Why We Nationalists Won’t Give Our Blood in a Civil War-Ryssen

All the wars that were led by the Westerners these last years, these last decades, were wars fought in the name of globalism, in the name of global interests, and not in the name of Western nations.


Herve Ryssen, France, July 2017


Transcription of English subtitles from French video:

All the wars that were led by the Westerners these last years, these last decades, were wars fought in the name of globalism, in the name of global interests, and not in the name of Western nations. In 2011, when France decided to bomb Libya, the Gaddafi regime had no interest to do it. Those who pushed us to make that war were cosmopolitan intellectuals, and in this case mainly, Bernard-Henri Levy, who did not have much trouble convincing President Sarkozy, who is himself a Jew. When, the following year, we are forced to wage war on Syria, against the regime of Bashar el Assad, France had no interest in embarking on this war once again. And, here again, we see that the one who pushed us to war, were primarily Jewish intellectuals. That’s it.

Because, the Syria of Bashar el Assad represents a competitor in the Near East to the State of Israel, a competitor or even an adversary. So observe that those who pushed us to war were people like Bernard-Henri Levy of course, Daniel Cohn-Bendit. French diplomacy was being conducted at that time by Laurent Fabius, who himself was of Jewish origin, or even a Bernard Kouchner, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sarkozy, who was in agreement with them to dismiss Bashar al-Assad. So, in no case they are wars benefiting the French people.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit: Gaddafi must not win! Because, if Gaddafi wins, it’s the end of all hope of democracy in many regions… –

Bernard-Henri Levy: Being leftist means to support the Benghazi’s insurgents and it means to arrest this terrorist dictator, fanatic, and crazy that is Gaddafi! – Bernard-Henri Levy… – And I add that, if we do not stop Gaddafi, we will not arrest Ahmadinejad, and we will have a nuclear Iran soon …

The idea is to allow the Libyans to liberate their own country … Today, I was proud to be French when I saw that my country was leading, not this war, but this war against this war, war against war that Gaddafi has declared to his people!

From President Sarkozy, BHL gets this time what he wants: A military action. It is he, who calls Nicolas Sarkozy to convince him to welcome at the Elysee the National Transition Council. –

Moderator: You, Bernard-Henri Levy, have a share of responsibility since you have pushed Nicolas Sarkozy and Britain to wage war against Gaddafi, and it is since Gaddafi departure that … that the migrants are arriving in mass through Libya.

Bernard-Henry Levy: Firstly, we did not destroy everything in Libya because there was nothing. There was no state in Libya, so we could not destroy it … There was no state. – Yes, but there was a dictatorship… – There were weapons… – There was a dictatorship… – We have destroyed an order, let’s say it so … – A false order, a precarious order, an order that in any case does not hold. The new face of freed Libya is Islamic.

Moderator: Four days after the death of the dictator, the President of the National Transitional Council announced the application of Sharia throughout the country.

Levy: Why what you are doing for Libya is it not done for Syria.

Bernard Kouchner: We must deliver weapons to the Syrian rebels. Even if Al Qaeda is present, and Al Qaeda representing those who we believe are the best fighters, in any case the most determined, is of course very difficult, I know it.

Levy: But of course it’s possible; it’s been a year and a half that it’s possible! UN or not UN, this story of Russian and Chinese veto it is an indecency. –

Moderator: At the risk of giving arms also to unwise Islamists? Radical Islamists who could be led to take power in Syria. –

Levy: This is not true, it is a fable, it is the fable of the people from Munich of people from the North who don’t want to do anything. If we give Stinger to the Democrat fighters of Aleppo, it will not make the Islamists take power, it’s a joke.

Herve Ryssen: So obviously, whenever Israel determines or designates an enemy, it [the enemy] is immediately demonized, considered the devil personified, as a new Hitler, we saw it with Saddam Hussein in 2003, which was considered a new Hitler, to the so-called head of the fourth army of the world. We saw it with Bashar al-Assad, who supposedly also had chemical or bacteriological weapons. They are always ready to invent anything to determine us to hate a so-called enemy, and to wage war against it. Milosevic was also a new Hitler, so uh … it’s always the same propaganda. And it is always with the same pretexts, in the name of human rights, of humanity, of … Of humanitarian interference, we are going to fight for interests that are not ours.

French speaker: We are always saying, “Who is the new Hitler?”, so the new Hitler is always the one whose ass you want to kick.

