German Flying Saucers and Submarines-Ernst Zundel

Flying saucers have been whirling round the world since 1947, suddenly turning up here and there, soaring in and darting off again at unprecedented speed with flames encircling the rim of the saucer’s disc. They have been located by radar, pursued by lighters and yet nobody has so far succeeded in establishing the existence of such a “flying saucer” or managed to ram or shoot one down.


German Flying Saucer — called Kraut Meteor — during night flights in 1943-44.

Photographed by A. Birch, February, 1964. Mosborough, England.


It’s an assumption that the orbs are shooting down the missiles. It also could be that they examine things.



Video: Astronaut Gordon Cooper telling the truth.

Excerpt from “UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon?” – by Ernst Zundel [ca. 1975]

[The pictures can be viewed in the book itself.]

Germany had U.F.O.’s as early as 1940. We find photographic proof of the existence of flying prototype models. Reproduced here are two photographs of two different U.F.O. designs, both operating on the electromagnetic propulsion method of Victor Schauberger, (also the inventor of the implosion motor), and produced by the Kertl firm of Vienna IV, which was then part of the greater German Reich.

U.F.O.’s were seen by American and German night fighters and bomber pilots over Germany in 1943-45. The Americans called them Kraut meteors and were scared of them. Even the top brass knew about their existence, as is indicated in the book entitled “Der Weltraum Ruckt Uns Naher”, Blanvalet Verlag, by Major Keyhoe the famous U.F.O. investigator, Chapter III. Major Keyhoe says the U.S. infiltrated 600 scientists into Bohemia, in tank crew uniforms, in 1945, to check over some of the U.F.O. bases.

Following is a letter from a lady, [Letter in German-please see book] still alive and personally known to the authors which we have translated into free English. The lady attests to having been one of the first and top secretaries in the S.S. Reichssicherheitshauptamt working in the anteroom of one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany — S.S. Amtschef III Ohlendorf (the subject of many books and articles since the end of the war). The lady letter writer states that one day in 1938 a young scientist came into her office clutching a document, neatly typed and comprised of about 60 pages. The young man said that the contents were a revolutionary new approach to the aircraft propulsion problem. He proceeded excitedly to explain to the young lady some of his ideas. He said he hoped for active help and protection from the S.D. (Security Service) in doing experimental work on his project, since both Himmler and Ohlendorf were absent from Berlin at the time, she took the document into safe keeping, storing it in her safe. This document was later handed to Himmler and Ohlendorf. After reading it they contacted aircraft and propulsion experts. A number of top secret conferences were called but with no positive results. The experts scoffed at the revolutionary proposals advanced by the young man, which amongst other things, contained such suggestions as the creation of a vacuum in front of the disc shaped aircraft into which the craft could then move, without effort, at incredible speeds. Also proposed was exploitation of the earth’s natural magnetism along with a steering mechanism based on internal polarity shift.

To the young secretary all this seemed very difficult to comprehend and only because it was so totally out of her usual line of work does she remember all of the above details. The closed minds of the consulted experts annoyed her, it was their arrogant impossible and never which stuck in her mind. Being a convinced National Socialist, she had known of the Fuhrer’s abhorrence of the stuffy traditionalists and reactionaries with which Germany, especially, seems to be plaqued? The project was still being discussed when the young man re-appeared, and in a very happy frame of mind asked for the return of the documents. He told our correspondent that he had found someone else to support and finance his research and experiments, even with plant facilities to produce them.

Years later, after the war, when the U.F.O. sightings were the topic of the day, she mentioned the above to a friend, a man, who had been a Kriminal Kommisar (Criminal Commisar similar to the American G man of old) in Austria during the war (then a part of the greater German Reich). He was not at all surprised but on the contrary he remembered having received a top secret telex order, issued by Berlin Headquarters, requesting that the people’s reactions to “strange flying objects” be monitored, and that these flying objects would be appearing in the skies over the entire Reich. There would be no need to sound the alarms for they belonged to Germany. The date? 1943-44. In due course, the flying objects appeared. The German fighters thought they were American, the Allies thought they were German secret weapons. The Americans nick-named them appropriately enough, “Kraut meteors”. (Keyhoe) There is one final aspect of the lady’s letter which seems particularly significant. While in Vienna she saw a letter published in a large daily newspaper by a well-known Diplom Ingenieur from Vienna’s fashionable suburb, Baden, and this letter stated:—“We built flying saucers in Bohemia and Sudetenland. My friend was one of the test pilots for these devices. One day in 1943 the entire plant was dismantled and shipped by freight train to destinations unknown. From that day to this, I have never heard from my friend, the test pilot. Incidentally, orders for this dismantling came directly from Adolf Hitler”.

