Knowledge of German Technology and Science Hidden, Left Out, and Erased

…Did you know that the country with the most motorcycles in circulation was Germany (over a million in 1935), that Germany’s DKW was the worlds largest motorcycle manufacturer? That the Japanese motorcycle industry today is based on German patents, most of which were shamelessly stolen? The Japanese stole German technology as late as the 1980’s, when Suzuki copied the racing engine of the MZ racing bike. MZ was built in communist occupied Germany and was based in the former DKW company…


By Gerry Frederics

[*Comments inserted by The article appears to be a few decades old.]

Excerpt from: “What the Germans gave you”

Did you know that the automobile was invented by what later became Mercedes Benz, a German company?

Did you know that Walter P. Chrysler (Kreisler) was German?

Did you know that we Germans are the nation who fathered Professor Ferdinand Porsche? Ya, that one. The guy who built those sports cars. Well, as a thirteen-year old, he designed and built an entire electric plant for his fathers farm, as a birthday gift for his dad! This was at a time, when electricity wasn’t even thought of out in the country. He was 13! During WW1, he designed the first and possibly most efficient all-wheel-drive vehicle of all time (around 1915!!). It was called The Electric Land Train, because it consisted of four wagons-each with four wheels plus one wagon with two wheels in front and one with two wheels in back. Within each wheel hub was an electric motor controlled by the driver who sat in the front (two-wheeled ) wagon.There was another driver in the rear-wagon, again one with only two wheels. This ‘train’ could move over the most impossible terrain, because it literally moved like a snake. The reason it was not produced was the cost factor. It was sinfully expensive for the times.

Around 1928, Porsche received a commission to design a car easy to built, maintain and to drive, a car for the masses. The company behind this scheme was Zuendapp of motorcycle fame.What he came up with was essentially the first VW prototype. Zuendapp unfortunately lacked the funds to produce it. Adolf Hitler who was an absolute car nut ran across this design. He comprehended the greatness of the idea and summoned Porsche in 1934 to commission him to actually built such a car. The result was the VW Beetle.

Concurrently (!) Porsche designed the most revolutionary and successful racing car of all time, the Auto Union V-16. This was a machine to end all machines. Mid-engine, V-16, producing around 750 horsepower, quasi impossible to handle for mortal men, the all-time car of cars, no doubt! It makes todays Formula One racing machines look like, well, sort of limp-wristed, you know what I mean, Enzo? Then Porsche was hired by Mercedes to design a car for them. He came up with one of the most exotic, strange-but-beautiful looking things ever put on wheels, the rear-engined Mercedes 150-H. This thing was incredible, but so ‘strange’ that Mercedes buyers shied away from it.

When the war came, Porsche’s creation, the VW did duty without any modifications in the African dessert and in the steppes of Russia! Try that with a Toyota (Ha,ha,ha,ha!). The VW formed the basis for the ‘Schwimmwagen’ an amphibious vehicle (try that with a Nissan Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!). It survived the war and became the most successful automobile of all times, even eclipsing Henry (Henry The Great!) Fords, models ‘A’ or ‘T’! The British had the opportunity to steal the entire VW plant in 1946 but declined to do so. Some colonel didn’t like the way the car sounded. (I am serious here!) Well, today VW owns Rolls Royce and could buy the whole island if they’d wanted. Poetic justice!!

In 1939 Porsche designed a tank which he called “The Mouse”. It was the largest, most formidable armored vehicle ever put on the road. Alas, it was so monstrously heavy and expensive, production was cancelled. During the war years Porsche ran the French Peugeot factory, fair and square. This man never did anyone any harm, ever! As a ‘Thank You’ for the benign and demonstrably fair treatment he afforded his workers, the French government imprisoned him after the war, setting him finally free, after the German government paid some outrageous amount of blackmail. Not one to stop, Porsche took an old Beetle, re-designed it and came up with the “Porsche”, a sports car unequalled in terms of sporting success, quality and reputation.

Not one to be limited in any way, Porsche designed and built one of the finest diesel powered farm tractors ever during the early 1960’s! Since then “Porsche-Design” has re-designed the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, created watches, bicycles, even china and furniture, all to world-acclaim. Companies the world over in ‘design’-trouble regularly call on Porsche Design to solve their problems. They don’t call on Ferrari, they don’t call on Maserati (sorry, just a little joke here), they don’t call on Ford, General Motors, VW or Mercedes, they sure as hell don’t call anyone in England. They call PORSCHE!

This one German created more than the entire industrial capacity and brain power of the vast majority of nations combined, and I kid you not!

Did you know that the Boeing family of airplane fame, is German?

Did you know that the X-Ray, without which modern medicine would be but a dream, was invented by Herr W. K. Roentgen, a German physicist who was a university drop-out?

