The numbers: Germans Genocided – Nummern der Deutschen Genozidopfer

Liebe Germanen, es ist schwer diese Sache zu verdauen; ich weis es aus eigener Erfahrung, aber… Tatsache ist, alles ist schon seit 1871, ein geplanter Genozid der Deutschen bei den Juden und Alliierten. Dies wird jedem klar, der gewisse Tatsachen auf meiner Heimseite liest und die Punkte verbindet, falls sein Geist noch nicht total umgeschult wurde. Heute sitzen die Verbrecher innen im Land fast fuer 100 Jahre (ausser der Nazizeit) (auch in den V.S.) so wie damals bei der Weimarer Republik und “fressen” Deutschland auf, schlagen sich den Bauch voll von deutschem Land, deutschen Firmen, und anderem Besitz, morden die Seele der Germanen, und arrangieren, dass die Germanen von den dunkelrassigen Eindringlingen, die die anti-Germanen gezielt fuer diesen Zweck eingeladen haben, “aufgefressen” werden, womit sie dann totale Kontrolle haben werden ueber ein Bastardvolk (I.Q. von ca. 80). Sie wollen keine intelligenten, weissen Menschen mehr im Land haben, die die Verbrechen in den Gerichten und der auslaendischen Militaerregierung ansprechen. Die meisten deutschen Zivilisten wurden nach dem Ende der Kaempfe ermorded (also im “Frieden”, fuer ca. 5- 7 Jahre nach dem Krieg. Andere wieder wurden und werden noch viel laenger verfolgt und ermordet.



Most of the German civilians were murdered by the Jews and the Allied military after the fighting stopped.



The fact is, everything, since the First World War, was and is a planned genocide of the Germans by the Jews and the Allies, and can clearly be established if the visitor reads certain facts on my home page and connects the dots, if his mind has not been totally re-trained (brainwashed of his own wisdom). Today the criminals are inside of Germany (and the U.S.), as in the Weimar Republic, and “eat up” Germany, filling their belly full of German land, German companies, and other possessions, murdering the soul of the Germans, and arranging that the Germans are replaced by the dark-skinned, primitive invaders, whom they have specifically invited for this purpose and whom they will be able to totally control.(I.Q. of about 80). They want no more intelligent white men questioning the deeds of the criminal courts and the alien, criminal, military government, etc.

White America, this is the giant destruction seeping in, coming for you, too, with all the race mixing, regardless what Trump says. The slogan “Make America Great Again! sounds comforting, but the fact is, it is not possible because the Jews are in control, and THEY DO NOT WANT THIS. THEY WANT A ONE WORLD JEWISH GOVERNMENT. Your false guilt of so-called “white crimes” over the centuries is pummeled into your head at every oppertunity (and you take it lying down!), whereas the Jews brought the Blacks to America, the American Indians were Nomads, and there was plenty of space for the white man. American Indians, Mexicans, and Blacks have a history of gruesome brutality against the white man and all of them practiced cannibalism still a hundred years ago. Look at America, or even more succinct, look at South Africa as a shocking example of what is done to whites when they are in the minority (60,000 butchered since Aparteid; tens of thousands raped every year). The womens’ libbers fight for themselves (to abort children and castrate men). The Muslims fight for themselves (and to mutilate clitorises). The Jews fight for themselves (for their world rule and to kill gentiles). The lobotomized Christians don’t fight for themselves but fight for the Jews, whom Jesus said is the enemy. Who fights for the white man? Heaven forbid, if a white organization would ask for President Trump’s help! Trump’s influence is VERY LIMITED, controlled by the shadow government, and that is Communist Jewish (a la Stalin), run by the Lubavitchers, who have already in the 90s arranged for the U.S. Law to kill all American Christians, signed by Bush! Though I think Trump is a good man, he is used like a puppet; I can tell this from the subjects in his speeches. And, he must “kiss the ass” and cater to a 100 different organizations, eating up his energy, dividing this country for their own interest, like Black organizations, Women’s rights groups, Muslims, etc. What about catering to the needs of the white man, President Trump?


Seiner Toden zu Gedenken… Opfer 2. Weltkrieg


Bitte spendet um diese privaten Denkmaeler aufrecht zu erhalten und zu pflegen.

Verein Gedaechtnisstaette

Gefaengnis Bautzen –  Video: Totenbuch:

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