Engl.-Deutsch: Press Release – President Trump Declares War on the White Race!

President signs law that is throwing around terms anyone could be accused of at any time who is white, like White nationalists, White supremacists, neo-Nazis. Very, very dangerous! Not only is the president ignorant about what the needs of white people are, therefore attacking those he has no inkling about; he is betraying us and preferring to support all races besides whites, calling us names! Perhaps he is a hidden Jew after all? At a minimum, he is the Jews “Financial Wunderkind!”


Nicht nur ist der Präsident unwissend, was die Beduerfnisse von weißen Menschen betrifft, er verrät uns und zieht es vor, alle Rassen ausser der Weißen zu unterstützen und nennt uns Schimpfnamen! Vielleicht ist er doch ein versteckter Jude? Zumindest ist er der Juden “Finanzielles Wunderkind!”


From: EXXX
Sent: Friday, September 15, 2017 9:26 AM
Subject: Re: German-English – Trumps signs Resolution condemning white supremacy

Jip, ceased to amaze me that Whites in the USAssr thought that Drumpf would be their “saviour”, why could he not name and shame BLM (Black Lives “Matter”), Antifa, Talmudism, ADL, SPLC, ACLU, et all, but put it under the vague term of “other hate groups”, there goes all those freedumbs eh? And with it most probably the First Amendment?

Gear up, buckle up, ammo up and get the bunker full. He has basically signed a declaration of war against ALL Whites! ~~~end


Jip, hörte auf mich zu wundern, dass die Weissen in den USAssr dachten, dass Drumpf ihr “Retter” sein würde. Warum konnte er nicht die BLM (Black Lives “Matter”-Schwarze Leben sind Wichtig), Antifa, Talmudisten, ADL, SPLC, ACLU und alle andere nennen und schämen, sondern stellt sie [*vielleicht] unter den vagen Begriff von “anderen Hassgruppen”.  So, verschwinden jetzt alle Freiheiten, eh? Und mit diesem [Gesetz] verschwindet höchstwahrscheinlich das First Amendment (1. Änderung-Garntee der Freiheit von Aussprache) des Grundgesetzes?

Rueste Dich, schnall Dich an, sammle Munition und fuell den Bunker voll. Im Grunde hat er eine Kriegserklaerung an die Weisse Rasse gemacht! ~~~Ende





The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release

President Donald J. Trump Signs S.J.Res. 49 into Law

On Thursday, September 14, 2017, the President signed into law:

S.J.Res. 49, which condemns the violence and domestic terrorist attack that took place during events between August 11 and August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia, recognizing the first responders who lost their lives while monitoring the events, offering deepest condolences to the families and friends of those individuals who were killed and deepest sympathies and support to those individuals who were injured by the violence, expressing support for the Charlottesville community, rejecting White nationalists, White supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups, and urging the President and the President’s Cabinet to use all available resources to address the threats posed by those groups.

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release

President Donald J. Trump Unterzeichnet das Gesetz S.J. Res. 49

Am Donnerstag, den 14. September 2017 unterzeichnete der Präsident das Gesetz!

S.J.Res. 49, [*also nicht ein Mensch] die die Gewalt und den inländischen Terroranschlag verurteilt die während der Ereignisse zwischen dem 11. August und dem 12. August 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia, stattfanden, mit Anerkennung der Erstankommenden die ihr Leben während der Überwachung der Ereignisse verloren haben und sprach das tiefste Beileid aus an die Familien und Freunde von jenen Personen, die „getötet“ wurden, und tiefste Sympathien und Unterstützung für jene Personen, die durch die Gewalt verletzt wurden, und drueckte die Unterstützung der Charlottesville-Gemeinschaft aus. Er verwarf die weißen Nationalisten, die Weißen Supremazisten, den Ku Klux Klan, die Neo-nazis und anderer Hassgruppen und es [diese Res. 49] fordert den Präsidenten und das Kabinett des Präsidenten auf [dieses Gesetz fordert den Praesident auf], alle verfügbaren Mittel zu nutzen, um die Bedrohungen dieser Gruppen zu bewältigen.




