Germans, Highly Cultured People of the World

…The German people had the most advanced culture in the world, all things combined. This is why they call us Barbarians to diminish us Germans. You can be sure that almost all the time when the Germans are degraded, the opposite is true. This is a Marxist / Communist M.O., implemented by the Jews and their henchmen to elevate themselves due to their lack of creativity and invention…

Berlin Victoria Platz – ca. 1900

Berlin am Postdamer Platz – ca. 1900

By Gerry Frederics

[*Comments inserted by The article appears to be a few decades old.]

Excerpt from: “What the Germans gave you”


Did you know that the cultural and entertainment capital of the world in the 1920’s wasn’t Paris or London or New York but Berlin?

Did you know that Hitler seriously thought of convincing the entire nation of Germany to become vegetarians? (Not that I agree with that, but it’s an interesting tidbit of history)

Did you know that the most stringent animal protection laws in the world were passed in Germany during the 1930’s?

Did you know that mistreating an animal in Germany was considered as bad as mistreating a person?

Did you know, that in 1941 a German butcher was sentenced to three years in a concentration camp for having slaughtered a pig in an ‘inhumane’ way? I wonder whether this bastard ‘survived’ and claimed maltreatment after the war.

Did you know, that smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages was frowned upon by the German SS?, that the drinking of hard liquor was prohibited in SS officers clubs?

Did you know that “Christmas” is an ancient Germanic festival which was hi-jacked by Christianity?, as is Easter (hence the Easter Bunny), that the Germanic origins of these festivals are the reasons why they are under attack today by world Jewry as being ‘hateful’? Are you ready for a ‘HATEFUL’ Easter Bunny or a ‘HATEFUL’ Christmas Carol? Can any healthy human being imagine such hate being directed at an entire civilization? And why is this very civilization sitting still while it is getting raped by world Jewry? Please, someone, ANYONE, explain this collective suicidal insanity to me. PLEASE! [admin: The answer is, the Jews are in control of all Media since 1945; and anyone who speaks against the Jews will be ruined in Germany. Further, the first years after the war, nearly 6 Million Germans were starved to death, others murdered, so people were busy surviving and their children were indoctrinated in school with the lies. German teachers disappeared and Jews took over the “education”. The same goes for doctors… most of them were Jews. Some murdered our Germans.

Did you know, that most all Christmas traditions, such as carols, the tree, turkey (or goose), special baked goodies, toys for the children are all of German origin?

Did you know that the custom of giving toys for Christmas is German?

Did you know that the most elaborate, beautiful toys ever created were created by Germans in the city of Nurnberg, that this was the city of toys?

Did you know that the finest toy-trains were (are) made by Marklin of Germany? That these trains are true-to-life scale models of the real thing?, that German boys (and men!) traditionally received train-sets for Christmas?


Did you know that to this very day there are ‘Train Clubs” in Germany were men meet once a week to set up and operate their train sets, usually extremely elaborate ones, including train stations, repair yards, mountains, villages, trees etc.?

Did you ever see a Schuko toy car? Those were cars which were scale models of cars one saw on the road. They were engineered so that a boy could wind them up and run them on a table top, without the toy ever running off the table! Can you imagine any other nation ‘engineering’ a toy car? Compare this with today’s plastic trash from China and get disgusted as to what they have done to my people, forever vilified by the utterly Jew-corrupted English world.

Did you know that in the city of Nurnberg there is the largest “Toy Museum” in the world?, the most extensive museum of musical instruments?, that Nurnberg was the home of the worlds largest and most influential motorcycle, sewing machine and outboard-engine industries? And that ginger-bread originates there? That Nurnberg has the most extensive, beautiful Christmas Market during December in the world, the so-called ‘Christkindl-Market’?, that Nurnberg is the city of pewter where the most beautiful vases, cups, plates, bowls and figurines are made of this metal?

Did you know that it was Nurnberg which is the cradle of the trade-union movement?, that during the middle ages there were unions, called Guilds, for just about every discipline?, that these Guilds were self-policing? That if any member cheated the public or was engaged in any other immoral activities he was dishonorably thrown out?, no laws, attorneys etc. needed – these men knew right from wrong and didn’t need some corrupt Jew-judge to instruct them in what was the right thing to do, no Sir!, that those very Guilds used to get together in a friendly singing and song competition?, that these song-festivals became famous as the ‘Meistersingers from Nurnberg’ and that Richard Wagner wrote an entire opera about this movement of cultural excellence?

