It’s the Pot Calling the Kettle Black-German Blood is War Monger Blood?

I have not determined this. You can see for yourself on the timeline below. What’s really strange is that the American people are easy going and nice, and yet they demonize every other country that was and will be attacked by the U.S., and there were hundreds of wars the U.S. was /is involved in. I know who is driving the U.S. into wars. Do you want to know? Or do you want to continue to put your head into the sand and sanction what the U.S. government is doing?

“The pot calling the kettle black” has the meaning of the iron pot reflecting itself in the glowing stainless steel kettle turning the looks of the kettle black with the iron pot reflection, and then the iron pot accusing the kettle of being black. In other words, falsely accusing others of that which oneself is or does.


Third World View: People once lived in these places. What horror for them to have lost their home, their street, their town and businesses! Who does not want to go home or to town and have safety, security and peace? Who are the so-called Rebels? People who love their people and their country and do not want to be controlled by the Great Satan?


Germany had the lowest numbers of wars of all European power states. I think it was 3 before 1945, and they were way below all the other states in Europe. And yet, Americans, to be precise, American Jews, who have had hundreds of wars in the same time frame as the Germans, call the Germans genetic warmongers. They have a lot of nerve! Yet, they get away with all their insane and defaming lies. But many Jews are Communists and Communists accuse others of their own crimes. It’s been their steady MO. The Jews used this MO on the Russian people after they overthrew Russia and turned it into the Soviet Union. They accused tens of Millions of Russians of “crimes” Jews invented and the Russians never committed and slaughtered 66 Million Russians to take over the empire and get closer to world rule. It took just the blinking of an eye the “wrong way” to get you shot or dragged into the slave labor death camps, were most never came back from.

Scales have fallen from my eyes in just a few years, and I now see things that I have never seen before, nor have paid attention to earlier. This country is a slave, like every other country, to a dark power, but it’s also a slave driver, the top dog obeying the shadow government, the Chabad Lubavitchers, et al. Take the banking away from the Jews and lock up the criminal Jews and the Chabad Lubavitchers who have established a law signed by Bush to kill all American Christians (in the very near future, if we do not stop them). Though I had greater hope with Trump, things are proceeding like they did before and wars and war talk are ever present. The U.S. is coercing many other states onto their side in war, or else they will financially ruin them or attack them. To get many countries obligated and caught in a trap, whose people do not really want to go to war, the Allies have created the NATO and the U.N. The U.S. is indeed the Great Satan’s helper. I am sorry to say. Human lives do not matter to our government, regardless of what trumpets they play in funerals for our fallen American soldiers. All that matters to them is Jewish power, money, greed, selfishness, and extremely luxurious consumption.

I am very concerned for Germany because the Allies, primarily the Americans, have about 50,000 U.S. troops there, and Germany is under U.S. military control, still today, TO SILENCE WWII TRUTH AND NEVER LET THE GERMANS RISE AGAIN BUT SUCK THEM DRY BY ALLIED PARASITES. Massive atomic U.S. weapons depot are set up in Germany. But the Germans have nothing to say; the leaders for Germany, most of the times Jews, or Germans under total Jewish control, make sure it stays that way. On top of it they throw plenty of insults at the Germans. Daily lies, rape and insults. Rape, lies and insults. Insults, lies and rape. And on top of it, the Germans have to pay for the occupation. That is the M.O. of the United States presidents for the German people!!! And Trump, calling himself a German, is no exception. That was a marketing gig. He is a Jew. And look at his daughter, she’s got the jewish rat face.

If Russia and the U.S. get into a war, Germany will be wiped out. I believe this is what the U.S. (the Jews) is actually aiming for. I believe that Jew Putin, Jewess Merkel (I always like to call her “Jew” rather than “Jewess” and normally do), and Jew Trump, at all, all are in bed together and their plan is to wipe out more people, preferably whites, and most of all Germany. The leading Jews hate whites. Perhaps a large percentage of Jews do hate whites and all other races. It teaches them to hate and murder in their “holy” crime book, the Talmud, as soon as they can read. The conflict they play up between Russia and the U.S., I believe is just a game. All three Jews hate the highly moral, inventive and striving Germans, because if the Germans could get back into their power, they would change the world for the better. But they are prisoners. Prisoners of war. That’s why the FRG and the Allied leaders do nothing by lie about the Nazis and the Germans. That’s why the Germans have a gag order, no peace treaty, and their country is occupied. They are held as work slaves who pay taxes to the richest Americans. These three cold hearts just play the good guy / bad guy game.

