Pt. 2 Arranged Invasion of Germany with Different Races and Cultures-Haverbeck

 …”Now look for Europe, it’s so small, and look for the Federal Republic, it’s hardly more than a dot. And that’s where millions of strangers want to come to? Into a country that has no raw materials and no food self-sufficiency? That can not turn out well at all!…


“Questions upon Questions” Holocaust German Courts violate Constitution – Third World People Invas


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“Questions upon Questions” Holocaust – German Courts violate Constitution – Third World People Invasion – Ursula Haverbeck Sept 2015 Part 1 and 2. [“Fragen über Fragen”] with English Subtitles


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Continuation By Ursula Haverbeck:

39:55 And now we come to the next topic, the situation that we are currently experiencing and what really burns under the nails, especially in Germany.

40:20 You are probably following this in the news, how hundreds of thousands, it’s actually already more than a million [*foreigners], are pouring in here in a very short time. And I asked myself, what is behind this? At first it occurred to me that there is usually no century that has a name. Centuries have never had a name. They only have numbers. So we have the 20th Century, although this always starts with 19, but we do not have a name for it.

40:54 And then I found that the 20th century is an exception. It has even two names, one from a historian who lives in the USA and is of Jewish-Russian origin. And he has written a really very extensive book named Das Jüdische Jahrhundert. (The Jewish Century.)

41:15 And with that he means the Twentieth Century. And this professor’s name is Yuri Slezkine. And Yuri Slezkine says in his book that it is the Jewish Century, and it is at the same time the Anti-Semitic Century. And that reminded me, of course, of the quote that Horst Mahler found by Martin Buber, “Judaism is the ‘No’ to the life of the peoples. Even more, it is this ‘No’ and nothing more, that is why Judaism is a horror for the peoples.” That kind of goes together; Slezkine’s book was published in German in 2006 and Buber wrote his in 1968. So it’s possible that he knew it.

42:05 And then I’ve sat myself down and thought, is this true? One should not simply believe; one should verify, and I always recommend this to everyone. Is that correct? Is it really the Jewish century? And I have ascertained that it already began in 1889, at the ‘Hundred Year Congress to Commemorate the French Revolution.’

42:41 For from this one hundred-year congress, I have here, the journalist may want to insert this, a map from an English newspaper titled, ‘The Emperor’s Dream.’ And there it describes how the war will come, how the three emperors of Europe are deposed, the Austrian, Prussian and the Russian Czar. With the latter, he and his whole family is murdered, as it has been done in the French Revolution to the French kings.

43:06 And then in a map they show the dismemberment of Germany the way we know it today. And then they also show what is to be expected with a war. And even the Russian Revolution can be deduced from it because on the territory where Russia is, there is written ‘Russian Desert’. And a short time thereafter there is another map, and on that one it even says ‘Land for Social Experiments.’ And so begins the Jewish century, with the agitation against Germany, with WWI, with the Bolshevik Revolution, and then it continues like this.

43:52 Then comes the Second World War, and today we still suffer from Jewish demonetization of the Germans with the Holocaust. So, I would say, that Yuri Slezkine is right, alone in these external events, when I bear them in mind, and everyone can check this in history books. It was the Jewish century. It was planned this way, and the state of Israel was founded, etc.

44:15 And now there’s another book, and that’s really amazing, and that’s from a German, called Das Jahrundert der Lüge (The century of lies). And there I was also wondering, is it really? This was written by Hugo Wellems, in 1989, the same year as the fall of the Berlin wall, and one hundred years after this congress in Paris, and 200 years after the French Revolution.

44:49 And there he puts together all these lies that poured like a flood over Germany in WWI. Worst was, and we all remembered that years ago, the fable of the chopped-off hands of Belgian children. It was always presented by all the older people as an example of the deceitful propaganda of the Jews who wanted the war.

