Some of the Things the Germans Have Enriched the World With

…Sauerkraut saved the teeth of countless German sailors, while their British counterparts were suffering horrendously due to the lack of Vitamin C in their diet aboard British ships, which, as we all know, ruled the waves. That’s ‘ruled’, as in past tense… [Now the Jews sell Sauerkraut as Jewish invention as well as German Rye Bread called Jewish Rye.]

By Gerry Frederics

[*Comments inserted by The article appears to be a few decades old.]

Excerpt from: “What the Germans gave you”

Let’s start with some of the things we Germans have enriched the world with:

1) In the USA we have incessant TV commercials portraying the ubiquitous Italian ‘Mama Mia’, ever present with her pasta and her ‘secret’ sauce, not to forget her wonderful family, smiling and incessantly singing ‘O sole mio’. There are innumerable Italian restaurants (with illegal Mexican cooks), all serving the same tired version of the same dish, but with their ‘own secret sauce!’ The truth is, the ‘secret’ sauce is scooped right out of a can of Mexican tomato paste which has been improved with ketchup, an invention by German immigrant Heinz, of ‘Heinz 57 Varieties’ fame. Can you imagine American cooking without Heinz ketchup?

2) There is the noisy Irish pub and the lady proclaiming to be so happy to know where her mother came from. During these soulful, sensitive proclamations the ever present band plays ‘Oh Danny Boy’, until one gets sick of it. Never mind in real life no pub on earth can afford a band. Everyone is dancing and happily drinking whiskey which is being chased with a pint of ale. All of this to the strains of ‘When Irish Eyes are smiling. How sweet.

3) Then we have the Mexican guy in his absurdly over-sized hat making his appearance hawking Tacos and Burritos as if these things were what culinary dreams are made of.

4) The Jewish controlled media inundates us with cynical lies regarding every field of human endeavor. For example we are told of the existence of ‘Peruvian Cuisine’, which consists of insanely hot and over-spiced barbecued chicken. Than we have ‘Honduran Cuisine’ or ‘Nicaraguan Cuisine’ which consist of, you guessed it, barbecued chicken. Than we have ‘Ethiopian Cuisine’. Seriously. In the Fairfax district of Los Angeles, one can visit Ethiopian restaurants, if one can get past the belligerent stares of the uninviting crowds that hover in front. It also behooves one to have a very strong stomach. The fact that people in Africa, all over Africa, have never even developed the ability to dig for water, much less anything else is irrelevant to the politically correct since such observations are clearly racist. Well, anything true and factual about blacks is inherently racist! What their ‘cuisine’ is supposed to consist of, heavens only knows. I suppose it must be an ad hoc mush of UN food-aid supplies paid for by stupid whites who insist on feeding those who in turn insist on destroying them. The truth is, no one in black Africa has ever been able to feed himself. So how on earth they could possibly develop a ‘cuisine’ remains a mystery.

5) We must not forget ‘Soul Food’, which consists of barbecued chicken, once again and watermelons, not to forget black-eyed peas and pork ribs, none of which have their origin with blacks, but are purely culinary creations of whites in the once proud American South.

6) Than we have the same people telling us about the wonders of the Sushi Bar, raw fish as served in Japan. Frankly I think it’s abominable, but if you like it, so be it. What bothers me here is, that the same people arrogantly dismiss smoked Herring, German pickles, Sauerkraut and anything else that is German, no matter how delicious. When it comes to a Jewish Delicatessen, all those German dishes are voodoo-ed by some rabbi and, voila! It’s delicious JEWISH food. Gosh, how does that work folks? It requires a rabbi to convert Sauerkraut from being officially despised to being officially praised? As far as Japanese ‘cuisine’ is concerned, when studying Japanese culture, one finds that a Japanese kitchen consisted of an open fire and one or two pots. Literally! Visit the traditional Japanese house in the park adjacent to the Huntington Library in San Marino, Ca. and see for yourselves! This was so until after WW2, when the Americans introduced western style kitchens and their appliances. I venture to say, it is an impossibility to develop a ‘cuisine’ with an open fire and a pot. The delicious ‘Teriyaki’ steak is Californian and has very little to do with traditional Japan.

Incidentally, we owe a debt of gratitude to the Italian explorer, the magnificent Marco Polo, who brought Sauerkraut, not to forget Mama Mia’s pasta from China.

Sauerkraut saved the teeth of countless German sailors, while their British counterparts were suffering horrendously due to the lack of Vitamin C in their diet aboard British ships, which, as we all know, ruled the waves. That’s ‘ruled’, as in past tense.

