Karl Marx the Great Deceiver for Jewish World Control and Nothing but Sorrow for the Gentiles

…It is our purpose to provide further proofs of the assertion that Judaism, and Communism in all its phases, actually are synonymous. Communism has at present become the most powerful weapon of the Jews for the furthering of their program for world domination, which means the literal and complete subjugation of the Gentile races of the world…

The reason why I am providing much about Communism is because our children have been taught deceptively ‘Communism is dead’, but this is a carefully planned sham. Communism is alive and well and has spread over the whole earth with hundreds of Millions of peoples annihilated in the last 100 years alone by it, sometimes under the disguise of democracy. I provide it as a last minute warning because we are at the brink of Jewish Communist world domination, a coming brutality and bloodbath the Russian and German people have already had much suffered from! Liberalism today is Left. And left is under the control of those who further Communism, which is in the end a One World Jewish, horrifically brutal Government where pedophilia and prostitution of any kind, children, male or female, torture, sexual abuse of all kinds, genocide, stealing, robbing, lying, hating, murdering, extreme poverty for most, and racial mixing of blood is ordered by law.


The World Hoax


By Ernest F. Elmhurst

With introduction by William Dudley Pelley

For America’s Gentile Patriots

Communism is a means as to ensnare the Gentile’s mind so as to be able to use him for their own purposes.



Excerpt from the Book ‘The World Hoax’ by Ernest Elmhurst.

The Jew who originated Communism – Karl Heinrich Mordecai – who later changed his name to Marx, was born May 5th, 1818, in Treves, Rhenish Prussia, of Jewish parents. His father, a banker, whose forefathers had been rabbis for 300 years, adopted Protestantism for business reasons, when young Marx was six years old. Marx’s profession of Christianity was nothing more than a gesture, a mere admission ticket to society. At heart he remained a thorough Jew, and from his earliest childhood his most ardent concern was his domination of the Gentiles – but called by him the emancipation of the Jews. For in spite of being a Neo-Protestant, he considered his new religion – and religion in general, the Jewish law excluded – “an opium for the mind,” thus subscribing to the doctrine of the Illuminati, founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, which secret society took a most prominent part in the French Revolution. Marx professed no allegiance to any concept of Christianity or Christian institutions, Christian society, or to any nation built on Christian principles.

Always boastful and of a violent temper, his persistent slogan was: ‘WHATEVER IS, IS WORTH DESTROYING!” As a pretended German, when traveling in Holland he was ashamed of his nationality. In a like manner, when he wrote of Germans in his letters from London, he always referred to them as dogs. On the other hand, it may be safely concluded that he would have spoken similarly of any other nationals among which he might have happened to find himself, just as he did of the liberal French. He was twice expelled from France on account of


uncouth conduct, and particularly because of his typical Jewish behavior – always full of objections and contradictions, always at odds with the world.

The Prussian government lifted its restrictive censorship considerably in the year 1841, and Marx, realizing the new press liberty as a spring-board for the dreams of his race, did not hesitate to take the broadest advantage of the new liberalism. He edited the RHENISH GAZETTEE for some months, until the authorities were forced to put a stop to his outrageous writing, for he knew no decency in the use of language. His efforts to make an impression on his contemporaries turned out to be too provocative for the Germans, and he was ousted from his position in 1842. The next year he went to France, where he edited a couple of numbers of his German-French Diary, until the French government in its turn put an end to his literary activities. It was then that his true psychology became known through the formulation of the nucleus of his Scientific Socialism. In this he revealed the fundamental fact, that his ‘scientific’ doctrines of Socialism, on which he was then working, were the basic requisite for a potential domination by the Jewish race. For he was aware of the fact that he needs the assistance of the working masses in order to accomplish this Jewish control, while outwardly he professed to have at heart the worker’s welfare.