A most incredible development. Were the flying saucers not used in combat because the Germans had not come up with the required anti-weapon? Or were they, perhaps, not available because of the rare metal needed in large enough quantities to make the required impact? Or were they used and so devastatingly that no survivors were around to tell the story? Once again, a letter and some suppressed books written by a German engineer, can help us fill the gap. We reproduce excerpts from a letter received by the authors from divided Berlin, Germany. The letterhead of the correspondent states he is a Diplom Ingeneur who seems to head a private spaceflight research organisation in Germany and Switzerland. He is the author of several books about spaceflight and we reproduce the cover of one. The title translated into English is: “German Spaceflight Since 1934”, with a sub-title of “A Troublesome Book”. In it are many engineer’s drawings of weird and strange-looking craft the like of which we have never seen anywhere before. Strange names are given to these contraptions. One model especially merits to be reproduced here for your evaluation. The claim is made that the author launched a rocket to the moon in the early thirties, propelled by a light conversion power plant. In other words, the rocket was propelled by sunlight transformed into energy. Certainly, a revolutionary concept.

In a series of letters we have received, Prof. Dr. Phillips, claims to have been a wartime comrade (W.W.1) of Adolf Hitler, and that they kept in close touch and that Hitler was kept fully informed about all the research and that he, Hitler himself, entrusted Phillips with critical missions, in rare cases. He further states that to this day he has in a bank safety depository a special pass of the Fuhrer giving him sweeping authority. See photocopy of excerpt of letter.

Two other points mentioned in different letters are relevant to our story. Dr. Phillips who speaks several languages, and amongst them Russian, claims to have been employed by the Russians in the very “collecting camps” the Soviets had set up for screening German scientists for use in their own weapons development. His linguistic abilities made him “Chief Screener”. If all this is true, then one can safely assume that Hitler’s friend would find ways and means to ensure that top grade scientists did not fall into the hands of the Soviets at least in this instance. Prof. Dr. Phillips claims he knows exactly who went where and many other details. Dr. Phillips also men-lions his experimental work during the war with the practical use of death rays.

However, there are also other sources available for the U.F.O. verification. There is the best-selling book already in its 5th Edition called “Die Deutschen Geheimwaffen des Zweiten Weltkrieges und ihre Weiterentwicklung” by Rudolf Lusar, published by Lehmann Verlag of Munich, West Germany. A small English edition exists but seemingly is suppressed. One of the authors of this book obtained just one copy from the author himself. The late Rudolf Lusar had been a Luftwaffe Major, an inventor and engineer, he had been employed during W.W. II in the patent and experimental section of the Reichsluftwaffen Ministerium in Berlin. In this book Lusar describes some pretty far-out, highly-advanced technology on rocket torpedoes, submarine fired ballistic missiles, Flying People (see photo) and very detailed information on the flyinq saucer programme. Shown here are photographs of engineering drawings, top and front view, along with excerpts of his descriptions.

Flying Saucers

Flying saucers have been whirling round the world since 1947. suddenly turning up here and there, soaring in and darting off again at unprecedented speed with flames encircling the rim of the saucer’s disc. They have been located by radar, pursued by lighters and yet nobody has so far succeeded in establishing the existence of such a “flying saucer” or managed to ram or shoot one down. The public, even the experts, are perplexed by an ostensible mystery or a technical miracle. But slowly the truth is coming out that even during the war German research workers and scientists made the first moves in the direction of these “flying saucers”. They built and tested such near- miraculous contraptions. Experts and collaborators in this work confirm that the first projects, called “flying discs”, were undertaken in 1941. The designs for these “Hying discs” were drawn up by the German experts Schriever, Habermohl and Miethe, and the Italian Bellonzo. Habermohl and Schriever chose a wide-surface ring which rotated round a fixed, cupola-shaped cockpit. The ring consisted of adjustable wing-discs which could be brought into appropriate position for the take-off or horizontal flight, respectively. Miethe developed a discus-shaped plate of a diameter of 42 m. in which adjustable jets were inserted. Schriever and Habermohl, who worked in Prague, took off with the first “flying disc” on February 14, 1945. Within three minutes they climbed to an altitude of 12,400 m. and reached a speed of 2,000 km./h. in horizontal flight (!). It was intended ultimately to achieve speeds of 4,000 km./h.

