Diabolical Plan: Jewish Sexual Perversions and Cruelties Projected onto the Nazis

…our completely normal Germans are depicted by malevolent Jews as sexually perverted torturers and murderers. This is not about what Germans did but the acting out of shameless, aberrant Jewish minds spraying their perverted sexuality upon innocent victims in the movie houses, getting a rise out of producing these movies, writing these books, solidifying their lies, and making a bundle of money at it…


…And this is what the Soviets did to German babies. They banged them against a wall or their tank until they were dead. Then they raped the screaming or crying mother and finished her off when they were done with her with a bayonet:

Soviet beim Ermorden von Babies indem sie deren Koepfe gegen die Wand oder den Panzer schlugen. Dann vergewaltigten sie die schreienden Muetter und toeteten sie.


We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros ruled over by the Jews. Count Kalergi-Coudenhove, 1925

 Non-Jewish Children are subhumans. – Yebamoth 98a. 

    Soferim 15, Rule 10.  This is the saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai” Tob shebe goyyim harog,  which means “Even the best of the gentiles should be killed”.#

“The best of the Christians must be strangulated.” ( Rasoni, Exodus 14.)#

“God has given the Jews power over the possessions and blood of all nations.” (Seph.  Jp., 92, 1.)#

“A Jew is permitted to rape, cheat and perjure; but he must take care that he is not found out, so that Israel [the Jewish people] may not suffer.” – Schulchan Aruch, Jore Dia.#

“Just the Jews are humans, the Non-Jews are no humans, but cattle.” – Jewish Babylonian Talmud, Kerithuth 6b page 78, Jebhammoth 61a (goyim = human cattle; from goyim derives “guys”)#

“The Non-Jews have been created to serve the Jews as slaves.” – Jewish Babylonian Talmud, Midrasch Talpioth 225#

“The birth-rate of the Non-Jews has to be suppressed massively.” – Jewish Babylonian Talmud, Zohar II, 4b#

“Jews always have to try to deceive Non-Jews.”– Jewish Babylonian Talmud, Zohar I, 168a#

“Every Jew is allowed to use lies and perjury to bring a Non-Jew to ruin.” – Jewish Babylonian Talmud, Babha Kama 113a#

“The possessions of the goyim are like an ownerless desert, and everybody (every Jew) who seizes it, has acquired it.” – Jewish Babylonian Talmud, IV/3/54b#

“There is no such thing as a Palestinian people… It is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn’t exist.” — Golda Meir, statement to The Sunday Times, 15 June, 1969.

“I encourage my soldiers to rape Arabic girls, since the Palestinian woman is a slave for the Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and nobody tells us what we shall do but we tell others what they shall do.” Ariel Sharon#

“The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer”. Dr. Henry Kissinger New York Times, Oct. 28, 1973


The Facts about the origin of the (German) concentration camps and their administration-6 pg.


Moral Debasement of the Peoples.

The moral deterioration and shamelessness in our Western society, severely influenced by the Jews, is especially visible in the entertainment industry. A major branch of their entertainment vomit focuses on defaming Germans to hide the Jewish crimes in Russia, and distract from the war crimes and even more after-the-war crimes against the German people and their friends by the Allies. The Soviets murdered the Czar family, robbed Russia of its land and resources, and murdered 66 to 100 Million Russians.

Sexual Perversion by the “Victors”.

In movies about Nazis – a derogatory name for the National Socialists of Germany during the 193os and 40s – our completely normal Germans are depicted by deviant Jews as sexually perverted torturers and murderers. This is not about what Germans did but the acting out of shameless, aberrant Jewish minds spraying their perverted sexual filth and cruelty upon innocent victims in the movie houses, getting, literally, a rise out of producing these movies, writing these books, solidifying their lies, and making a bundle of money at it. Practiced in psychology – the Jews have psyched out the white public for decades with their phony psychology, a la Dr. Freud, the fraudulent schemer – they pump up the emotions of the movie goers by false claims of evil in the Germans, add false “history” and combine it with perverse sexuality and brutality, and so the movie experience sticks in the minds of people and is not easily forgotten. Mix brutality in a movie with sexuality in a blatant way, and the emotions will be wildly aroused, details sometimes remembered for decades, and for people so inclined sometimes even leading to sexual crimes. Young people are especially affected by such brutal visual invasions of their minds. But if you read some books that you cannot obtain in mainstream media about what the Jews did on torture and sexual torture rapes to the Russian people, which includes many German-Russians living there for about 150 years, and Germans taken from Germany and Poland to the Russian Gulags after WW2, you will understand once and for all that these horrendous crimes projected on the Germans are crimes of the Jews and the Allies as their henchmen. Many of these diabolical crimes have been committed against not only German soldiers in captivity but hundreds of thousands of German civilians by Jews, Czechs, Poles, Russians, Americans, French, Brits, etc., etc. The most diabolical creatures of their militaries, civilians, and partisans were sent upon the German people by instigating and lying leaders to torture-kill Hundreds of Millions of Germans, plus starve nearly 6 Million Germans to death in Left-over Germany after the war’s end. Starving is torture, too.

The Fox Is Guarding the Hen House.

After the war for many years, with the German police forced out, ALL the Allies, Americans included, have committed heinous torture and sexual crimes and murder against the German civilians and captured German soldiers. Girls and women were gang raped for days until they were dead. They were tortured to death in sexual acts. Sometimes they had their nipples bit off and their vaginas violated with objects. Apparently, they were punished for being German, for being white, and for being proud and for being virgins. If they did not die in the act, the many abortions that followed often resulted in not being able to ever have children again, German children. Young girls had their vagina cut open so the adult men could rape them. Or females were crucified because they were Christians and raped on a cross. Masses of German soldiers who were captured had to undress and had their genitals tortured and cut off, their ears and noses cut off, their tongues ripped out and eyes poked out. These were not just rare occasions but regular occurrences. These are not acts of honorable Christian, soldiers, as the West called their Allied military. Only the German soldiers and their SS men from many countries behaved in an honorable way. For example, the captured or surrendered French soldiers, were regarded with honor by the German military as they marched through Paris. The French women loved the German soldiers because they were such gentlemen during occupation of France.