In order to win the support of the non-Jewish working masses, it was necessary to begin making an impression upon them. This could best be accomplished by making them dissatisfied with their present living conditions, and by feeding them with theories of their alleged lifelong class struggle, with the intention of finally centering their entire thinking around this point. Therefore, the idea of creating dissension among the non-Jewish population was Marx’s most essential concern. To build a wall of separation between worker and employer, by utilizing and encouraging every imaginable sing and shade of discord that


might possibly exist – or could be created in relation to one another – and to use any real or imagined grounds for causing a breach between Gentile authorities and Gentile subordinates, these were the first principles around which he formulated his doctrines of “scientific” Socialism. Ultimately, Marx concluded, having all the working masses under the control of firm believers in his specifically planned Jewish theories, it would then be easy to work out a system, under which Jewish domination would become an accomplished and enduring fact. For Marx himself emphasized that his proposed doctrines were intended to serve the Jewish race first, and, as is proven, thereafter the non-Jewish masses. As before mentioned, he had openly made the vicious statement that “the Jews must emancipate themselves first, before they can emancipate the ‘others’,” – that is, the Gentiles, and this has been the pivotal point of Communism throughout its whole history everywhere!

He never had a thought of emancipating the Gentiles – nor can one recall any instance throughout history that Gentiles ever pleaded to the Jews to solve social problems with Gentile countries.

The conspicuous result of all this might be observed in the fact that wherever in the world Marx’s doctrines have been accepted, whether as Socialism or Communism, they have always worked profits for the Jews, but not for the Gentiles. Those same doctrines then, in the making, have proved themselves possible of application only in strongly Jew-penetrated or Jew-influenced communities, and have served members of that race and their agents, exclusively, while their sponsors are even now promising to carry other masses of would-be Gentile “beneficiaries” toward a tragic fate!

When Marx thus laid the foundation of his “Scientific Socialism” he cunningly withheld from the broad non-Jewish masses the true purpose of his theories, through which, if applied according to his instructions, would come the desired “liberation” of all


Gentile workers, after the Jews had first recorded their own “emancipation.”

Disregarding all principles of Nationalism, Marx’s socialistic doctrines were based upon Internationalism, because the Jews were internationalist and belonged to no land in particular, or rather to every land as implied in their plan for world-domination. In Lenin’s pamphlet “On the Jewish question” issued by the Communist Party in New York, it is staged on page 17:

“Marxism is irreconcilable with Nationalism,” and, further, “Marxism puts forward Internationalism to replace all forms of Nationalism.”

Marx’s expulsion from France in 1845 led him to Brussels where in collaboration with his fellow-Jews, Moses Hess and Friedrich Engels, he drew up the basic lines of the Communist Manifesto which appeared in 1848. This, therefore, may properly be regarded as the composite expression of the leading Jewish minds of the time.

Since, as has been shown, the complete control of the non-Jewish masses had to be Marx’s first step toward his ultimate objective – complete Jewish state control – it was essential to create a literature with the sole purpose of instilling and fomenting dissatisfaction with existing Gentile institutions and dissension and class hatred between worker and employers, as well as disrespect for and aversion to their governments. Marx’s sets of “class literature,” in which he also embodied various doctrines contributed by extreme labor leaders in Germany, France, Belgium and England, fulfilled this purpose.

Taken all in all, the whole burden of Marx’s message may be summed up in the statement that only if the workers of the whole world unite under the absolute leadership of revolutionaries of the caliber of Marx himself and his associates, can their “emancipation” be assured. Thus he was cleverly hiding from them


the knowledge that their combined cooperation would primarily cause the Jews’ domination over the non-Jews themselves – in fact that the Jews could obtain such domination only through their leadership of the non-Jewish workers. These facts concerning the ultimate objective of the Jews, constitute a  point about which the Jew, Marx, and his followers until this very day, have remained conspicuously silent, and in very truth embody the most gigantic swindle ever perpetrated, because it is done on a worldwide scale.

Any student of revolutionary movements must have noticed with no small  wonder that during, and particularly  after, each period of socialistic turmoil Jews always have been the beneficiaries in one way or another, just as it has been a demonstrable  fact that Gentiles always have been the losers. The Sigilla Veri-Bodung, Verlag, Erfurt,   Germany-that   remarkably   inclusive   Who’s Who in world Jewry, says pointedly that if the Marxists within the Communist and Socialist Parties are working toward the long-announced world revolution, this obviously must mean “the removal of all Aryan authorities, princes and churches, and their substitution by Jewish powers, Jewish princes and rabbis. “The Marxist movement,”  it concludes summarily, “never had anything to do with the liberation of any oppressed party be it that of any vocation, nor that of the bourgeoisie, nor that of  the workers or the proletariat  in general.”