Extensive preliminary tests and research were necessary before construction could be started. Because of the great speed and the extraordinary heat stress, special heat-resisting materials had to be found. The development, which cost millions, was almost completed at the end of the war. The then existing models were destroyed but the plant in Breslau where Miethe worked fell into the hands of the Russians who took all the material and the experts to Siberia, where work on these “flying saucers” is being successfuly continued.

Schriever escaped from Prague in time; Habermohl, however, is probably in the Soviet Union, as nothing is known of his fate. The former designer Miethe is in the United States and, as far as is known, is building “flying saucers” for the United States and Canada at the A. V. Roe works. Years ago, the U.S. Air Force received orders not to fire at “flying saucers”. This is an indication of the existence of American “flying saucers” which must not be endangered. The flying shapes so far observed are stated to have diameters of 16, 42, 45 and 75 m. respectively and to reach speeds of up to 7,000 km./h. (?). In 1952 “flying saucers” were definitely established over Korea and Press reports said they were seen also during the NATO manoeuvres in Alsace in the autumn of 1954. It can no longer be disputed that “flying saucers” exist. But the fact that their existence is still being denied, particularly in America, because United States developments have not progressed far enough to match the Soviet Union’s, gives food for thought. There also seems some hesitation to recognise that these novel “flying saucers” are far superior to conventional aircraft—including modern turbo- jet machines—that they surpass their flying performance, load capacity and manoeuvrability and thereby make them obsolete.*

According to Lusar, of the many scientists who worked on U.F.O. projects only one of these was found, a man named Miethe, and he was from the team who worked outside Prague. His whereabouts and movements are known. He worked in the early fifties for the A. V. Roe Company in Malton, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto, Canada. This man Miethe is the originator of a genuine flying saucer, which was produced by Avro on contract to the U.S. Air Force.

See photograph below — compare similar shape and concept with Lusar’s drawings. Of particular interest is the propeller fan blade arrangement. The craft pictured above was shown to the press on the ground only, not in flight. However, we reprint a photograph or what is purported to be a photograph which originated with the Royal Canadian Airforce in Ottawa, Negative File No. T.P. 1256C, unit 2 Rd. The craft looks similar to the Miethe-designed Avro saucer, that has never been seen air borne by anyone. This was reprinted by the now defunct Toronto Telegram, once the second largest daily newspaper in Toronto.

The much-maligned Avro Disc, built with the collaboration of the German scientist, Miethe. Because it has never been seen “flying” does not mean it has not “flown” when the press were not around. Design clearly employs the “Vertikalzugschraube” experimented with by Miethe and his colleagues in Germany, or at least elements of the idea.

The authors contacted the defence department in Ottawa for permission to re-print the photograph. The file was missing and it was reported that no trace could be found of anything, negatives or prints. So that leaves the big question — why didn’t Miethe’s saucer fly? Or did it fly and we were not told the truth? Or, was Miethe a victim of the previously described German policy of only letting an individual know as much as he needed to know, to fulfill his task? No more and no less! Did he purposely sabotage the American Flying Saucer? Of greater importance, where is Miethe today? I doubt that we will ever know.

The A.V. Roe aircraft company was driven into bankruptcy in 1958-59 by the then Prime Minister of Canada — John Diefenbaker. Thousands of top flight scientists were overnight out of work and the cream of them were quickly hired by Boeing, General Dynamics and others. Miethe and the flying saucer he helped to build have vanished without a trace!

The Soviets too got into the act during the height of the UFO craze in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Since the Communists have ruled Russia, they have invented everything or reinvented everything, from gunpowder to spaceflight! To assure that credit goes where it is due, reproduced here is the Soviet flying saucer. A poor photograph of a canvas-covered circular-shaped wingless aircraft, the type the Germans experimented with around 1935 and in concept similar to the United States all-wing bomber. Surely, if the Soviet’s had captured, as had been feared for some time, the German UFO teams and their factories, they could have come up with something a little better! And so again, we must conclude there is a missing link.

Where are the flying saucer teams now? Or better still, to where did they go after they left Germany? It is almost a certainty that they did leave Germany. There are a number of possibilities, but all point in the general direction of the Southern Hemisphere.

Essentially, Bar-Zohar corroborates Michael X and Mattern. “The Avengers” page 110 111 Excerpts below.