Perversion Without End!

I figure, they gang raped boys and men, too, but no boy or man in those days even dared to mention such an abominable act. How about a repeated scene of taking babies from German mothers and beating them against the tank until their head splits open? Then raping the crying mother, and that was not enough, finishing the act by ramming a bayonet into her stomach. How our honorable and disciplined German soldiers were severely abused and tortured. Imagine them having to eat the spit and vomit, piss and shit of Allied soldiers, crawling around on all fours and being beaten like dogs, all this to humiliate them because they were so great and honorable. Hundreds of thousands of German soldiers and civilian men were murdered in the most heinous ways also outside of the camps. They had their ears and nose cut off, eyes gored out, tongue cut out and their genitals cut off, just like the Poles did to the German Poles before the Poles invaded German territory. And this was not enough for the evil monsters who committed these acts, but they stuffed the Germans’ genitals into their mouth to suffocate them. These acts were repeated against Germans, and probably Axis members, in many countries throughout and after the war. Evil hates good! That’s why they did this.

Nazis Falsely Accused of Satanic Practices.

Here we see again, the MO of accusing others for what the Jews do. My biggest surprise was when I heard from Texe Marrs that the Jews rock back and forth on the “holy” “wailing wall” in Israel simulating having sex with a snake goddess. And who is the Snake in the Bible? Satan! Their Rabbis even admit now and then in one of their bloated moments that their god is Satan! (And that’s what Jesus said!) Though the Jews are very secretive in the most important things so they can get the better of us, they can’t keep their loud and arrogant mouths always shut. Even the pope is lured to this wall to touch it. But then, in the last century most, if not all, popes have been hidden Jews. Just look at their noses and faces. The god of all Jews is Satan. And Satan is not the God of the Germans, never was. The Germans had the Allvater before the Jew-invented Christian religion came along to destroy the Germans. Just read the Old Testament what the Jewish god demands of the Jews to do. They have created a satanic god by re-writing the bible (the history of the white race). The Satanic rituals we saw at the opening celebration of the Gotthard Tunnel between Germany and Switzerland visited by many world leaders, is just another prove. I think, the message of this “entertainment show” by the elite is very evil; perhaps a foreboding of terrible things to come very soon in the West, initiated by the Jews. Perhaps the Jewish-Marxist Russian tanks will roll right through Germany soon, then through to Switzerland, and this Tunnel would be the gate?

Germany has a One Thousand Year History. Germans came from the position of a nature God and were forced into Christianity by kings who knelt before the pope. Most likely, many Germans over the centuries in the Olden Days probably practiced secretly their nature religion, and this probably brought forth secret societies. And there were people who were very aware of how the Jews have taken over Germany and turned it into a jewish cult. Pope “Innocent”!!! who looks like a Jew, arranged for the torture murder of 9 Million German women in the middle ages as “witches” They used healing herbs instead of prayer for the sick. Mozart was murdered by the Jew Masons for getting out of Masonry and wanting to create his own secret society, once he realized how evil Freemasonry was at the top. So Hollywood makes a false movie about him, just like it made a false movie about the “Russian Revolution” which was really a Jewish revolution. Many other prominent Germans had the same fate as Mozart. (Dr. Mathilde Ludendorff) Secret societies was a natural outcome from Christian oppression, and it was perfectly normal for European countries to have these societies. Freemasonry might have once been innocent and a way to connect with each other, but the fact is, it was infiltrated and taken over by the jews at one time or another.

Adolf Hitler was totally against secret societies and against the Freemasons. He forbid all secret societies, probably because all of them had been infiltrated by the Jews as a way of hiding their evil deeds. So he and his people are accused of being member of one or another secret society and using Occult means. That is just another Communist MO of accusing others of what evil Jews did and are up to. Satanism, I have not studied it, most likely is a Jewish invention.

Reality in Nazi Germany was the opposite of the darkness depicted by sick Jewish minds. A people with a thousand year culture and leading in culture, does not suddenly turn into a genocide nation. But the Jews, when they usurped Russia, they were the genocide nation. But you did not see that in the Hollywood movie “Dr. Shivago.” No, that movie was made to tell you a very false story! Good Communists, which all leading Jews are, including some of the Jewish popes, always turn things upside down with their forked tongues. (Notice the red forked tongue on the NASA emblem. NASA was founded by a Jew and a Satanist!) Good is bad and bad is good. Even our children have been taught to say: “This is bad” when they found something to be good. These things are taught ON PURPOSE in the media to twist the minds of children until they will be utterly confused; soon they won’t know anymore how to express their true feelings and thoughts. Then they throw up their hand and leave it up to others to direct them. Then a dictatorial government can easily step in.

Germany was a country of almost all Christians during the National Socialist times, just as it was for centuries before that. The Germans gave birth to Martin Luther, remember? The Germans brought force some of the greatest musicians, poets, philosophers, scientists, and writers. Germans were known as the thinkers and scientists because of their great minds. Since when are these type of people warmongers?! Now the perverted Jews with their lies turn them into mad kings, mad musicians, genociders, and anti-semites. What’s wrong with being an anti-Semite, anyway? Shouldn’t we all be anti-semites after all, because of what these Jewish criminals have done to mankind?! How can I not be an anti-Semite when the jews have murdered my family members, devastated Germany and murdered Millions upon Millions of Germans, often done by others, true, but orchestrated by the Jews! But then again, I am not against Semites, including individual Jews, though I have no desire to associate with them. I am against jews taking over the West, against Jewish sexual perversion in our Western countries, against the Talmud, and against jewish deception, lies, crimes and murder.

Evil Hollywood Is Based on Lies, Deception, Terrifying the Public, and Defaming Others.