That’s not all, that’s only what I know off the top of my head. In the 1950’s, Nurnberg was home to the world’s most advanced motorcycle industry. About a dozen manufacturers, all of them indisputably leading in the fields of technology and design. In addition to that, it was home to the heavy-duty truck manufacturer ‘Faun’. Their products were at one time a common sight on German highways. That’s ONE city, folks. That’s far more than the vast majority of countries can lay claim to and I kid you not.

Did you know that Gingerbread is German?, that Gingerbread Houses are a traditional German Christmas treat?

Did you know that the very first Christmas tree in Canada was uprooted and the plaque which commemorated the planting of the tree by German immigrants was removed and destroyed, all at the behest of Jewish pressure groups such as the ADL?

Can anyone even begin to imagine the unbelievable cowardice of the Canadians?, or the truly incredible Jewish hatred for anything Aryan? TO UPROOT A CHRISTMAN TREE?

Did you know, that the Christmas tree is an ancient Germanic symbol of everlasting life? And the oak, of strength and steadfastness?

Did you know that the ancient Germans didn’t ‘pray’? They ‘honored’ nature. Essentially, nature was God and ‘The Gods’ (Wotan, Thor etc.) were merely extensions of man-kind. Hence the earthiness of Nordic Gods. Hence the complete lack of ‘fear’ of God, as it is preached by Christianity. Why should an honorable man be afraid of a ‘God’? This is Germanic-honest, upright-fearless and honorable. Crawling, whining and ‘Fear-of-God’ is none-German, is disgusting, is revolting, is perverted. In short, it’s Jewish.

Did you know that the forest was the ancient Germans cathedral, that the ancient Germans lived with nature, much as the North American Indians did, that is to say, they respected nature and treated it accordingly. The fear of God was also totally incomprehensible to the North American Indians, who felt astoundingly like the ancient Teutons in this regard. [*That’s not quite correct but American media lies: The American Indians sacrificed people to their God by torturing them slowly to death to calm the god so their god would reward them.]

I think it was this basic honesty and honor which was the downfall of the North American Indian and, many miles away across an ocean, the ancient Teutons. Such a belief system is no match for the subterfuge, the dishonesty and the smoke-and-mirrors of the child of Judaism, Christianity.

No Teuton ever murdered a ‘none-believer’ and neither did an Indian contemplating his Totem pole. [*no, no, no. The Indians murdered and tortured and practiced cannibalism!] We learned these niceties from the Christians, children of Judaism.

Did you know that Germans have always felt a special affinity to the North American Indian, that it was the German author Karl May who wrote many books about the Indians, always respectfully, always with honesty and honor, unlike the English, the French and the Spaniards, all of whom essentially looked upon the Indians as animals to be annihilated.

Did you know that in Germany to this very day, there are ‘Winnetou’ festivals, re-enacting the Karl May characters exploits?

Did you know, that in Germany one of the favorite plays amongst the boys is Cowboys and Indians (a form of hide and seek) and that it is invariably difficult to find a boy who wants to play the cowboy?

Did you know that the Saxons [Germans] resisted Christianization and that because they refused to crawl and pray to a God who amongst other absurdities mysteriously sentenced his own son to a horrible death under unspeakable tortures, Charlemagne murdered over 4000 of their warriors?

Did you know that Charlemagne was a Frankish prince and that the Franks are a Germanic tribe?

Why is it, that Germans (in the above case the Franks and the Saxons) are always divided and most always ape foreigners who usually can’t hold a candle to them?


Did you know that famed American baseball owner George Steinbrenner is German?

Did you know that Babe Ruth was German? And Lou Gehrig? And famed American soccer star, Mia Hamm? Not to forget hockey stars Ziggy Palffy, Mathiew Schneider, Marco Sturm and Olaf Kolzig, as well as a host of others.

Did you know that Dr. Robert Koch founded the medical science of bacteriology and that he was German?

Did you know that Dr. Koch’s discovery of the Tuberculosis bacillus has saved multi-million people the world over?

Did you know that Robert Koch was every bit as important as Louis Pasteur, but is being minimized in today’s history books because he was German? What other reason could there be? It is a pattern folks. That simple.