Did you know that the finest optical industries were (are) German? That the entire Japanese optical industry, cameras and all, are based on German patents, some of which go back 100 years? That to this day, Zeiss Ikon are the standard by which all cameras and lenses are judged?

Did you know that the motorcycle is a German invention of 1885?

Did you know that the country with the most motorcycles in circulation was Germany (over a million in 1935), that Germany’s DKW was the worlds largest motorcycle manufacturer? That the Japanese motorcycle industry today is based on German patents, most of which were shamelessly stolen? The Japanese stole German technology as late as the 1980’s, when Suzuki copied the racing engine of the MZ racing bike. MZ was built in communist occupied Germany and was based in the former DKW company.

Did you know that in the year 1938, German motorcycle racer Ewald Kluge won the British Isle Of Man (Pride of Britain) race by a whopping eleven minutes (!) on his 250cc DKW, that Kluge won the European championship (the equivalent to today’s ‘world’ championship), the German championship and the German Hill-Climb championship, all in one year, all riding his magnificent DKW. Kluges 11-minute win at the Isle Of Man was possibly the most stunning win in racing history, considering the times and the place and the unprecedented superiority of this man and his machine. International races such as these are not won by 11 minutes, but usually by a few seconds. In addition, Kluge had movie star looks, was unassuming, pleasant, never overbearing and literally loved by everyone, including the British racing fans of his time.

Did you know, that Honda got their start by carbon-copying a German NSU Supermax motorcycle?

Did you know that the NSU Supermax of the early 1950’s was one of the most advanced bikes in the world, the evolutionary result of 50 years of engineering?


Did you know that NSU was one of the oldest motorcycle producers in the world, that as early as 1915 they designed and build a gorgeous V-twin with rear suspension, at a time when rear wheel suspension was practically unknown? That NSU dominated the worlds formula one circuits in the 1950’s in the 125 cc and the 250 cc classes? That NSU, to this day (!) holds several world speed records? That NSU built the most advanced (and stylish, trend-setting) automobile in the 1960’s, the Wankel powered RO 80 with a CW value of less than 30, unheard of at that time?

Did you know it was NSU which sold the Wankel engine, invented by German engineer Felix Wankel to Mazda of Japan? And that Mazda’s much touted technical prowess is squarely based on this German invention?

Did you know Sony bought the 8-mm video camera from Bosch of Germany?, that it is a German invention?

Did you know that NSU was swallowed by all-powerful VW, who, lacking all historical perspective and respect allowed this illustrious name to disappear?

Did you know that VW instead of saving venerable world-class German manufacturers like NSU invested billions in the totally decrepit and outmoded Czech automobile and weapons manufacturer Skoda, designed an entirely new line of cars for them and is today selling those GERMAN designs, built with GERMAN money under GERMAN supervision as Czech products? Are these VW-managers idiotically masochistic, or what? They should all be shot for high treason as far as I am concerned.

Did you know that to this day, the Czechs, as a ‘thank you’, are spitting on us Germans? And that the managers at VW are blissfully unaware of their own traitorous insanity?, that if one tells them what the Czechs did after WW2, they refuse to believe it, but they will believe the most outlandishly horrid and obviously insane claims against their own grand fathers?


Did you know that one of the most successful and doubtlessly beautiful English bikes of all time was 1959-1963 Ariel and that this particular Ariel’s mechanicals were a carbon copy of the early 1950’s German 250 cc two-stroke Adler twin from Frankfurt?

Did you know that Adler was a venerable German automobile manufacturer who had belonged to the technological avant garde before and even after WW2? When viewing the Adler ‘Autobahn’ of 1936 at the Imperial Palace Auto Museum in Las Vegas, ones breath is being taken away at what we Germans created at a time, when 1920’s technology was still de rigeur with many other European car builders. The factory had been completely destroyed in a 1944 air raid. Overcoming incredible odds starting from scratch Adler created a superior line of motorcycles in the early 1950’s as well as top-class office machines. The latter were sold world-wide. The city of Frankfurt did not see fit to support them with tax incentives and tax breaks when they needed it. This self-same city of Frankfurt however has spent untold millions in supporting almost invariably parasitical none-Germans. The Japanese on the other hand support their industries massively when and if in need and aren’t even giving a thought to paying ‘reparation’ (blackmail) to anybody. GOOD FOR THEM, shame on Germany.

Did you know that the best Russian automobile ever made was the Moskwitsch? That this car was a copy, nut for nut, bolt for bolt, of the 1938 German pre-war Opel Kadett?

Did you know that today, as you read this, the Russians are building a motorcycle called the “Ural”, which is a carbon copy of the 1958 BMW RS 75, including the ‘Steib’ side-car?

Did you know that in 1936 a British motorcycle publication wrote a report on a large variety of British side-cars as well as the German ‘Steib’? Did you know they rated the Steib vastly superior to all others?

