Famous German-Americans Are Maligned or Erased from History Records

…It is telling, that people who are regularly defamed, maligned, lied about, incessantly attacked and have their characters assassinated in history books, newspapers or the movies have almost invariably been pro-German. Am I the only one who sees a connection here? [*I have seen this in the United States all my life!]…


By Gerry Frederics

[*Comments inserted by germanvictims.com. The article appears to be a few decades old.]

Excerpt from: “What the Germans gave you”

Did you know that George Washington’s army was drilled and instructed in how to fight by General von Steuben, a Prussian (German)? Do you realize General von Steuben did more than any other foreigner, or most Americans for that matter, for the freedom you now enjoy?

Did you know that a painting of famed German SS-general Steiner is displayed as an example of what a soldier is supposed to look like at the American Military Academy in Westpoint?

Did you know that Generals Pershing, Custer and Schwartzkopf, were (are) Germans?

Did you know that Admiral Nimitz was of German ethnicity (and proud of it)?

Did you know that WW1 American air ace General Rickenbacker, was German?

Did you know that WW2 American air ace, General Chuck Yeager was German?

Did you know that the tactics of the German Waffen-SS are being taught today at every military academy in the world?

Did you know that tank-tactics developed by Fieldmarschalls Rommel and Guderian (seperately!) are being taught today at all the military academies of the world?

Did you know that the Chilean military today is patterned precisely after the German military of WW2 and that this is one of the reasons no one in South America dares touch that little country?

Did you know that famed American aviatrix Emilia Earhardt was German?

Did you know that it was the German immigrant community which to the last man volunteered to fight for the Union during the American civil war?

Did you know that neither the Italians, nor the Irish, nor the English nor any other ethnic group volunteered en masse?

We, the GERMANS did! We VOLUNTEERED for the US.

Your ‘friends’ the Jews ran like the slimy cowards they are and subsequently sold supplies to the Union and Rebel armies, making millions of the misery of war.

WE GERMANS however were loyal, honest and brave AMERICAN citizens.

Where the hell is, or ever has been your gratitude, America?, or simply an acknowledgement?

Did you know that General Grant threw the Jews out of his jurisdiction because of the abuse and embezzling they heaped upon the defeated South?

Did you know that famed American General George Armstrong Custer was of German ethnicity? Could that be one of the reasons for his subsequent defamation? How is it, that one of the youngest, demonstrably bravest and most intelligent general officers the US Army had is only spoken of disparagingly in history books? We know today that his defeat at Little Big Horn was the result of his having received faulty military intelligence by a man who WANTED to see him dead! We know he died fighting like a lion against an overwhelming number of enemies. We know he was honorable, brave and unflinching in view of certain death. He was brutal? No more so than any other military man of his time under the same circumstances and a damn sight less than most. General Custer was one of us, he was GERMAN! And next time some ignoramus disparages his memory, tell that person to go to hell!! (‘To Hell with Honor’, ISBN 0-8061-3156-X)

It is telling, that people who are regularly defamed, maligned, lied about, incessantly attacked and have their characters assassinated in history books, newspapers or the movies have almost invariably been pro-German. Am I the only one who sees a connection here? [*I have seen this in the United States all my life!]

Did you know that Custer had a brother, Tom, who was awarded two Medals of Honor for bravery? ( Not one, but an unprecedented two!) Do you know what kind of personal bravery it takes to get a Medal Of Honor??

How about Herbert Hoover, the most humanitarian president the Americans have ever had? His grandfather’s name was ‘Huber’. I am convinced that one of the reasons he is being maligned today is because he was of German ethnicity. The claim that he was responsible for the Wallstreet crash of 1929 is demonstrably false. President Hoover organized the Food Relief for the Ukraine during the 1920’s, saving millions of lives, while it is without a doubt PROVEN, Jewish communist commissars murdered untold millions. He was responsible for the most massive construction project after the Panama Canal, Hoover Dam in Nevada, a visionary project most everyone thought was mad.

