Adolf Hitler-Life for Germany and Europe-Part 1-Thies Christophersen

…This book is not only a vindication of Adolf Hitler but also of all those who faithfully followed the Führer. It may contribute to shed the shame and find a new self-confidence…



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This book was written in Germany, where speaking truth about issues of world impact, in defense of Germany, is vigilantly oppressed. By command of the Allies and still in a forced state of war, Germany must forever be misrepresented as the cause of WW2 and as the genocider of Jews, to distract from the planned and executed genocide of tens of millions of Germans after the war, committed by the Allies. Further, Germans of genius in science, medicine, and other inventions, have been denied funding and are defamed in various ways, or their work is criticized as useless, whilst their knowledge is stolen and secretly used for the oppressors. Per late German, Dr. med. Geerd Hamer, who lived in exile, every year, thousands of Germans who stand in the way of the occupation government are simply ‘made to die’ in hospitals. The only purpose the Allies have assigned to the Germans is to become morally decadent work and tax slaves for the profit of the exploiters from all over the world, whilst pumping Germans full of guilt and shame on a daily basis for crimes the Germans have never committed in WW2. Since the Germans have been indoctrinated with historical lies from childhood on for more than 72 years now, most Germans believe them. The blood suckers know that guilty people can easily be exploited. Haven’t they invented psychology?

Words by the author, therefore, had to be chosen carefully, and important facts had to be left out, as not to be prosecuted for ‘hate speech’ or ‘insulting the Jews.’ Some of the facts might have not been known to the author yet, as they have slowly leaked out into the open, here and there. Even then, this little booklet was a risky endeavor for the late Mr. Thies Christophersen who has been persecuted and prosecuted for his other works in the so-called ‘Free speech, democratic government of the Federal Republic of Germany.’ 



[*Comments by translator]

Adolf Hitler, once cheered and loved, is today accused as the greatest criminal. No one dares to defend him. He, who once defended us, could not defend himself against the charges because there was no independent, neutral trial.

The Nuremberg Tribunal was biased and judged in its own right. Surely the defense lawyers engaged themselves fully in their mandates. It was their goal to exonerate their clients. Therefore, all guilt was blamed on those who could no longer defend themselves. But the question of guilt was not part of this trial. Guilt was determined by the winners and remains untouchable, even today, and is notoriously known to the courts. All evidence from witnesses and experts was rejected.

The NS [*National Socialist] period is gone. Not all have a bad memory of this time. Much of it will remain unforgettable to us. There was no state moroseness, and no unemployment. Community among people and enthusiasm flourished. Terrible was the war, a war that Adolf Hitler certainly had not wanted. But he also could not prevent it.

The people always cheer for the winners. But war has not been exorcised from the world. It is simply not true that with the year 1945 and our [*Germany’s] defeat eternal peace has come. When there is no justice, then there will also be no peace. That’s the way it is and will be in eternity.

After the war, the expression “coming to terms with the past” was coined. This coming to terms with the past has evoked what has theoretically been fought. It inundates people with “should” ideas, blocks proper thinking and behavior and weakens the sense of reality (Armin Mohler).

This book is not only a vindication of Adolf Hitler but also of all those who faithfully followed the Führer. It may contribute to shed the shame and find a new self-confidence.

Like the last two KRITIK-Folgen (critic episodes), this installment will again be published by the Nordland-Verlag of Aalborg. Donations are needed because without them work will have to stop. Let me take this opportunity to also recommend other writings from the Nordland publishing house. I would be pleased if the Nordland-Verlag would publish further critic episodes in the future. I hope that your help will make this possible.

Your Thies Christophersen 



As sister of the man who sacrificed himself for Germany, I wrote this down in the first postwar period:

Gentlemen, be sure to not forget one thing! Your name will long have disintegrated along with your corpse – forgotten and decayed – while the name of Adolf Hitler will still shine! You can not kill him with your garbage buckets. You can not strangle him with your ink-stained, dirty fingers, nor can you extinguish his name in a hundred thousand souls – you’re much too insignificant for that!

Where he loved… he loved for Germany. Where he fought… he fought for Germany. Where he failed… it happened because of Germany, and when he fought for honor and prestige, it was for German honor and German prestige. And when in this world there was nothing left for him but life, he gave it for Germany. And what did you give so far? And who of you wanted to give your life for Germany? When you thought of Germany, all you had in mind was power and wealth, enjoyment, food and gluttony – a wonderful life without responsibility!