Did you know that the only hospital for leprosy patients in all of Europe was in the university city of Giessen? This despite that leprosy was unknown in Germany? That this hospital treated invariably poor leprosy patients from Sicily and northern Africa for free during the Hitler-era?, that to this day Giessen University has a center for skin-disease research? That this research center is training black doctors from Africa for free because of the high incident of skin diseases in Africa? Have you ever heard of an African doing anything positive for a German? I didn’t think so.

Did you know that the American air force obliterated this university city in the summer of 1944, despite knowing the only thing there was a university specializing in skin diseases and gynecology?

Did you know that the greatest humanitarian in the world was Dr. Schweitzer, a German?, that he spent his entire life and self made fortune saving African lives, that his hospital, left to the Africans after his death is today a deteriorated shell without any value? ( Shades of Americas inner cities!)

Did you know that the principle of meticulous cleanliness in hospitals was discovered by the German doctor Semmelweiss, who was ridiculed by the medical community for his discovery? That Semmelweiss’s discoveries were internationally ignored for going on 30 years? He was eventually put into an insane asylum due to his vehement verbal attacks on his fellow doctors for ignoring his discoveries and there he committed suicide in despair at being internationally ignored.

Did you know that the center for most medical research in the world was Germany until the advent of WW2?

Did you know that a famed American doctor by the name of Kerkhoff donated his considerable fortune to the city of Bad Nauheim, which to this day maintains the Kerkhoff Institute, a cardio-vascular research center of world renown?

That this same city was one of the premier spas in Europe until the advent of WW2, featuring amongst its guests the entire Hearst family, the family of the Russian Tsar (hence the tiny Russian orthodox church there), movie stars such as Bette Davies, not to forget Emperor Haile Selassie with his entire court.

Emperor Haile Selassie [*Ethiopia] and his court bought expensive silver, jewels and clothing and Solingen cutlery at a variety of stores, only to leave overnight without paying their massive bills. All very African. Even then they had bad credit. Ask any American car salesman what he thinks of the credit-worthiness of his African co-citizens!

Did you know that this small city, nestled at the foothills of the lovely Taunus mountains was the first seat of the American Occupation government in Germany?

That this city had in the 1930’s (!) central heating for all public buildings and for all hotels, fed by one central boiler?, that an American Colonel Knight stole badly needed building materials in 1946 to build an ice-hockey stadium for the American troops there? That this stadium was build by German slave laborers under heavy guard at 1500 calories a day? That the crime these slaves had committed was to have been teachers at the local High School during the 1930’s?, that this very same Colonel Knight was honored (no kidding) in a ceremony a few years back and that the stadium was named after him?, that the German dignitaries during the ceremony waxed enthusiastically about the ‘co-operation between German labor and the American Army in 1946’? Is this enough to make a thinking person puke? And if not, what does it take? [*that’s because the Germans have been made into slaves of the Jew-USA!]

Did you know that German was the first foreign language of choice in European High Schools until the advent of WW2, French second and that English ran a distant third?

Did you know that to this day, German is the most widely spoken language in all of Europe?

Did you know that South American countries, the Balkans, Russia and the United States, actively sought German immigrants, knowing they would built, create and never be a burden? That Germans have always made up the most reliable and productive citizen of any country they settled in? That there are practically no Germans on welfare or in the prisons of any of the nations mentioned?

Did you know that about 27% of all Americans are ethnic Germans?

Did you know that Salvador Dali detested Picasso, but that it is Picasso who is being held up as an example of ‘modern art’ to be emulated?

Did you know Picasso was a wife beater, a sadist and a pervert of the worst stripe? [*His art is de-humanizing, not worth of human admiration.]

Did you know that almost the entire art-business, art museums, art publications etc. are in Jewish hands? This explains the garbage, the junk, the excrement-of-diseased-minds which is being hailed as ‘art’ today.

I saw a young lady actually absorbed by Rothko ‘turds on canvass’ in the Los Angeles Art Museum. I asked her why on earth she was looking at that pure, unmitigated garbage. I received a look of such cultural disconnection and desolation in return that I merely walked away, shattered.