It cannot be denied that Marx, since he camouflaged his ulterior Jewish-domination  objective so  cleverly  with his theories of “Socialization,” even at that time attracted considerable attention, although he himself was very well aware of the consummate rape that is implied in his Scientific Socialism.   In spite of being a baptized Protestant, and having married the race-ignoring daughter of a German aristocrat, also of the Protestant faith, his race consciousness came to be a literal obsession with him and


he remained at heart a Jew until his death, like other Jews whether they got baptized or became Mohammedans.

At a miners’ congress at Lille, France, in 1873, he introduced his illegitimate daughter, Eleanor, to the audience as a Jewess. All his life-work was devoted solely to the advancement of his race in so far as its members still shared the disabilities of the sub­ordinated masses, and so he rent the air again and again with his symposia of hatred toward the non-Jewish people, whether the Gentile ruling classes or the more indifferent bourgeois. In fact in this latter group he correctly recognized the particular and most formidable obstacle to his schemes.

The Gentile world was not intended to learn that the broadly planned revolutions to be propagated from one country to another, were meant to serve only the interests of the Jewish race. Outwardly, however, Marx proclaimed as his objective the liberation of the working masses of the world from the alleged yoke under which they were laboring, though he himself never chanced sharing the lot of a hardworking man who has to toil with his hands for his daily bread. On the contrary, while in London and occupied with his larger literary work, Marx subsisted sumptuously, year after year, on the generosity of his wealthy “angel,” Friedrich Engels, who covered his daily bills as well as his seasonal trips to domestic and the more fashionable foreign spas. Marx, theoretically fighting the capitalists, was by no means ashamed to accept his subsistence from the capitalist Engels, who had inherited a cotton mill in Manchester, England, from his father. Moreover, in this very cotton mill of Ermen & Engels from the profits of which Marx drew up to three hundred fifty pounds Sterling a year as well as his extra expenditures such as trips and doctors’ bills, child labor was extensively employed! It might not be out of place here to throw a sidelight on   the total ignorance-or   the consummate   deceit of the


present-day American press as to the true nature of this pair’s alleged emancipation  program:   for  the American  weekly,  Time, of May 11, 1936, refers co Marx’s collaborator Engels as follows: “He made such a success of the English mill at Manchester that he was eventually made a  partner  in  spite of  his regrettable politics…”

At all events it was the basic point of understanding between Marx and his fellow-Jews at the time, that through tube spreading of his class literature for the conquest of the proletariat of the world, the Jew should become the principal beneficiary; for if Jews were to lead the “proletarian slaves” out of their alleged bondage, it could be not unreasonably taken for granted that they would not overlook the ample opportunities for their own racial advancement.

Therefore all this made it imperative that the Jews in all political activities became, and remained, the actual leaders. It may be recalled that during an anarchists’ congress in Paris in 1872, Marx withdrew his support when it became apparent that its leadership would be Gentile and that the viewpoint of the Jews would therefore become of secondary importance. It was then the Gentiles who were plotting a coup d’état. Hence, no radial movement in which  the Jews did not take the lead could result in what Marx had in mind when compounding his doctrines of Socialism-the real name for which should have been, “Doctrines for the Domination by the Jewish Race.” Marx’s refusal to participate further in the Anarchists’ Congress in 1872 was therefore clearly motivated.

At the side of Marx, Engels and the before-mentioned Moses Hess-all stressing the Jewish purpose in their “Socialism” – was at that time also Ferdinand Lassalle, the son of Chaim Wolfsohn, in Germany.  A letter which Lassalle’s father wrote to young Ferdinand on December 7, 1806, contains this:   “Don’t give up


Writing in the language and letters of our people-the Jews – as well as in that of the others – the Germans.”

