The Demonization of the German Thule Society For Fighting the Reds

There are good reasons why the Thule Society of Germany is dragged into the dirt or misrepresented with lies as an occult society that it never was. The main reasons are because the media is controlled by Jews and they can write whatever they want, and they hate and defame everything of Germany that was good and noble. In particular they defame The Thule Society because its members defended the German homeland against the Communist Jews who “invaded” Germany after the end of WWI planning on overthrowing it but did not succeed.



The meaning of Thule

In Greek Mythology it was an island in the North Sea. The Greek sailor Pytheas from Masilia describe the island Thule in the Fourth Century B.C. as Amber land. The trading of Amber from East Prussia and the North Sea went all over the world. Claudius Ptolemäus calls it an island at the coast of Norway. It could also be the island Atlantis. In any case, Thule is deeply entwined with Norsemen = German ancient history.

The ancient name for Scandinavia was Thule. Scandinavia once was also called Nordgermanien (North Germany). It also included Sweden, Denmark, Finland and sometimes Island. The people living there were called Northern Germans, and in middle Europe, they were called Southern Germans.

The Thule Society in Germany

Bust of Rudolf von Sebottendorf, Founder of the Thule Society

The Thule Gesellschaft (society) was based on the forerunner “Germanenorden” (Germanic Society) in Munich. It stood against the Jewish-infiltrated Freemasons. Rudolf von Sebottendorf, born on November 9, 1875, founded the Thule Gesellschaft right before the end of WWI, in August of 1918. By 1918/1919 it had about 1,500 members.

When Germany surrendered in WWI, jews, among many others massively flooded into Germany, basically usurping it as the Germans were devastated, poor, starving, and many have lost their homes and land. With them, the Jews brought Communism and the plan to overthrow Germany as they have overthrown Russia just about a year before, to make another Soviet Union out of it.

The newspaper “Runen” of the Thule Society. Runen are ancient German writing symbols of which the swastika is one.


The purpose of the Thule Society

was to fight the Red revolution of 1918 which the Jews have brought about in Bavaria, Germany, run by the Jewish dictator Kurt Eisner and then the second Communist revolution after Eisner’s death called the Munich Räterepublik. Thule’s conception was to make Germany German again and even remove the Roman (Roman Law) influence. Therefore the ancient German swastika was the symbol for this society with the goal of returning to true ancient German values. This, no doubt, was triggered by the influx of many races imported into Germany at the end of WWI along with the Jews to destroy the German race, as depicted in the book “Adel” by Coudenhove Kalergi, in 1923. (Jewess Angela Merkel received not too long ago the Coudenhove Kalergi medal for the destruction of the Germans by importing Negros and Arabs into Germany.)

“…Adolf Hitler came to the Thule society early on and worked closely with the members in their common vision for Germany. The Thule society, the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (German Worker’s Party, founded by Karl Harrer) and the Deutsch-Sozialistische Partei, led by Georg Grassinger, and  represented  first by the leaflet ‘der Muenchner’ and later ‘der Voelkische Beobachter’ were the three legs Adolf Hitler founded the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) on…” (Rudolf von Sebottendorf)

The Thule Society grew out of Germany’s struggle to survive.

Falsely calling Thule an occult society, the defamers think they can slander with this Adolf Hitler. But it shows how much they despise any effort of a people to stay true to their nature and culture, namely being Germans, and how they love Communism and hate the fact that the Thule Society and Adolf Hitler stood up against the Communists, a group of greedy Jewish-led nation destroyers that work relentlessly every singly day to destroy many nations under the cover of “democracy” and “internationalism.”

Germany was weak and the Germans starving at the end of WWI, and like a wild beast attacks a weak animal, the Communists fell upon Germany with the goal to finish it off and making it a slave state of the Jews. Jews soon had many Germans convinced that they will be rescued from their starvation and save their children if only they would become Communists. Since over a Million Germans starved to death after capitulation, and hundreds of thousands took their life out of desperation, and the newspapers were all run by the jews, it was not difficult to convince the Germans to join the Communists for the only hope they seemed to have. Before Hitler took over power, their were 6 Million Communists in Germany, most of them probably Germans, but led by the Jews on the topo.

Another step by the Marxists to suffocate German resistance

The criminal regime of the “Räterepublik,” after Eisner, with their Marxist coup in November 1918, overthrew the Bavarian king, all German monarchs, governing princes, and the German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II.