US.: Bachar el Assad … Now joins a list of Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein for using these weapons in time of war. The massacre …

Laurent Fabius: The chemical massacre which happened in Syria and is evidently the responsibility of the regime cannot go unanswered. Mr. Bashar el Assad would not deserve to be on earth. The Syrian regime must be defeated, and quickly. So that the soldiers of the resistance can defend themselves, they must have weapons…

Moderator: It is in this context, that the French government will take the decision to break the European embargo. In total secrecy, Paris delivers weapons to the rebels. Francois Hollande will recognize it much later in a confidence to the author of this book. “We started when we had the certainty that they would go into safe hands. For lethal weapons it was our services that carried out the deliveries.”

The Syrian secret services came, two years ago, to propose to him the list of all the French jihadists operating in Syria, Bernard Squarcini turned to his French counterpart, who actually said, “I am interested but, I must refer to the Prime Minister Manuel Valls, Manuel Valls, “No way! We do not exchange information with a regime such as Syria.”

Herve Ryssen: In 2014, things are once more pretty clear, when a revolution overthrow the pro-Russian power in Ukraine, The Jews of the whole world immediately stood up for the new Ukrainian power. Even if this new Ukrainian power is allied with right-wing activists, who had a small share of the cake, if you want, at the beginning of the regime. Why did the Jews put themselves on the side of Ukrainian power? We see it, Bernard-Henri Levy was welcomed like a liberator if I may say so, on the Maiden square in Kiev. Why did they stand up for this new Ukrainian power? Because the Jews consider that the greatest threat is not these few thousands of extreme right-wing activists which are also on the side of this new Ukrainian power, the biggest threat is President Putin’s Russia, with its army of hundreds of thousands of men and its nuclear warheads. So they prefer to associate, even to “Nazis”, because they have determined that, in this case, their worst enemy is Putin’s Russia. So there is no absolute enemy for them, they determine the enemy according to the circumstances.

Levy: Putin is a neo-fascist. Europe is afraid of Putin, like it was afraid of Hitler. But what it doesn’t understand is that people like Hitler or Putin they must be stopped right away! You are not only Europeans, you are the best of Europeans! Gaullian accent, the great orator agitates the symbols before this anti-Putin crowd.

Ryssen: They want to establish parliamentary, multicultural, multiracial democracies everywhere on the earth that guarantee the continuity of their power.

French man: Destroy nations, always be where you can break the borders to push miscegenation and put uh… And undermine the ethnic-religious unity of peoples and nations to make them more permeable to the domination of predatory nomads or parasitic nomads. –

Moderators: Is this a dream? Am I dreaming!? BHL spent his time telling us that we had to bomb Libya, that we had to bomb Afghanistan, that we had to bomb Iraq, that we had to bomb Syria… – I am talking to you about a climate, Michel Onfray, I am … – I am not talking about climate, I am talking about truths. – Anyways… – I am talking about truths, is BHL a warmonger, yes or no? – Anyways… – This guy has made a career on the bombing of Muslim populations … – Not just Muslim. – Not only, you are right. Of many… – Absolutely. – It’s an argument of… – I told him, he spends his time to bomb and to destroy states. – Each time we say it, we are said to be violent, evil, aggressive, that we are using the same language of the 30’s, that we are Anti-Semitic, etc.

Ryssen: So, as all these wars were waged by cosmopolitan intellectuals, cosmopolitan powers, therefore, not at all in the interest of the Western peoples, but in the interests of Israel. And in this case, we have no reason to go to war against Bashar el Assad, or Muammar Gaddafi, or Saddam Hussein. In 2003, Saddam Hussein was absolutely not threatening France, or the West, but posed a threat to the state of Israel. The process was exactly the same, and the men that were around President George Bush were the same as those who were around Nicolas Sarkozy, and that those around Francois Hollande, it was always cosmopolitan intellectuals, cosmopolitan financiers cosmopolitan men of influence and, in the first instance, Jews.

Moderator: January 2002, ritual speech of the state of union. Bush is going to designate a new enemy … Iraq.

Pres. Bush: States like these, and there terrorist allies constitute an axes of evil, harming to threaten the peace of the world, by seeking weapons of mass destruction. –

Moderator: We can say that for you, Iraq is a humanitarian war, to help Iraqis get rid of Saddam Hussein, it is an interference war, and it’s a good thing. –

Listen, first of all, I am not a fan of the Americans. I am a fan of the fall of Saddam Hussein. It is even worse, because Hitler existed; while Saddam Hussein is 50 years after Hitler … To tolerate, and to bear what happened, what is happening … But what France is proposing is nothing other than to maintain Saddam Hussein in power, that is to say, slow death of the Iraqis. Bernard Kouchner distinguished himself in favor of the US intervention in Iraq in 2003. Replacing a dictatorial and murderer regime by a democracy can only do good by which it passes!