When the fighting ended in Berlin, some men of the Russian Fifth Army came across a burned-out tank at Spandau, and lying near it was the body of a man wearing a long leather jacket In one of the jacket pockets they found a small book which turned out to be the diary of Martin Bormann, the Fuehrer’s deputy and one of the most astute of the Nazi Party leaders.

The dead man was not Bormann—this was very soon verified—but an entry in the diary, in Bormann’s handwriting, said “May 1, attempt to break out.”

A telegram that the Reichsleiter had neglected to destroy was found in his office: “April 22, 1945. Agree with proposal of dispersal in southern zone beyond the ocean. Signed, Bormann.”

These two sentences clearly conveyed Bormann’s intentions to flee to South America and showed that he had begun to put his plans into effect on May 1.

There was Peron, Hitler’s admirer, in power in Argentina. It is a well known fact that huge tracts of land had been bought up by Nazi money and interests. An interesting aside is that Germany’s top fighter-bomber pilot Hitler’s favourite, (Stuka divebomber ace with over 2,500 sorties and over 500 tanks and 140 planes to his credit), Hans Ulrich Rudel, worked on secret aircraft development schemes for Juan Peron after the war. He met Peron personally on several occasions and the team around Rudel, Tank and Horten did produce a very fast jet fighter plane for Argentina. See photographs. From this fact it is possible to deduct that both the facilities as well as the talent were available and did not lay idle. Rudel by the way has made over 75 trips to South America since then!!! What for? 

So we have seen Berlin fall. We have looked into the suicide drama, we have seen Hitler leave Berlin for Denmark and Norway. We have double-checked every angle, even Hitler’s mind and motivation. We have traced his thinking back to as early as 1920 right up to 1945 and gleaned from his own book “Mein Kampf” and from his various speeches right up to the last days in Berlin and all are valuable insights, having a direct bearing on the solution to the UFO mystery.

Now we must follow the U-Boat convoy that allegedly has Hitler and Eva Braun aboard on its secret underwater journey — to where? Will it be possible to break out of the ring of steel and fire the seemingly all-conquering allies have thrown around the crumbling Third Reich? The first indications come from a captain of the British Navy. His cruiser was part of a large allied force which engaged the Fuhrer’s convoy in a battle. The allies were obviously not aware of the significance of this particular convoy, but must logically have expected some isolated break out attempts by a select group of top political and military leaders from fast-sinking Germany. They had thrown up a virtual blockade around the entire North Sea, stretching from the polar region down to the Spanish coast.

The Fuhrer convoy was detected and promptly engaged by all available allied units in the general area, and with unexpected and devastating results. It would seem that the secret weapons, which Goebbels had spoken of in such glowing terms only a few days previous, were now put to use for the first time in an actual battle situation. The result, was one sole survivor from a British destroyer and it was from this, the captain, that the words were uttered: “May God help me, may I never again encounter such a force”. The report of the captain’s words was carried in El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile and in “Der Weg” a paper published by exiled Germans living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Michael X in “We Want you — Hitler is Alive” mentions that the great mediaeval seer and prophet, Nostradamus prophesied Hitler’s escape from Germany, and in a submarine, and we quote him as follows:—

“The leader who shall lead an infinite number of people,

Far from their home land to one of strange manners and language,

Five thousand in Candia and Thessaly finished,

The leader escaping, shall be safe in a barn on the sea”.

But there is another verse, even more explicit, mentioning an “iron cage” — a clear reference to a submarine.

Wild beasts for hunger shall swim over the rivers,

Most of the land affected shall be near the Danube

Into an iron cage he shall cause the great one to be drawn

When the child of Germany shall see nothing”

The wild beasts are obviously the raping, all-devouring Allies, fording the Neisse, Elbe, Rhine Moldau, Danube, that’s where it all ended in April 1945. Or did it?

Michael X also involved Donitz and the German submarine fleet, and speaks of a paradisical oasis in Latin America. There is even more weightier evidence of the submarine escape of Hitler and Eva Braun. On July 10th, 1945 a sensational news report made headlines around the world. (A world that was busy getting ready for the sell-out conference of Potsdam where a final stamp of approval was given to the Bolshevik armies allowing them to rape, plunder and drive from their ancestral homes, millions of Germans beyond the Oder Neisse line, who were now defenceless since the German soldiers, beaten, disarmed and starving were performing unpaid slave labour in England, France and America. The Soviet methods were even more indescribable than those of the rest of the Allies.)