The Munich hostage murder of German Nationalists was a massacre by the Communists, the so-called “Red Army,” under the order of the Räterepublik, also calling themselves “Rote Garde”, on April 30, 1919 with the agreement of the treasonous “Soldiers’ Council” and “City Commander” Rudolf Egelhofer and with KPD-offical (Communist Party Deutschland) Fritz Seidel. Most of the German hostages were captured on April 26 and ten of them were shot in the courtyard of Luidpold High School on April 30th, 1919. Seven of the dead either belonged to the Thule Society or were recruits for it. At this massacre, anyone of the Reds who wanted to was encouraged to attack the hostages.

The murdered Thule members


The „Münchner Neueste Nachrichten“ newspaper reported on 3. Mai 1919:

“…[After brutal abuse] …The hostages were stood against a wall. The order to fire was made by a Red Army member, named Seidl. Since the soldiers of the Leibregiment refused to shoot them, Russians were instigated to do the murdering. Some of the hostages were beaten do death with rifle buts, other were killed with bayonets. Among the victims was also a woman. The corpses were robbed and so mutilated that only three of them could so far be identified.”

These cowardly murders were the trigger for the decision to stop all negotiations with the Red perpetrators and to liberate the Bavarian capitol via executions under General Ernst von Oven and the Freikorps (melitia) under Franz Ritter von Epp and others.

The honor grave of the murdered Thule members.


The development in Germany following the November revolution led to civil-war-like battles between representatives of the Parliament and the Räterepublik till mid 1919 when the Weimarer Republik was foundet. This Weimarer Republik, also controlled by Jews, turned into a stronghold of sexual and cultural perversion and decadence of all types. The Jews lived well and rich; the Germans starved and over a Million of them perished. After the November Revolution, Bavaria developed into the stronghold of the Fatherland’s conservative-nationalistic circles and at the end was the main state for the National Socialist Movement.

There was an attempt by the National Socialists to topple the Weimar Republic. That was on November 9, 1923.

Adolf Hitler said: “…Hundreds were murdered, many thousands injured and put into prison…These brave men of our movement shall for ever be a bright role model to our progeny. The blood medal is issued to those who have been sentenced to death, have received more than one year of prison, and those who have been severely wounded…”


The inofficial medal; but was not to be worn as Adolf Hitler already had his plan for a new design, as above.

But the struggle against the Reds was not over; it continued even until 1945. Many Germans were attacked and murdered by the Reds, even children of Hitler’s Youth. Reds died also, but by far smaller numbers. Shortly before Adolf Hitler’s election, the plan by the Reds was again to overthrow Germany and they almost succeeded. Thanks to Adolf Hitler’s wisdom, he eradicated all political organizations as he knew division among people makes the country vulnerable to political unrest. Germany was so devastated and poverty-stricken after it lost WWI and due to the Versailles dictate, that only a very strong leader, the kind of Adolf Hitler, could pull it out from the swamp of misery or from falling into the hands of total communism.

But even after Adolf Hitler’s election, Germany was not save. Many hidden Communists, led by Communist jews, lived in Germany and over 40 attacks were made on Hitler’s live. And right from the beginning of Adolf Hitler’s leadership, a couple of months after he was elected, the German Jewry and the Jewry of the world declared war on Germany, on March 24, 1933. The ongoing, Resistance Movement’ was another way to fight the Fuehrer and most likely had many Communists in their ranks and financial support. The Jews were the main instigators for destruction and division, and Adolf Hitler knew they must be removed from Germany if Germany were to survive.

In 1925, the Thule Society was abandoned for lack of members and support. Most likely because many of them switched over to the NSDAP led by Adolf Hitler.

source: 1) “Bevor Hitler Kam” and 2)

In the following Book, the founder of the Thule Society writes about the times called “Kampfzeit” (fighting times) to fight off the reds that have infiltrated Germany to take over. He quotes that finally, now, in 1933, the truth can be exposed. This he said because in the time between the end of WW1 and Adolf Hitler’s reign, the Germans were terrorized by Jewish Communists and their media control.

Sebottendorf Rudolf Von – “Bevor Hitler Kam”-1933-267S.pdf

Thule-die Phoenicischen Handelswege-Bernsteinlande-1855-134s

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