Did you know that famed modern artists Lionel Feininger was an American Jew who was sent to Germany by his parents to initially study music? That he left Germany in 1938 and never painted again because of his homesickness for ‘his’ Berlin?, that he considered himself to be German, rather than American or Jewish?

Did you know that Russian artist Wasily Kandinsky lived in Germany practically all his life, that after he left in 1938 and moved to New York, he never painted again and died there in 1941 of homesickness for ‘his’ Germany?

Did you know that one of the greatest writers in Germany was Kurt Tucholsky, a Jew who was thrown out of Germany in 1933 for having been virulently against the Nazi-party (but never against Germany as such), that Tucholsky in utter despair for having lost ‘his’ Berlin committed suicide in Sweden in 1935?

Did you know that neither Lionel Feininger, nor Kurt Tucholsky are even mentioned by todays Jews, despite their having been true masters in their respective fields? And that the reason for this is, that these men refused to be used for propaganda purposes against the country they so loved?

Did you know that in 300 years in America, no German family ever owned a slave?

Did you know that in Philadelphia in 1686, German immigrants openly held a protest march against slavery? Not the Italians, not the French, not the Spanish, certainly not the English and most decidedly not any Jews protested against slavery. It was us Germans who protested against slavery, while it was the Jews who sold slaves.

Did you know that the entire slave trade was in Jewish hands, including the ownership of the ships, the ships crews and the ships captains? No, NOT the Portuguese, but rather Jews who lived in Portugal. NOT the Dutch, but rather Jews (including one by the name of Roosevelt!) who lived in Holland, etc., ad nauseum. NEVER a German. Neither as seller, nor as customer. NOT US GERMANS!

Did you know that the original Declaration of Independence was printed in the German language in Philadelphia 3 years before being printed in English? Did you know that we Germans introduced the printing press to the USA?

Click to view photos!


Did you know that modern art received major impetus from the German art movement called “German Expressionism”? Since that is so, were are the Otto Dix, Max Beckman, Schmidt-Rottluf, August Macke etc. paintings? In private collections, that’s where, rarely in museums. There is a private collection of German Expressionism in Los Angeles Ca., which is massive and is amazingly being shown occassionally by the LA County Art Museum. German modern art was mind-boggling. It was GOOD art. It was great stuff, not some perverted Jew-garbage a la Lipshits, de Kooning, Rothko, Baselitz – ad nauseum.

Did you know that the Hungarian wine region was settled by Germans 300 years ago? And that Hungarian red wines rank amongst the very best?, a bit dry perhaps, but tasty, tasty, tasty!

Did you know that the most important and influential thinkers and philosophers of the past 200 years were largely German?

Did you know that the economically and culturally most advanced region in Russia was the Volga Republic, an area settled and developed by Germans who had been invited by Catherine the Great?

Did you know that Catherine the Great of Russia was a German princess and that that may very well be the reason for some of the defamatory remarks made about her in some history books? Isn’t it interesting how these cowards always defame people who cannot defend themselves? And always people who somehow have a connection to Germany?

Did you know that those Russians of German ethnicity were all Menonnites (Pacifists) [*that’s not correct – in certain areas, like the Volga perhaps, they were but in the Ukraine area for example, they were all Catholics or Protestants] and were mass-murdered almost to the last man by Stalins Cheka (secret police) in 1936 (!)? And did you know that the Cheka was created by a Jew and was staffed almost exclusively by Jews? Did you know that an American reporter who was witnessing Jews in Russian police uniforms murdering peaceful, unarmed Germans reported nothing was amiss?, that all was ‘peaches-n-cream’ in the workers paradise?

Did you know that this very reporter who so shamelessly lied about the mass murder of German pacifists worked for the Jewish controlled New York Times? And that this newspaper received a Pulitzer Prize for its horrible distortions, covering up what must be considered one of the greatest crimes of the past century?

Did you know that the most moral, honest, peaceful and hard working citizens of the United States are the Amish, German Pacifists all?

Did you know that the very first person to plant wine in Chile, a country renowned for its excellent wines, was a German Conquistador (no, you didn’t read incorrectly), by the name of Bartolomaeus Blume? If he is listed in todays Chilean history books at all, it is as ‘Bartolomeo Flores’. He not only planted wine, he founded one of the most beautiful cities in South America, Vina Del Mar, Chile. He built the very first wind mill in South America as well as the first irrigation system and he founded the first and only hospital for Chilean Indians. Like some many Germans, besides having been a soldier of note, he was a builder and a creator. Before joining the Spaniard Pedro de Valdivia he had been an officer in the Bavarian army.