Jewish supremacism – David Duke


apparently murdered in prison:

Defensive Racism By Edgar J Steele




Painting by Adolf Hitler

Contrary to the deceptive indoctrination in the west, Naziism is about love of our home country and our white race, and that is good because all the evil forces guided by the Jews are trying to out-breed the white race. Naziism is about loyalty and honor, honesty, family, children and the white culture we have inherited from our forefathers. It’s not about sexual perversion, rape, robbery, usury and mental enslavement. Naziism is about freedom of expression but within decency and natural laws. Nazis are against homosexuality and for the family. Naziism is against Talmudic Jewish laws (e.g., homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, rape, etc.) and rejects them as perverted and evil. Nazis honor women as homemakers and mothers. Nazis don’t stand for women’s liberation, ripping families apart in divorces, and aborting children. Naziism does not like abstract art that is meaningless, perverted, dark and ugly – what comes to mind as an example are metal pipes as a piece of art in a metropolitan location, created by a depraved creature, bought at a steep price by the city, pulling our spirit down to to the level of its creator, instead of uplifting and inspiring us with beauty. One can become depressed looking at it. I guess that’s what the anti-humans want because they like to destroy our spirit.

Naziism is about natural sex between a husband and wife and raising children with the appreciation and promotion of family by the government. It is about pride in the accomplishments of the white race. Not that the National Socialists compared themselves with other races, but I do now, because no other race has created and invented just about all that we enjoy in the West, but the white race. We are the most inventive and creative force; also the most intelligent; though we are too trusting, falsely thinking all races have the same values as we do. The fact is, different races have different values that are genetically built in, as we can see in the horrors of what the colored races do to our children, women and elderly in Germany and Europe, namely, raping them, beating, and robbing them. We have been too trusting and too helpful to other races who are now overtaking us, abusing us and trying to stamp us out. We white nationalists are the only ones really aware of this and standing up saying this is enough! We must stop supporting and promoting other races and take care of our own, neglected white people. The whites who are poor, are the most abused, raped, and murdered Americans. Murdered by the Blacks. And you, Mr. President, are making a law against the beautiful, honorable, and just Nationalism? I can’t understand it, unless you are a Jew. Sure there are some who call themselves Nazis, but perhaps they have been sponsored only for the purpose to disgrace National Socialism.

Let our races preserve our own cultures, if they are wise, instead of mixing their blood with different races and annihilating the uniqueness of the pure races, producing a person that belongs to neither here nor there but ends up in the consumer bin as a cultural identification. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHY THE ANTI-HUMANS WANT US TO MIX OUR BLOOD SO WE HAVE ONLY ONE THING LEFT IN COMMON, CONSUMERISM, AND SO THEY CAN EXPLOIT US TO THE HILT. ($1,000 FOR THE NEW I-PHONE!!!)

We Nazis do not want this consumerism to be our culture, and so we are not for mixing our blood but for keeping up our countries’ old traditions, wheter American, German, French, British and so on.

And, Mr. President you are telling us we are haters? This could not be further from the truth!!! We are haters for still being the few who are normal? What is wrong with you, Mr. President?! I know what it is. You have been indoctrinated since childhood that Nazis are evil, have started the wars, and have genocided the Jews. But the fact is, just the opposite is true. Nazis are good people, most of them are Christians, if that pleases you, have started none of the two world wars and Adolf Hitler wanted nothing but peace, making over 40 peace offers that were all rebuffed. Furthermore, the Holohoax has long been proven. But the hatemongers, the Jews and their henchmen, have the media power to perpetuate their lies indoctrinating them into people day after day.

Your so-called “good friends” are an evil bunch of genociders who murdered 100 Million Russian people. And because you and Millions of Americans are blind to the truth, and too arrogant, to want to look at another view, we are ALL riding further down into Hell because you are inadvertently aligned with the Talmudic Devil?

Who do you think has murdered President John F. Kennedy because he did not want to give Israel so much power?




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