War zone: Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!


Since 2003 in Iraq:

More than 1.5 Million dead

5 Million Orphans

3 Million Regugees

French man: So, let’s be aware of what has been done since 1991, to the Iraqi people …

Moderator: Dismantled buildings, stalls that still smoke, this is what remains of this great market north of Baghdad. This morning, at dawn, a truck bomb explodes in the middle of the crowd. 76 dead and more than 200 wounded, according to a provisional toll.

French man: It has been constant in Iraq for over 20 years. It is now constant in Libya, because of Mr. Bernard-Henri Levy and Mr. Sarkozy. And it is constant in Syria. Let’s not forget the chaos of death and terror that the Syrian people are undergoing since 5 years now, for reasons very difficult to justify, because, I think that nobody today believes in the masquerade, that it was necessary to replace a dictator, supposedly Assad, by these famous Al Nostra, of which our Minister of Foreign Affairs, who has not yet been dismissed, told us, not long ago, that they were doing a good job.

CRIF: At the first CRIF National Convention, you made a statement, which was quoted everywhere, saying, about your involvement in this war, “I would not have done it if I had not been Jewish,” and you added, “I have carried my faithfulness to my name, and my fidelity to the Zionism and to Israel.”

Levy: This sentence was taken from its context, I did not quite say it like this … –

Moderator: Last question, we know that you are very attached to the State of Israel, to its survival, its existence and its life in peace, do these upheavals in the Arab revolutions, and especially in Libya, do not threaten the stability of the State of Israel? –

Levy: Wait, I am more than much attached, I am unconditionally attached to Israel, I am an unconditional friend of Israel! And it is in this capacity, that I tell you that, on the contrary, these Arab Springs, I think are good for Israel.

Le Borgn” Let me quote the prophet Isaiah, 2600 years ago, “For the sake of Zion, I shall not be silent. For the sake of Jerusalem, I shall not rest.”

Ryssen: They do not have an absolute enemy, in this case, in recent years, they have pushed us to wage war against Muslim countries, still too recalcitrant to their hegemony. I am telling you, be it the Libya of Mouammar Gaddafi or the Syria of Bachar el Assad, or the Iraq of Saddam Hussein. And we see that, in 2006, 2007, 2009, they were pushing us to wage war against Iran, which, once again, represented a threat to the peace of the world. Obviously, they present the things to us this way, not to say that it is essentially a threat to the state of Israel. And, they do not make war themselves; they systematically send the Westerners to make war for them.

Speaker: Today, the Iranian regime asserts itself in favor of a policy of brutality, of a cruelty politic, of a policy based on fear. Does Israel intend to attack Iran in the coming months? Nevertheless, the statements of Benjamin Netanyahu in this sense are getting a little firmer every week, but the idea of an offensive against the Iranian nuclear installations is feared by a part of the political class and the population. Charles Enderlin and Alan Grego are our correspondents in Israel.

Speaker: Here is the worst scenario presented by an Israeli channel. Radars spot hundreds of missiles fired from Iran and Syria towards Israel’s center. This time, during the drill, they are destroyed in full flight. But, according to experts, the system will be able to intercede only a small part of the thousands of missiles launched on Israel in the event of war. This is the great debate that is currently taking place in the country, because according to the press, Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barack his Minister of Defense, would have decided to attack the Iranian nuclear in the coming months. This, despite the opposition of the General Staff, who would like to carry out the operation in concert with the US Army. But this is out of question at the present time. Even Shimon Peres, the President of the State, declared, against the government’s advice, that Israel should not go alone in such an adventure.

Moderator: So, is the threat real? Or is Benjamin Netanyahu bluffing to get the international community tightening sanctions against Iran? We will know it in the coming months.

Ryssen: Iran being too big a piece, the war could not have taken place, I imagine, to their great despair. So, when it’s not the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Iran, it’s Putin’s Russia, we saw it for example, in 2000, when Putin decided to reduce the Chechen terrorism, immediately the Jewish intellectuals in France and everywhere else, stand up for the Chechen. –

Moderator: So, you, Andre Glucksmann, you were in favor of the American intervention in Iraq, right? –

Glucksmann: Yes. –

Moderator: And you are against the Russian intervention in Chechnya? –

Glucksmann: Yes. If we do not stop Putin, he will feel his hands free, and it is nevertheless, the second nuclear power of the world. Mr. Chirac should reflect.

Ryssen: It was also seen in Kosovo in 1999. A Western coalition rushed to bomb Syria. We always find the same Judaizing elements, around the American President, as around the French or English President. In 1999, it’s Madeleine Albright who led the dance to go bomb Serbia. And Madeleine Albright, who was Secretary of Defense in the United States, was also of Jewish origin.

