Keep Your Blood Pure!-Sebottendorf

…Actually, there is a battle of two representatives of opposite worldviews, opposing races. On the one hand, the Germanic, creative, and, on the other hand, the parasitic, big capitalist race…

Swastika, the symbol of all white people. Bronze Age Germanic Lance from the Ura Linda Chronic.


Auf Deutsch!

Keep Your Blood Pure!


In the middle of the last century the English minister Disraeli-Beaconsfield wrote in his novel “Endnmion”: “The racial question is the key to world history, and the reason why history is often so confused because it was written by people who did not know the racial question, and just as little the accompanying moments.”

Beaconsfield is right with his remark, and he had to know it, because he was a Jew. Just looking only at the meaning which the world war has had in its essence and its origin, and one must admit that he it right. Side effects, pretexts are usually regarded as the basic causes of this world-tragedy. Most of the reviewers have not yet found the key. He is also to be found here in the racial question.

Actually, there is a battle of two representatives of opposite worldviews, opposing races. On the one hand, the Germanic, creative, and, on the other hand, the parasitic, big capitalist race.

It will be argued that the English and Americans are also of Germanic origin. That is true, but it does not matter, what’s decisive is who controls these peoples, who directs them, who leads them. The secret ruler of our opponents is undoubtedly International Big Capital, striving for world domination. The representatives of this capital are the outright enemies of our nationality. They are the Jews.

They fight our nationality and have fought it through the centuries under different masks and forms. Unfortunately, too often they find their greatest allies among our own people.

The German is a “Faust” nature (referring to Goethe’s “Faust”).  Mere possessions cannot satisfy him. Often as a “pure fool”, he grabs for illusionary values and false ideals, that have been “sold” him by his mortal enemies as higher civilization, higher cultural values. But these phantoms are nothing but poisons and anesthetics to lead the Germans all the more safely into slavery, to impose the yoke on him.

Our ancestors often had a natural feeling towards their enemies, they knew the racial question and the value of blood brotherhood, the value of blood purity. They knew that only the tribal fellow was to be trusted, that only this man could be faithful. The Mischling, the stranger, was Southern European.

Unfortunately the healthy instinct has been clouded or uprooted in many areas. Father Bal was dethroned, and in place of our faith in our Father a new faith was presented, but in forms which do not correspond to our German and religious gifts. One can fully appreciate the value of Christianity, but this does not mean that one can be of a very divided opinion in the way it was indoctrinated into the Germans. Especially today those tendencies are to be rejected, they are to be fought, that they, under the mask of religion, quietly and unceasingly, are working towards the weakening of our nationality.

But with the subjugation of our religion [ancient Germanic religion] it was not the end of the matter. Our wisdom was spilled, our right was destroyed, broken by Roman law. Yes, even our language was mocked and an attempt was made to destroy it; an attempt is made to debase it to the language of the common Volk.

That the decay of our people went hand in hand with a complete political destruction, is obvious. But always the nation remains strong enough to destroy the enemies’ plans. There were always men and leaders who led it out of the descent, and it was the will of God that the other part should heal by this ascent.

The German people would have to be completely blind, if the enemies were now to reach their goal.

An alien ideal of mankind offered was the means to put Parsifal in fetters. Fostered by Christianity, the doctrine of equality of men was propagated. Gypsies, Hottentots, Bokutoku, and Germans, they claim, are completely equal.

It is only a pity that the great teacher, Nature, informs us differently. It teaches that equality is a contradiction. It is the greatest lie that has man has ever been talked into. And it was done for the destruction of us Germans. There are higher and lower races! If one values the mongrels the same as the Aryan, the noble man, then one commits a crime on mankind. The lower races need leaders, and also leading nations, for their higher development.

Among the races of the earth the Germanic race is called to this leadership by virtue of its nature. As far as the eye can see into the past, always the bearers of Germanic blood are also the bearers and creators of a culture.

However, attempts were made to persuade us, and the world still believes that the ancient home of the peoples is the East Asian highland or the “Land between two Rivers.” The light had come from the East, they claim.

Recent research has shown that this assumption is false. Northern Europe, Northern Germany is the tribal seat of the culture-bearer. From here onwards, from prehistoric times until now, streams of German blood have poured out fertilizing. Waves upon waves of Germans have set forth bringing culture to all the world.

The Greek culture, so highly regarded, is an offshoot of the German spirit. The Hittites, the Sumerians, and nameless peoples were of Aryan origin.

When the French and Spaniards and Italians boast with their culture, they should not forget that they owe this culture to the German blood. The more the purity of blood dwindled, the thinner the Aryan blood became, the more cultural sterility occurred. Greece and Rome have not been destroyed by moral decay and not because religion disappeared; these are only consequences. Rome and Greece perished because of race mixing, because of boundless racial mashing.

The same fate threatens us, too, threatens the Germanic race on the one hand from the gospel of the equality of men, and on the other from the rule of international capitalism, which presupposes racial scramble.

The weapon of the low race, the Chandala, is the money. With this weapon it tries to destroy the noble race. The danger is pressing, for once the instinct is weakened by the gospel of the equality of the races; on the other hand, international traffic is so relaxed that after the war it greatly promoted racial mixture.

The fact that our government before the war did not totally misjudge the danger is proven by a law it proposed. The connection between Germans and colored people should be prohibited. Who voted against the law? German, I’ll show you who your enemies are: The Center, the Social Democrats, the Christian Socialists, and the Liberals voted against it.

Racial purity means Volk health. If all the members of the people are permeated with the value of the purity of the blood, then the social question is also solved. Then it has lost its sharpness, then everyone sees the brother, the sister. The one supports the other. Then the other. Then the old Germanic religion, the knowledge and wisdom of the YOU awakens again … R.v. Sebottendorf

…”The Beobachter” (newspaper) brought the following comment:

“A Russian Jew as a Parliament candidate!

As we have been told, the independent Social Democratic party Munich is nominating the writer Kurt Eisner as a candidate for the election in the Parliament electoral district of Munich II.

Eisner will not be elected, but that a party may dare to set up a Russian Jew who has been condemned for treason, should drive the blood in shame into the face of the worker.”

Four months later Eisner was the Bavarian minister-president. He had made the revolution.

Excerpt from  “Bevor Hitler Kam” (Bevor Hitler came) by R. v. Sebottendorf – translated by

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