Why don’t these evil Jews make a movie about all the evil they have committed and are committing every single day with their wars? Why not a movie about their crimes and the crimes of the Allies? Why don’t they show what was done to the Germans by perverted Jews, Americans, and Russians acting out their dark sexuality and brutality against helpless and good people? Even if they had not been good people, no human being deserves to be tormented like this! What is so evil about German soldiers who did their duty fighting for their fatherland against all those who had started the war against them? What is so evil about mothers and children who were caught in the crossfire of rotten politicians? The German soldiers did not rape because they would be brought to court and have all their stripes removed. Furthermore, they were men of the Old Guard, fighting for high values and therefore behaving honorably. And honorable men and women, that’s what most Germans were in those days.

Why don’t the Hollywood Jews make a movie about the tortures and sexual perversions committed by the Allied military, by Allied civilians, and Allied partisans, often led by jews, against the German soldiers and civilians up to 10 years after the war? Most of these crimes were recorded, but most of those records have been stolen by the Allied soldiers to hide their crimes.  How about showing how they gang raped our women and girls down to the ages of God knows what, but one heard six years. They probably raped Toddlers, too. They raped women in their 80s! Why don’t they show how they exhausted girls and women gang raping them for days and weeks as sex slaves until they died? How they cut open the vagina of girls so it can receive an adult male genital? Why not a movie about a German insanity asylum were girls and women ended up after the war, who were raped by the Allied occupation, including Americans of course, in such ways that they ended up there as insane and never got out? Since no German doctor was allowed to practice in Germany for many years (because they did dark things in the hospitals) but primarily Jews, Russians, Americans, British, and French ran these hospitals, I wonder today if they took women there as “crazy” wo were not, only to keep them captured so they can have their rape orgies there and “treat” them in various ways to keep them insane?  I know my beloved aunt never got out after the Americans gang-raped her. Nor did my little cousin survive some bike accident scratches!!! This would make a gruesome Hollywood movie, would it not? But instead of the ancient Norsemen Swastika one would see the American and Russian stars and the emblems of the other Military gangs doing horrendous things to people of all ages and both genders. But not only them, evil civilians of many countries, were involved in horrendous crimes against the German civilians and soldiers, if they caught them. Let me point out, they were not infrequently led by the hate of “God’s Chosen.”

Seven Thousand German Children Murdered by the Danes.

I can imagine that a movie about this scene in a Danish child center where German refugee children were kept would make me sick to vomit. These young children, seven thousand of them, were purposely starved to death. The authorities admit they did this because they were German! Unbelievable cruelty! Imagine the slow horrific death of wasting away over a period of a couple of months. What else do you think dark hearts like this did to these children? Did they rape them? You bet your booty they did! Did they torture them otherwise? Of course, it goes along with dark hearts. Did they mentally abuse them? Goes with it. A raw Hollywood movie about this no one would be able to bear, but as Hollywood has studied the psychology of man and how to manipulate the mind, it could make it all very appetizing and tantalizing. Isn’t that what they are good at? Isn’t that how they serve us their filth, too?!

2,000 ‘Hitler Youth’ Girls Eliminated.

How about a movie about 2,000 Hitler Youth girls who were collected and brought into an old factory, and either torture murdered or beaten to death? They could add the stories of the individual lives a bit leading up to the horror. Of course, Hollywood, could not do it any other way but to represent these innocent and honorable girls, the best of the best, in a dark light. I know they have invented stories of promiscuity about the girls of Hitler’s youth. This is not true, but the promiscuity was instilled in the German youth of the Communists by the Communist leaders, who were Jews! In reaction to this, Adolf Hitler created his Hitler Youth were children were instilled with honorable behavior! Get it right! And it was some of the Communist youth that was promiscuous and criminal because they were taught to be so, and one of their orders was to attack the Hitler Youth, just like the ANTIFA now attacks decent human beings. But as it always was, Communist Jews blame others of crimes they have committed. But none of the “crimes” of these girls justify the finale of their life story, were the prettiest of them were picked out a few at a time by Poles and Russians and tortured to death by cutting off their breasts and piercing their vaginas, while the other unfortunate ones waiting for the same “treatment” had to watch. When they slaughtered about 50 of them like this, the rest of them were collected in the yard and beaten to death. When you see something like this in a movie, you will never forget it! And I know you will never forget the invented stories about the German Nazis you see in these very graphic Hollywood Inventions. And this has brought hate and distrust against the Germans everywhere and hate and distrust against the Germans in the United States, as I have experienced myself over the years. It’s subtle, but it is there. Many German-Americans have been “hiding” ever since their defamation under non-German names, with strong anti-Nazi dispositions to protect themselves from ill treatment. The Jews have not only brought division between German immigrants and Americans, etc., but division between German families in Germany and German-American families in the U.S. Those who know it is all lies and those who believe the lies.

Does Hollywood ever mention this?

What happened to nearly 10-15 Million Germans civilians who died or disappeared after the war’s end? Did some of them end up as sex slaves in someone’s dark chamber? How about a movie of the scene in Germany after the war were 6 Million Germans were starved to death, deliberately, preventing the Red Cross to help? Preventing the farmers to help?  Hollywood could build in some stories of German families how well they lived before the war under Hitler’s reign and how they suffered starving to death. 6 Million Germans in left-over Germany died of starvation AFTER THE WAR! This was done to them on purpose. A genocide!!! Help from the Red Cross was turned away! No one ever says this in mainstream media. In order that truth not be told, the Germans had to be made into monsters, so that no one would feel compassion or remorse over their plight. You have been trained well! Freud picked your brains and the Jews know how you tick! Hollywood could add some scenes where the farmers were shot because they brought some food to the chain link fence for the German soldiers who were deliberately starved to death. Over one Million on the Rhine meadows of Germany alone, under Dwight Eisenhower, that evil, murderous Jew! Millions of Germans died in the Gulags in Russia! The Soviets, under the Jewish government, dragged 1 Million German women and girls in the Russian occupation at the end of the war off to the slave labor camps in Russia. A large percentage of them died already on the way there, including my little cousins. Most of them never made it back. And hundreds of thousands of German soldiers were tortured and starved to death in POW camps in Poland (who started the war), Chechnya, Hungary, Britain, France, and many other countries, or were forcefully sent to other wars as mercenaries, after they were fucking exhausted from fighting a war for Germany. What a story that would make, including the suffering of the families of the prisoners!