45:19 And after WWI there were still confessions that it was a lie, e.g., by an Englishman, who worked with the big London newspaper Daily Mail. He said, that in August 1914 he had been approached by the newspaper and the Government of London to write horror stories, as much as possible, preferable about children and young women, [*harmed by Germans] and if not real ones, then according to his fantasy.

45:50 And then this captain Wilson says, “I did this in very imaginative ways.” So there was that. And now comes something quite strange. The Political Scientist Udo Walendy, one of the first that dealt with the truth for Germany, has published in 1984 a booklet entitled Allied War Propaganda 1914-1919, issue No. 22, in a series called Historische Tatsachen (Historical Facts). He also wrote Wahrheit für Deutschland (truth for Germany) and has fought twenty-two years for the release of his book, a truly scientific book. He has accomplished it after 21 years but has suffered quite a lot over it and had even more trials thereafter.

46:40 And in Issue No. 22 you will find not only a multitude of newspaper stories of the French and Anglo-Saxon press, but in part also these really tasteless caricatures of Germans and the German emperor, and so on.

46:57 Really a rather terrible compilation. Udo Walendy left a big leftover stack of it in his cellar. And in 2013, I happened to be downstairs in his office, a police raid arrived to seize 3 editions of publications that allegedly denied the Holocaust. That was the cause, and it included this no. 22.

47:25 And then I looked through this one – it really concerned itself with WWI and what led to it, etc. – and there is an indication that this lie propaganda in WWI was even surpassed in WWII with the Gas chambers, etc. Otherwise there is nothing at all about the Holocaust. And then one wonders, of course, when in 2013, after the Standort- und Kommandanturbefehle KZ Auschwitz 1940-1945 (Commander’s orders Auschwitz 1940-1945) have just become known, this pamphlet is confiscated, and because of it a prominent trial against his wife was constructed. He had long since bin forbidden to practice his profession. His wife was only a bookseller and sold them occasionally.

48:07 We all do not know if this old number has actually even been mailed by the Walendy family and how the courts even built a case. One thing seems to be clear, there is an inner connection. They want to prevent that it will be known that it is not us who are the inciters, the haters that only bring disaster to the world, as has been asserted, but that it is quite some others from whom these things proceed.

48:33 And then it occurred to me that Bongen also asked me, “But what about the Germans’ hatred about the Jews?” And I told him, “But Mr. Bongen, that was only a reaction. There were quite a few other things expressed before [*by the Jews], that were actually much more agitating toward the people and much worse. He said, “What do you mean by that?” So he also had no idea.

48:58 But that has now also become known. At any rate, he did not know this. So this was for me a clear indication that in this respect they want to continue to keep the German people stupid by all possible means and deprive them of all historical knowledge. And then comes World War II. And in WWII the hate propaganda goes even further. You all know that in March 1933 the first declaration of war was made by the Jews [*against Germany]. Then in August 1933, a Samuel Untermeyer, a lawyer and politically very active man, travels to the Netherlands, arranges a rally and demands from the people to absolutely “make war against these criminal people, the Germans”, and said whoever has not paid yet, may pay now.

49:51 He said that it is now high time, or they should take up weapons themselves, and that this is a “Holy War.” And then when he comes back to New York, he gives an interview in the New York newspaper, and there it says, ‘It is a holy war against these violent Germans.’

50:09 And now comes the interesting thing that makes clear how precisely this plan for the destruction of Germany was finagled since 1889. For in World War II, Franklin Roosevelt, the President of the U.S. asked the question, ‘What to do with Germany after we won?’ And they assumed, of course, that they will be victorious. And yes their victory was obvious.

50:42 And there are three reputable American scientists that nobody knows, and who can not be found on Wikipedia.

This is the anthropologist, Prof. Dr. Ernest Hooton, who lived from 1887 to 1954. Someone told me there is some information about his anthropological study of some tribes, but nothing else.