A German submarine, of the latest design, “U-530”, had given itself up to the Argentine authorities, but not before all scientific instruments and weapons on board had been destroyed. The U- boat had calmly slipped into the harbour of Rio de la Plata. The Commander’s name was Otto Wermoutt. The world was stunned and electrified! What was a German submarine doing all the way down there in South America more than two months after the war had officially ended? Why had they not surrendered earlier?

The U.S. government immediately demanded internment and extradition of the entire crew to the United States. As per usual in Yankee dealings with South America, the colonial master whistled and the Latin dog had to wag its tail. In order to save face the Argentinian authorities “studied” the request just long enough to question the officers and crew about the why and where of their surrender unusual. Since Washington became very insistent, the prisoners were turned over to the U.S. authorities. Special planes had been dispatched to Argentina and the men were shipped off to the United States for interrogations. An icy silence settled over results obtained and also about the whereabout of the crew. Rumours have it that the entire crew answered all questions put to them with similar answers so that the impression remained that they had been prepared for this eventuality.

Apparently little useful information was obtained from officers and crew about the intended purpose and final destination of their U-Boat. However, the Argentinian investigators did find that the U-530 was part of a larger submarine convoy which was travelling entirely underwater and under strict orders to keep absolute radio silence, a measure usually employed only during extremely sensitive and highly-secret missions, for this type of movement risks the loss of cohesion of the convoy and therefore the possible loss of U-Boats and crews to the watchful enemy. Obviously, whoever had planned this mission was willing and capable of losing some boats. The precautions taken in order to safeguard the secret of the final destination are extraordinary.

It was later revealed in a news report that James Forrestal, then U.S. Secretary of the Navy, (who later supposedly jumped to his death from a 13th storey window while in the Walter Reed Army Hospital) had stated that the U-530 was chiefly a transport submarine and had only carried a few torpedoes. They were of a new type called “torpedoes-arana” or “spider torpedoes”. In effect, they were wire guided underwater missiles and remote controlled and they never missed their targets. Due to the devastating effectiveness of the secret weapons carried by the convoy, there apparently were few Attack U-boats in the convoy.

Two things, however, aroused the suspicions of the interrogators. The U-530 carried a crew of 54 men aboard. The usual German crew size was only 18 men. There were also unusually large food stocks on board. However, the real surprise was 540 large tin cans or barrels, all hermetically sealed and upon opening were found to contain nothing but cigarettes. This was especially unusual since all crew members turned out to be avowed non-smokers. Now what was a German U-boat of the very latest and very largest design doing, cruising around South American waters two months after the end of the war? And with a triple strength crew; carrying a cargo of nothing but cigarettes?

The average age of those 54 men turned out to be less than 25 years, with the exception of the machinist who was 32 years old. The commander himself was only 25, and the second officer an incredibly 22 years young. (Photograph shows the extreme youth of the crew. Shown with them are the tin cans on the deck of the submarine.)

Extensive checks and cross checks were conducted by the American and the Argentinian authorities with the files at the German Naval Headquarters in Kiel, and another mystery was brought to light — there was no record of a Captain by the name of Otto Wermoutt as commander of U-Boat 530; he along with several others of the U-530 had similar mysteries surrounding them. Interrogation by the allies brought forth from Otto Wermoutt and his crewmembers the same response — “We are alone. We have no living family relations”. Apparently, their wives, parents, brothers, sisters and sweethearts had died in air raids or had been killed in some way or another during the war.

Soon the world forgot about U-530 and its fate and was busy listening to radio reports of the sudden arrest of Rear Admiral Karl Donitz, whom Hitler had designated as his successor as military leader of Germany — significantly enough not as the new Fuhrer but as military leader of Germany. Donitz was arrested and with his entire cabinet was shipped off to Nuremberg for war crimes trials. Germany thus became a country with its entire government behind bars.

In the meantime, Allied Naval Intelligence Units were engaged in endeavouring to locate Hitler’s monster submarines which had been built on the insistence of Hitler and whose success once led him to remark “I am of good mind to scrap all surface vessels — the future belongs to the submarine”. Not one single operational submarine was found. It was not until the surrender of Japan that a number were turned over to the Americans. Occasionally, stories were heard of mysterious submarines appearing and disappearing, mostly alleged to be of Soviet origin, or more often, of unknown identity.