Count on it, gentlemen! Alone the pure, selfless thinking and actions of the Führer suffice for immortality! That his fanatical struggle for Germany’s greatness was not granted success, as for example to a Cromwell in Britain. That, too, perhaps, rests with mentality because the Briton, with all his penchant for vanity, envy and recklessness, nevertheless does not forget to be English, and fidelity to his crown runs in his blood. The German, in his craving for recognition, is everything only not in the first place a German.

So you do not care, you petty souls, when along with you the whole nation goes to ruins. Your guiding star will never be community-interest before self-interest, but always only the other way around! And with this strategy you want to prevent the immortality of a greater one?

What I wrote down in the early post-war years remained valid even in 1957 and confirms the truth of my convictions.

Berchtesgaden, May 1, 1957

Paula Hitler



Life for Germany and Europe

Germany. 1918 – Without being militarily defeated and only because of the cunning promises of an international power and betrayed, belied and defrauded by “useful idiots”, the Wehrmacht of the German Reich laid down its arms after a series of brilliant military successes, and after its leadership had been taken away, and the reinforcement of its supply of weapons, ammunition and food from the homeland was denied them. This was spurred on by the string pullers of that supranational power that has long before threaded together the causes for the outbreak of this battle between the peoples. On top of this, this clique practices Old Testament hatred and spreads the most vile lies and slander about Kaiser Wilhelm II and the German people by means of media such as press, film and radio, largely under their control.

Enslaved and gagged by the disgraceful Dictates of Versailles, there lies the German Reich: dis-empowered, plundered and robbed of its most basic human rights by the “victorious power” England enforcing a hunger blockade, with a Reichswehr (military) of only 100,000 men, but with an legion of one million unemployed. Convention and morals are in dissolution, and degeneration of art and culture is the daily routine. The German people no longer “live” in the sense of what is common to life but are vegetating in dull indifference. An extremely high infant mortality and a sustained wave of suicides are part of everyday life. [*I wonder how many so-called suicides were actually hidden murders by the Allies, as practiced by them in WW2?!]

A small minority of alien rogues, who even makes a profit of the general misery, sets the tone and presents to the German people, and the rest of the world, in the midst of a fictitious backdrop of hectic giddiness of the senses and greedy self-indulgence, those unrestrained debaucheries that the later generation passed on as “The Golden Twenties”.

Governments are formed and replaced. The ongoing money depreciation of an inflation driven by the U.S. Wall Street mafia contributes to further impoverishment of the battered people. It seems that a way out of the ever-increasing political and economic decline is not in sight.

The so-called “victorious powers” of 1918 insist rigidly on the fulfillment of the inhuman Dictates of Versailles that threaten the entire German population’s existence with not achievable demands. [*a planned genocide!]

Overpowering, dominating the streets with violence and terror, the Red mob rages in the enslaved empire, backed up by massive Moscow support that is fanatically willed to enforce the Communist Räterepublik at any price also in Germany.

As always in times of crisis, the “bourgeois middle” fails miserably and cowardly. The cautious, undecided “middle class” prefers to watch behind the window curtains and wait, as the supporters and members of the Deutschnationalen Volkspartei (DNVP) (German National Party) and “Der Stahlhelm” (The Steel Helmet) front fighters end up with bloody heads from the Reds. However, what the really brave and honest combatants of the DNVP and “Stahlhelm” lack is, for one, the spark and striking power of a new political idea, and for another, an inspiring and rousing leader persona.

Their little heap of “upright ones” is too small and too divided to seriously brave the overpowering masses of Reds.

Although the courageous intervention of the Freikorps fighters [*para-military units] returning from the German eastern territories prevents a victory for the Communist hordes, the adherents of the “Socialist International” around [*Jew] Ernst Thälmann and [*Jewess] Rosa Luxemburg by no means are giving up.

Then a man stands up, unknown and scarcely over the horrors of the war he has endured, and barely healed, while before his eyes the misery and cry of millions of people who had done nothing wrong but in just defiance defended themselves in a war forced upon them.

This one man knows how to generate, from one of the many small national splinter groups of that time, one mass movement in a relatively short time that is gaining more and more interest and members.

Less with his program, but all the more with his personal commitment as the engine and organizer in the structure of this, at first, insignificant organization – initially called Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, (German Workers’ Party), later called National-Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei (National Socialist German Workers’ Party), short NSDAP – and especially as a successful speaker in Public, Adolf Hitler lays the foundation with his untiring work, in the strictest sense of expression, with the “movement of the masses”, sometimes reaching the limits of his physical capacity.