Did you know that the Chinese are building today, a carbon copy of the 1941 BMW 750 motorcycle? They could have copied a British, Italian or American bike. But they chose a 60-year old (!) BMW design.

Did you know that Zundapp, the oldest German industrial company was sold, lock-stock-and-barrell to a Chinese conglomerate in the 1980’s, without the state of Bavaria even asking what they could do to help the company? Munich has plenty of money to promote Holohoax (and a hoax it is indeed!) memorials but none to help one of their most treasured industrial companies. Did you know that Zundapp manufactured a ‘war-hero’ motorcycle, the equivalent of the heavy BMW all day long? That they manufactured the arguably finest motorscooter of all times, the ‘Bella’, the revolutionary mini car ‘Janus’ in the 1950’s, some of the finest sewing machines in the world and the by far most popular and reliable outboard engines in Germany? The Janus automobile incidentally was designed by one of the world’s leading aircraft designers, Mr. Dornier, who had been prohibited by the allies to design aircraft after the war.

Did you know that this self-same Chinese conglomerate is today successfully building a decent line of motorcycles, which it is marketing in Asia and South America under the name of “MOTORRAD”? Did you know that Motorrad means motorcycle in German?

Did you know that todays best selling car in the South American country of Chile is the Opel Corsa, a German car?

Did you know that American Chevrolet, in order to crank on sales in South America is importing German Opels under the brand name of Chevrolet? And that American Buick is building the German Opel Corsa in China, calling it Buick?

Did you know that the Cadillac Catera was a German Opel Omega MV6?

Did you know that the top-of-the-line Saturn back in 1998 in the US was a re-styled Opel Vectra? Incidentally, the best-looking Vectra ever built!

Did you know that Korean Daewoo bought the design of the 1985 Opel Kadett, that they hired a top engineer away from BMW, that they established a design center in Stuttgart? That this self-same German engineer re-designed the old Opel and came up with the most successful Daewoo automobile ever produced?

Did you know that the up-scale Daewoo Leganza is nothing more than an Opel Vectra in a different, very attractive dress?

Did you know that in the 1950’s the Germans developed an entire mini-car industry with an incredibly diverse model palette?, that these mini cars, slightly up-dated could easily compete on the world’s market today? That we had not only amazingly efficient mini-cars, but also some really handsome examples, using the latest technology available at the time? That todays Japanese and Korean mini-cars in no way are superior to these micro-cars in Germany so long ago?

Did you know that after the war, American teams, trained and designed for the very purpose, scoured and destroyed Germany and stole every patent, every invention, every art work and all the gold they could lay their hands on?

Did you know, that even today with so much documentation available, it is impossible to correctly ascertain the amount of industrial secrets, money, gold and art works which were stolen from Germany after 1945?

Did you know that it is a certainty, that United States Industry as a whole received a windfall, which is impossible to calculate, none of which has ever been paid back and is now never being spoken about?

Did you know, that German sculptor extraordinaire Arno Breker (called the Michelangelo of the 20th. Century by the French) was blackballed from ever sculpting again and that his works were all stolen by the American Army, which transported these art works to the US where they remain hidden to this day?

Did you know that it is French art historians who have kept the memory of Breker alive and who are building a museum in honor of this great German while he is forgotten in his own country?, that the museums exhibits will consist of PHOTOGRAPHS of Breker’s monumental, beautiful creations, since, as mentioned above, the originals are all hidden away someplace in the USA?

Did you know that Bayer, the inventors of the wonder drug Aspirin, is a German chemical company which was confiscated by the US?, that the US has never re-imbursed the German owners for this multi-billion dollar theft?

Did you know that Pfitzer represents the same case as Bayer?, and Merck as well?

Can anyone even begin to imagine the trillions of dollars the USA made from these thefts?

Did you know that not only the Americans but the British and the French and Russians benefited hugely from the massive theft of all German patents and inventions after WW2?

Did you know, that the Russians dismantled the entire DKW motocycle factory (the largest motorcycle factory in the world at the time!) and shipped it all to Russia, only to let it rot?

Did you know that the Russians did that with a large number of German industrial enterprises? That they not only stole the plans, but the ENTIRE plants (or what was left of them after the round-the-clock bombings), including light switches, water faucets, electrical wiring, water pipes, roofing materials? That the only thing that was left were the shells of the buildings and even many of those were dismantled and the VERY BRICKS removed to the Soviet Union. All of it done by German slave laborers, a huge number of whom died of exhaustion and undernourishment.

Did you know that in 1953 the Russians discovered German engineers had miraculously managed to built a jet-liner at the old Arado aircraft factory?, that they ordered an immediate halt to the proceedings?, that they stole the airplane, its plans, machine tools, everything, including the engineers (that’s called kidnapping!) and transported all to Russia? Did you know that it was this German Arado jet liner, which formed the basis for all Russian civilian airliners for the coming 40 years? Tupolov, indeed!