51:04 Thankfully, a German published a special edition about the Hooton plan because the information does not appear anywhere else. He also translated it from English into German. So Ernest Hooton, written with ‘oo’, stated in his Hooton Plan, as it was called then, “Breed the tendency to make war out of the Germans.” He is a geneticist and an anthropologist and states that this can be done by means of their genetic altering.

51:45 Then comes a second one, a respected lawyer, member of B’nai B’rith Lodge, Louis Nizer. He lived from 1902 to 1994, so into our times. And he used the question ‘What to do with Germany’ as a book title. And this book was available already very early in a German translation, and of course our people knew this. Hitler also knew quite well of this map I showed earlier; we know this from Nolte. So they knew what they [*the Allies] had in mind with Germany.

52:22 I suppose they [*the German leaders] did not tell the German people because it is so monstrous. And that is why they can call us now ‘people’s instigators.’ Then comes the third one, a Theodore Kaufman (1910 to 1978), and he calls his book quite simply and frankly, Germany Must Perish. But not just theoretically, or in fantasy, but quite concretely. So, away with it!

52:48 And the same we find later in various other American publications, and the question is, of course – this man [*Louis Nizer] lived until 1994 – has there ever been an indictment of these men for incitement of the peoples? Has there ever been a demand for extradition of these people by the state prosecutors of the Federal Republic of Germany? Not one. But who is really the instigators of the peoples?

53:15 And who is it really that sows hatred? And then we find all three were Jews, and many others who were tooting the same horn in America. And these books were not only known to Franklin Roosevelt, but we know that he even gave them to his officials and officers with the demand to read and study them thoroughly. So, it was concretely a plan that has been presented, and the German leadership knew it. And if you arrange the contents of these three books together, you’ll arrive at the following five points, that are somehow found in all three:

53:59   1. Germany must be divided several times. Dismemberment of Germany. This was accomplished. We only need to look at the map.

2.    The whole German education system must be destroyed. Look at ‘gender mainstreaming’ in our schools. This is what we have today.

3.    Destroy National Socialism in its roots. This is what we experience. NS is designated the devil per se.

4.   Reduce the birth rate of pure-bred Germans drastically. And we have this, too. We are lowest on the scale of birth rates.

5. The settlement of millions of foreigners with the aim of genetic mixing to breed out the ‘warrior soul’ of the Germans. This is where we are today.

54:37 This is the challenge for us. Deal with it. We are already experiencing points 1, 2, 3, and 4. Although some have always tried to point it out, as a rule, we were satisfied with naming things and lamenting. But we have not given ourselves to the cause, at least not in the great majority; of course for a whole series of justified reasons.

55:22 But these are not enough to keep away from politics, nor because it’s said that all is lies and all is wrong and cannot be sustained by international law. This way, we have given the other side a free hand, and they did whatever they wanted, and so we have destroyed families and our education system.

55:45 They could only do this because we did not have enough people who took action. In any case, things become clear if one knows the earlier history, if one contemplates not only from today to tomorrow but in a larger context. Then scales fall from one’s eyes concerning what takes place today. And this [*genetic] remaking of the Germans is the capstone in the plan. And once these [*foreigners] are all here – there are already way too many – then it will be almost impossible to turn things around; so hic et nunc! So now we have to do something.

56:22 And that I also always tell my friends. It’s dismissed as conspiracy theory what I have presented here, but only by people who are afraid, or by those who want to prevent it from becoming known for fear of their own future. We must not let ourselves be drawn into this, for we can be certain from the course of history that this is how things occurred.

56:45 Or they say to those who stand by it, like me, “Well, you’re just a hate-filled racist.” Just like that. And so one is demonized, but also that must not disturb us. It’s not useful to be disturbed by this because then we do the opposition a favor. Of course, I don’t want this!

So we must promulgate these things. We must also make clear to the refugees now coming here that they are only the pawns in a wicked game and abused by fiendish politics.

57:21 I’m sure the greatest majority has no idea. They suffered terribly in the wars. In order to execute this plan, to move millions of foreigners to Germany and Europe, in order to destroy the national states here, they finagled, ‘how can we accomplish this?’ Because most people prefer to stay in their homeland, even more so these simple people from developing countries.