How Could All of this Have Happened to the Germans?

Who were the upper commanders of soldiers and civilians who did these horrific crimes against Germans? And why? Just like the Jews and their “money slaves” today defame leaders around the world with their lies and deception, the Jews, bankers and industrialists had spread lies about the Germans with their great media power for decades before WWI to bring the German empire down because it was so successful, then from then on they did this continuously until this very day to keep the Germans DOWN and POWERLESS. They invented false stories about German soldiers, supposedly having committed crimes against civilians in the wars before 1900, all of which have been disproved after those wars by the effort of getting to the truth by all the countries concerned. But, then the leaders in Germany still were Germans not Jews. In those days, the Jews did not have quite as much power inside a country in certain areas, as they did later to keep their lies alive and exterminate truth. But after WW2, with more Jews “invading” Germany and taking over, such corrections of lies were not allowed for the Germans as the Jews are controlling Germany, Russia, the U.S., Great Britain, France, etc., etc. with the banking and the stock market. Almost all countries are controlled by financial coercion and threats.

At the forced unconditional surrender of Germany, or more bombs would have been thrown on the German civilians, the German military had to sign that they would never take the Allies to justice for their crimes. And the god-damned crimes against the Germans continued for nearly a decade after the war’s “end” in Germany and more decades in Russia and the East bloc countries! The fox was now guarding the hen house and could rape and pillage as he please with four occupations, Russians, British, French, and American. This was the plan, that’s why they had the Germans sign to NEVER be allowed to make official accusations against the Allies. You see, the average person never hears, therefore, of these crimes and thinks the Germans are so quiet and docile because they are guilty. No, they have been gagged, and their government is NOT GERMAN, but JEWISH, RUN BY THE UNITED STATES JEWS!

It was only the Germans that were innocent and accused, and falsely so. Period. These honorable German men and proud women were treated worse than hated wild animals. Truth was oppressed with torture and murder for good a decade after the war in Germany in a Communist way as in the Soviet Union. Millions of Germans were on the list to be eliminated and millions were. They were our best, because the Jewish law demands: “The best of the gentiles you shall kill.” They killed about 12-15 Million German civilians after the war, depending on if you count the German POWs as civilians or not. All the best people of Germany who did not get out of Germany in time were hunted down and murdered or prosecuted with false accusations in Kangaroo courts occupied by many hateful Jews.

In the Soviet Union, the Jews ruled in the highest command. And in the United States, Roosevelt and Eisenhower were Jews – Eisenhower especially good at deception – and so was Churchill in Britain. The behavior of many out-of-control American and Allied soldiers and their civilians was the result of either an unspoken “order” by Roosevelt and later by Eisenhower’s spoken order as Great Commander of Europe: “Do with the Germans and German women as you please.” Enraged or not enraged about their fallen comrades, the American soldiers attacked in gangs German females and tortured and raped them. And the German soldiers, with their hands up in surrender, they were mowed down by the hundreds wherever the Americans felt like eliminating them. In several years of looking into these crimes, I can hardly bear the thoughts of these horrors against the German people.

I no longer believe that Jews have a Conscience.

I can no longer trust them because they have been indoctrinated for thousands of years by their Talmud, a terrible perversion and hate book. Just like we Westerners have been influenced by the New Testament for nearly two thousand years. Furthermore, their race is not white, though some of them look almost white and have blue eyes. Many of them today are of a mixed race, and many of them from Russia are descendants of Huns-Mongolians, in other words, they come from a very brutal race. So these deceivers, call the Germans “Huns.” Same old MO! We Germans are white! Norse people! Aryans! That is not to say that Germans have not race mixed over the last 70 plus years because they have been influenced by the Allied occupation and by the many races imported by the occupation into their home country.

So, I do not think the Jews are playing out their guilt in their false story making. No! They like these brutal stories, just as they like making blood flow. It is part of their cultural ritual. For this they have sacrificed legions of American men (and men around the world) in wars under false pretense, and this crime against humanity keeps on going. And so it follows, that they are responsible for the death of over 150 Million people in the last one hundred years. That includes 60 Million in WW2, ca. 20 Million in WWI, 66 Million – 100 Million civilians in Russia, 50 Million civilians in China, 15-18 Million German civilians after WW2. The goal is always getting more world power for the Jews and killing as many white men as possible; any men, of course, who stand in their way, but dead whites are their prime trophy. We are more intelligent than Jews but they are smarter and shrewder. “The best of the non-Jews you must kill!” proclaims the Talmud. And white people are the most innovative and intellectually skilled people, and have been so for centuries. The Jews are known not to be creative and inventive. They are parasitic in their behavior and live off others’ accomplishments, bringing them to market. Now that they had enough technology and are leaders in all areas of life due to control of the banking, they want to get rid of the inventors, the whites and proclaiming this in many places, shamelessly, and are not accused of a hate crime! How is this possible? The whites used to be the ones who asked daring questions and challenged liars, but many have lost their innate qualities due to the false teachings of the Christian churches and the oppression by the jews of the churches and of them. White men have become weaker by practicing being subservient to their tormentors, the Jews. And furthermore, by women having been fostered to become stronger, as predicted by Adolf Hitler, men are becoming weaker. I’ve noticed a pattern in the MO of the Jews in Western society. They implement all the things that Adolf Hitler warned of and despised; and they do the opposite of all the honorable things Adolf Hitler represented. Again, the Marxist MO of turning things on its head.

Jews parade as Christians, but they cannot be Christians and at the same time Jews!