His restless efforts and aspirations are rewarded by increasing numbers of members in his, at first, really small “party” but also by the influx of masses of visitors to his public rallies.

That the Reds do not idly accept this “competition” is immediately apparent. Meeting places of the NSDAP are beaten to a pulp, events are “turned around” by visits of Red masses, and interested NSDAP  visitors are so intimidated by “Red-Front Hitting Troops” that they prefer to stay at home.

The formation of a “Storm Department” by the circumstances’ unemployed young party comrades is the immediate reaction of the NSDAP, throttling abruptly any further attempts of disruptive action by the Reds.

The inexorable intervention of this Storm Department (SA) makes it possible to continue the NSDAP’s assembly activities that are now progressing smoothly, time after time. After fending off energetically and successfully a few attempts by the Red fellows, they gradually forgo the idea of receiving themselves bloody heads from the NSDAP.

The street parades of the NSDAP also successfully lead to the goal of taking away the leading propagandist rank of the Communists. However, dead and injured of the SA are not rare. The injured in the SA marches are mostly ambushed with stones and bottles thrown at them. The dead, however, are bemoaned from attacks on their way home from the party events of the NSDAP, because the Reds prefer to attain their “successes” rather in the dark, and then them being in the majority.

The men around Adolf Hitler fought with devotion and passion and an unrivaled commitment, regardless whether their career, health and merit were at risk, often even with their family taking a back stance. They fought for the abrogation of the shameful Dictate of Versailles and for a rebirth of the German empire. They fought successfully under the flag colors of the Second German Reich, the black-white-and red flag of Bismarck’s empire.

Despite constant bloody attacks by the Communists and ongoing bans by Jewish “democratic” politicians of the so-called “Weimar Republic” [*Communist Jews took over much of the German government at the end of WW1], the NSDAP grows into the largest party in Germany. As early as July of 1932, the National Socialists, with 14 million votes (37.4%), grew to the strongest party in Germany. No other party is achieving a majority proficient to govern.

On January 30, 1933, the Reich’s President, Paul von Hindenburg, appoints Adolf Hitler as Chancellor. The acceptance of government by Adolf Hitler is completely legal according to the Weimar Constitution. In Hitler’s governing team, the electoral will seems extensively more democratic than in any previous government since Chancellor Brüning, because it is a cabinet based on a broad parliamentary majority.

[*The Jew Communist world leaders are now very upset about not overthrowing Germany like they overthrew Russia, turning it into the Soviet Union.] As early as March 1933, world Jewry declares war on Germany, economically and financially. On the front page of the English mass newspaper “Daily Express” of March 24, 1933, appears in big letters the uttering of the declaration of war:

“The Jewish people of the whole world declare war on Germany economically and financially. The appearance of the Swastika [*The swastika is the banner of pre-historic Germans and therefore of all the white race.] as a symbol of the new Germany has revived Judah’s old quarrel symbol to a new life. Fourteen million Jews are standing together as one man to declare war on Germany.”

Despite all the harassment, Adolf Hitler manages to eliminate unemployment for the 6 million-strong army of workers in the shortest time. The ‘Pound of Food’ charity organization for the impoverished population is established, and in the factories inexpensive cafeteria meals are introduced for the workers. Adolf Hitler gives the people – as promised – work and bread.

May 1 is declared the “Day of German Work”. German craftsmanship flourishes again. With the “Reichserbhofgesetz” [*protection of heirs to keep their land and farm and return their land stolen by the Jews during the Weimar Republic], the impoverished peasants no longer have to fear losing their farm and land to unscrupulous Jewish profiteers. Decent living conditions and recuperation facilities are created for workers. As a result of all this, children are no longer a burden but are desired.

The Reichsarbeitsdienst [*work service-mostly to help impoverished farmers] by boys and girls is introduced. A bitter fight is declared against crime, and anti-German elements in the Reich are put into labor camps. Incidentally, until the beginning of the war, there are only 21,600 inmates in the National Socialist concentration camps, and that by a total population of almost 100 million people; in other words, just over 0.02% of the total population.

The collection of the Jews into concentration camps comes only after the second Jewish declaration of war on  Germany, on September 8, 1939, in the “Jewish Chronicle”. According to International Law, the German Reich’s government had the right to treat the Jews as a Enemy Combatants.