Did you know, that Arado, one of the great names in aviation history is not even mentioned in today’s university text books on aviation?


Did you know the British stole German jet-aircraft documents which formed the basis for the first passenger jet-liner of the world in 1951?, that this English creation had the nasty habit of disintegrating in mid-air due to a British design flaw (Windows too large. They’d popp out and ‘voila’, there went the plane!)? That this caused the eventual collapse of the once proud British aircraft industry? Had they kidnapped the German engineers as well, the airplane would have received proper-size windows and flown like an angel! Alas, they didn’t. Poetic justice sometimes is actually on our side.

Did you know, that one of the arguably finest British automobils ever was the Bristol 504 and that it was a carbon copy of the German pre-war BMW Type 326? In this case, they didn’t kidnap anyone or steal a design. They actually HIRED the top BMW engineer (I believe a certain Herr Fiedler) to come to Britain and to create the car.

Did you know that British BSA (BritishSmallArms) stole the entire production line of the pre-war German DKW RT-125 motorcycle before the Russians got their hands on the factory? The entire BSA line of two-stroke bikes during the 50’s and 60’s were based on this German bike. It can be said, those bikes were the only truly reliable bikes BSA ever built.

Did you know that the famed Yamaha twins of the 1970’s-’80’s were squarely based on German Adler technology, that the Harley Davidson ‘Hummer’ of the early 1950’s was in reality a DKW 125 and that the Kawasaki two-strokes were all copies of DKW designs?

Did you know that Saab’s first car was a design by a German engineer, who had worked at DKW before the war? That this car was the very foundation of todays Saab? That it was, for all intents and purposes a copy of Germany’s DKW’s 3=6 model designed in 1941 and that the Swedes built it for over 30 years?

Did you know that the very first Yamaha motorcycle was a copy of the DKW RT125?

Did you know that sadly today when mentioning this unequaled fountainhead of inspiration (DKW) people don’t even know what it means?

Have the English, the French or the Italians ever had a manufacturer as successful, so envied, so copied, so much stolen from as our DKW? Ya, right. They wish!

Did you know that Konrad Zuse, a German electronics engineer invented the first mechanical computer in 1936? That this self-same Konrad Zuse developed the first fully functioning electronic computer in 1941? That he did it by himself? That he did it without governmental help or even prodding? That he accomplished this incredible feat on his own, with his his own funds in his garage? His motivation? He was tired of spending countless hours figuring out complex mathematical equations.

Did you know that Zuse’s computer was destroyed during one of the first British air raids on a strictly civilian population center in 1941, long before a German airplane appeared over Britain, while Hitlers government was still vainly trying to come to an agreement with the Churchill government on Dowing Street # 10?

Did you know that Zuse’s name is practically unknown to today’s computer people, that the fact that the computer is for all intents and purposes a German invention is unknown?

Did you know that the worlds most modern train system, was built in China in 2002? That it was a German (Siemens) design? That the people who built it were German engineers and workmen? That the Chinese President couldn’t believe the Germans hadn’t built it in their own country?

Did you know, Germany has plenty of money to subsidize the European Union, to built never ending Holohoax memorials, to import more parasites from Pakistan, but they do not have enough money to built their very own , world-leading train-system for their own people. Can anyone with half a brain believe such masochistic insanity?

Did you know that chemistry is essentially German?

Did you know that it started in the middle ages?, that the first ‘chemists’ were alchemists?, that these alchemists were searching for a way to make artificial gold?

Did you know that Germany in those times consisted of hundreds of small duchies, city states and tiny ‘countries’, all of which had a handful of alchemists trying their best to discover how to make gold?

Did you know that one of those alchemists discovered the formula for making porcelan while looking for the elusive artificial gold?

Did you know that not only is porcelain a German invention, but Germany posesses the largest amount of the finest porcelain manufacturers world-wide?

Did you know that to this day Meissen-China is the ultimate porcelain? That ‘Hummel’ has fathered the world-wide industry of china-figurines (such as Spanish Lladro)? That Rosenthal, Hutschenreuther, Tischenreuther, Thomas, Bavaria and a host of others are quasi unequaled and admired by anyone in the world?

Did you know that the SS had a china manufacturer by the name of Allenbach? And that this company made some of the most artful and beautiful animal figures, such as dogs, or horses?, that this manufacturer was destroyed and its products either robbed or smashed by the art-loving allies after 1945?

Did you know that some of the finest crystal in the world comes from Bohemia? That Bohemia was German when the crystal industry was developed there?

Did you know that ‘Swarovsky’, the manufacturer of the finest cut-glass figurines and Jewelry is Austrian? And that Austria is as German as my grandmother’s cousin?