And if it is a fact, which is so far only an assumption, that there is a secret war going on between “Remote Germans” – a secret group not to be confused with the Germans in Germany – in flying saucers and the Allies, then it is clear that the Germans in Germany, as hostages of the Allies, are getting as much abuse as the Allies can get away with without the remote Germans annihilating the Allies. Something they could most likely do from the sky. Therefore, perhaps, the Allies / Jews commit secret murders of Germans in many places, and in hospitals alone, per Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer; nearly ten thousand killings a year. Just pulling the plug and pretending they had a heart attack, or a stroke, or whatever, is an easy murder. Putting people into a coma and claiming they’ll be a vegetable and then robbing them of their organs on top of it, is another way that’s profitable for the anti-humans. There is a circle of very evil people who have no qualms cold-bloodedly killing innocent people because they are successful or good Germans or because they have a Freemason order to do this. After all, there is a law in the Jewish Talmud that orders them to “kill the best Gentiles.” Let’s be honest, the Germans were / and some still are the best all around.

There is much talk on the internet by self-claimed “experts” that we will have an “Alien” invasion. But what are they hiding? All their talk is misleading, in my opinion, as they always include little green ETs in their lectures. Sure, Germans are Aliens. I was an Alien before I obtained a U.S. citizenship. But when people hear “aliens” in the context with invasion, they usually think of extraterrestrials. The leaders want it this way to keep people confused. If these Remote Germans should get control of this world, then we will have a New Nuremberg, and the leaders who are using, abusing and terrifying us throughout the world, with their communist one world agenda, will be brought to Nuremberg, judged for their treason and hanged, and at the same time all our honorable Nazi leaders of WW2 will be redeemed in absentia and have honor memorials erected for them. The false free speech of pornography and perverse sexuality right into our face will be eliminated. Perverts can go right back into the closet. Threats of killing or harming others for their race will be severely punished. Creativity and intelligence of children will be fostered. And a hundred thousands of other past destructive ways will be replaced productive opportunities.

Coming back to wars. So the American Jews want to race-mix the Germans to breed out their tendency for war, they said, or sterilize them; and that almost happened. It’s the Jews who in their coldness of heart love wars. They love the slaughter of humans and love to see blood run, having a heinous relationship to blood as the servants of their god Satan.

The Jews are the original children of Satan, as Jesus, a Galilean, (Galileans were Germans, also called Amalek) and freedom fighter in Palestine, said. And according to the god of the Jews, Satan, the Jews have the order to slaughter all other races and take their land and all their possessions. This is why there are all these endless wars to rob the defeated countries. How can people not want to see that they are dealing with the devil? I guess the devil knows how to deceive and play victim real well. After all, Hollywood was established by Jews from Russia. And that’s where they crank out a big part of their lies in false history movies, including “Doctor Zhivago.” And their biggest helpers are the mislead Christians, who believe, contrary to what Jesus told them, that the Jew is their friend and that their Christianity is a Jew-Christian bond.

We Germans are peace loving, even though we love to argue, but that’s for the purpose of getting to the bottom of things. There we behave like a dog with a bone. But once lies have been spread over several generations, they are extremely adhesive and difficult to eliminate. It takes courage to face the fact that your home country is the worst war monger on this earth. And for Americans, that is the military of the U.S.A. under Jewish control, and only because it is under Jewish domination. I am not saying this out of hate but out of love for truth and peace. I have no hate toward the American people. I cannot understand their fun loving nature without looking at reality and not probing into the cause of things. Though it is getting better. I have suffered from the American lies about Germany all my life. No one here cares. The Americans are always right. No, they are not! They are dead wrong! War horror might come home to roost right here in the U.S., as it is most likely planned by the Lubavitchers, et al.

I, for one, have no more feeling of security in the good old USA.

Now lets’ see how Americans fare in their war mongering vs. the Germans:

Timeline of United States at War

Written by a lying jew:

Germany must perish 1941-Kaufman-58 pg

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