On August 17th, 1945, five weeks later, another sensational submarine surrender took place and again at Rio de la Plata. A German U-boat, U-977 under Commander H. Schaffer gave itself up to the Argentinian authorities, and this, three months after the end of the war in Germany. This time the crew consisted of only 32 men, but this was still fourteen above the average crew number. It was soon learned that another 16 men, all of them married and with families in Germany, had been dropped off “on orders”, on the Norwegian coast. It would certainly seem that whoever was in charge of this operation was completely in control and knew the smallest detail right down to an individual crew member’s family and marital status. From the logs of both submarines, the U-530 and the U-977, it was found that they had left Kristiansund, Norway, on May 2nd, 1945; none other than the exact same spot where earlier reports stated the Fuhrer had been taken after his departure from Berlin.

The fact that Captain Schaffer had waited another five weeks before giving himself up in the same manner and in exactly the same spot as the U-530 can only mean that he had waited, in the hope that he was to be picked up by a search party. He must have known of the fate of the U-530 since radio reports were regularly monitored. Captain Schaffer wrote a book about his experiences called “U-977” in which he supplies these details. “We were whisked out of Argentina with great haste. However, not before every square inch of the U-Boat, even floor boards, walls and corners had been painstakingly examined and probed for a trace of the Fuhrer — In the clear knowledge that the Fuhrer was still alive”. 

Less well known, but equally significant, is the report supposedly originating with the British Admiralty. On June 5th, 1945, five weeks before the surrender of the U-530, the 47 crew members of a German submarine had surrendered to the Portuguese authorities, opposite Leixoes, after they had scuttled their heavily damaged submarine. One can certainly assume that this submarine also belonged to the Fuhrer convoy. Time and direction certainly seem to coincide. Perhaps the submarine which had been abandoned had been damaged during the allied blockade force attack?


On April 4, 1944 at 4:40 a.m., the German submarine U-859 under Kapitanleutnant Jan Jepsen left Germany for a mysterious mission which was to come to an abrupt end several months later, at a place half way around the world. The unusually large crew of 67 men had not the faintest idea where they were heading. For several months they cruised around Africa then Arabia and India and finally they ended up in the area of Sumatra, Indonesia. During this time they sank some freighters and an Allied troop transport.

Just outside Penang in the Straits of Malakka, fate caught up with U-859. The U-boat was sunk by a British submarine and most of the crew lost their lives. Not in itself an unusual event in wartime, and therefore soon forgotten by the world. Almost forgotten that is. One of the survivor’s mentioned on his deathbed, almost 30 years later that U-859 had taken a treasure to its watery bed. He insisted that welded into the bow and holds of U-859 were 33 tons of mercury, all in glass bottles and sealed again in watertight tin crates.

Since mercury is a very expensive item, even today, an expedition was organized to investigate the rumour. After months of effort U-859 was indeed located, and just where the dying sailor had indicated his comrades’ large steel coffin would be found. Divers went down into the shark-infested waters and started to cut open the hull with the latest of underwater blow torches. After several months of very difficult work the divers found large black tin crates which were hauled to the surface and opened with blowtorches. The dying man’s story was found to be true in every detail. Packed in neat rows, none the worse for their 30 years at bottom of the ocean was 33 tons of mercury.

Again the question must be asked, what was a German U-boat doing with an incredibly large crew of 67 men, carrying a secret cargo of war-vital mercury half way around the world? To where was the U-boat heading? For whom was the cargo intended? And for what use was the mercury to be put to? Obviously the British did not know the real mission of U-859.

Here again, was that remarkable loyalty and discipline of the German displayed — this secret had been kept for 30 years, almost unto death. It is interesting to speculate how many more submarines, similar to U-859, were on mysterious missions and to ponder as to where they now may be.

Still more reports of mysterious German U-Boats arriving in South America can be found in “The Avengers”, page 105, written by Michael Bar-Zohar, published by Hawthorne Press. Excerpts reproduced here.

Two more U-boats, according to reliable sources, appeared off an uninhabited stretch of the coast of Patagonia between July 23 and 29, 1945. Two sailors from the Admiral Graf Spee, Dettelman and Schulz, who were sent to Patagonia by Captain Kay with several of their  shipmates, later described their “mission.” They were lodged at an estancia belonging to a German-owned firm, Lahusen. From there they were taken to a deserted part of the coast and saw two U-boats surface. The Graf Spee men went aboard the U-boats and collected some heavy crates which they ferried ashore in rubber dinghies. Then the crates were quickly loaded on eight trucks and taken to the estancia, but very soon afterwards the trucks set off again with their load, heading inland. The rubber dinghies also served to bring about eighty people ashore, a number of whom were in civilian clothes. Judging by their manner of giving orders, they were obviously important people. They got quickly into cars waiting for them with engines running, and were driven off.

