Putin’s Reign of Terror and Role to Destroy the West in a Deal with the Jews!!!

These are the revelations of Christopher Jon Bjerknes. Here some excerpts from the beginning of the first video. I have not watched the full videos, but if he says anything against the Nazis, I do not agree. That would mean, for sure, he mixes truth with lies, or he never has seriously researched WW2:

Video 1 Transcription

Tuesday June 27, 2017 Red Ice TV – this is a speaker from the United States. His book is “Putin’s Reign of Terror”

Christopher Jon Bjerknes: Putin is carrying out the re-construction of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was broken apart during the Reagan administration when the Neo-conservative Trotskyites first came into power. Trotsky promoted the Marxist idea of ‘Permanent Revolution’ whereby Communist forces would continuously agitate to de-stabalize the world and create chaos so that they could then reformate into the Communist model. And the Trotzkyites then took over under the Bush administration and utilized ‘false-flag’ terrorism to create this chaos around the world and to embroil the United States in self-consuming wars that have hurt us very badly.

The U.S. is no longer eager to fight those wars for Israel; so Russia is now stepping in to carry out Trotzky’s “Permanent Revolution” in our time. Putin since the beginning of his ascent to Prime Minister of Russia has utilized false flag terrorism to provide a pretex for Russia to expand its borders and to engage in wars throughout the region, and also, I believe, Putin uses ISIS terrorism at critical moments in political elections abroad to garner support for his favorite political candidates who are anti NATO and anti immigration.

Long before the media picked up on this, long before, back in 2014, I was discussing this. And I was calling for congressional investigations into it. And it’s not just Trump who is involved with the Russians, it was Obama who was involved with the Russians.

Putin was director of the FSB which is the successor organization of the KGB. He was director of the FSB at the time when two Jewish oligarchs Roman Abrahmavich and Boris Bereshkovsky made him Prime Minister to succeed Yeltsin. Yeltsin had become a sloppy drunk and was an ambarassment to them. And they needed a strong leader to come in and secure their interest and increase their wealth.

And they had seen that Putin was loyal to those people to whom he had attached himself.

When he worked for the “Committee of External Relations” of the Mayor’s office in St. Petersburg, and he had a very corrupt tenure there, and when the major was charged with corruption, Putin stood behind him.  So the Jewish oligargs felt that Putin would be a good successor because they knew that he would protect Yeltsin. They weren’t so concerned that he would protect them, they were more concerned that he would protect Yeltsin.

And the way they garnered popular support of this man, who was tainted by his relationship to the KGB and FSB, which are largely unpopular in Russia, was to instigate a war in Chechnya that would make him the glorious leader of the Russian people and rally the support of the Russians behind him. And Bereshkovsky set up a scheme to have a couple thousand troops invade Dagestan, and Putin would then come in and squash this uprising of this Islamic terrorism and take over Chechnya and appoint a new leadership in Chechnya that would be anti-West and favorable to Russia. And concurrently, the FSB, really KGB, had instigated bombings in and around Moscow that blew up apartment buildings and this was false-flag Terrorism that scapegoated the Chechens. So Putin began utilizing Islamic terrorism AS A PRETEXT TO INVADE other nations. And he created the same terrorism he was opposing…

The police caught the FSB planting additional bombs in Moscow before they were detonated. And several journalists were murdered reporting on this story… Bereshkovsky gave testimony where he revealed the whole plot. He was actually the architect of this plot and he coyly hid his role in that, but he pointed the finger directly at Putin and said Putin was utilizing this false flag terrorism to promote himself and to gain dictorial power over the Russian people… to promote him as the “strong leader” as opposed to fumbling Yeltsin… Putin re-played the same scenario in South Ossetia in Georgia and he invaded Georgia. And when he annexed Crimea, he sent in Chechens, and he sent them in on both sides so that Chechens would be fighting Chechens in the Ukraine. When the Sochi Olympics approached, he sent all the terrorists in Turkey, Georgia and Chechnya down to Syria to provide him with a pretext to go there and fight the terrorists there so that they could never return to Russia. So it has been an ever-expanding utilization of these false flag terrorists who now control ISIS to spread crisis around where he can then create military bases and take over territory.