Did you know that Austria, Bavaria, Silesia, Pommerania, West Prussia, East Prussia, Alsace-Lorraine and the Sudetenland are all demonstrably German, that the street sign in Strassburg are in both French and German, that the grand cathedral in Strassburg is purely German gothic, that the cities of Danzig, Breslau, Liegnitz, Pillau, Eger, Carlsbad, Thorn, Strassburg, Malmedy, Stettin and a host of others are demonstrably German?, that every important city in the Czech Republic including Prague and most important cities in Poland were built by German settlers?

That plastics are a German invention?

That synthetic fibers are a German invention

That the study of genetics originated in Germany?

That the sciences, ALL of them, are essentially German, not in origin of course, and not exclusively (nature is the origin), but intellectually? That the vast majority of all scientists of note in the latter part of the 19th. century and the first half of the 20th. received their training at German universities?

That synthetic foods such as margarine originated in Germany? That they were developed because the Germans wanted to be independent of the rest of world, shall we say, to be impervious to blackmail and boycotts?

Did you know night-vision goggles were invented by German engineers?

Did you know that “Telefunken” advertised TV-sets for sale (1936), when 99% of the world’s population didn’t even know what TV was?

Did you know that the father of German Television volunteered during the waning days of WW2 to fight on the eastern front and that he died in battle?, that his grave was discovered accidentally early in 2003? And that the ‘official’ story is that German TV is only 50 years old? Can anyone imagine the collective insanity which afflicts us Germans, that we KNOWINGLY deny the truth about our accomplishments, KNOWINGLY besmirch those who were great and KNOWINGLY spread falsehoods and lies detrimental to our people, while KNOWINGLY supporting the very people who are our sworn enemies, people who OPENLY admit today that they are our enemies, the Jews?


Did you know that “Telefunken” was only one of dozens of German electronics firms leading the world in developing that particular field of human endeavor before the Japanese even knew what a radio wave was?

Did you know (no one seems to) that the Videophone was being developed in Germany as early as 1934? The first public video-phone connection was established on March 1st. 1936 between Berlin and Leipzig. This was the very first fully functioning video-phone connection in the world. We Germans developed the coaxial cable in order to extend the distances of communications at the same time. One of the first places from which a video-phone call could be made, was from the Columbus Haus in Berlin. Today in 2003, the videophone is hailed as ‘new’ technology (American of course). Well, no. That’s a lie. We German developed it to perfection almost 70 years ago.

Did you know that the entire stereo industry would be but a dream if it weren’t for patents and inventions by Germans? We invented the recording tape, the tape recorder. In the 1950’s and ’60’s we built the finest microphones, loudspeakers, receivers and turntables in the world, bar none. German design was copied by every manufacturer all over the world. German makes included Telefunken, Saba, Grundig, Nordmende, Schaub-Lorenz, Loewe-Opta, and a slew of others. ALL were recognized the world over as being the best of the best. I own a 1962 Grundig table-top radio that looks great and works flawlessly, despite it having been one of the low-prized units of its time. In my study I have a 30 year Grundig stereo set, whose cassette-tape recording quality equals that of a current high line professional recorder having a cassette-recording frequency range of from 50 hz to 17.500 hz, using a 30-year old (!) Grundig stereo microphone! In the 1950’s and ’60’s, long-play records contained information regarding the technical aspects of the recording. On almost every record one could read that Telefunken microphones were used in the recording studio.

Did you know that the Hi-line Blaupunkt car stereo is today the by far best in the world, not the least because it is designed to be user-friendly to an uncommon degree. I know, because my BMW 528 E had one and comparing it to the others such as Alpine, Phillips, Kenwood, or even German Becker, there’s no contest.

Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell DID NOT invent the telephone, but that it was invented by a German engineer by the name of Geiser 15 years before! This according to essentially anti-German BBC.

Did you know that the present day American machine gun is based on the German model of WW2? And the present-day American helmet as well, not to forget every tank in the worlds diverse armies? Did you know that Americas much touted Abrams Tank of today uses a German gun, developed by Rheinmetall? And that those very same Tanks donated to the terrorist Jewish state in occupied Palestine are powered by German diesel engines? And that the present-day German slave-government not only donated the engines, but built an entire factory for the Jews, furnishing everything necessary, probably forever, for building and maintaining those engines? Is Germany utterly insane? Of course they are!

Did you know that the world’s submarines are practically all patterned after German designs?

Did you know that the most sought after non-nuclear submarines of today are designed and built in Germany?

Did you know that the Israeli navy and the Argentine navy use German submarines? That the German government gave the submarines to Israel as a gift? (Talking about criminal stupidity, this is it!) [*It’s not stupidity. What choice do the German workers have under mostly Jewish government leaders and with literally a gun to their head?]

Did you know that the very first operational rocket plane was German?