Karl Marx was made into a Christian by his parents while remaining a Jew behind the farce so he would have societal advantages in Germany. Just another Marrano out of many in the church to deceive the gullible Christians. Today the jews are controlling all the big churches, Catholic and Protestant, via infiltration and the American church tax laws, where the preachers cannot say anything negative straight out of the Bible about the jews, or their church will be destroyed. Therefore, there are so many jewish infiltrators in the Christian churches. They are the eyes and the ears to keep the sheep in control. Because of the false Bible teachings, we have the private “Christian Identity” movement that makes an effort to show the true bible history. But even that is probably infiltrated with Jews because they Jews always know how to infiltrate their greatest enemies first. This is why Jews are active in German and Swiss clubs, pretending to be Germans.  It is all very parasitic. We know that our body has many “good” and “bad” parasites. If the “bad” ones take over in some areas, there we have a tumor, an ulcer, and in the worst case scenario, cancer. Our society has been inflicted with a cancer in almost all walks of life. A Jew lives by the Talmud and the Talmud hates Christ and writes the most disgusting things about Jesus. Do I need to say more?

Adolf Hitler dared to stand up to the Evil Machinations of the jews who Want to Control the World Completely.

The racial awakening of the Germans against the sexually perverted Jewish domination of the German culture in the Jewish-controlled newspapers (99%), theater, literature, the arts, etc., as in the Weimar Republic after WW1 (Jewish Communist controlled), brought the so-called wrath of the Jews Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill, Eisenhower and others upon them. But that was only the tip of the iceberg, because it was long planned this way to destroy the great German people and rob the German accomplishments.

And these Jewish bastards call their crimes “an eye for an eye.” As if the Germans had done anything to them, in the first place, except wanting to be free of their international Communist control and destruction of the German culture. The Jews tried to overthrow Germany and turn it into another Jew-controlled Soviet Union. The Jews even wrote a book by the title “An eye for an eye”, gloating about the horrors they have committed against innocent Germans. Eye for what eye? The Germans were honorable people to the end. Mind you, good Americans, when your waking up comes and you stand for your white race, the Jews will come down on you very hard. I hope you are prepared to at least put up a good fight. I’m sure you have read on my site about the law set up in the U.S.A. by the Jewish Chabad Lubavitch leaders to kill the American Christians by decapitating them. Of course, many will be raped and tortured for the sheer pleasure of the beasts. This is set up for when martial law comes. The wicked Jews work very slowly over centuries and decades, slowly taking over so that the gullible, trusting, and innocent white male does not notice it. To keep him distracted, he is served up sexual indoctrination and pre-occupation and is tantalized with material things, turning him into a consumer who lost his true self. And that goes for women, too, of course.

How WW2 REALLY Started Would make an Interesting Movie.

Hollywood could make a great movie about how WW2 REALLY started, or actually, it was only a conflict between Poland and Germany. The actual WW2 was initiated by Britain and France. Many months before the war, the Poles tortured to death German Poles in the most heinous way, as just described above. Men, women, children and babies. Why don’t they show this? Why don’t they show how the Poles attacked the German border guards many times during several months and how the German border guards were injured or killed??? Never ever did the Germans fight back because Adolf Hitler did not want war! Almost no one knows about this, and people should know this VERY IMPORTANT TRUTH! And then, it would be a dramatic scene how the war actually started when Polish soldiers entered German territory shooting the Germans. And then, only then, did the Germans fight back; and that was the beginning of the German-Polish war, and not the beginning of WW2! Right after that they could show a scene of the Communist Pole-Jew devil Angela Merkel, who is continuously murdering the soul of the German people, standing before the United Nations and claiming Germany started WW2 and “how evil the Germans are and the oh so poor Poles” and repeated by ignorant President Trump just in July 2017 to the Poles. Communists are trained to blame their crimes on the victims. It’s their MO since Biblical Times. After the victory against Poland, Adolf Hitler asked for world peace. In fact he made during the war over 40 peace offers and all were ignored. Adolf Hitler was a man of peace. But he was also a man of justice, and this is where you see his power, his anger, his leadership bloom in great passion. He used a lot of sarcasm in his speeches that biased foreign translators do not pick up because they are so bent on seeing him as evil. Also I have found some parts of his speeches and his book “Mein Kampf”, or other documents, translated in a twisted way or parts left out in order to put him into a bad light. All the works of the devil.

It’s a Great Tragedy that those with the Biggest and Loudest Mouth are Believed.

Why do you think the Jews bought up all newspapers first? From then they could buy out all TV channels and build up Hollywood as the only owners. It’s all fraud what they present at the History Channel, in the newspapers, books and Hollywood movies. Sure, all the smut has some truth in it, but truth mixed with lies is lies, period. It is indoctrination of the worst kind, because it is against the white movie goer, the Western man, the American, etc. to make him shameful and weak. This is for me the great tragedy that I see, the accusation of the innocent German men and the glorification of evil Jewish and Allied conspiracy. The German military was the most honorable and disciplined military. Furthermore, most of them were Christians. So was Adolf Hitler. All of them were the complete opposite of what we are being told by the Hollywood Jews, who are encouraged by their perverted and evil Talmud “holy book” to lie to the gentiles to gain an advantage over them.

People do not Catch On to the Great Deception by the Jews, going all the way back to Biblical Times.

And these Jews were, and many Jews today are Communists, walking around as Christians or “holy” Talmud Jews, some of them with blue eyes inherited by race mixing with the Aryans, undermining western societies with Bolshevik ideas and being very successful at it because they have control of almost all media, are so deceptive and WORK VERY SLOWLY, just as their Satanic god commands them! And this goes for blue-eyed Jewess, Angela Merkel, who is the head of the evil “Christian” Party in Germany that has many like-minded devils as her and many German sheep suffering from the Stockholm syndrome.

