Knowledge of German Leadership in Music Denied the World

…Did you know that the famous instrument maker, American Wurlitzer of jukebox fame is of German origin? Did you know Wurlitzer designed the first electric keyboard long before the Japanese even thought about one?…

By Gerry Frederics

[*Comments inserted by The article appears to be a few decades old.]

Excerpt from: “What the Germans gave you”

Did you know that the most famous piano industries worldwide are of German origin?: Steinweg, Steinway (the German Steinweg in English speaking countries), Knabe, Sohmer, Wurlitzer, Bluethner, Boesendorfer (Austrian), Bechstein, Schimmel, Schiedmeyer, Forster and the list is literally endless. During the first part of the 20th. Century Germany had over a thousand piano manufacturers (no, I am not exaggerating!), all of whom built quality instruments. Recently I played on a “Hartmann” (I had never heard of the make). This piano had to be 60 years old, was nowhere near a top-class brand, its condition was only so-so, but it still sounded better than any other in that particular store! A small amount of reconditioning would have made it into a very fine instrument, vastly superior to any number of Asian wanna-be pianos now on the market.

Did you know it is the German piano industry which fathered the Japanese, Korean and Chinese piano industries? Japanese instrument makers learned how to built pianos in Germany during the 1920’s, under an agreement between the Japanese and German Governments. Japan has learned how to make excellent instruments, the Koreans and Chinese however built some dreadful stuff. German pianos are so loved, that there is even a Chilean (South America) folk song entitled: “Piano Aleman”. It’s the story of a poor boy who is playing an ancient beat up guitar and is dreaming of one day owning a Piano Aleman, a German Piano.

Did you know that the accordion is a German invention of 1821. It was invented by a German instrument maker as a piano-replacement which could be taken along on long voyages aboard sail-powered ships. Can anyone imagine French, Italian or Mexican folk music without an accordion?

Did you know that the Bandion (a relative of the accordion) is the invention of a German instrument maker? Can anyone imagine the Argentine Tango without a Bandion?

Did you know that the clarinet is a German invention. Symphony music, most folk music as well as Jazz music are unthinkable without the clarinet. Did you know that the clarinet is the father of the Saxophone family of instruments?

Did you know that the famous instrument maker, American Wurlitzer of jukebox fame is of German origin? Did you know Wurlitzer designed the first electric keyboard long before the Japanese even thought about one?

Did you know that not so long ago, when America was still civilized, almost every American home had a Wurlitzer Piano in the parlor?

Did you know that famed American guitar virtuoso, Les Paul was of German ethnicity? He was born Lester Pollfuss. He fathered the musical style which propelled Nat King Cole and later jazz pianist extraordinaire Oscar Peterson to fame, not that he is ever given credit by the Jazz critics practically all of whom are hopelessly anti-white Jewish racists of the worst stripe. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong on this. ANYONE!

Did you know that as a 13-year old, Les Paul built his own recording studio in his father’s garage?

That he studied electronics on his own?

That he invented the electric guitar as we know it today?

In today’s Jazz encyclopedias he is practically ignored and only mentioned in a disdainful tone, even though he did more for Jazz music than any number of alleged black ‘genius’s’ so enthusiastically waxed about.

My guess is, had he been black, he’d have a holiday named after him. As it is, having been of German ethnicity well… we know the sad story.

Did you know that German classical music represents the high point of music in all of Civilization? That we Germans produced more great composers in one century than the rest of the world combined has in recorded history? Do you realize that if you were to remove German music from the symphony orchestra’s library, you might as well disband the orchestras?

Lighten up, just making point here, that’s all.

Did you know that German influence in music was so overwhelming, that “The Russian Five” (five Russian composers) got together to write ‘Russian’ music. Some of it good stuff indeed, but as a whole the entire recorded Hot Jazz records of world-class quality in Berlin in 1943, when, as the Jews lie to us, everything ‘modern’ was supposedly prohibited? Brocksieper made these records with a variety of international bands, including Italian, French and Dutch musicians. Everyone of these musicians was on a world-class level. NONE of them grace the pages of any Jazz encyclopedia. It’s as if they didn’t exist. You see, if they’d be acknowledged, it would expose one small part of the giant Jew-lie about recent historical events. Well, there’s always the internet. I wouldn’t know any of this, had it not been for a chance sighting of a Brocksieper long play record in a flea market, a record in like-new condition with excellent, knowledgebly written liner notes furnishing a plethora of information.

Did you know that this self-same Freddie Brocksieper recorded with American Jazz legend Lionel Hampton? That it was Brocksieper who introduced the harpsicord to Jazz music, something falsely credited to Artie Shaw, who cut numerous excellent records (with Johnny Guarnieri on the harpsicord) at least 5 years later?

Did you know that German Jazz critic Joachim Ernst Berendt, one of the most knowledgable men in the field MUST have known this, but chose to perpetuate the Artie Shaw lie? Just another German who betrayed his country. This may not seem important to a none-Jazz afficionado, but to those of us ‘in the club’, it is important since it proves that those who would tell us ‘Alles war verboten” are pure liars.

Did you know that German/American trumpeter and pianist Leon Bix Beiderbecke is arguably the greatest Jazz musician of the 1920’s and possibly 1930’s as well. How is it even possible, that Beiderbecke is being quasi ignored by ALL present-day Jazz critics? Could it be his original middle name, which allegedly was ‘Bismarck’? Could it be his being of German ethnicity? Could it be because he was white? I venture to say yes to all of the above.

Did you know that German Jazz violinist Helmut Zacharias was on par with the best of the best but isn’t even mentioned in jazz encyclopedias?

Did you know that ‘Lili Marlene’, the heart-wrenching WW2 song was the hands-down favorite amongst all soldiers, German and Allies? That this song was PROHIBITED by the allies after WW2, that Mr. Schulz who had written it was PROHIBITED from writing music and had to make his living as a day-laborer? That international Jewry stole his copyrights to ‘Lili Marlene’ and made millions off the song internationally? That he never received a penny? Democratic principals indeed!

Did you know that famed movie stars Loretta Young and Marlene Dietrich were German… or Fred Astaire, bet you didn’t even think about him!

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