How the Dutch Tortured our German People-Franz Scheidl

…In the camp “Apeldoorn” they tied up a girl lying on her back, inserted a funnel into her female part and the guards urinated into her… What happened in the camps Albino, in the camp Kornboerse zu Groningen, in the camp Dordrecht, and in Gorinchen is too horrible to tell of…

How the Dutch tortured our German people in the Dutch Concentration Camps AFTER THE WAR’S END

Holland erected in 1945   116 concentration camps which held 130,000 German and Dutch men, women and children which were tortured in the most barbaric ways. Dutch Theologian, Dr. H.W. van der Vaart Smit wrote about the conditions in the KZs and the cruelties in his report “Kamptoestanden.”

Here is what was done to the German people:

*Everything stolen from prisoners

*Not enough food

*Brutal treatment

*Daily serious mistreatment

*Thousands had oedemia from hunger

*Tenths of thousands were constantly mistreated:

*Hit with rubber clubs

*Hit with rifle buts


*Hit with sticks and other objects


Especially notorious was Concentration camp ‘Borger’

*Female commander Elly used a seven-strand whip with knots at the end

*Women and girls had such terrible things done to them, they do not dare speak about it due to shame, not even to the next of kin

*Females constantly having to undress before the male guards was the rule of the day

*Sexual crimes unbelievable in the 20th century were committed

*In the camp “Duindorp” a girl had her breast twisted off by a guard

*In the female camp “Plompetorengracth” in Utrecht they had naked parades outdoors in the winter of 1945 to 1946

*In ‘Westerbork’ pregnant women were unbelievable mistreated

*Women were blindfolded and tied up and raped by groups of men

(The German concentration camps were paradises compared to the Dutch camps. The reports of the cruelties and perversions in Dutch camps are partially so horrific one does not want to repeat them.)

Kamp Levantkade in Amsterdam: Horrible mistreatments were the rule of the day:

*People had to walk on their hands  with their bottom up – during this they were beaten with rubber clubs, gun butts, and bats.

*Frequently this game was played: “Gramophone Turntable”  With one finger in the ear and the other hand on the floor, the victims had to turn in an axis fashion. The tempo was driven faster by beating them. Even strong men fell down unconscious after 15 minutes of this treatment.

*Whoever could not handle the life in the camp and became ill, disappeared into the “punishment bunker” and found there his/her end.

In Vlardingen, in the camp “De vergulde hand” (The Golden Hand)

*Men / women were chained and 20 men were on one string of chains. The chains were the thickness of a thumb and weighted ca. 10 American pounds.

*It was not possible to undress and all men had to do everything together

*They had to go together to defecate or urinate

*They had to lay down at the same time and rise at the same time

*The ankles started to break from the weight and rubbing of the chains and there was no medical help

*Even in 1947 people still had wounds from the treatment of the chains

In the ‘Borger’ camp – Elly, the street whore

*treated the prisoners with her 7-stranded and braided whip that had buttons at the end.

*People had to take off their clothes, bend over and were beaten with this whip

*Elly also beat her subordinates that way

Women’s camp Westerbork: The things that were done here to women and girls are indeed indescribable. Many girls and women could not speak of it due to great shame.

*They were shaved of all their hair from top to bottom

*Many times they were hit on their sexual organs with rubber clubs to drive out the Nazi devils

*Women were blindfolded and raped by the whole troop of guards

*One woman had a big root driven into her vagina with the butt of a rifle so that her pelvis ripped open

*Naked parades were arranged in all the camps

In the camp “Apeldoorn” they tied up a girl lying on her back, inserted a funnel into her female part and the guards urinated into her.

What happened in the camps Albino, in the camp Kornboerse zu Groningen, in the camp Dordrecht, and in Gorinchen is too horrible to tell of.

*Not unmentioned shall be the treatments in Zweeloo. Here the camp master and his employees had entertainment by beating the people with sticks on their heads.

*The book also tells of horrible torture cellars at Blauwkavel by Utrecht, of the murder cellar Honswijk, ten meters under the ground, of the camp Oude Mollen by Naarden, where the guards were allowed to beat people to death.

*Even in hospitals and Lazaretten the “Communist-Christians of the Resistance” forced their ways in and tortured the Dutch East-Volunteers.

*In Amersfoort one day a transport of 20 amputees arrived with nurses: these unfortunate prisoners were thrown like packages of the truck onto the floor. One of the men, the youngest without legs fell into such an unlucky position that one of the prison nurses lost her control and attacked the guards with her shoes. One of the guards lost his teeth and shot the nurse into the thigh.

*The book also has a description of the tortures of attorney Prof. G.M.  Russel. His torture alone puts all torture of the holy martyrs into a lower rank.

The book by Franz Scheidl below is chuck-full of the horrific tortures of Germans. The author will not allow to translate the full book into English because the book is forbidden in Germany by the Allies (one of 30,000 “burned” German books by the Allies!!!). The Allies are hiding their crimes. THE INJUSTICE AGAINST THE INNOCENT GERMAN PEOPLE IS SCREAMING TO HEAVEN, FROM THE ATTACK ON GERMANY BY POLAND, ENGLAND, FRANCE AND THE U.S.A. TO THE TORTURES AND MURDERS UP TO 10 YEARS AFTER THE WAR, AND IN SOME SINGLE CASES EVEN LONGER. IN RUSSIA DEFINITELY UNTIL THE COMMUNISTS WERE OUTSTET (SUPPOSEDLY BUT NOT REALLY).

Source: Excerpts from “Geschichte der Verfehmung Deutschlands,” Franz Scheidl – translated by

Geschichte der Verfemung Deutschlands Band 6 – Scheidl – (Und die furchtbarsten Grausamkeiten gegen die Deutschen)




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