It is all so tragic for mankind, and especially for the white race, because eventually it will all come back to the whit civilians of many countries again; they will be annihilated again in another war along with many honorable soldiers. War mongers love wars; e.g. Jew Kissinger, and human beings mean nothing to them but a herd of animals that are used to give their energy and blood to enrich the Jews and their henchmen, to erect the final one-world power Israel. The Jews have caused the Civil War in the U.S., financed both sides, and have had the U.S. in their claws ever since then. Their final victory over the U.S. came when they got a hold of the money of the American people, establishing the private, all Jewish, “Federal” Reserve Bank. From then on it was really down-hill for the white American people. Whatever good times the Americans had was for three decades after the war when the Americans lived of over one million stolen German inventions and Millions of stolen factories and goods from Germany. Germany was totally dis-assembled and everything of worth stolen by the Allies. The Americans robbed the German people down to the bare bones. Has Hollywood ever made a movie about this???

Jews want to Destroy Mankind. It’s what their god Yahweh, whom they have Created, Demands. And der Talmud demands “The best of the gentiles deserve to die.”

The Chabad Lubavitch gang, per researcher Wolfgang Eggert, is probably the most powerful group of the shadow government. They are the ones who established the Noahide laws to kill the American Christians. You see, the Jews make everything legal, even their most horrendous crimes. We have really good examples from Russia about this. All the crimes of the Jewish government were logged in the government offices as they were proud of how many they have tortured, starved and worked to death in the slave labor camps, and slaughtered. And if you are white, upper middle class, tall, or very attractive, they will especially enjoy bringing you down. They hand-picked our most attractive blond German soldiers, tall and noble, for especially cruel “treatment.” And they constantly besmear the German SS soldiers in movies because they were the noblest men of Germany and of other countries supporting Germany. They were fashioned after the German knights of old. The SS soldiers, when they became POWs or were tricked by Allied civilians and captured, were along with our girls and women, the most heinously tortured human beings, BECAUSE THEY WERE SO GREAT! And that’s why you hear the most horrible lies about them. To reiterate, the Communist MO is to accuse the victims of the crimes of the perpetrator. And Communism is Jewish.

The White Race has been Under Attack by the Jews for Centuries.

Defamation of the white race is the focused method for over a century by the Jews to destroy the white race’s influence, with the main target the Germans, because the Germans were, and perhaps still are to some extent, the leaders of the white race. But, obviously, all whites (and all peoples) are in great danger because of the plans of the Jews. Sexual torture and cruelties in movies, invented by Jewish perverts to sell movies and re-live rape orgies of German women and children, are one of the outgrows of the dark Jewish mind, only they falsely represent the real tormentors of WW2 as the victims, and the German victims, falsely as the tormentors. Aroused, the movie goers will feel great hate against those Germans, supposedly having committed such cruelties. The fact is the Germans did not commit these cruelties, but the Allies did. These Jewish bastards even turn the beloved, intelligent, loyal, and obedient German Shepard dog into a monsters. But tell this to the majority of the people, and they won’t believe it because they have neither the time nor the interest to verify what I tell them. They rather believe a story handed to them where they have a scapegoat, the Germans, then they can feel all good and cuddly about themselves and their friends. And furthermore, they don’t want to have conflicts with their friends who think like them the way they are. They want to be herd people. This is how far the white race has fallen, being merely a consumer who wants to have fun, rather than an honorable person who loves the truth and wants his country to grow in honor, truth, and strength. It is especially disheartening to me in the United States because a large percentage of Americans are of German decent.

Is it a wonder the Jews make these movies?! It’s not at all! One only needs to read the Talmud, where sex with children 3 years old is a good thing, and cheating, and lying to non-Jews is quiet alright, even desired. Letting a goyim (derogatory “non-Jews”) die instead of helping them is also a holy act per the Talmud. Welcome to the Jewish oncologists in the hospitals! The whole crime book is called a “holy” document. My believe is that the cancer treatment is a murder scheme because they urge doctors to push the typical cancer treatment that has a 95 to 97% death rate. How devious is this?! Most medical centers, if not all, will not allow a doctor to use any other kind of treatment. Strangely, some of the most outspoken Naturapath doctors have disappeared, supposedly commited suicide, have been found murdered, or have been defamed and financially ruined. And who is behind this? The AMA! And who runs it?

Nazi Germany is Relentlessly Defamed with Lies and Deception.

The concentration camps, were altogether the opposite of what they were betrayed. In the Work Camps (Concentration Camps), the National Socialist were forbidden to touch Jews in any manner, and the Jews were not allowed to greet the German Guards or do a work favor for them, let alone have sex with them!!! Fact is, the German soldiers did not rape because the discipline for rape was very strict, including prison, removal of all stripes, and even the death penalty. What movie goers see “Nazis doing” are in reality tortures and brutalities committed against Germans by Jews and their executioners, Allied civilians, partisans, and Allied soldiers, and were not brutalities Germans committed. The blue-eyed person is not the evil person as depicted in Hollywood’s’ horror chamber, to the contrary, the Aryan is the most innocent and gullible person that can be easily taken advantage of if he does not stay alert. Of course the races are so mixed by now, many non-whites have blue eyes, including many jews. Goebbels said that those mixed Jews are the most dangerous ones because they can mislead us easily. So the jew in all his media and speeches represents the Nazi as evil, again, the opposite of the truth a la Communist scheming.

The concentration camps were basically run by Jews. It was considered to be below the honor of a German SS guard, the most noble and elite among the German soldiers (that’s why the Jews hate them so much and debase them with their lies and filthy fantasies constantly), to have a friendly relationship with Jews in the camps for what they have done to Germany. Jews were declared enemies of the state, betrayers of the German people, for declaring war on Germany in 1933 and backstabbing the Germans in the war at any opportunity, running a Partisan war against the Germans in all countries in West and East. But as people are, the Germans guarding the camps had to be reminded in the “orders of the day” to keep their distance from the Jews and not be friendly with them. As we all know, the Jews can be, what we Germans call “shit-friendly”, to gain an advantage. (I see this in America.) German guards who broke this rule were disciplined. This according to the “Daily Auschwitz Orders from 1940 to 1945” a report of the German archives.

It was the Jews, the Partisans, and Allied soldiers who were the perverted rapists and torturers in and after the war and the German people who were the victims. America participates in the Jewish fantasies and cover-up because it must hide the Millions of crimes it has committed with their military against the German people, including horrific sexual crimes and murder.