Glucksmann: There is only one solution: the intervention of the professional soldiers, who are trained for that, who are trained to protect the widow and the orphan, it is not for the soldiers alone to decide whether to go or not.

[admin: I have to say something to this twister of truth, this liar, Glucksmann: It is them, the Jews, who make widows and orpfhans and genocide widows and orphans!!!]

It’s up to us to encourage them to go. It is a deeply and completely racist war, it is the 1930s and 1940s that take us to the throat and seize us. The worst of the past, the worst of the present, and the worst of the future: Milosevic embodies the banality of the worst.

Levy: The fate of the Bosnian Muslims, we were a handful, there was nobody, there was not this tension, and there was not this fever you mentioned.

Moderator: Good evening, here are the headlines of the news of this 24th of March. NATO air strikes on Serb targets under way. Aviano Air Base in Italy, less than an hour ago, takes off in bursts of F16 and F18 Americans. In the morning, eight B-52 bombers based in Great Britain preceded them. It is now official; the attack on NATO aircraft against Yugoslavia is underway.

Glucksmann: Kosovo … it’s been going on for a few years … Things are better … the work that Kouchner did there …

French man: Human rights are not only part of the imperialist baggage and the colonial baggage, but it’s even the spearhead of imperialism and colonialism, just like the duty of humanitarian interference and the spiel that allows the actual neo-colonialism. It’s the same kind of lie. The duty of humanitarian interference and human rights is the continuity, and that is the Masonic left, and it is always the one who behaves the worst with other and different societies. Because the Masonic human rights is a totalitarianism. It is the negation of different societies, negation of traditional societies, and negation of all that is not it. It’s the ideology, today with the collapse -we will say of Communism- the current totalitarian ideology is the human rights, it’s absolutely clear.

Ryssen: So, when it comes to break western societies, to introduce multiculturalism, to introduce diversity, they defend the Muslims. But when it comes to Muslim states, Arab states, that threaten the hegemony of Israel in the Middle East, there, they invite us the Westerners, to make war against these Muslim states, to disintegrate them, to crush them to preserve the hegemony of the State of Israel. They do not do their wars themselves.

French man: There are people who know how to set off wars themselves, but who do not like to die too much in it, who are not too much in the trades where there are shots to take. They are rather in the trades where there is some money, and symbolic added value to take. In the show-business, the bank, there, they are many, but among the volunteer firefighters, the police and the soldiers, there are none. So this little Gaulish, French and Christian -besides, we see very well the little cross of the dead- who die for Bernard-Henri Levy, okay. One is nevertheless, in this permanent and intolerable logic, which tends to repeat itself in the history, to aggravate and produce the same recurrent effects.

Ryssen: So you see that these people are constantly working to push us, we Westerners, we White men, to go to war against peoples who are not hostile to us, a priori, it’s only the warmongering of these Jewish intellectuals and of these politicians, those Jewish men of influence in the West, that send us always to fight, from right to left, for interests that are not ours. These are the interests of globalization, it is the interests of this small elite cosmopolitan alien, which has a very clear project: to destroy all ethnically homogeneous nation states, and to replace them by multicultural societies.

French man: It’s always -in France too- the left who votes the budgets of war and declares war. Let’s recall the war in Indochina, the war in Algeria, and let’s remember what happened between the Popular Front and the advent of the National Revolution. The left is always there to vote wars and to go to war in the name of good.

Ryssen: In 1940, the problem was already there. And all the people … lots of people were aware of the handmade, of the Jewish hegemony over the West at that time, these people did not stand up for resistance. They knew full well that once more, as early as 1933, the people, who were pushing us to make war against Hitler’s Germany, were the same. There are a lot of testimonies, press articles on this subject

Moderator: these graphs, these tables, these statistics really make you dizzy. They prove how France, victim of its generosity, and its traditional hospitality, especially since 1936, had become too-Jewish. All the posts in the house of France were in the hands of the Jews. After being, during the war, a people deeply attached to peace, they led France towards the total defeat of its history. Such was the destruction of the Jews in France.

French man: Let’s not talk about the colonization, same thing here, it’s the left who wanted colonization, whereas the Catholic right did not want it, and the left did it with the money of the Rothschild’s, and in the name of the human rights.