Marx, as well as his companion, Lassalle, was well pleased with the idea of  posing as the Messiah of the Gentile masses. Undoubtedly these words spoken in 1860 by the founder of the Alliance Israelite Universelle in Paris, Adolphe Cremieux, “The doctrines of the Jews will someday cover the entire world,” must have made  a deep impression on these Jews. They not only knew nothing of the Gentile workers’ aims and desires but were even estranged  from them  to such an extent  that Ferdinand Lassalle, who became the founder of the Social-Democratic Party in Germany, expressly objected to shaking hands with any “dirty worker,” – whose class he was to “Iiberate” from its capitalistic oppressors!   On the other hand, as reported in the Sigilla Veri, this Jew, Lassalle, succeeded in impressing Gentile workers to such an extent that their wives even taught their children prayers in which Lassalle was elevated to divinity!   It is recorded  that a certain  worker’s  child,  of  Berlin,  when  asked  to say  a  nice prayer, repeated the following lines:  l


“Ich bin  klein, mein  Herz  ist  rein,

soil niemand drin wohnen, wie Lassalle allein!”


“My heart is pure, though I am small,

none others shall live therein but only Lassalle!”

[admin: that was originally a prayer to Jesus!]


However that same ”Messiah” Lassalle, as he boasted in a letter to Marx, in 1859 made attempts to incite a war between France and Prussia for the sole purpose of creating revolutionary chaos in Prussia through which he expected to actualize his plans for seizing power by means of an uprising of the German workers – whom he then believed he had well under control.


Marx’s Communist Manifesto was compiled and written “to order” in 1847 by command of the international secret society then known as the League of Communists, so as to have at hand class literature for use in the coming years’ revolutions which were planned by this group of Jewish “intellectuals” for the sole purpose of destroying bourgeois and capitalistic Gentile society. It actually created in the minds of superficial  readers the  effect of a real devaluation of  everything  existing in so far as it was not created by or under the control of the Marxists. The new “common enemies” of the Gentile worker, according to Marx, were the Gentile state, Gentile capitalism and the Christian church.

During 1848 Marx was the leader of the insurrection in Germany, from which country he, not being as successful as he had expected, was finally ousted, only to attempt some similar revolutionary enterprises in France the following year. After being turned out of France also, he took a last refuge  in  England, where  this  “workers’  leader” who  himself  could  do no manual work,  became  absorbed  in  his  writings,  the  essence  of which is now known to the world as Marxism.

The first international roll call of workers of the world, known as the “First International,” was arranged by Marx and held in St. James’ Hall, London, in 1864. The second ”Communist International” was held in Paris in 1889.

Marx’s basic preoccupation throughout his whole life  was the relentless preaching of class-hatred among the Christian workers, against  their  Christian  authorities.  Indeed,  he  frankly   states in his ”Communist Manifesto”: “The Communists refrain from keeping their views and intentions secret. They openly declare that their  goal  can  only  be  achieved  by a  forcible  destruction of all existing orders of society. The ruling classes shall tremble before the Communist revolution.


How superficially this program of Jewish domination through Marx’s doctrines has been studied by the great masses of Christian workers, is shown by the fact that in most  countries where the seeds of Marx’s “Scientific Socialism” have been sown, these doctrines have been sown, these doctrines have been most trustingly accepted at their face value and hardly one person out of a thousand has taken the trouble to investigate why the Jew, Marx, should so passionately  want to  “help” the Christian  worker.

In general, it may be stated that these doctrines, superficially considered, are apt to please those who lack any but  the most materialistic conceptions of life. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that Marx’s racial kinsmen, including the  Jewish  capitalists, neither  during  his  lifetime  nor  afterwards,  displayed  much  interest in his theories as such. Neither did the Jews or Jewmates care particularly to live up to them-see Engels and Lassalle, for instance. On the contrary their general aim was to obtain material and political advantage of others not of their race, and in particular of those who by nature happened to be less aggressive.

In brief, Marx’s teachings like most other Jewish products manufactured for the use of Gentiles, have proven, curiously enough, of very little practical  value when followed by the  Jews themselves.

