suffered from nutritional edema… 70) P. 62

British inspectors came across a catastrophic situation… In total 48 people, not at last because of hunger, died in the last three months (until April 1946) 70) P 69

1,200 showed nutritional edema… 70) P. 72

The delegate Shepherd commented (in the London Parliament) that 50,000 people in the internment camps are in such bad conditions that they can hardly move… 70) P. 128

A British scenario of imprisoned women [*in Germany in the British occupation zone]:

“Among the women, including foreigners, who have been scooped up on the streets, vegetated those who have never been in touch with the NSDAP, leaders of the Hitler Youth-Girls, Women’s group leaders, princesses, concentration camp employees, agents, brothel mams, wives of formerly high ranking NS-officials, criminals, Syphilis cases, all forced together in an assembly unknown of before.”  The daily food rationing per head was ca. 1,200 calories (needed are between 2,200 to 2,500)… In the spring of 1946 the rationing was reduced to even only 900 calories. A large percentage of the women was ill from hunger.” 71)

Source: Historische Tatsachen No. 92, Geschehen zum Kriegsende, William Douglas

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