Ryssen: In 1914, who is for the globalist, for the Jewish intellectuals, the enemy to shoot? It’s very clear. The only enemy to shoot for them in 1914 is the czarist Russia, which does not recognize to the Jews an absolute hegemony. The Jews already have an economic and financial power that is extremely strong in Russia at that time, but they do not have political power. Russia does not recognize the Jews’ Russian citizenship. So, it’s the regime to topple. And for that, in 1914, we see that there are many Jewish financiers, who support the Kaiser’s Germany. They have no particular sympathies for the Kaiser’s Germany; they even prefer France, and England, which are already in their hands through parliamentary play. But they prefer the Germany of the Kaiser because they determine Russia as their worst enemy to be knocked down. In February 1917, a revolution erupts in Russia, in which, of course, Jews are involved. And especially in October 1917, or rather in November, since the calendar is not the same, the Jews take power in Russia, and at this moment, the Jews of the whole world, change their strategy  and consider that from now on, czarist Russia having been knocked down, their main enemy is the Kaiser’s Germany. This is what Germans called the “stab in the back”. And all the Jews around the world began to help the Americans, and the Westerners, the English and the French, against Germany. All the more so because, I believe, England, had in 1917, as early as April, perhaps even before the month of February, through the declaration of Balfour promised a Jewish home in Palestine.

Moderator: Frankly spoken, he was against the war in Iraq, against the war in Afghanistan, and then in 2007, well Chuck Hagel made another very important blunder also, since he denounced, I quote in the text, “the Jewish lobby is too powerful in Washington”. –

Good morning, Jean-Frederic Poisson. –

Poisson: Hello. –

Moderator: You spoke last week some words which are subject to complains, you said about Hilary Clinton, candidate for the presidency of the United States, I quote you, it was in Nice Matin, “Mrs. Clinton’s proximity to the Wall Street superstars and her submission to the Zionist lobby are dangerous for Europe and France.”

I ask all other candidates participating in the primaries to denounce today the words of Mr. Poisson, if Mr. Poisson doesn’t say, I made a mistake, my tongue slipped, I don’t think it at all, I regret it, I self-condemned myself, he no longer has his place in the primary.

Words that relate to submission to a Zionist lobby, and what does it mean? It means that the primary is intended today to support a debate on the existence or not of a Zionist lobby and the alleged submission of such and such a candidate to this Zionist lobby? But, where are we going there?

Excuse me Mr. Poisson, I do not understand your expression “Zionist lobby”, what does it mean?

Ryssen: There is no debate on this question. That is, the dictatorship is such today, that we must not even raise the essential point. Is there a Jewish lobby or not? And above all, is it omnipresent, is it hegemonic? No, you do not have the right to talk about it! You must be silent on this question! You can talk about everything you want, but not about that. And the reactions of Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet or… Christian Estrosi, in that case, the mayor of Nice, are symptomatic, It is clear to what extent the Republicans, the Republic, the regime do not tolerate any discussion on this subject.

French man: Hilary Clinton, woman, candidate of the left, supposedly incarnating the triumph of feminism, as Obama embodied the triumph of anti-racism, she is the candidate of the American neoconservatives, she is the candidate of Wall Street, the military-industrial lobby, and the outright war of the United States …

Moderator: And to see where Hilary Clinton loyalties lie, one needs only to look at her top 5 political donors, which include Wall Street bigwigs like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley along with Citigroup: number 1. But, it’s not just Wall Street that has Hilary Clinton in its golden pockets, Boeing, number 2 defense contractor in the country, has a cozy relationship with the Clinton family for years.

Clinton: So here is my message to Iran’s leaders, the United States will never allow you to acquire a nuclear weapon. As President, I will take whatever actions are necessary to protect the United States and their allies; I will not hesitate to take military action, if Iran attempts to obtain a nuclear weapon.

Ariel Sharon: “I will be very clear: do not worry about […] US pressure on Israel, we, Jewish people, control America, and Americans know it.” Ariel Sharon, Kol Israel radio October 3, 2001 (Quoted in “Faits and Documents #159) –

Netanyahu: But wait! People will call us colonizers! – They say what they want! – Don’t you fear reactions, Bibi? – No. Especially today, with the United States … I know them well. It’s easy to manipulate them… Make them go the right direction.

