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gv: Introduction: The Germans are the victims, not the Jews!!! Let it be known that the Communist Jews overthrew some of the German state governments right after WWI and tried to overthrow all of Germany in early 1933 to turn it into a Communist colony of the Soviet Union. In the years 1918 to 1933 thousands of Germans died from the attacks by the Jew-led Reds. In March of 1933, the ‘German’ Jews and the ‘Jews of all the world’ declared war on Germany because they were very angry that their overthrow of Germany did not succeed and the International Jewry, the Bankers, and England wanted war against Germany anyhow, from the beginning because it was more successful than England. But the Jews had another motivation: To destroy Amalek of the bible, the white race, the Germans. They all together had long planned, since 1871, to finish off Germany.

This war declaration in 1933 in Germany was treason by the ‘German’ Jews, and in those days, demanded the death penalty. In response to this, Adolf Hitler, however, ordered a boycott of the Jews on April 1, 1933, and in response to that, out of 650,000 Jews in Germany, 500,000 decided to immigrate – with the financial help of Adolf Hitler’s government working with the Jewish authorities. [Of course, the leading Jews arranged the whole scam of the war declaration to get the Jews to be willing to immigrate to Palestine!!! And the lying Jews of today claim they were expelled. Not true, unless they committed a crime. So those must be criminals. 150,000 Jews stayed in Germany.] The Jews want to destroy the German people as the head of the white race – we have a lot of proof for this – and they have helped murder and kill 15 Million German civilians, mostly after the end of WW2, under the “terrible Swedish Jew” Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of Europe, not to mention the Millions they have exterminated with the help of the Entente at the end of WW1.

After the end of WW2, the Jews finagled a way to keep Germany occupied, weak, financially obligated and drained, but exploit it as workers with taxes, property confiscation and abuse; and that huge crime against the Geneva Convention and against humanity was crowned with the Holohoax! We Germans were, and to some extend still are, the leader of the white race; that’s why they are after us first. But the Jews are out to get all of mankind under their deadly Communist control, a la the Soviet Union they had created, but first of all the white race. After the white race is decimated with race mixing, they say, it’s easy to control colored races. It will be hell on earth for all of us, just like it was for the Russian and Ukrainian people in the Soviet Union. I believe that Billions will be slaughtered because the Jews have said they wanted their own world. But they need plenty of slaves, however, because they are parasites by nature and parasites need hosts. Do you want to be a total slave or “fight” for the truth???~~~end gv.


ZEITZEUGEN berichten über “WIDERSPRÜCHE in der Judenverfolgung” (BRD-WAHRHEITSSUCHER) [Teil 6 von 7]






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…we must get rid of it [*the Holocaust] because everything we do is invalidated by it. It’s always,  “We with our past, we have to gift submarines to Israel, we have to do this and that, and we have to absorb ‘all the world’ into our homeland,” because, otherwise, we are called racists or haters of foreigners.

You all probably know this very well. There is always the excuse: “Yes, we with our past, we cannot do anything that is known to be normal.” And then I have found out, as a result of the contribution by Fritjof Meyer, who claims that in Eastern Europe, at most – and he is very cautious – only 356,000 Jews were probably killed with gas.

And not in Auschwitz itself, he says. He says, in Auschwitz no one can ever have been gassed in those rooms presented still today as genuine gas chambers, but that these 356,000 died probably, presumably, outside of Birkenau, in a department of Auschwitz,

1:23 and now, interestingly in two farm houses [*smirking] and one has just discovered the foundation of one. But Udo Walendy has long proved that these farm houses never existed. But now, when one needed something [*because the Auschwitz gassing is falling apart], the  foundation was ‘discovered’, and since it was only a small foundation, it has been logically concluded that at the most 356,000 could have been killed.

1:48 I myself witnessed a situation in 1993, perhaps the older ones among you also, a year after Gorbachev had handed over to the Polish Minister-President a signed note by Stalin where Stalin admits the liquidation of 22,000 Polish officers and Intelligentsia. So Stalin ordered this, but for 40 years the Germans have been accused of it. And no one has accused us more of this crime than our Germans, even with great anger.