The West is interfering to create the de-stabilization to further the Trotzkyite Permanent Revolution. You have to have two opposing sides in order for things to become destabilized and reach a crisis point. So he [Putin] is not only using Chechens against Chechens, you’ll notice that the color revolutions were also financed and instigated by Jews… My recollection is that it was Jews in the West who were promoting and financing the color revolutions… Stalin had broken up the demographic majorities in all of these countries by transferring millions upon millions of people out of their indigenous lands [admind: and out of Germany as well] to the GULags, to the graveyards, and to other nations so they could later utilize this as a means of saying: „Hey, you are persecuting Russians,“ so that Russia therefore has a right to come in and intervene. So what they were doing with these color revolutions is creating a stress factor that would legitimize Russian intervention.

This is not just Putin, this is Trotzkyism, and what happened with Nato was the false flag terrorism that took place on 9/11 provided a pretex for them to re-orient NATO from defending Europe and Western civilization from Russian communism, towards fighting ISLAM for the benefit of Russia and for the benefit of Israel. And NATO has only invoked Article 5, calling on memberstates to support member states militarily in Afghanistan. Now Afghanistan is an Islamic nation and an enemy of Russia. So the only time that NATO has gone to war was not to defend Western civilization from Russia but to fight a war for Russia that benefits Israel.

So the Trotzkyites commandiered NATO and turned it into an anti-Islamic, pro-Israel, pro Russian force, instead of ist original mission which was to protect Europe from Communism. If NATO were fulfilling ist mission, Greece, for example, could invoke article 5, and wage war against the EU, which is undermining the sovereignity of NATO member states. NATO should be invoked to fight this Communist agenda of destroying the homogenie of these nations and their national sovereignity instead of fighting Islam for the benefit of Russia and Israel.

And Russia and Israel profited tremendously from these wars that the Trotzkyites invoked because Russia was able to benefit from the rising oil prices and utilize those additional moneys to fund ist military buildup. It has made Putin one of the heros of Russia that he is today, by investing heavily in a military buildup.

And it was Saudi Arabia (admin: a Jewish kingdom) who 1) to help to bring down the Soviet Union and 2) to help stop Putin’s expenditure on military procurement by lowering oil prices. And we see the alt-right, we see the Republicans, who have been commandiert by the Trotzkyites, trying to scape goat Saudi Arabia for many of the ills happening in the world because Saudi Arabia is an enemy of Russia and not because Saudi Arabia is an enemy of the United States. Alt-right is pro-Russian. [admin: we need to know whom all he relly means by alt-right!!!]

(The Jews coming into Russia are the Neo-Conservatives.) The Neo-Cons came from Jews who came to the United States long ago. They were Russian immigrant Jews but they were not Russian immigrant Jews who fled when Nixon started to open up the Soviet Union for immigration out of Jews. That was around 1971 and got progressively greater all the way through the Carter administration. The Jews setting up neo-Conservatism were Leo Strauss and Irving Chrystal. And Leo Strauss is known for saying:

“It is the duty of the government to lie to the people and manipulat them into taken whatever actions the leaderships deems necessary”

And Bush lied a lot to get us into wars in the Middle East. And Irving Chrystal was a Trotzkyite and promoted the ideas of having de-stablization and that chaos is good. And another Neocon was Ladin, I think Michael Ladin, who said that chaos and destabalization are good because they provide for opportunity for change, to remold things into the form they would like for them to take… Continues at 18:50 minutes

Christoper Jon Bjerknes – Putin’s Reign of Terror (Part 1):

Putin’s Reign of Terror, pt 2 ~ Christopher Jon Bjerknes



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