But, I believe, there is an energy field around us that tells us if something is the truth or a lie. I remember every time I heard about the Holocaust in the United States, for decades, and before I did my research, I felt something like sandpaper scraping across my heart and a nagging feeling that this is not true. But many years passed because I was so busy with other things, and I did not search to find out the truth, though I suffered weekly about the media debasing the Germans. It was so subtle, that most people did not even recognize it as such. But I did! I had no idea that the truth is available if one really searches for it. Unfortunately, decades had passed before I woke up to reality.

As far as energy is concerned, I think that if we are honest people, this energy of lies will disturb us, grate on us, and not leave us alone. If we are liars, we will feel comfortable with lies because we are in tune with lying energy. The fact that the majority believes in the Jewish holocaust shows me that the majority of the Europeans and Americans, including the Germans, have become liars, foremost liars to themselves, then to their children and everyone else. We as people of the Western countries, are lying ourselves into execution by the Jews. Proof is on my audio “Law to kill American Christians” by Dr. Lorraine Day under “Armageddon” on the right column. You see, in Russia, all the extermination of the 100 million Russians was justified with a law, among others, one against Christians (per Talmud deserve the death penalty) and another one antisemitism, also their law called for the death penalty. For the rest of them exterminated, they invented hundreds of other laws; and they documented everything to justify their genocide. According to the Talmud, they were just.  They make everything legal; this is why they are working on making antisemitism (whatever that really is) illegal in the U.S., so they can kill us later, when they fully overthrow the United States, which, unfortunately, probably will happen. I hope not, but it looks like it.

To reiterate, it was the Jews, the Partisans, and the Allied soldiers who were the sexual torturers and murderers. It was the Jews, the Partisans, and the Allied soldiers who genocided 15 Million German civilians and Millions of German prisoners, and still many years after the war; and it was he Jews and their Russian henchmen who killed 66 to 100 Million Russians, made up of German-Russians, Ukrainians, Greek-Russians, and many others!

People need to Learn to Question things and like a good Judge need to Look at Both Sides of the Case!

Imagine if you went to a U.S. court because someone accused you of murder, and the judge would not hear your case and only listened to the accuser who has absolutely no proof of your guilt. The accuser only speaks from hear-say. He speaks from his greed, hate, and because he wants to extort money from you. To you the judge says: “It’s obvious that you are the murderer and I need not to listen to what you have to say because “everybody” of the accuser’s friends and family knows it was you.” (A la Nuremberg Kangaroo Court!) He keeps you gagged from now on and tells you if you don’t keep your mouth shut you will go to prison for 5 to 10 years. This is exactly what has been done to the German people for more than seven decades. And the Germans have not been able to bring to the court any crimes of the occupation against them. And this is still the case to the very day. And Germany is still occupied by Americans, British, French, and Russians without a peace treaty so they can keep Germans as modern working slaves paying themselves poor with taxes and billions to the Jews for the holohoax.

When I read the following article at Codoh, I had to post it because for years now I felt many Americans and Germans have a Nazi-tick in their brains. Their fantasies about Nazi cruelties or Nazi sexual perversions seem to be an important part of their culture. Perhaps it enhances their boring life. Sex is always an exciting subject, and to some, sexual perversion is even more enticing.  Hereby perversion is blamed on others and one can get a rise without having been guilty of the crime.

When it comes to the invention of the Jewish Holocaust (there were many holocausts committed by the Jews), instead of being happy about the good news that the Nazis were indeed decent human beings and that the Holocaust is a damned Jewish lie, they get mad at me. I’d like to say, “Stop watching this crap and get a real life, you fool’!” I never actually say this to any person but now that I know the truth, I feel sorry for them that they are such self-satisfied Know-It-Alls. If they only knew what horrific genocides the “poor Jews” have committed and ALSO planned for THEM in the very near future, their eyes would pop out. But I think most of them would not even believe it because it is so horrific, a normal human being cannot, as they say “wrap their brain around it.” So the invented Jew-Holocaust is a really good cover for the Jews’ and Allies’ crimes because most people by indoctrination believe only the Germans committed horrific crimes, when in fact they did not at all. But when you say the Jews did them instead, they turn a deaf ear. It seems to suit them well, or something. Anyone who is willing to be brave and face the truth and be a decent human being instead of a stupid sheep can read much truth on my blog.

Perhaps you can never get yourself to believe the Germans are innocent, even though there is a lot of proof you can find. At least you can face a FACT that is out in the open, namely that the Jews overthrew Russia, killed the Tsar and his family and murdered 66 Million to 100 Million Russians over decades. That alone will show you what devils the Jews are. Russia and the Jews_Solzhenytsen.pdf

To expand on this, know that Chinese Chairman Mao was a Jew and obliterated 50 Million Chinese citizens!!! And the Millions of Armenian Christians who were murdered were murdered by the leadership of the “Young Turks” a deceptive Jewish gang, pretending to be Turks. Now the Turks under Erdogan and the Jews are fighting over who killed the Armenians. Merkel, the satanic Jewess, claims the Germans did it. Not to be surprised about such a statement because that’s what Jews do, always blame the Germans.

Who is Behind the Lies and Book Disappearance?

Media of all types, sex education, health care, Congress, courts, investing, military, police, and much more are at the top under the control of the Jews with a lot of busy beavers underneath them catering to their every whim, sometimes for excellent pay. Except for a few small printing companies, old books, and private internet blogs, no media will be provided to the public that the Jews or their henchmen have not approved or edited. Libraries even are regularly emptied of what they call “controversial” and mind-expanding literature, pertaining to the last 150 years or so, that might show us the real side of events for centuries. Tens of thousands of German books about German culture, most likely 95% not even about the Nazi era, have been banned in Germany by the U.S.-Jew control of Germany under occupation! And books have even been “banned” by removing them from libraries in the U.S. For example, Solzhenitsyn’s book “200 Years together” that exposes the near 100 Million murders and zig-Million crimes committed by the Jewish Communists and their henchmen in Soviet Russia. And pdf issues that do exist have all the important chapters exposing the Jewish crimes in Russia missing. Why?