The peaceful taking back of the Saarland [*land robbed from Germany in 1920 by the French per the Versailles Dictate because of its mineral resources], the return of Austria to the German Reich – celebrated with jubilation as a “flower war” [*because at entry the German military was received with flowers strewn all over the roads], and the non-violent return of the Sudetenland, give rise [*again] to the “Greater German Reich”.

The equally peaceful and bloodless occupation of Bohemia and Moravia – by the way, 1918 forcibly taken land from the former Austrian Danube Monarchy – eliminates a serious threat to Germany. And in March 1939, the German Memelland territory is returned to the German Reich.

Now Hitler has only one more demand to bring together nearly all the Germans in one Reich: Danzig! Because of the shameful Dictate of Versailles, after the First World War and against all International Law, France confiscated the ancient German territories Alsace and Lorraine. Italy simply confiscated the Austrian South Tyrol. Poland also illegally occupied the German territories of West Prussia, Posen and East Upper Silesia. Adolf Hitler solemnly renounces all these areas as to not jeopardize peace in Europe.

In the deepest peace, however, thousands of Germans remaining in their ancestral homeland are becoming victims of beastly murders by the Poles in Polish-occupied German territories.

The Polish war instigation and crusade fever against Germany, dominating all layers of society in August of 1939, find their special expression in countless declarations and newspaper articles, as also in the Warsaw Depesza of August 20, 1939: “We Poles are prepared to make a pact with the devil if he helps us in the fight against Hitler. Listen! It’s against Germany, and not only against Hitler!”

Germany’s moderate demand for Danzig’s (Gdansk) return to the Reich is twisted into “world conquest demands” by means of propaganda and angrily trumpeted into the world. As a result of these machinations, as well as the associated  boundless terrors, the German empire is brought into an extremely difficult situation that requires quick decisions. With the Polish mobilization beginning on August 24, 1939, war psychosis reached its peak in Poland. Poland is willing to force the war with Germany at any price.

Since there was no response from the Polish side to the proposals for settlement by the German leadership, but the brutal maltreatment and murdering of the Germans by the Poles continued unabated, the Greater German Wehrmacht marches into German territories unlawfully seized by the Poles in 1918 (in other words, not into Poland!) to protect the German population.

[*What the author is not writing here, and might not have known at the time, or is not allowed to write in Germany, is the fact that the Poles attacked the German border for many months with many German border guards wounded and killed, and the Germans did not return fire. The most important suppressed fact is that on September 1, 1939, Polish soldiers even entered into German territory shooting. Therefore, and only in response to this, did the Germans fight back for the first time, and Adolf Hitler said in his speech on Sept. 1, 1939, “Polish soldiers have entered German territory for the first time, and shooting… Since 5:45 we are shooting back.” So it was not the Germans simply marching into “Poland” or a German attack, as the deceivers claim, but a retaliating act by the Germans. The war by the Poles against Germany had begun many months before. But at this point, this was not World War II. WW II was initiated by England and France a few days later.]

The international war hawkers had literally burned for what had happened in order to bluff the already ignorant world – and later also the defeated German people –  with the catchphrase “the ever-bellicose Germany has brutally attacked the peaceful people of Poland”. This and similar sounding, well-known propaganda slogans have not faded until today.

“Germany the war instigator and therefore guilty of World War II,” – is exactly what the ‘world conscience’ urgently needed and still urgently needs.

Professor Theodor Eschenburg said after the Second World War: “Anyone who doubts Germany’s sole guilt in World War II, destroys the basis of postwar politics.” And the Frenchman Robert d’Hartcourt said to this: “The Allies need the German guilt. German guilt is the moral bastion of the Allies”.

A wave of anti-German propaganda pours over the globe and for no reason makes even those peoples enemies of Germany to whom the German Reich had always been benevolent and accommodating. France and England declare war on Germany.

The international poison mixers conceal, however, even to the present day, that in the summer of 1939, when the life of every single ethnic German in Poland is threatened and in greatest danger, the German Reich had a supra-legal right, recognized in International Law, because of the emergency on its hand. The emergency is justified by the fact that the Polish Government is neither willing nor able to sufficiently exercise protection of its ethnic German citizens.

An additional factor is that by far the greatest part of the Polish people is involved in the instigated German hate, so that the Germans marching into Poland, strictly speaking, was nothing more than a police action against terrorists that certainly has saved the lives of tens of thousands of ethnic Germans.