2:30 My husband was in Smolensk when they [*the bodies] were discovered, when the population, the Russians, the Ukrainians, told the German troops: “There in the forest at Katyn is a terrible mass grave.” The Germans opened it up, and they found this confirmed. Hitler was wise enough to invite immediately international judges, etc., in greater numbers, and they should investigate what that was, who could have done this and when. And then it was clear that this was done in 1940, when there was not a single German in this area. And the German soldiers knew this, of course, especially those who were there [*at the excavation].

3:17 But then, in Nuremberg, [*Nuremberg trial] or it was probably shortly before… the Russians have captured seven German soldiers in Petersburg, then still Leningrad, and have accused them: “You did this crime in Katyn.” And then they were tortured for so long until they said out of their despair: “Yes, we did everything.” And then they had the ‘proof’ and hanged all seven.

3:45 And then in Nuremberg, Katyn was presented as a crime of the Germans.  And in a seminar where my husband said: “That is not true, we [*Germans] did not do this because I was present as the bodies were dug up,” the German attendees almost attacked my husband, saying: “That’s nothing but lies. You just want to whitewash yourself because you were in the German army,” and so on.

4:14 So this is an observable weakness, and not only in this case. One could also say a strength of the Germans, for the Germans obviously have a pronounced sense regarding guilt and justice, and they are, therefore, also, as has been repeatedly emphasized, the only people in the world, who have stood by their guilt, which is, of course, to be found in a war on each side, and compensated for their indebtedness.

So far, no other peoples have done this so noticeably as the Germans. So from that you can say that it is also something positive; on the other hand, it is almost obstinacy to always relegate all guilt to oneself. I would say, it is almost an illness. Rigolf Hennig has spoken of this when he said: “The Germans have been affected by an induced insanity because they must always repress the truth and forever see themselves as guilty.”

5:10 So, that is the situation. And in a court case at the Supreme Court, I then said in my closure: “All these seven gentlemen and ladies who are sitting there are born after those times. They were not in a concentration camp. How do they know what happened? They know this through stories from others. Me too. I was also not in a concentration camp at the age of 17, neither imprisoned nor as an SS lady, or anything. So we know everything only from literature, from litigation, from the statements of third parties.” And then I told them that “These accusations can be right, but they can also be wrong.

5:58 How can we determine things? At the moment, we hardly can. But if we cannot determine things, then we may not state them as a fact.” And then I reminded them of Katyn and said that “There they have accused us for 40 years, and we have all believed, except for my husband and I, that this was committed by Germans. And then they discover, they get the proof, that this is not true; it’s been committed by others.

6:27 And we do not know what is still to be uncovered in the future, what others have committed, and we are charged with. Therefore, caution and restraint in the conviction of people.” And then I wrote to all the authorities because the number was no longer correct and there were no gassings at Auschwitz, but all the world continued to speak of six million murdered Jews.

I wrote to the Central Council of the Jews, to the German Judiciary of the Republic, to the Presidents of the Provincial Courts, and to the Chief Prosecutors of the States, to the General Lawyer of the Republic, and the General Lawyers of the States, asking that they would be so kind as to tell me where the six million had been killed as, obviously, it did not happen at Auschwitz. And, I have told them, to please not tell me a story, which afterwards turns out to be untrue, but supply me with forensic evidence.

7:28 I did not get an answer. I wrote again. For 5 years, I wrote again and again – friends have also written – and finally I presented the matter to the Federal Minister of Justice, wrote to him, that this is the situation: “No one can say where the six million have been killed. But if the greatest crime in the world, incomparable, and not forgivable, as they always say, has no crime scene, that is, an iniquity without a place, then it cannot be a fact. For an offense without a crime scene cannot be a reality. It is impossible.

8:10 And if they did not answer me, I will, as a consequence, put on the Internet that the Holocaust did not exist.” I did not get an answer. And then, of course, what helped are the Kommandanturbefehle [*’Standort- Und Kommandanturbefehle des KL Auschwitz 1940-1945’; (a documentation of the daily orders of the commanders at the concentration camp Auschwitz 1940-1945)], that are noted below, which clearly show what the professionals, experts, chemists, technicians, historians, and a row of Jews, who all examined the sources, have long said: “Auschwitz was not an extermination camp, and gassing with Zyklon-B is not possible.” If that is so, then I will put it on the Internet that the Holocaust did not exist. And that’s what I did last year, end of September

8:55 because I did not get a reply from the Federal Minister of Justice! And practically at the same time – but I have now only found this out – they prosecuted Mr. Gröning. And they gave it to Lüneburg. Kurt Schrimm, in Ludwigsburg, from the headquarters for the Persecution of National Socialist (NS) Crimes – it reads like a detective story – brought this case to the courts in Lüneburg, and the courts in Lüneburg said: “Yes, we accept this for prosecution.” And that made it pretty clear to me that what they obviously want to do now, is make an attempt to refute the Kommandanturbefehle.