Did you know the very first operational jet plane was German? That it was demonstrated at an air show in 1939? That it wasn’t developed further until 4 years later is a German tragedy.

Did you know the by far best tank in WW2 was the King Tiger, a German panzer?

Did you know that famed American optics maker Bausch and Lomb, were Germans?

Did you know that the oldest maker of wheeled vehicles in America was Studebaker and that Studebaker was German?, that Studebaker designed the arguably world’s best truck, the American Military issue ‘deuce-and-a-half’, built to this very day?

Did you know that the most luxurious ocean liner ever built was the liner “Deutschland” of the Hamburg-New York line in the 1930’s?

Did you know that the ‘economy’ passengers menu reads like a Five-Star Hotel competing in an international Michelin guide contest? I know, since I happen to have a copy. Never in my life have I eaten like that even though I’ve eaten in some of the finest places in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Lima (the Hotel Bolivar, now defunct, was one of the GREAT hotels of the Americas), Santiago de Chile (you haven’t had lunch until you’ve had it at the Roof Garden Restaurant at the magnificent Hotel Carrera), New York (my wife and I lived at the Intercontinental in Manhattan for 3 weeks), Frankfurt (the Salzhaus Restaurant has got to be one the finest in Europe), London, Rome, Madrid, Berlin( try the Kempinski Hotel if you want to LIVE), Florence and Paris where the Chauteau Briand is divine no matter where you dine, not to forget Las Vegas, where Ceasars Palace is still the greatest after all these years. I’ve missed a few, but don’t want to brag. I do enjoy life and great food is an integral part of it!

Did you know that the tip on top of the Empire State building in New York was a proposed anchoring point for the “Hindenburg”, the German air ship?

The Hindenburg Disaster  Did you know that the air-ship Hindenburg afforded the most luxurious travel known to man?, that we Germans developed this magnificent air ship at the time, when the British were developing long range bombers and Phospour bombs to burn German women and children slowly to death in the future?, or were they per chance planning on annihilating the Irish, Luxemburgians, Latvians – WHO? We know whom Churchill wanted to annihilate (and damn near did), because he himself said in 1936 (!): ‘The Germans are getting too strong. We must wipe them out.’ In a moment of absolute insanity, the city of Aachen gave this mass-murdering bastard the Karlspreis, one of Germany’s highest awards. It’s really sickening.

Did you know that we Germans had not a single long range bomber, or transport plane under development until late 1938, when it had become apparent the British, at the behest of world-Jewry was bent on destroying us? The long range aircraft we did have was the unparalleled magnificence of the Dornier DO-X, a flying boat with which we crossed the oceans BEFORE Panam! The Do-X had 12 engines with a total of 6300 horespowers and weighed in at over 70.000 pounds. It dwarfed all others. This aircraft was neither suitable for military operations nor had it ever been intended for such. The British and the Americans on the other hand had developed long-range bombers, exclusively for military purposes as early as the middle 1920’s. Folks, long range bombers are ATTACK weapons systems, NEVER designed for defensive purposes. Whom was the English-speaking world bent on attacking? The people of Lichtenstein?

Did you know that the German Luftwaffe used a civilian airliner, the JU 52 as a troop transporter and for various other missions, because they had nothing more appropriate and that this very plane was flown in many South American countries until the early 1960’s by local airlines?

Did you know that we had trans-Atlantic air travel to New York and Rio de Janeiro, using the most modern flying boat , the Dornier DoX mentioned above as early as 1925? And no, it wasn’t the USA with their Panam Clipper, but Germany with the Dornier Do-X that paved the way for future air travel.

Did you know that this selfsame Dornier was pohibited from designing air planes after WW2? To prohibit a man like him from designing air planes is like prohibiting Beethoven from writing music. Dornier was a giant amongst the worlds air craft designers. A giant.

Did you know that the present day US Coast Guard school ship “Eagle” is really the “Horst Wessel”, the German naval school ship of the 30’s?

Did you know that the “Conestoga” wagon of American Wild West fame was designed by Studebaker and patterned after the “Postkutsche” from Germany?

Did you know that the Diesel engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel, a German engineer?

Did you know that the German helmet of WW2 saved hundreds of thousands of lives and that that is the reason the US Army uses it today? Does that not beg the question, why todays German soldiers run around looking like second class British Have-beens? Is it not shameful what they have done to us with the aquiesence of ‘our’ various crawling governments?

Did you know that German motor cars ruled the international formula one circuits before WW2, practically unchallenged? That German motorcycles did the same?

Did you know that German motorcycles ruled the worlds formula one circuits after WW2 during the 1950’s as well?

That German racing cars in the 1950’s and ’60’s were practically untouchable, until Mercedes and Porsche both decided to withdraw from racing?

Did you know that, on a per capita basis, Germans have won more gold, silver or bronze medals in more Olympics than any other nation?