7) And then there’s the Jewish Deli that serves up really good food, but no one tells you, it’s practically all German. That delicious ‘Jewish Rye’? Well, that’s as German as my grandmothers cousin. They bake it and than some Rabbi shows up and performs his Voodoo and voila! it’s Jewish! Neat trick, ain’t it? Incidentally, the best German bread in Los Angeles can be bought at ‘Nate & Al’s Deli in Beverly Hills.

Where in hell are the Germans? The nation that has indisputably contributed more to the USA than any other, including food?

Where is the German Hausfrau with her secret recipe?

Did you know that your “Hot Dog” comes from Germany?

Did you know that your “Hamburger” comes from Germany?

Did you know that your all-American “Apple Pie” comes from Germany?

Did you know that your beer brewing industry was founded exclusively by Germans? Miller, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Strohs, Hamms, Budweiser, Henry Weinhardt’s, Coors, Michelob, Lowenbrau, you name it – all German in origin. The beer brewing industry in Nicaragua is purely German, as is the one in Chile. The best Mexican beer, ‘Bohemia’ is German lager and the best beer in New Zealand ‘Steinlager’ is as German as a Porsche. Incidentally, don’t fall for the ‘Corona’ hoax. It’s not even beer in the strict sense of the word. It’s made of rice!, a no-no. Aside from that it lacks any real taste. That cute slice of lime at the top of the bottle? Well, that’s the creation of an unknown Californian bar-keep who decided to spice up this decidedly ‘un’-spicy beverage.

Did you know that German beer is brewed according to an ancient (350 years old) law, which puts it on par with milk as a food? This law prescribes absolute purity with no chemicals (or rice) allowed. When chemically analyzing German beer, one finds it has virtually the same food value as rye-bread.

Did you know that your dairy industry was founded exclusively by Germans? Not only the American, but that of many other countries as well, such as Chile for example.

Did you know that Ocar Meyer of meat-packing fame, was German? The finest meat-packing companies in South America are those from the South of Chile, purely of German origin, going back 150 years!

Did you know that the greatest American car ever built, the mighty Duesenberg was designed & built by a German? Go to the Imperial Hotel Auto Museum in Las Vegas Nevada to see the greatest collection of Duesenbergs on the planet.

Did you know that the most famous Japanese car ever built, the Datsun 240 Z was designed by Albrecht Goertz, a German designer?

Did you know that the most revolutionary Japanese motorcycle of all time, the Suzuki Katana of 1980, was designed by a design studio in Germany?

Did you know that Porsche Design redesigned & thereby saved your American icon, the Harley-Davidson? Harley on their own was going broke. After the Porsche re-work it has become one of the most recognized names in the motorcycle world. By all rights, todays Harleys ought to be known as Porsche/Harleys. The initial re-design wasn’t the end of it. All subsequent models have been designed mostly by Porsche.

Did you know that the entirety of NASA was founded by German engineers and is based on German technology? That the moon rocket of 1969 was a grandson of the famed V2 rocket of Germany? That all space exploration is based on the German model? One hears TV reporters waxing eloquently about the now defunct Russian MIR space station, while assiduously ignoring that it’s based on German technology and that the German engineers who were kidnapped by the Russians were worked to death. None of them ever saw their families again. Mustn’t embarrass our former allies now, must we? But abusing the Germans is a safe bet.

Did you know that the food company “Kraft” was founded by a German? Can you imagine an American kitchen without Kraft Macaroni & Cheese?

Did you know that one of the most popular sausages is “Braunschweiger” so named because it comes from that German city?

Did you know that Germany has almost as many different sorts of cheeses as France , which reportedly has around 300? Many of the German varieties are French or Italian in origin.

Did you know that we Germans have over 225 different kinds of bread? Did you know that the majority of German bread has extremely high food value, unlike (delicious) Italian or French breads which are made of bleached flour lacking almost all food-value?

Did you know that a large number of the Italian winter-sports stars come from Tyrolia, speak German as their first language, and consider themselves to be German?

Did you know that the most famous bowling balls and equipment, Brunswick, are of German origin and that ‘Brunswick’ is the English name for ‘Braunschweig’?

Did you know that the popular sport of bowling has its origins in Germany?

Did you know that Aerobics were developed by a German doctor, specializing in physical therapy during the 1920’s? That it was originally called “Zandern”, after its developer, Dr. Zander?

Did you know that ketchup was invented by “Heinz-Foods”, a company founded by a German?

Can you imagine having your “Burger” without ketchup?

Did you know that Heinz donated millions-upon-millions of Dollars to the war effort in 1942, to show their allegiance to the US?

Did you know that the art of beer-brewing was introduced to the Japanese by WW1 German prisoners-of-war around 1916?

Did you know that bread-baking was introduced to Japan by that self-same group of German prisoners-of-war?

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