57:52 And for that they needed a September 11. September 11 has divided the world into friends of the Americans and ‘rogue states.’ And the ‘rogue states’ were systematically destabilized from Tunisia to Afghanistan, a broad belt, from North Africa to the Near East. And how was this to be done? By making allies of those who you find everywhere – namely the youth in puberty, dissatisfied and rebellious, who in their desire for liberty blame everything they do not like on the government – and strengthen them in their rebellion and then claim, “It was them, not us.” It was always groups controlled from outside.

58:35 And now I have just been told this morning that the Germans are doing even worse things. As you know, they have a Central Federal Office of Immigration, and my acquaintance called me to tell me that in this Immigration Office in all these Near Eastern and African languages, that is, from Kurdish, Arabic, Hebrew to Paston, these people are told they can come to Germany.

59:13 And we have always said that it is actually amoral to lure the better educated and the more agile – who also have a bit of money since only those take up such an adventurous enterprise – out of their countries. Who would then ever improve the situation in their homeland? Only these people could do this.

59:33 So, it is amoral by the European countries, especially Germany and Austria – Sweden has done it also – to bring these people here and then on top of it launch a ‘Welcome Culture’. And that is actually already absurd. There are a number of European countries that do not participate in this, for example, Hungary, but I do not know whether they are aware of the hidden reasons and interconnections.

1:00:00 But in the end this is not the most deciding factor. The important thing is that in any case they still use somewhat reality-based thinking. Because if we look at the big globe, the gigantic Africa, and the equally massive Asia, then I ask my young listeners, “Now look for Europe, it’s so small, and look for the Federal Republic, it’s hardly more than a dot. And that’s where millions of strangers want to come to?

1:00:32 Into a country that has no raw materials and no food self-sufficiency? That can not turn out well at all! And considering the impending economic and financial crises all the experts have been talking about for years, then it can only be imagined that these poor people will be the first victims. They have no backing here with any population, and they will be the first to suffer distress and the rage of the population.

1:01:11 So it is quite right to say that it is directed not only against the German people, but also against the more educated strata of population of these countries that will also disappear. That means, they also will not have an ordered sovereignty of their people. Sovereignty is exactly what THOSE do not want because the individual man, if he is an independent personality with independent thinking, is uncomfortable to them and no longer wanted. Look at the education that we have. And these people are part of this.

1:01:44 So this is also undesirable, and that is why it must disappear, and the whole globalization is nothing more than a means to destroy the independent personality as in a national individuality and a single human individuality. So, one could even say that this ‘Welcome Culture,’ babbled much of, at least in our country, is nothing but megalomania and henchmen services for THOSE who want to destroy the national states and the personality.

1:02:24 And that is what it is all about in the end, really, to finally overcome this Jewish century, the century of lies, that I have already described at the beginning. And we all know, only the truth makes us free, nothing else, and therefore we must stand for truth. And of all places, in our ordinary Westfalenblatt (district newspaper), we notice that much has already come into agitation, and we have already achieved something.

1:02:59 And now comes a short note in the Westfalenblatt from September 9th, of all people from an English political scientist: “Hippie state Germany. The British political scientist Anthony Glees has criticized Germany’s action in the refugee crisis as undemocratic. With the decision to take in migrants stranded in Hungary, Berlin did not comply with EU criteria.” He even says this in the Deutschlandfunk (German radio/TV). This has also been recorded in other print media. “In Great Britain there is the impression that the Germans have lost their minds.” That’s true! “You might think about Hungary what you may, but if Germany does not follow the rules, the whole EU is falling apart. At the moment, the Federal Republic presents itself as a hippie state no longer guided by anything but feelings.“ That says it all! With this we are all challenged. And, therefore, I hope that we will topple the whole thing [*the Holocaust lie and Paragraph 130]. Thank you.

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