The same applies to Senator McCarthy. He too had German blood in his veins. He was one of the very few who spoke out against the illegal-torture-murders committed by the allies at Nurnberg, 1946, thus forever putting himself into the line of fire of the all-powerful Jews in the US. He recognized the communist danger and recognized that Hollywood was (and is) totally under Jewish control. His investigations may have in some areas been unfair, (one must fight fire with fire), but as a whole, under investigation his claims were justified. Folks, Senator McCarthy WAS RIGHT!! Predictably he too is being effectively defamed and vilified by the Jews. [*And he was apparently murdered as he pointed out the U.S. is undermined by Communism. He had Jewish assistants – on one picture where McCarthy speaks the Jews have a murderous expression in their face against him. Apparently he was poisoned.]

Did you know, that the American President, Ulysses S. Grant was pro-German and that that is one of the main reasons he is being defamed in today’s history books, as having been corrupt, an alcoholic etc. ad nauseum? Had he been a German-hater a la Roosevelt (Rosenfeld), [*a Jew] he would be alluded to as a great statesman.

Did you know that the seeds of ‘Hate-the-Germans’ were sown by not only the Jews but by the British Empire, bent on destroying Germany? That the Jews finally succeeded in hi-jacking the White House via Theodore Roosevelt (Rosenfeld). This man couldn’t write letters flattering enough to the Kaiser, while at the same time scheming against Germany at every opportunity in the most dishonest, disgusting manner. (“The US and Germany, a Political History”, ISBN 0-8014-1634-5.) Could it be that he is so revered today because of his totally unjustified anti-Germanism?

Did you know that American hero Charles Lindbergh was 100% pro-German? That he gave numerous speeches warning of war, that in 1941 he gave a speech naming and accusing the war-mongers, namely world-Jewry, that he was subjected to an unprecedented campaign of vilification, the foulness of which defies description?, that he never gave in?, that he steadfastly refused to turn on Germany? And that that is the reason, THE ONLY ONE, why this honorable, honest man, a real American hero, is being vilified to this day in American history books.

Did you know that [German] Field Marshall Rommel is the most admired military man by friend and foe alike? That no military man except Napoleon has been written about as much?

Did you know that military tactics developed by the great German General von Clausewitz 150 years or so ago are being taught today (!) in all military academies world-wide?

Did you know that at the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon was beating the pants off Fieldmarshall Wellington?, that Wellington said in desperation: ‘I wish it were night, or the Prussians were here’?, that Marshall Bluecher, at that time around 70 years old, had force-marched his Prussian troops for almost 30 hours in order to come to the rescue of his British allies?, that he in fact did and that it was this Prussian (German) force under Marshall Bluecher which ended up defeating Napoleon?

Did you know that in todays Encyclopedia Britannica, nary a word about Marshall Bluecher is mentioned when discussing Waterloo? Are you surprised? I am not. The British, being utterly Jew-corrupted, are uncommonly dishonest when it comes to history as a general rule.

Did you know that in late 1945 famed American General George Patton stated: ‘The only decent people left in Europe are the Germans’. Did you know that he was in all probability murdered two months after having made this (and many other pro-German) statement? That General Patton was vilified because he had slapped a soldier, a Jew of course, for cowardice? It should be remembered here, that General Patton was demonstrably anti-German. He covered up the mass-murder of over 500 German soldiers at Dachau by his own troops.

Did you know that famed movie stars Loretta Young and Marlene Dietrich were German or that Sandra Bullock was born and raised in Germany by her German mother or that Caterina Witt, the gorgeous multi-lingual ice skating star is German, or that unequaled beauty Claudia Schiffer is German, or great looking tennis giant Steffi Graf is German, or the greatest female pianist of the past 150 years, Clara Wieck was German, as well as gorgeous and a mother of nine (!), or Fred Astaire, bet you didn’t even think about him! How about Esther Lauder? Incidentally, that name is pronounced “Lowder” and the list is literally endless. How about fashion icons Hugo Boss? Or Lagerfeld? Or Joost? Or Puma? Or Adidas? Germans all.

Excerpt from “What the Germans gave you.”

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