Now, it’s not only the Jews, certainly, we are all well aware, but Judaism represents the locomotive of this globalism. One can take this image, this metaphor, globalization is a train the locomotive is Judaism, and at the heart of this locomotive there is a heart, it’s international finance. Then, in the great train of globalization there are wagons that cling: Freemasonry, Protestant Puritanism, Calvinism, the Republic, all that claims to be part of the secular and Masonic Republic also works in the sense of globalism. But these are only wagons. The engine is Jewish eschatology, that is to say, the idea that a messiah will come to save the Jews, and will establish the hegemony of the Jews, of the chosen people over the entire world. And so, the Jews are working to bring this messiah working for peace in the world, supposedly, democracy, great blending, and destruction of identities, suppression of borders, and the disappearance of nation states. That’s their project, and it’s a very, very long-term project. They see not only the future over the next ten or twenty years, they see it on the thousand, two thousand or ten thousand years if it is necessary, but they will succeed, at least that is their wish, in this global unification, in this destruction of all the nation states, of all identities, of all the races, of all the religions, and at that time, their messiah will come, when there will be no difference between men, peace, supposedly, will be universal and definitive peace, and at that time, their Messiah will appear, and will consecrate their power over the whole of humanity. And they will be recognized by all as the chosen people of God. There you have it, that is their goal.

Moderator: Good day to all. Never in its long history, outside of a period of war, France had known on its soil such scenes Kamikazes armed with Kalashnikov, and carrying explosive belts in the middle of Paris, other kamikazes a few meters from the Stade de France, the record of these coordinated actions is appalling, at least 127 people were killed, including 85 in the Bataclan theater, there are also at least 192 wounded, including 79 in serious condition …

Netanyahu: In both Israel and France, terrorism is the same. It’s time the world wakes up, and unites to defeat terrorism. It is time for countries to condemn Israel’s terrorism, with the same vehemence that they do for the other countries.

Ryssen: Jews, moreover, benefit from the attacks committed by the Islamists to make us, Westerners, believe that we have common interests.

French man: Now, you French, know what we are going through in Israel. You see? So, indeed, it would seem that, without further comment, the beneficiaries of what happened are: American imperialism, the US-Zionist Imperial policy and I will say, the Jewish community of France, which can effectively today bring back the leftist bourgeois in the pro-Zionist camp. In any case, it has elements to do it.

Moderator: We are in the third world war, well, we see the results, we are in a world war, and the West should wake up, and be ready to fight strongly, on the ground, and also, not just on the Internet, not only in the training schools of Imams, but also in the field.

Meyer HABIB: For the sake of Zion, I shall not be silent, for the sake of Jerusalem, I shall not rest.

Ryssen: So imagine the worst of scenario, with all the emigrants there are in France today, imagine a war, which one cannot call a civil war, because these people do not feel French, but imagine that things degenerate, that these people arm themselves, go out on the street with machine guns, kill policemen, kill the military, shall we, as French Nationalists, go fight once more, and risk death to save democracy? I say to you: no, it is out of question to risk our lives to save the Republic, it is out of question! As long as the Republic is standing, you do not move a little finger. As long as the Republic is standing, you stay put. If the Republic is defeated, we do not know under what circumstances, it will be our duty to do something. But as long as the Republic is in power, as long as this regime, that is contributing for years to make us minority in our own country, on our own land, you must not raise a little finger to defend it, it would be madness! A priori, one might think that people like Boris Le Lay or myself are in the same camp, a priori, yes, we are in the same camp, but imagine that it was in 1940, and that under the same circumstances, we find ourselves faced with the Islamists, we would be in an opposite camp. That is to say that Boris Le Lay will want to stand up for the Army, when I tell you, people like me, we will not move. Let them settle their account among themselves, that the Republicans and Democrats settle their account with the Islamists, let them kill each other as much as possible! That there is as much damage as possible, it’s precisely Stalin’s position, in 1940, who hoped that France and Germany were going to gut themselves for many years, to finally emerge bloodless from the conflict, and there, Stalin, would arrive with his tanks to put everyone in agreement. Well, I believe that this is the position that we, the French nationalists, must hold today, between the French Republic, its policemen, and its military, and the Islamists we, we must stay neutral. One can even afford to have a small preference. It is when the French Republic is deposed, will be abolished, fallen, we French patriots, we can get into action, but not before. Not before, certainly not before. Risk our live, to save the Republic, as Celine (Louis-Ferdinand) said, who understood the game of our enemies, it would really be the last of the nonsense! And then, going to die in the Middle East, in Iraq, to wage war in Iran, to wage war against Putin’s Russia, wage war in Libya, to wage war in Kosovo, against Serbia, and to make war in Afghanistan for the interests of Israel, there is nothing more silly, more stupid, You really have to be a stupid Goy to embark on these operations, imagining saving France and defending the West.

Hooknoses: Yes, we must welcome refugees who are dying today in the Mediterranean. Europe needs migrants. She needs it vitally, to pay the pensions of those who work. To welcome them is neither a burden nor an invasion. It is a legal obligation, and a moral duty.