9:44 For the Kommandanturbefehle make it very clear, Auschwitz was not an extermination camp, but a labor camp, and everything depended on keeping the detainees working. If you read it, you can always see that again and again. And I have often thought of the poor German expellees from the East. If they had been transported in the same way as the prisoners of Auschwitz had been transported to do a different assignment, they would have been much better off, for it was precisely prescribed that ‘The floor in the freight car was to be covered with straw. Enough food was to be brought along – because one never knows what will happen due to the bombing, etc., and to assure that the trains arrive punctually to where they were assigned to go, etc. There must always be a larger container with boiled water or tea available, and if it is cold, a small stove must be installed and firewood provided.’

10:42 Our people [*the German refugees and expellees from the East] have been cooped up in the wagons for six days without water, without food, and also without straw in the car, until they arrived somewhere. So you can read everything in there [*Kommandanturbefehle], and that contradicts everything we have learned so far. Nothing has happened – as my comment is now more than half a year on the Internet that the Holocaust did not exist – while normally the Central Council [*of the Jews] screams right away: “You are a Holocaust denier, and you have to be prosecuted”. So in this case nothing has happened, and I was told by the judicial side: “We want to let it disappear in a spiral of silence, for we have no arguments.”

11:26 And they don’t have any! They cannot tell where the 6 Million are who have been killed. So they want to let it disappear in a spiral of silence. But I did not want this. And then I said to myself, now I have to hold public events. And then I first did this in Saxony-Anhalt – because that’s where Hans Püschel is, whom I knew, and because I had asked him to find me a hotel or restaurant, or any space, where I could hold an event in connection with ‘70 years of liberation from Auschwitz.’

11:59 That I did on January 31st because it was a Saturday and also called it ‘Liberation from Auschwitz’. We want to free ourselves from the guilt complex Auschwitz, the others want to free themselves from something else [*laughter]. I had, however, also added, that the Chancellor [*Angela Merkel] had been so very clearly supporting in Paris the foundations of a democratically constituted state: freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, etc. And now we want to put this to the test, to see if this is a reality.

12:36 And I sent an invitation to the State Protection Agency, to the Police, to the local Mayor, to the Interior Minister of the region, etc., and, of course, to friends. And then the event came nearer and nearer and two days before the seminar date, two police officers came to my home in the evening and brought me an envelope. And I asked: “What is written in there? Do I have to open it right away?” “In there it says that you are not allowed to hold your event, but we only deliver the envelope. What you do with it is your problem,” they said friendly.

13:12 And I was still able to file an objection, and have done so in Halle, and told them: “Since I am leaving early in the morning, I must get your answer delivered to the hotel.” And as I wanted to go to bed in the evening, there were again two police officers with a brown envelope from the District Council. This one was already twice as thick. And this time the ban was not just for the city of Naumburg but for the entire province of the Burgenland.

13:43 So I could not speak in the whole District Burgenland. Well, and so Mr. Püschel and I contemplated – and he was so clever and ingenious. He had a public New Year’s Reception at the same time in the same hotel, and he says: “Well, then we celebrate just the official New Year’s Day.” And then there was a huge posse of police, etc. and also the Norddeutsche Rundfunk (NDR), arriving from Hamburg, and it was negotiated how to manage all, and Mr. Püschel negotiated with them:

“As long as the official New Year’s Reception takes place, the gentlemen may be there.” It was a three-film team, one of ours, here, with Markus Walther and Felix, there he sits at the back, and a team from the Burgenland, and one from the NDR, Hamburg. So three film teams flitted through the room and several senior officials whom Püschel all knew by name, from his SPD Mayor days. And then we started, and after a very short time, Püschel described the failed foreign policy in the Federal Republic and that the situation can no longer be tolerated and…

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Standort- und Kommandanturbefehle KZ Auschwitz 1940-1945 – Deutsch


The Facts About the Origins of the Concentration Camps and Their Administration

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