Did you know that in the early 1950’s we Germans developed an entirely new class of automobile? It was called the ‘micro-car’ or in some cases the ‘bubble-car’. These things were amazing. If one would take the makes and types listed below, one would have an automotive sub-industry with which one could motorize the entire world, without anyone going into forever-debt by ‘leasing’ some asiatic coffee-can stuffed with stolen western technology. There isn’t a Daewoo Tico, Subaru Justy, Suzuki Maruti, Hyundai or any other rice-eater which could hold a candle to the following 40 to 50 (!) year old German micro-cars:

‘The amazingly original and efficient BMW 600′, ‘the various, lovely BMW 700-series cars’, ‘the family cars par excellence-Glas Isar 750, Hansa 1100, Gutbrod, or ‘The truly fantastic Maico 400′, the various ‘Goliath’ cars, the ‘DKW Jr. 750′, the lovely ‘Borgward Arabella’, the amazing ‘Fuldamobil S-3′, the truly one-of-a-kind ‘Zuendapp (Dornier) Janus’, the great-looking ‘Kleinschnittger F-250-C’, the lovely ‘Victoria 250′, the gorgeous (Pininfarina eat your heart out!) ‘Maico 500 Sport’, the proposed, but never produced Hanomag Partner, the gorgeous ‘Gutbrod Superior Sport Roadster’, ‘Weidner Condor S-70′ and I haven’t even mentioned any of the incredibly individualistic and successful “Bubble-Cars”!

Not only were these machines truly marvelous cars, they were extremely diverse and absolutely original. Some had one-Cylinder two-stroke engines, some 2-cylinders , some three-cylinders, some four-stroke Boxers (unfortunately usually under-powered, the only sore point), some were two seaters, some three-seaters, some four seaters, some were made of fiberglass, some had one door in front and one on the side, one had a door in front and another in the back (!), some of the more tiny ones had no doors, some had engines in front, some in the middle (yep, that too is a German development, the mid-engined car), some in the rear, they were all the individualistic creations of German automotive genius at a time, when Germany was just barely getting back on her feet. Most of these cars were designed by individuals in tiny workshops employing maybe a dozen people, many of whom had to wait for months before getting paid, but worked away anyway, never missing a beat! We not only recovered, but we created and worked, and worked and created and rose like a Phoenix from the ashes, we truly did! And I dare anyone with know-how to prove me wrong when I say, the present-day crop of asian stuff, can’t hold a candle to any of our 45-50 year old creations. Hell, they aren’t even on our planet and yes, I am damned proud to be German and no, that isn’t arrogance, but a healthy feeling of unmitigated pride! There isn’t a country on earth, not a civilization on the planet which can lay claim to anything even remotely like the micro-car industry Germany had created within a 2 year period out of nothingness, utter destruction and despair. If one can’t be proud of that, what the hell is there?

Did you know, that we Germans produced some of the finest heavy-duty trucks in history? Hanomag, MAN, Krupp, Buessing, Opel Blitz, Stoewer, Magirus, Deutz, Kaessbohrer, Faun and the list is quasi endless!

Did you know that an up-to-date super modern automotive factory was ‘given’ to the Poles? Well, actually they stole it, the only thing Poles seem to excell at. Poland inherited (what a sick joke THAT is), the entire Stoewer factory after WW2. Stoewer had produced world-class automobiles and 4-wheel-drive trucks. The “Stoewer Greif” was the equivalent of any middle class automobile on the planet in the 1930’s and a damned sight better and more advanced than most. The Poles (predictably) let this magnificent factory rot away and only managed to built a third-class motorcycle in it for less than 4 years. Today Germany is sponsoring Polands entry into the European Union, grovelling like a bunch of drunken cowards. If this isn’t sheer insanity, what the hell is??

Did you know that todays Highways are the brainchild of Professor Dr. Todt, a German architect? That in the 20’s highways were built of asphalt?, that asphalt is a by-product of oil? That the Germans, already during the Weimar Republic thought of connecting every major and minor city with broad, sweeping highways? That these highways were supposed to be built according to nature, in other words, no mountains were to be flattened and no part of nature was to be destroyed? That Professor Todt got the job of designing such a monumental highways system? He realized that it could never be done with asphalt, because Germany had to buy that material from foreign sources, but did not have the money. What to do? Invent a new system, of course. That’s the German way! He decided to built his highways with concrete, a hitherto never tried method. He developed a system by which concrete could be poured in the shape of plates, which then would be attached to one another, forming a continuous line. This way the road way would not break or crack during Germany’s severe winters. After many attempts to get it right, Professor Todt succeeded. He designed the most beautiful highway system the world has ever seen. Architects from all over the world came to Germany to marvel at his creation, a nature-friendly creation at a time when no one even thought about the environment! The German Autobahn created by him is one of the engineering marvels of the past 150 years, there can be no doubt. Professor Todt died during the war in a plane crash.