There has been a great deal of speculation about the size of the Fuhrer convoy. An assumption can be made that it must have been considerable, for otherwise the loss of three boats, with large crews, would have prompted “rescue attempts”, an easy enough task in the quiet waters off the South American coasts during that summer season. If Hitler had indeed set up some refuge in South America, we might ask ourselves with how many people. No definite answer can be supplied but again, by deduction, we can arrive at an approximate number.

Perhaps unknown to many north American readers, is the fact that in Europe, there exists a registration obligation for each member of a community. Precise and detailed records are kept of where a person lives, number of children, sex, age etc. and also place of work. Also noted, are details of closest relatives. In Europe, therefore, it is relatively easy to trace and locate anyone and at short notice. True, there was a temporary breakdown in the last few months of the war due to heavy bomb damage and the refugee problem, but conditions soon returned to the usual bureaucratic precision. The Allies found these exact records to be extremely useful in the job of ferreting out “Nazi war criminals”. They soon discovered that 250,000 persons had disappeared. Taking into account, casualties and deaths from all causes, this number of 250,000 has remained relatively constant and has been a continual source of speculation. To where could so many people disappear in densely populated Germany? Could the answer be found in a new “Third Reich” located in some far away place? Were select individuals withdrawn, over a long period of time, and re-located somewhere? Were they the “last battalion” to which Adolf Hitler referred several times In his prophetic speeches towards the closing days of the war? Are they the cream of the crop — saved for the day — that inevitable day when east and west shall meet in mortal combat and WE, as Hitler put it in several speeches, “will be the tip of the scale”? Will they hold the balance of power? How? With what? Will their Secret Weapons be the disappeared “Kraut meteors” the “Fliegenden Scheiben” or the flying discs? With what will they be armed? The death rays spoken of by Prof. Dr. Phillips?


* According to a Washington report at the end of 1955, the United States Air Force was then shortly going to test aircraft models whose appearance would fully correspond to the conception of the “flying saucer”. Secretary of the Air Force Donald Quarles has stated that these models are disc-shaped and able to take off vertically. They will do without expensive runways (see “German flying discs”).

Selected segments of the Third Reich survived the collapse of Germany proper and obviously did not surrender to the allies as they were supposed to have done under the “Unconditional Surrender” signed by Donitz on behalf of the German people.

There must be rather large secret Nazi bases where work continues on the UFO’s and other secret weapons. Investigation shows that huge amounts of money were clandestinely invested by Nazi Front men all over the world, but especially in South America. An incomplete, but nevertheless surprising statistical compilation of these funds appeared in the newspaper “Zig-Zag” in Santiago, Chile, on 19th June, 1947. According to this compilation, Spain received 300 million dollars, Sweden 250 million, Switzerland 100 million and Portugal 50 million and this represents only about 25% of such investments.

This amounts to nearly 3 billion dollars invested in large tracts of remote jungle and pampas real estate, factories, transportation, airlines, shipping(!!!) companies,, food processing and agriculture. In the shockinly candid book entitled “The Avengers” written by Michael Bar-Zohar dealing with Jewish war and post war tactics against the Germans, we find a lot of detailed information about the transfer of German money to foreign lands. Some excerpts are reproduced here.

A most unusual conference of German officials and industrialists was held at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944. The proceedings of this “Red House” conference are known from the shorthand report, which fell into the hands of the American OSS at the end of the war. A Lieutenant Revesz showed it to Simon Wisenthal, who took a photostat and published it some years later.

Among those present at this conference were representatives of the Ministry of Munitions and the Foreign Office, delegates from the big industrial combines—Krupps, Messerschmitt, Rochling, Goering Werke, Hermannsdorfwerke—and several senior civil servants. The object of the meeting was to decide upon measures for safeguarding the treasury of the Third Reich. They reached two main decisions—some of the riches would be hidden away in the territory of the Reich; and German capital would be sent abroad.

The conference urged that the Nazi Party should go underground in the event of defeat, and should prepare for a return to power with the help of the treasures safely hidden away.