Ryssen: For decades, they have been constantly encouraging us to welcome even more immigrants. They are always the same, the Raphael Glucksmanns, his father André Glucksmann, Jacques Attalis, Bernard Kouchners, Laurent Fabius, Bernard-Henri Levys, etc. Now, it’s not only they, I repeat it … Alain Juppé or Christiane Taubira are not Jewish, And yet, they are very favorable to welcome new migrants on our territory, because they are (Judaised = Judaized). They follow this locomotive, that’s what I explained in length, broad and cross, in my books: Judaism is the driving force behind this great globalist project. So it’s they, I say, who helped bring millions of immigrants to our country, which should be defended because they are threatened in the Middle East? Why should we go to war to the benefit of Israel, who is constantly attacking us? Especially through the cinema, we see it, all anti-Christian films are made by Jews. Most of the time, I made a 2 hours-documentary on the subject, I know what I’m talking about. Take all these films which make the apology of miscegenation, the apology of diversity, the apology of homosexuality, the apology of the destruction of the patriarchal family, they are always movies made by Jews, in their immense majority. Why would we defend these people? Israel is not the spearhead of the West in the Middle East; (T) this is a speech that is typically Jewish.

Netanyahu: Radical Islam does not hate the West because of Israel; it hates Israel, for Israel is the West. [Admin: What a liar!]

Gilbert Collard: Israel is not a racist state, there is no apartheid! Put that into your head! It is a country that represents in the Middle East the values of democracy that we defend!

HABIB: For the sake of Jerusalem, I shall not rest. – I confess that I was not surprised at all.

Roger Cukierman: Because we are used to be, we Jews, the sentinels of democracy. We saw it during the Second World War, we see it there, (I) in my opinion, this compares, Islamo-fascism is quite close to Nazism. In the attitude of wanting to destroy all that exists uh … – Okay.

Ryssen: I repeat it one more, all these films, all this propaganda spilled on our cinema screens, on our television screens, and on the radio and in the press, defending openness to the world, the disappearance of borders, of the world government, the destruction of the patriarchal family unit, making the apology of homosexuality, all these films are not made by Muslims, they are Jews who put all this in the head ok. These are Jewish intellectuals, Jewish filmmakers, Jewish novelists who put that into our heads. Should we go and die for them?! To defend that?! But better die to defend the Gay Pride! Personally, this is not at all the goal of the nationalists. Our goal as patriots is to regain our sovereignty, our authority, on our own historical territory. That is our goal! It’s not to die to defend democracy or to defend Israel. Let’s be clear. Their objective is eschatological; it is a war of religion. They want to unify the earth, they tell it to us, and they repeat it to us. Unifying the land, unifying a Global Government, and at that time, when all identities are gone, when all the races have disappeared, when the religions themselves have disappeared, or will be mixed, when the great mixture, if you will, will have operated, well, the Jews who will have preserved their identity, their race, their language, their culture, will, at that time, be recognized as the chosen people of God.

French man: Judaism is two books: the Torah and the Talmud and by reading the Torah and the Talmud, we see that it is a vindictive and dominating people, therefore, who follows a vengeful God, who has promised them domination, all one needs is to read Isaiah and Ezekiel. In addition, ethnic cleansing, there is no problem, and in the Talmud it is clear that this domination, in a world dominated by Christendom, is effected by usury and lies. And dual ethics, that is to say, not to treat a non-Jew as a Jew, that is, to have the right the sacred right, to lie to him, to steal from him, etc. It is the reality, therefore the classical reality which prevailed until 1945, and generalized and shared universal anti-Semitism by the Christian world, the Orthodox world, the Muslim world, the secular socialist world, the secular capitalist bourgeois world, This anti-Semitism is universal. I remind you that this community is a community of hatred, whose most religious festivals commemorate mass murders. Purim, Pesach, etc.

David Duke: Purim and Pesach are the two most important Jewish holidays. They are near the time of Easter. Easter celebrates the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ for all mankind. Purim celebrates hate and murder of Jewish enemies. The story of Purim is about Esther, a Jewess who made her way to the bed of the King of Persia. She hid her Jewish identity, and at the right moment, convinced the King to act against his own Prime Minister, Haman. To allow the Jews to kill Haman and the King’s own Persian soldiers. The Jewish account brags that Jewish terrorists rose up in the middle of the night, hang Haman, his ten sons, and murder 75,000 Persians, many as they slept.

French man: In the view of the Israelis, that is to say, of that Jewish state which lives according to the Torah, the Palestinians deserve to be wiped off the map, and massacred and murdered as planned in the Torah, and that if they do not kill more of them, it’s because there is the gaze of the Goyim of the whole world on them, but they are itching to do so. And you can see that the Israeli extremists are for their extermination.