Thus, in 1939, a new war is forced again upon the German Reich built with much care and effort, instigated again by the aforementioned international power that was already responsible for the great international war at the beginning of this century. Germany – it has no other choice – must again resort to military means in this conflict.

France is beaten in a lightning fast campaign within six weeks. England continues the war despite repeated offers of peace by Adolf Hitler. And Russia, under the leadership of Stalin, is unmistakably also preparing for war against the Greater German Reich. The Soviet attack is planned for the period August / September 1941.

The German leadership was not uninformed about this. In order to forestall the Soviet attack, Adolf Hitler must decide, albeit with a heavy heart, on a two-front war so dreaded by him.

Meanwhile, many members of various European nations, especially the younger ones, recognize that Europe can only be united and free, if the largest European nation, Germany, is united and free. They voluntarily join the elite, proud and brave German Waffen-SS in the fight against Bolshevism.

The unstoppable advance of German troops into Russia is a thorn in the eye of a clique of unscrupulous traitors. To this clique belongs, next to the Counterintelligence traitor Admiral Canaris, also a member of the Intelligence Section “Fremde Heere Ost” (Foreign Army East), namely the future head of the News Service of the Federal Republic of West Germany, Reinhard Gehlen.

Cold-bloodily, they and their ilk betray the brave and doggedly fighting German soldier, who would probably have been invincible without this unprecedented betrayal.

The United States of America (USA) are not yet involved in World War II. They are thus subject to strict neutrality under existing international law. Nevertheless, on July 10, 1941, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt [*a Jew] issued a firing order against the German naval forces. [*without a declaration of war]. Adolf Hitler orders that German submarines should in no case shoot at American ships. This encourages the Americans only to execute further attacks on German warships. [*Steamers and commercial ships as well. For example, according to Adolf Hitler’s speech on Dec. 11, 1941, “…as far back as December 9, 1939, Americans in the security zone handed over the German Steamship Columbus to British ships while shooting at it. In these circumstances it had to be self-sunk (i.e., scuttled). The 576 German survivors were taken up by the American ship Tuscaloosa and put into prison until after May 1945…

On the same day, U.S. forces co-operated to prevent the attempted escape of the German steamer Arauca. On the 27th January, 1940, the U.S. cruiser (named in the audio, but indistinct) in contravention of International Law advised enemy naval forces of the movements of the German steamers, Arauca, La Plata and Mangoni…

In November, 1940, Roosevelt ordered the German ships (?Reugeu), Niederwald and Rhein to be shadowed by American ships until these steamers were compelled to scuttle themselves so as not fall into enemy hands…

On 30th April, 1941, followed the opening up of the Red Sea to U.S. ships, so that they could carry supplies to the British armies in the Near East. Meanwhile, in March, all German ships were requisitioned by the American authorities. In the course of this, German nationals were treated in a most inhuman manner, and in contravention of all notions of International Law, certain places of residence were assigned them, traveling restrictions imposed upon them, and so on. Two German officers who had escaped from Canadian captivity, were again, contrary to all the dictates of International Law, handcuffed and handed over to the Canadian authorities…”]

Meanwhile, Germany, Italy and Japan have joined forces in an alliance, called the “Dreimächtepakt” (Tripartite Pact). On December 7, 1941, the Japanese air and naval forces destroy in a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, a large part of the stationed US Pacific Fleet there. Finally, for Roosevelt, who has demonstrably led a war of aggression against Germany and Italy that violated International Law for six months [*in fact much longer than that] without any declaration of war, there is the long-awaited cause to enter the war. Due to the alliance commitments to the contract with Japan, the German declaration of war on the United States is now inevitably made on December 11, 1941. [*I do not hear a war declaration in Hitler’s speech. He only described what took place. Was there one at all?]

In Russia, the German soldier has positioned himself close to Moscow. The cast down of the Soviet empire seems to be unstoppable, when suddenly the German soldier faces Russian soldiers with US military equipment. (Until its entry into the war, the US was in violation of International Law!) From October 1, 1941 until April 31, 1945, America supplies to the Soviet Union:

14,795 aircraft
2.67 million tons of fuel tank cars
427,284 trucks
35,170 motorcycles
2,328 other vehicles

1,981 steam locomotives and more than

12,000 railway cars

In addition, guns, handguns and machines in gigantic numbers, unimaginable quantities of high-quality food for the Red Army, industrial equipment, spare parts, medicines, boots, textiles, etc. (According to the US Department of War, the Russians were given full military equipment for about 200 – two hundred – divisions!)