These decisions began to be put into effect in the following months. An “experimental station” was set up near Lake Toplitz and a number of containers packed chiefly with forged pound notes and documents were submerged in the lake, and some other containers were hidden away in old mines in the hills. Most of them were removed again when Allied forces were approaching the region. Although the Allies did not have full knowledge of these hiding places until the report of the “Red House” conference fell into their hands, some information on the Nazis’ postwar plans had reached the Allied secret services early in 1945. In March of that year a detailed report on the subject was submitted to the State Department in Washington:

“The Nazi regime has made very precise plans for the perpetuation of its doctrine and domination after the war. Some of these plans are already being put into effect.

“Members of the Nazi Party, German industrialists and Army leaders, realizing that there is no hope of victory, are presently preparing commercial plans for the postwar period, endeavoring to renew connections with industrial circles abroad in the hope of reestablishing prewar cartels. After the war, the intention is for ‘front men’ to appeal to the courts of various countries against the ‘illegal’ seizure of German industrial concerns and other German property by the Allies at the outbreak of the war. In the event this method does not succeed, the recovery of the German property would be made through figureheads possessing the requisite citizenship. German attempts to continue to have a share in the control and development of technological progress during the immediate postwar period are reflected in the phenomenal increase in German patents registered in certain foreign countries during the past two years. These registrations reached their peak in 1944….

“German capital and plans for the building of ultramodern technical schools and research laboratories are being offered on very advantageous terms, in view of the fact that the Germans will thereby be able to make and perfect new weapons.

“The German propaganda program is an integral part of this general planning for the postwar period. The immediate aim of this propaganda program will be to bring about a relaxation of Allied controls on the pretext that the Germans should be treated ‘honestly.’ Later, this program will be extended and intensified with a view to reviving Nazi doctrine and pursuing German ambitions of world domination. Unless these plans are counteracted, they constitute a constant threat to the peace and security of the postwar world.”

The American specialists had greatly extended their knowledge of this subject by the end of the war. They soon had a list of 750 firms with head offices in neutral countries, founded or bought with German capital. Switzerland headed the list with 274 firms; then came Portugal with 258, Spain with 112, Argentina with 98, and Turkey with 35. A number of firms had also been acquired in South American countries other than Argentina.

Special accounts in Swiss and Liechtenstein banks were placed at the disposal of the Argentine Government, officially to help their industrial development. Some of the accounts were made personally available to Argentine leaders.

As military defeat and final castastrophe had become more certain, the Nazi chiefs stepped up their preparations for the future—a future in which they meant to have a  stake.  They  had deposited large sums with banks in neutral countries and salted away just as much in the portfolios of apparently respectable persons in Liechtenstein, Portugal, and Patagenia, and had hidden much wealth in the depths of old salt mines in Austria and below the dark water of the Alpine lakes. All of this hidden treasure might indeed permit a revival of Nazism one day—so long as there were still Nazis around able to draw upon it.

Added to this must be the fact that the high priority tasks of the newly elected National Socialist government in 1933, was the securing of adequate food supply for the entire population. Extensive research was immediately launched into areas of artificial food cultivation, in huge greenhouses, with everything grown only on “chemical soil” and under artificial light. Butter was apparently produced from coal and dry milk was another German invention. A method was also discovered to indefinitely preserve wheat flour. Great strides were also made in Freeze Drying all types of food and this was carried out particularly in experimental plants located in the area of Helmstedt. Hitler was keenly interested in these projects visiting them frequently. In a very short time, Germany was more or less self-sufficient and for the first time in centuries. No German ever experienced want and hunger again until the Allies burnt or robbed all the huge warehouses of their contents in 1945 and after.

Any German who lived through that dreadful time will tell you what the humanitarian liberators of Germany doled out as food rations after their victory. In the French zone of occupation it was officially 850 calories a day, in the American zone a little more, whilst the inmates of Hitler’s concentration camps, (whose bony corpses you are still seeing daily on T.V. and in the newspapers), received more than double that amount of calories daily. The resultant famine and death from starvation, particularly among the elderly and infants is well remembered by the German population. They call it a “peace crime”. The food supply for any secret UFO force, (which we shall call by the name Hitler himself had given it) — The Last Battalion, had already been solved. But how about necessary monies to keep such an enterprise running? Hitler had again already planned, with great foresight for this inevitability. In captivity in concentration camps such as Dachau, Buchenwald and Auschwitz, were Europe’s best-known and most skilled forgers, — many of them Jews. They were geniuses at their particular craft. Source:

Ernst Zundel-UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon-182pg. (1974)


Here you can see a lot of real flying saucers  with a few false ones and the false info of Aliens – there are none! It is not Aliens flying these but people!



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