Did you know that Hitler-era Germany was the first and only country in the world to truly consider the environment? This was based on the German love of nature, which in turn is based on ancient Teutonic religious beliefs. They furnished full employment to its people (real jobs, not MickeyMouse make-believe minimum wage garbage at McDonalds), a complete health care-system for everyone, they practically outlawed interest on bank loans. Bank loans were permitted only for major purchases. It was prohibited to mortgage farms. Farming land thereby not only assured the farmers a decent income, but a farm could never be foreclosed on. The result was the most stable, advanced and productive farming community in the world. The Hitler government traded (bartered) internationally rather than to buy, thereby outmaneuvering the international money sharks (the Jews, for those of you who still haven’t gotten it), to say ‘You have the obligation to work’, rather then the ‘right to work’ and the list of outstanding social policies is literally endless. The end result was zero-unemployment, zero discontent, no beggars or homeless people. Germany without Jews shot forward like a moon rocket. The improvements were absolutely incredible on all levels. His government was the only one in history to receive an approval rating of over 95% by the population at large! This approval rating was voluntarily given and has never been questioned by anyone!

Did you know that Hitler’s economic policies were so brilliant, they actually were in the process of making Germany largely independent of the rest of the world, including independent of oil and natural gas imports?

Did you know that we Germans developed synthetic gasoline and that this invention, if adopted would make the entire world independent of the oil producers? Can you even begin to imagine the benefits to the world, to the environment? Hitler-Germany did that, and that’s one of the many reasons it had to be smashed. It interferred with the Jewish international money cabals.

Did you know that one of the first lung cancer operations was conducted by a German surgeon in Saarbruecken during the early 1930’s?, that it was the findings of this surgeon which dictated later procedures world-wide?

Did you know that it was the German health ministry which was one of the first entities to discover the dangers of tobacco and warned the public of smoking as early as the early 1930’s? That these same findings were suppressed in the USA, that Hitler prohibited smoking in his presence, but Roosevelt loved and promoted it?

Did you know that Johann Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, was named the most important person in the last one thousand years?

The American “Armored Vehicle Museum” in Texas featured as the most revolutionary tank of all time, the German King Tiger of WW2. A few years ago this museum got a new director. As his first official act he, a Jew, removed the King Tiger tank exhibit. The location of this magnificent tank is today unknown. Thereby this Jew did what Jews do best, to lie about history and to lie about Germany.

Did the German consul object? Of course not. Should a German politician actually tell the truth, he is ostracized at best, or murdered at worst, as it apparently happened recently with the German FDP-politician Moellemann. His death looks like the professional work of Mossad dutifully covered up by the cowardly slime-sucking German authorities.

Did you know that the first person in the world to successfully fly a rocket plane was Hanna Reitsch, a German woman who also received the Iron Cross First Class for extraordinary bravery? That she was the only civilian in history to be thus honored? Did you know she flew in and out of burning besieged Berlin long after all air traffic had stopped due to massive Russian anti aircraft fire? Did you know, she could have made millions writing her memoires, but refused to denounce Hitler and therefore lived a life of poverty while being incessantly harassed? But you see, she demonstrated what honor and decency mean.

In this book, you’ll read about some of Nazi-Germany’s highest technology:

Ernst Zundel-UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon-182pg. (1974)

    >>>Part 4 Knowledge of German Leadership in Music Denied the World



Here is a discovery by a great German scientist, a physician, Dr. Hamer, regarding cancer, and he has been ruined by the medical and pharma (they would go bankrupt) mafia in Germany, which is mostly Jewish on the top, as a charlatan or crazy man (their favorite way of ruing someone-e.g., Tesla… to steal and hide his knowledge) and had his medical license revoked. He is of advanced age and lives in exile. He also has discovered that the Jews, though rejecting his “New German Medicine” (it’s not actually medicine as such, but a method of understanding the body) have been using his method in Israel. There, the cancer survival rate is 97 percent. In Germany, the cancer survival is 3 percent!!! And so it is in the USA!!! What do ya think???

Here is the discussion with a German journalist about the Israelis getting healed from his New German medicine (while the Germans, and all other people, are massively dying of cancer).

This short video is in German:


Germans Helped Build America and How Has America Thanked Them?

I’ll tell you how! By attacking it twice in two world wars, Americans fighting unknowingly for the Jewish Communist world government, and keeping Germany as a slave to the American government with a gun to its head never allowed to take the Allies to justice for their millions of war crimes. That’s how! What the Americans did to us Germans is now coming to the Americans by the same shadow government because true-history-ignorant President Trump loooooooooooooooooooves the Power Jews! They’ve got Trump wrapped around their little finger, and that is all about financial connections and wealth for him and his family! I’m afraid it’s going to be

Farewell America for good this time!



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