Believe in Victory no Matter How Deep the Grief and Apparent Hopelessness

[Admin: I am not ashamed to say that I’ve been enraged, and then “cried buckets” and this over a couple of years, when I found out the truth about innocent Germany and the tens of millions of genocide committed against the German people in many countries in the East and in Germany proper, especially in Russia and most of it after the war ended. (In reality, the main Allies are still at war with Germany, psychological, mental, economically, and even physically.) I am not looking for anyone feeling pity for me; no! I want you to know that when we get to truth it can be pretty devastating for our life; and yet, we can rise from it, be kind of newborn, with a true, though shocking, perspective on life, politics, governments, people and RACE.]



Author Anonymous

So many times, when I view YouTube videos of the music of those times, tears fill my eyes and my heart aches to look into all those beautiful faces of so many who willingly sacrificed themselves trying so hard to prevent the world of today. Oftentimes I touch the screen desperately trying to reach across time and space to impart some comfort to them. Never was there such a people who gave so much to this world. I look at pictures of Hitler and weep. Never was there such a man who loved his people as he did. But we go on.

The time of mourning our folk is coming to an end. It began with the discovery of truth, then the shock, the anger and the betrayal we all felt from all that we thought we knew and then the horror of accepting these truths not quite knowing how we might be impacted.

For those of us who have picked up the sword and joined the battle much lay ahead that we did not know or anticipate and as we marched with our brothers and sisters learning more and more along the way. A time of mourning came as it must be in the face of these truths. How else might the true hearts of soldiers and warriors be sifted if we cannot also bear the pain and suffering of our folk?

The greatest warriors and soldiers are they who have this empathy, men, and women who love their nation and their folk. People who can not only feel the pain and suffering of the present but also across the centuries.

From the womb of truth and this mourning, we are being prepared for a rebirth into soldiers and warriors for the final conflict. Many will not survive the womb fearing this rebirth having been overcome by their own fears of allowing their reformation into these warriors and soldiers still clinging to their mourning and not understanding that the mourning times was to begin this change in their hearts. It is all part of a process that can only take place in our hearts and spirits. In the fullness of time and each in his own time, we will be re-born into these warriors and soldiers and we will fight as our brothers and sisters of legend also fought.

We know we are close to this re-birth when we see with our third eye, only victory.

Share the vision of victory knowing the day will come when all of us will sing and fully understand “Alte Kameraden.”  And what a day that will be! Take a deep breath, close your eyes, look deeply into your souls and see this victory! Feel it with your hearts knowing victory will come! Imagine Nuremberg all over again when we stand together in victory singing and celebrating! Open your spiritual eyes as so many of us have done and see!

Many of us will fall in these battles but let it be said of us that we would rather die fighting for the truth than to continue in this life living safely behind the walls of lies and deception. For those of us who will fall we know that our brothers and sisters will remember us.

May we be found worthy to die for our folk if it is the price asked of us and may we be granted the courage to accept this destiny no matter how fearful.

The following is another message sent to folks concerning many of these questions much of which I am certain you already know but it may help others.

We have only just begun the preliminary efforts into the awakening of our people. The battle lines are becoming more defined and clear. Bear in mind that the worst is yet to come and if all that a person does is haven awakened one person, it is more than enough. More will be awakened. We were given a formula that for every one person silenced, ten more would be raised up in their place. So, with these opening thoughts in mind, we press on and rally our people at every possible opportunity.

Many of us have taken up the sword as warriors and in so doing, we must make every effort to ensure that we wear the whole armor in every way possible that we can find especially with truth and knowledge!

One of our greatest challenges in these times is the awakening of our people to the truth. We’ll begin with the understanding of the five stages of grief and how they may apply as tools for those of us who are involved in awakening our people through knowledge. These five stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The five stages of grief can also apply to our learning processes and each stage presenting a new set of circumstances in how we continue to teach the truth along the way in the recognition of these five stages with those we are working with.

These five stages are a part of the framework of our cognitive processes that makes up and maintains our concept of reality and also in learning to live with, accept and understand new truths which may challenge and shake the very foundations of all that we have come to know.

Recognizing and accepting major truths can be life-shattering and requires many people to re-think most if not all of what they believe and have come to know, especially the feelings of betrayal on so many levels that people will face in accepting these truths.

Their reality, that was so carefully constructed and sometimes over a lifetime, crumbles and falls apart. These five stages are tools that help us frame and identify what we may be facing and feeling in this kind of learning. With each step along the way in facing these new truths, the emotional barriers began to crumble and eventually fall no matter how desperately a person might be to re-assemble what they thought they knew.

All the of the king’s horses and all of the king’s men will never be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Eventually, the truth takes root and they begin to accept the new reality.

[admin*It’s interesting that the author uses the same analogy that I have made so many times as I was falling apart and eventually getting to the source of my true Germaness without the false guilt and shame put upon us Germans by the liars and destroyers, the Jews and their willing henchmen and useful idiots.]

Keep planting seeds.They will grow. Frame facts and statements as questions for them to consider and then only as much as you think that they may be able to bear. Too much, too soon often pushes people away. Some may slip into complete denial and refuse the truth. It is at this point that we must back away and allow them their time knowing that some people may never accept the truth for whatever reason. For others, it just takes time, to accept these truths and many times it can take years and years, especially with those whose entire concept of a given set of truths and the circumstances which led to their understandings of what they thought to be the truth is in fact, false.

We are up against one of the most powerful propaganda machines of all time carefully constructed over hundreds of years and expanded as greater knowledge was learned. Understand that much effort on a massive scale in just about every way imaginable was created to enslave and poison the entire mindsets of not only individuals but nations as well!

These propagandists are highly educated in many, many schools of thought, including, the media in every form, espionage, counter-intelligence, military science, military strategy, political science, economics, statistical analysis, theology, psychology, abnormal psychology, criminal psychology, forensic psychology, jurisprudence, judiciary, forensics, law enforcement, criminology, sociology, anthropology, journalism, videography, computer science, writing, creative writing, secret societies of all kinds and, yes, even the arts, music, etc. and there are many other fields of knowledge and sciences not listed but I think the point is clearly made. These are highly skilled and trained professionals in the art of propaganda warfare!

So be aware, be patient, persistent and only go as far as any one person may be able to bear. Keep in mind that some people may actually be our enemies and will play the new truth role very well! Be brave, be strong, be courageous and be true for our people in this final battle. Our people are worth the effort and all the trials and tribulations that we may face in our rescue of them in leading them from the darkness and into the light of knowledge and truth!

As always, you are welcome to share what you choose, just credit the writing to ”Author Unknown.” I never ever want it to be said of me that what I do or may do is for personal gain. I do what I do only for the love of our people and our nation and that one day I may stand with our people and sing this song in its entirety.

Thank you for being here at this point in my life.

I must go for now; my heart is heavy revisiting the suffering of our people.


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