The same international blood-related rogues, who already during the time of the “Weimar Republic” were able to bring their sheep into safety by means of their unclean financial manipulations by Wall Street, now make the money of a lifetime from this gigantic USSR rearmament by the U.S.A.

Just in the most critical phase of the German campaign in the East, Japan is withdrawing the Kwantung Army, the technically highly armed force in the back of Russia. This allows Soviet Russia to free up an additional 45 divisions of fresh, well-trained Siberian troops to defend against the Germans.

Months before, the Italian allies, completely senseless, attacked Greece. Due to their miserable military failures, Adolf Hitler saw himself compelled, against his will, to rush military aid to this Axis partner, that inevitably resulted in a disastrous delay (one month delay) of the march against Russia.

The administered material superiority of the opponent, the unreliability of the military partners, and the cowardly betrayal in their own ranks, is what mainly lead to the downfall of the valiantly and decently fighting German Wehrmacht, literally fighting to their last breath.

After a six-year murderous battle, the united enemies of Germany finally succeeded in destroying the ingenious work of Adolf Hitler, the “Greater German Reich,” in a fanatical crusade of annihilation. Adolf Hitler does not settle somewhere cowardly but follows after his dead German soldiers, escaping the hate-spewing henchmen by his suicide.

When finally those brainless and characterless marionettes of the so-called “victors” of this murderous battle will no longer have something to say, the unprecedented heroic efforts of the German soldiers during the Second World War will enter one day as a unique and imperishable page of glory into the great history book of the German people.

The Greater German Reich is split into five parts after the end of the war – into East Germany, Central Germany, West Germany, Austria and the free city of Berlin. Again, it is those alien race rogues who indulge in Old Testament hatred and who by means of the so-called “established” media under their control, spread the worst lies and slander about Adolf Hitler and the German people.

But not only the Greater German Reich, but also Europe and the rest of the world are the victims of Capitalist and Bolshevist destruction and exploitation, when in 1945 the USSR and US war criminals and their soldiers flood the European continent.

Since then, Eastern Europe has been under Jewish-Bolshevik and Western Europe under Jewish-Capitalist hegemony. The Americans hand over Africa to the Soviets, while they themselves romp around limitless in South America, and the peoples of the Middle East are mainly terrorized by Israel.

China is the only power that could possibly put a stop to the global domination of Bolshevism and Capitalism. However, this country has a tremendous need to catch up technically, so that in the next few decades no representation can be expected equal to the US and the USSR. [*China is also ruled by the Jews. Chairman Mao, who killed ca. 50 Million Chinese, was a Jew.]

However, not without cause are the fears that China, in the event of its technical and military strengthening, will be forced into war by the same secret background powers in bondage that have already twice within half a century successfully forced Germany into a war.

The lesson from the historical events of this century for us Germans can only be that it is wrong to fight only Communism because Capitalism as well as Communism are equal mortal enemies of a national-socialist Greater Germany.

What would Germany have given to the world?

The Germans, after having achieved their goal of uniting all their German people, would have immediately removed the undoubtedly existing overflowing party structures. After consolidating and securing the Greater German Reich, both internally and externally, the hundred million would have gone to work in sacred enthusiasm and brought their best qualities to fruition.

Their talent for organization would have created order and peace in Europe within a short time. They would have created the “United States of Europe” without bloodshed and provided their skills in the sciences, arts and technology to the whole world, as they did before. Her intellectual life, especially the exceptional German music, would have enriched the existence on this earth.

It should not be forgotten that no other great nation has created greater and better charitable institutions for the sick, the destitute and the elderly than the German homeland. Also under the National Socialist government in Germany, 620 new churches were built and none were ever closed or desecrated by using them as dance halls, cinemas or museums, as it happened elsewhere.

The Germans also had the best social security for their people. In short, Greater Germany could only have brought spiritual and material blessing to the rest of humanity. Western European culture and civilization would again have been saved by the Germans from destruction, these experienced old defenders of the most precious treasures of humanity.

But the Western and Eastern “statesmen” prevented such a development as willing henchmen of a supranational dark power of an alien race. On the contrary, they decimated this great nation in a hate-filled annihilation orgy a second time in this century.

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Translated from German into English by

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