Adding Insult to Injury for the Germans

…And for the Germans who oppose these lies, heavy punishments for the “crimes” of “incitement” and “Holocaust denial” were established. What exactly “incitement to the people” is, is not clearly stated, and so the court can turn just about any free speech into an incitement…

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The FRG government – a foreign company enslaving the Germans

Every now and then I get a video or an article sent to me, calling the Germans idiots or weaklings, etc., “because they allow it to let their country be ruined.”
It is not bravery of those who sit in safe states and blame the Germans for not defending themselves against their devilish government. Yes, sitting safely, you can have a loud mouth easily, but you have not much brain!

It’s like putting a man into a brutal prison and then make fun of him for letting himself be treated badly!

That this is of course an insult to the German people is clear. Not only that, it is an injustice that is promulgated by people who do not know the post-war history in Germany and the situation inside the FRG. Such people should not spread their thoughts, and I do not want to have anything to do with them, because those voices, for example, some who have been known to me for a long time, had enough opportunity to read articles on my home page and inform themselves of the situation in Germany instead of putting the Germans down.

Maybe these big mouths are trolls.

There are perhaps also people who are on the side of the Germans who express these insults because they want to shake up the Germans, but that is headless, because it brings the Germans only more harm. Who knows what is in the hearts of these people who do that. In any case, it is an insolence to offend the Germans. Is someone instilled with wisdom when he kneels on the ground and is beaten?

To briefly summarize why the Germans “put up with all this”:

Germany is not sovereign and thus the Germans do not have the same freedom as the British or Americans, for example. They are, therefore, controlled by a foreign rule, a military rule, the main allies: United States, England, France, and Russia, with the United States leading.

Germany is still at war (armistice) with more than 50 states, as the Allies deny it a peace treaty, so the leaders of these countries are now so impudently opposed to the Germans (for example, Erdogan), for they take the impertinent right to attack Germany at any time in a variety of ways. What is written in the newspapers and the press in Germany, the international Jews determine, and not some good Americans, nor President Trump, and certainly not the Germans. And certain Jews in Germany, like the Chancellor Angela Merkel, and their subjects determine how to treat the Germans: Like dirt! This is done on purpose to destroy the soul of the Germans and their race. The hate-instilled and criminal foreign invaders are the sword for the treasonous “German” government.

In order to allow these cruelties, brazenness, and foster the plan to exterminate the German people, the occupying company FRG circulates the lies by means of Jewish-controlled media kings that the Germans began the Second World War (Poland did that, then England and France), were criminals in the war and murdered millions of Jews. And for the Germans who oppose these lies, heavy punishments for the “crimes” of “incitement” and “Holocaust denial” were established. What exactly “incitement to the people” is, is not clearly stated, and so the court can turn just about any free expression, no matter how historical or minimal, into an incitement.

And the Holocaust must not be allowed to be put on trial but the defendant, the so-called Holocaust denier, with scientific evidence, is told that the Holocaust is a fact (in reality only hearsay) just because it is obvious (exactly this the judge says!!) “Here, five years for every charge of your crimes!” If the defense lawyer insists on bringing evidence, he or she, as well as the defendant, will be thrown into prison, as lawyer Mrs. Sylvia Stolz has experienced, who was dragged straight from the court room into prison because she insisted in defending her client (as it is normally required and allowed in court). If the German admires the good deeds of Adolf Hitler (a fact) and pronounces this, he is also given 5 years of imprisonment for ‘incitement to the people.’ We are here not dealing with laws that protect the people but of a communist modus oparandi set above the constitution.

Almost every German who is aware of the accusations and arrests on television, and these legal actions against truth speakers are highly distributed in the media, will think twice before he opens his mouth, especially if he has children. The German who is committed to the historical truth loses his job and his career is ruined. He has little chance to get a good job again, if at all. One of the more recent victims of the courts is Henry Hafenmayer whose company was coerced to fire him as a train conductor because he is taking persuasive action against the Holohoax and other historical lies about the Germans (, Mr. Horst Mahler, who is exposing the plans of the Jews to exterminate mankind, who has received another 3 years of prison, whilst he is in his late 80s. And if a German should express himself against the general injustice of the government, he is also depicted as a Nazi (the word has a bad reputation but a Nazi was an upright citizen,), a right-wing extremist, a Volk agitator, and a few other insults with following court procedures and prison sentences. It is, therefore, not stupid or cowardly for the German to keep his mouth shut.

But there are always daring and particularly brave Germans who do not keep their mouth shut and seek and spread the truth. Some of them were murdered, others were imprisoned for years. Others are currently being sued and are financially ruined by endless court actions and defenses. With a Jewish, secret Communist, Angela Merkel, portrayed as a good Christian mama, such unjust proceedings against the people of a so-called “democratic” country are no wonder. Even though these cases are highly publicized to make an example out of these hunted men and women by this illegal foreign military government, FRG, the real actions against these people are actually secret conspiracies because what is presented in the newspaper about these so-called Nazis, is twisted facts, turning a mouse into an elephant, and most of all, emotionally charged words are used with name calling of the so called instigators, to get under the skin of the public and rile it up against these “criminals”. Who wants to be a Nazi in Germany?! Heavens, no! But all what we have in reality, is brave men and women, who love their country and the German people and who are filled with a yearning for justice and honesty about German history because they can see the abuse of the German people clearly. These do not suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome.

Only those who have an overview can see things in Germany in the right perspective. The others are, unfortunately, blinded and too trusting with their imagination of a good “Mother State.” Mom’s going to take care of things, and sometimes she makes “mistakes”, they think. When in fact, Merkel and her government are of Satanic nature. This mindless trusting is probably the result of Christian doctrine, which shaped our brain so much: Because we ourselves are good, we project this onto the authorities, trusting them. But, leaders are supposedly chosen by the people for he sole purpose of representing the people,  and so the government has to be checked whether it even complies instead of blindly trusted what the press says! And Merkel – and many others before her – do not do represent the German people but foreign interests! As proven time and time again, leaders in the FRG destroy the German people deliberately! This is not because the Germans have done something evil, they have not, but because of the plan to destroy the white race and of that the Germans are the leaders. With Germany, all the West will go down, as we can see before our very eyes. Take Sweden, for example, most of the Swedes are also silent with the destruction of their country and their race because their government representatives are also traitors. All the leaders of the West, with few exceptions, need to be put through court and get the death penalty if treason is proven. I wish it for them with all my heart! I am for the death penalty in such cases because they are responsible for the abuse, rape, murder, and genocide of tens of millions of white people.

Under such circumstances in Germany, people are not encouraged to freely express their opinion or present their research. And such behavior has nothing to do with stupidity but with Communist oppression of the Germans as citizens, the non-compliance of the government to established laws, oppression of the German’s humanity, and threat of destruction of a German’s economic survival.

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