Did you know, that it is due to the German artist Moritz Rugendas that we know today how people lived in the Spanish colonies? He painted scenes of everyday life in Mexico, Brazil and Chile, where he lived for many years. He also catalogued the myriad plants and animals Alexander von Humboldt discovered while exploring South America. Rugendas is today seen in Chile practically as a Chilean and is accorded high honors in their art museums. He died alone, broke and forgotten in his native Augsburg. In a recent report on Augsburg on German DW (international) Television, Rugendas wasn’t even mentioned, whereas Berthold Brecht, the disgustingly immoral stain on the reputation of German literature, was mentioned in religious tones of adoration. This is clearly disgusting. I hope the ‘Furor Teutonicus’ Tacitus spoke of will rear its head soon and clean up this cesspool of degeneration in my once proud, beautiful country.

Did you know that the World Champion soccer team of 1954, the German team, wasn’t even expected to be in the final 8 and that it was made up of amateur players, all of whom held down regular jobs?

Did you know that in 1966 the English team won the World Championship against the German team at Wimbledon stadium on an off-sides goal? That the linesman who had seen this off-side was too cowardly to say so at the time? That the soccer-hoodlum crowd at Wimbledon, howling like mad dogs intimidated the referee? That this would have been unthinkable in a German stadium? And the British puke to this day about their ‘Fair Play’, ya, fair indeed! You British are a damned disgrace, that’s what you are!

Did you know that the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin were the best organized, most orderly, most fair and totally untainted games in history? Did you know that American star athlete Jesse Owens waxed enthusiastically about the great treatment he had received there, while at home he had to sit in the back of the bus?

Did you know that the infamous snub of Jesse Owens by Adolf Hitler is an unmitigated lie? That Hitler was told by the president of the International Olympic committee please NOT to congratulate anyone personally, that this was against the rules, and that Hitler apologized for having done so the previous day and promised not to do it again?

Did you know that Hitler smiled broadly at Jesse Owens and waved at him during the victory celebrations? That this is recounted by Jesse Owens himself in his memoires?, that neither Owens nor any other member of the American Olympic team had anything but good things to say about Germany? That the only people who have written negatively about these magnificently staged games have been bought and paid for journalistic hacks and scum-bags, most all of them Jews who weren’t even in Berlin at the time?, that the English team entering the Berlin Olympic Stadium gave the German salute (now wrongly vilified as the Nazi salute)?

Did you know that this salute is Roman in origin?, that it means “Look here, I am unarmed, I come as a friend”?, what does the communist salute with the closed fist represent? What does a CLOSED fist represent?, do you see the Jew-defamation at work?, why does anyone have to draw a road-map here??

Did you know that Switzerlands national figure, William Tell, is a fictitious character created by the great German dramatist Friedrich Schiller?, that Schiller was one of the greatest humanists in world literature, that Schiller’s ideas are reflected in the American Declaration of Independence and in the Bill of Rights? That Schiller was one of the giants of western civilization and philosophical thought, only to be swept under the rug by today’s mostly Jewish academic text-book authors, whose collective dishonesty is surely unequalled?

Did you know that the famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware was painted by a German artist, using the Rhine river as a back-drop?

Did you know that the famous painting of English King Henry the 8th. was painted by the German painter Hans Holbein?

Did you know that the only composer of note who ever worked in England was German? His name was Georg Friedrich Händel. All English composers from Purcell to Elgar are mediocrities at best.

Did you know that the arguably finest movie director of the past 70 years is Leni Riefenstahl, who not only did ground-breaking work, but was also an exceptionally beautiful actress when young? That Riefenstahl has been relentlessly attacked, defamed and vilified because she, being todays exception, namely an honorable German, did not denounce her erstwhile benefactor Adolf Hitler? She died in early 2003, never having betrayed her honor, her fatherland, her benefactor or her ideals.

Did you know that the German Jewelry Industry in the city of Pforzheim manufactures jewelry and watches which demonstrably rival ANY creations by ANYone ANYplace? And that this lovely Black Forest City was senselessly bombed to smithereens by the US and British air forces just before the end of WW2 only to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes?