Old Books that carry truth from authors provided early of this century are disappearing quickly. These books have been even removed from libraries by most likely some type of “agents” or cancelled from the purchasing list. New issues of some of these controversial books have been edited by twisting the truth, inserting and removing parts of the original.



And here you can read just a little bit about the cruelty of the Soviet Jew Government:

Gulag_Archipelago 1 and 2

Gulag_Archipelago_3 and 4


Kill The Best Gentiles (Non-Jews)404 pg-pdf



The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith: Trapped in a Nazi Fantasyland

By Bradley R. Smith
Published: 1993-12-10

Marvin Stern, director for the Northwest Regional Branch of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), can’t conceal his bewilderment over what he calls “the growing Holocaust revisionist movement.” Mr. Stern expressed his dismay in a column published in The Oregonian, the largest-circulation daily in the Northwest. His alarm was triggered by the appearance in that newspaper of our ad, “A Revisionist’s View of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.”

Stern lays the blame for the growing influence of revisionism on the “ignorance” and “anti-semitism” of Americans. He appears not to understand that he’s charging tens of millions of American citizens with being ignorant, anti-Jewish bigots (a recent Roper poll reported 20 to 30 percent of adult Americans doubt they are being told the truth about the Holocaust story). [gv*and that was about 23 years ago]. Spokesmen for the ADL have propagandized themselves into an empty intellectual corner. Having refused to judge revisionist research on its merits, refusing still to admit that revisionists have any substantive arguments whatever, refusing debate or even an exchange of civility, the ADL’ers are left with no intellectual tools to work with but invective, misrepresentation, slander, and a sickly dependence on playing their “Nazi” card.

One result of this intellectually and psychologically stunted behavior is that many ADL’ers appear to be obsessed with Nazis and Nazism, neo-Nazis, intimations of Nazism, rumors about Nazis and crazy Nazi conspiracies to rehabilitate Adolf’s [Hitler’s] reputation. Some ADL’ers, Stern appearing to be one of them, live in an imaginary Nazi wonderland where they fantasize armies of Nazis marching toward them from distant horizons, singing songs of conquest, whips in hand, about to leap through the ADL office window to lash the hapless drudges inside and mistreat them sexually.

Such fantasies must be traumatizing for those who suffer them, but to others they can appear comic and infantile. The text of my ad, which prompted Stern’s response, makes at least two claims which admittedly are controversial. It asserts that the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum exhibits no proof that homicidal gas chambers existed anywhere in Europe, and no proof that even one child, woman or man was “gassed” at any German camp liberated by the Allies. I flew to Washington, toured the Museum, and that’s my assessment of its exhibits.

Mr. Stern writes that the best response to the “outrageous lies” of revisionism, that is, the text of my ad about the Museum, is to “reiterate the truth” and “repeat the facts.” It’s good advice, but Stern avoids it like the plague. Instead, he reveals the common ADL self-serving obsession with hate movements growing like cancers in American society. He doesn’t even try to assure his readers that the Museum does, in fact, exhibit proof of one gas chamber or one victim of a gas chamber. Why?

The Marvin Sterns and the ADL face a conundrum. They can continue to rail with empty irrationalism against legitimate revisionist research and watch the number of Americans who are increasingly unsure what to believe about the Holocaust story increase year after year. Or they can turn to the orthodox scholars in the field for help in responding to revisionist questions. That would be the adult thing to do. The ADL’ers however, true to form, have chosen to do the childish thing—to substitute schoolyard insults for a grown-up exchange of ideas.

Stern’s article in the Oregonian ran under the head, “Holocaust Revisionists Should Be Challenged, Repudiated With Truth.” Marvin and I are in complete agreement on this one. Do it! Challenge the claims in my ad with truth! That has always been what I’ve asked for. It’s my invitation to the ADL’ers and my challenge to them—and to all others. Respond to my ads with truth. I don’t ever want to run an ad that contains an inadvertent error of fact. Why do the Marvin Sterns talk about repudiating revisionism with “truth” and always evade doing so?

Here’s my guess. While revisionists almost certainly are not right about everything, we’re not wrong about everything either. No one is wrong about everything! That’s what terrifies Marvin Stern and his ADL buddies. The day they admit the possibility that revisionists are not wrong about everything, their psychological world will collapse. They’ll have admitted that revisionists are human beings, that we eat our soup with a spoon just like they do. And there’s the rub. The ADL’ers can’t afford to admit that revisionists are ordinary men and women—that is, human beings. The ADL committed itself to its Nazi devil fantasy half a century ago and has ridden it so long so successfully it can’t get off, no matter how broken down and exhausted the old nag is.

Marvin Stern is probably a nice guy. He’s probably a smart guy. When a smart guy goes over the line and becomes a true believer it’s almost impossible for him to change his mind. When a true believer changes his mind he becomes an apostate. He feels like a traitor. A dumb guy can just change his mind and go about his business. A smart guy who’s become a true believer has to work out a theory explaining how, being so smart, he could have believed something so dumb so long. It’s not easy. I know.

Marvin, I used to believe everything about the Holocaust story you believe now. It’s not a sin to be wrong. It’s human. You have a theory you believe is true, I have a theory I think is true. Let’s talk things over. You know how it goes. I listen to you. You listen to me. We have a beer. We settle the world’s problems.

Bradley R. Smith is director of Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust.

The above piece appeared in The Albany Student Press, the State University of New York, Albany, on 10 December 93.



The deception and lies regarding the Diary of Anne Frank



The Facts about the origin of the (German) concentration camps and their administration-6 pg.

The daily SS orders in the concentration camp Auschwitz from 1940 to 1945-in German language only

KZ_Tatsachen-Urspruenge und Verwaltung


Wahrheit Sagen Teufel Jagen_Gerard Menuhin-pdf

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