Marx’s frivolity towards those of his followers who were naive enough to  believe in  the sincerity of  his  “Scientific Socialism” has been adequately recorded in the case of one of his co-socialists, a certain Wilhelm Weitling, who was jailed in Switzerland for  dispensing   Marxian   views.    A  London   Democrat,   after interviewing Marx in connection with his Gentile co-fighter’s arrest, pictured him-Marx- as follows: “He is laughing about these fools who echo his proletarian catechism. I am convinced that  the  most  dangerous  ambition-power-drunkenness has


consumed everything in him, and that the purpose of his scufflings is motivated in nothing but personal power.” – Der Schulungsbrief, Berlin, July, 1937, page 262.

The indisputable fact remains that his teachings were planned and adapted for the exclusive purpose of deceiving the Gentile worker, who was unequipped to analyze the real scheme behind his strategies. Says James Guillaume in his “Karl Marx, pan Germanist,” “His-Marx’s–plan from the first day was to make the great workers’ organizations the instruments of his personal views; i.e., to enforce the emancipation of the Jewish race.”

Jewish interests in furthering  all left-wing activities  is shown by a quotation from the Juedisches Volksblatt,  Vienna, July, 1900: “Let us promote the Social Democrats wherever possible; but let us be careful that the broad masses are just outposts for  the  Jews.”

That Socialism, Communism and Bolshevism in reality are only links in the plan of world-embracing Judaism, with its final purpose of forcing the entire world under Jewish domination, has not only been recognized by far-seeing, race-conscious Gentiles all over the world, but it is today being quietly admitted by even some of the least educated workers in many nations. Not in­appropriately, Julius Streicher, one of Europe’s foremost students of the race problem and editor of the Stuermer, has said, “Only a few know of their-the Jews’-last plans. If the Gentile Marxists throughout the world hat a suspicion of what ultimate end they are serving, they would assuredly tear all Jewish agents and functionaries to pieces!”

The  following letter  written  to Karl Marx  by  his  fellow Jew, Baruch Levy, as quoted  in  World Service, Erfurt, Germany, on September 15, 1935, should prove also of exceptional interest at this point:   “The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah.   It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers,


by the annihilation of monarch which has always  been the support of  individualism, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this  new world order the Children of Israel, who are scattered over the world, will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition; and this will more particularly be the case if they succeed in getting the working masses under their control. The governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will, through the victory of the proletariat, fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state.  Thus will the promise of the Talmud then be fulfilled, in which it is said, that when the Messianic time has come, the Jews will have the property of the whole world in their hands. Marx was expelled from France for the second time in 1845, and from Belgium in 1848. When in 1849 he returned to Germany and made preparations to publish a new RHENISH GAZETTE, the Prussian government ousted him for good. On again going to France he was for the third time deported as an undesirable.  London finally became his haven of refuge, and he died there on March 14, 1883.

One may safely take for granted that the Jews would not support any revolutionary movement unless their own gain and advancement thereby were assured, or at least considered before that of others.  It is solely for this reason that most radical activities arc Jewish-inspired, since Judaism and Bolshevism run on parallel tracks – the one is like the other. From the earliest days of the inception of Communism it has been recognized by a certain few, that this is a cunningly camouflaged stratagem for the domination by the Jewish minority at the expense and for the thorough oppression of the “hypnotized” non-Jewish majority.  In anticipation of what the Jews, as promoters of Communism, may expect in the United States when the truth shall have become


sufficiently recognized, James W. Gerard, former United States Ambassador to Germany, and who as a Tammany politician is personally familiar with American psychology, may be quoted. According to the New York TIMES of October 8, 1934, Mr. Gerard said, “As a friend of the Jewish race I want to state that if ever the American nation gets the idea that the Jewish race and Communism are synonymous, there is the possibility of a pogrom in the United States that will make those of the Czars look like a small parade!”

It is our purpose to provide further proofs of the assertion that Judaism, and Communism in all its phases, actually are synonymous. Communism has at present become the most powerful weapon of the Jews for the furthering of their program for world domination, which means the literal and complete subjugation of the Gentile races of the world.


Source: The World Hoax (Jewry is Communism) 249 pg. Ernest Elmhurst

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