Did you know, that the by far most productive farms in Paraguay are those founded by German Danube Swabians who had escaped the communist mass murder of German settlers in Transylvania after WW2?

Did you know that German farms have never had any outbreak of any diseases?, that they represent the pinnacle in farming in terms of cleanliness, orderliness, productivity and quality? Did you know that in the 1960’s Germany produced so much butter, they had to withhold is from the world markets in order to avoid a price-crash and that they eventually GAVE it to the Soviet Union (of all places, those idiots), rather then burn it?

Did you know that it was German farmers who brought modern farming techniques to Poland, a country who also owes us the architecture of their cities? Did you know, that even today in 2003, Polish farms are dirty, mismanaged hovels and that the formerly magnificent German farms in Silesia, Pommerania and Prussia are deteriorated, degenerated and unkempt?

Did you know that traditionally German agricultural products carried the trade mark “Deutsche Qualitaet” (German Quality), that this is now prohibited (!) by the European Union and that the slime-sucking German cowards in Berlin, those forever crawling examples of what German DOES NOT mean, acquiesced at once? You mean to tell me, some filth-filled, turd-world excuse for a farm produces quality like a German farmer? In South American countries one selling-point is to point out a product is of German quality, or “Technologia Alemana”. IT IS common knowledge: “Made In Germany” means this is good stuff! To PROHIBIT to point it out is a perversion! For the German (?) government to go along with this is high treason and yes, they all should be shot on the spot and yes, I am damned angry, and yes, I am absolutely right and justified in my anger!

Did you know, that German farmers traditionally feel close to nature, work with nature, do not try to manipulate it and today have farms on which pigs are permitted to live naturally? Did you know that they discovered thus, that pigs are NOT dirty animals by nature? Did you know that the pork produced in this manner is the finest tasting meat imaginable, having practically no relationship to that which one buys in a regular supermarket?

Did you know that it was the German Brothers Grimm who compiled the most extensive collection of Fairy Tales? Did you know that it was exactly these Fairy tales which were read as bed time stories to children all over the world?, that these Fairy tales were translated into practically every language known to man? That these Fairy Tales served as a guide to morality? That they taught children the difference between right and wrong, good and bad?, that if children were taught these Fairy Tales today, we wouldn’t experience the precipitous decline and degeneracy in culture?, that it is the Jewish influence which has ‘killed’ the Brothers Grimm and continues to do so right now? That the stories of Hansl and Gretl, or Snow White are timeless? Aren’t you happy obscene and violent MTV has replaced German culture? Do you know who controls MTV? And if you do not, may I ask what’s wrong with you? It’s owned by Jews. It promotes every kind of filth, foulness and degeneracy known to man, as is usual for Jewish enterprises. How long will you permit this horror to continue?

That’s why the relatively unimportant Hans Christian Anderson is touted as the Fairy Tale author extraordinaire whenever the opportunity arises. Is there anyone out there who seriously claims, that Anderson is on par with the Brothers Grimm? What a joke! Could it be that the Grimms are German? That they researched and defined the German language? You bet!

Did you know that German King Ludwig (King of Bavaria) built the most magnificent castles in history, that he furthered the arts and music like no other monarch?, that ‘Neuschwanstein’ Castle inspired Walt Disney’s castle at Disneyland? [*To defame him, they say in tours to his castle that he was crazy. What devils!]

Did you know that it took the people of Cologne aver 100 years to built the possibly most magnificent cathedral on earth? And that the city of Cologne has an entire team of especially trained restorers who incessantly, 5-days per week, restore and repair the outside of this incredible structure?

The German Cathedral in Cologne

Did you know there were more Germans (by far) amongst the 100 most important people than any other ethnicity?

While the population in the US was standing in soup-lines, while the entire mid-west was suffering the most catastrophic economic conditions in history, while France, England, Poland and all the rest were suffering economic downturns of massive proportions, Germany built luxury cruise liners for its people, airships without equal, unequaled road systems, the finest symphony halls and art museums, world-beating race cars and motorcycles and an entirely independent nation, the first in history! The sciences flourished, as did medicine, music, architecture, art and sculpture. No nation on earth can point to any period in its history were the same could be said. All of it on its own! – AND ALL OF IT WITHOUT JEWS!

Cologne around 1900

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