Jews screaming: Erase Gaza!

French man: And therefore, I remind you that the people of hatred is that one, it is a people that admits in its values a fundamental racial inequality, and that they alone have a soul, and the divine in them, and that the others can be treated like animals. Let’s not forget that. And it is foreseen that their domination over the world will occur by enslaving other peoples reduced to the state of Helots, and that it poses no problem to murder them.

Jewish mob: Why is it only 200 bombs and 15 killed? We want 15 bombs and 2.000 killed! Gaza is a tomb!

French man: There you go! There is no problem. That’s why people who do not understand the incredible violence and how the army, the IDF, is behaving in Gaza in relation to women and children, and white phosphorus,

Palestinian moderator: Patients have burns due to the explosion of white phosphorus bombs, very powerful incendiary bombs. Their skin is burnt at different degrees.

Liare: Believe me, we do not like the images that we are seeing, but remember that it’s us the victims!

French man: All these are the Talmudo-Zionist Judaism values, and that these are the values that correspond to the Torah. These are not Christian values.

The latest Gaza operation, which consists to drop bombs on a population that is exactly the equivalent of the Warsaw ghetto, that is, they are locked up, there is a list of prohibited products toys for kids, etc. To bring them to collective depression, and to subjugate them to suicide.

Mike Prysner: You can’t call it anything else other than, psychological warfare when it comes to those, and we are talking about an entire generation of children, who are living in Gaza city, the most densely populated city on the planet, who have all grown up being rained down by bombs and bullets, watching their family members killed, watching their homes destroyed, and the fact that the blockade doesn’t allowed in toys for these children, it can’t be called something else but psychological terrorism.

French man: And above all, to drive them away, because the project is indeed that at any given moment, the holy land of Israel should be completely emptied of all the unclean, because it must not be forgotten that it is a religious project, because it is a project that has no other constitution than the Torah, and which has no border.

Michael Collin: First of all, it is not a State by law, where the constitution doesn’t set the limits of the territory. In all the countries of the world, there is a constitution that says, the territory starts here, and stops there, and this, is our country. Israel, no! Because, justly Israel is a project of expansion that has no limit.

French man: “We have the right to behave like that, because we had the Shoah.” I recall that, this argument is exactly the same argument of the pedophile who, when arrested, declares that he himself was raped as a child. It is a clinical analysis, and justification in terms of pathology, which justifies treatment. A therapy. But this absolutely cannot be a moral validation you see. And for me today, the alibi of the Shoah for Zionist is exactly the alibi of the pedophile, being a violated child Zionist has exactly the same excuse as the pedophile. But does it justify that we let him continue to rape kids? No.

Michel Boujenah: I don’t understand what is going on… with Anti-Semitism. I … I … do not understand. We are 15 million on earth, of Jews, okay? There is 1,5 billion of Chinese, there is… What did we do? What … What have we done? of evil, of such evil, to be hated that way? What … What did we do? I would like someone to explain to me. One says that we are dominating the world, One says that … we … we … But as far as I am concerned, the great captains of industry in France are not Jewish. Unless, they have changed their names? Maybe that, Bernard Arnault’s real name is Boutboul, that Jean-Michel Bouygues’s real name is Belaïche, that François Pinault’s real name is… I don’t know…. Frankly, very sincerely, I … I … am often wondering when I see the news, etc. I tell myself: “My God, what have we done?” We wrote books, we make people laugh, a lot, we laugh about ourselves a lot, I do not understand. Of course, I have read books, I hear great intellectuals talk about it, but I am in front of a veil, in front of a formidable fog. When I get up in the morning and think about it and say to myself: “But my God, we’re 15 million!” But, what have we done? Let someone explain to me one day, why are we so hated? [admin: What a joker!!!]

Moderator: I think it is a mistake to expect from the outside to be defined as what you are, to me, it is something primary and fundamental.

Boujenah: Oh no, but what I am, I know it, what I do not understand is why they want to kill me, that’s all!

Moderator: It is surely because “weakness [admin: ha, ha, ha] stirs up hatred,” like Friedrich Nietzsche was saying, “(a) And that Jews are not only innocent, but harmless, and it’s enough for the bastards to blame them until the end of time.”

Translation and Subtitling [from French into English] by ‘ungraindesable’

The French video, English subtitled, by Herve Ryssen:


Video: Judaism World Unification World Domination by Herve Ryssen

Video: Conspiracy Theory for Dummies by Herve Ryssen

Jewish supremacism – David Duke.pdf

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