Antarctica and the Coverup on German “UFOs”-Zundel

…However, it was soon learned that as well as the scientific jobs, the mission had the task of “observing the activities of a foreign power in the South Pole Region”. Questioned further on this part of the expedition’s activities, Adm. Byrd reportedly replied “To break the last desperate resistance of Adolf Hitler, in case we find him in his Neuberchtesgaden inside “New Schwabenland” in the Queen Maud Land region, or to destroy him”…


Excerpt from the book “UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon?” – by Ernst Zundel [ca. 1975]

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German UFO – Model III



Let us now turn our attention to the location of the bases. Again, even in this area Hitler had planned far ahead and at long range. Obviously guided by the possible occupation and subsequent loss of Germany itself, he had cast around for land still available for colonization and found that Antarctica was, at that time, the only continent still unclaimed.

With his usual dispatch, a polar expedition was organized,the preparation of which was kept secret. The force consisted of several large vessels, at least two of which were aircraft carriers, not the present-day type but rather large ships with float-equipped airplanes on board. The planes were rocket-catapulted off special ramps at the end of the ships and retrieved out of the water via a crane. This secret Nazi Expeditionary Force was headed by Kapitan Ritscher and took place in 1937-38. The force landed in the area of Queen Maud Land and established bases there. Large float planes of the Dornier-Wal type, with their unusual pusher-puller propellers were used to explore a huge area of Antarctic terrain. Over 11,000 photographs were taken for mapping purposes. Significantly, a Swastika flag was dropped every 20 kilometres to substantiate the German claim to that land, comprising over 600,000 square kilometres in all. In this way, not only was a terrain claimed by Germany, larger than Germany itself, but more significantly, for the first time, ice-free oasis (warm lakes) were found by this secret Nazi expedition. They were photographed along with Alp-like mountain ranges of over 4,000 metres in height. Naturally, the explored areas were given German names and so we have today places like “Ritscher Gipfel” — “Ritscher Peak”, named after the leader of the expedition. The hot oasis amongst the eternal ice was called “Schirmacher Seen Platte” — “Schirmacher Lake Group”. The different coloured appearances of these inland lakes were caused by alga found floating in the sweet water. The waters are warm enough to allow swimming and bathing with just bathing suits and swim trunks.

Heretofore never published in the English-speaking world, are actual photographs of this Nazi expedition and some of the startling discoveries.

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Added credence to the secret bases thesis can be found in remarks attributed to Joachin von Ribbentrop at the outbreak of the war. “In accordance with Germany’s long-range political strategy, we have taken into firm possession the Antarctic area, called New Swabia (New Schwabenland) to ensure a safe retreat in case of necessity.” (Taken from Mattern’s previously quoted German edition of this book).


New Swabia – Neuschwabenland

“Neu-Schwabenland”- Deutsches Gebiet (German Territory) named after the German ship that shuttled between Germany and New Swabia.

And today, and for a couple of centuries it has been claimed that the ice wall (Antarctica) is an ice wall all around a flat, circular earth. Fact is, behind the ice wall are miles of glaciers, mountains, and even green fauna and lakes! No one is allowed to go there! Why???

Other factors make Antarctica an ideal place for these bases. There is no rust, no germs, and consequently very little illness or decomposition. Food remains edible forever it seems, since the whole region acts rather like a giant freezer. For instance, the shed where Scott spent some months pre-W.W. I, before he launched his ill-fated antarctic expedition, was recently discovered. The food which remained in the shed, from almost 70 years ago was still as fresh and edible as on the day it arrived in Antarctica, and wooden boxes, tin cans, cups, candle and paper (in fact everything), are as well preserved as if by inanimate suspension. Antarctica has no flies, no bugs, — no bacillus can survive the cold temperatures — not even the common cold can survive.

These same non-deteriorating conditions where found in Jan. of 1947 by Admiral Byrd at the headquarters in Antarctica which he had established and lived in for months in the early 30’s. From this it would seem safe to assume that human beings too would be subject to the same natural laws and therefore age much less quickly. The significance of all these factors would not have been lost to a very health- conscious, vegetarian Adolf Hitler.

Now could all of this have taken place in the 20th century without detection? Hardly! What steps were taken to discover the truth? What has been done about the secret bases now that their existence has been established and established beyond a doubt? Why did the world not hear about these incredible events?

Obviously, Hitler’s escape was soon discovered, otherwise the statements of Stalin and of Eisenhower and all other quoted sources would be an exercise in insanity. It has been speculated that the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials were staged, to a great extent, in the hope that the “Last Battalion” could be drawn from their impregnable, inaccessible hideouts, and thus force the Fuhrer’s hand. A large armed force of elite troops surrounded the whole of the Nuremberg area during the long agonizing months of the typically-Bolshevik show trials. Perhaps there are readers who will be able to recall from newspaper pictures or newsreels the “tight security” that existed in the whole of Germany during these trials. Some men were actually caught, tried and convicted for attempting to free their leaders, but when the orgy of strangulations and torture was over, the Fuhrer was still nowhere to be. Some UFO overflights and activities were reported but no actual armed clashes or incidents took place.

Washington, Moscow and London then decided to really “get into the act”; in fact, eight countries in total decided to do some “scientific” work and in Antarctica, of all places!! A large expedition, lavishly financed was quickly put together. It consisted of over 4,000 specially selected elite U.S. navy troops along with an eight month food supply. Thirteen ships under the overall command of Admiral Byrd made up this purely “scientific” expedition, composed mostly of military-types and very few scientists.

The U.S. Antarctic battle fleet left Norfolk, Va. on Dec. 2, 1946 — three distinct battle groups, comprised of the Mount Olympus, Admiral Byrd’s command ship, the ice-breaker, “Northwind”, the catapult ship “Pine Island”, the destroyer “Brownsen”, the aircraft-carrier “Philippines Sea”, the U.S. submarine “Sennet” and the two support vessels, “Yankee” and “Merrick”, as well as the two tankers “Canisted” and “Capacan”, an additional floatplane carrying ship, “Currituck” and the destroyer “Henderson”.

At the same time it was announced officially that a similar English-Norwegian force was operating in a support capacity in Antarctic waters around Bahia Marguerite. A Soviet contingent was also reported to be participating in the “research”.

The Soviet participation is an interesting one, since Winston Churchill had already spoken of an “Iron Curtain” and felt that “they” — the crusaders to Europe had “killed the wrong pig”. Obviously Churchill now realised that they should have destroyed Bolshevik Russia not Germany.

The general public was told that the “RESEARCH” mission was interested in locating uranium and studying the weather. Admiral Byrd, who had already undertaken a similar, though much smaller and speedier, investigation of the north pole was asked why he had recommended the establishment of armed observation camps. His reply, “Because the pole lies between us and our enemies” — El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile, July 7th, 1947. Further questioning as to which enemy he meant, since the Axis powers had just been defeated and had “unconditionally surrendered,” brought no response.

However, it was soon learned that as well as the scientific jobs, the mission had the task of “observing the activities of a foreign power in the South Pole Region”. Questioned further on this part of the expedition’s activities, Adm. Byrd reportedly replied “To break the last desperate resistance of Adolf Hitler, in case we find him in his Neuberchtesgaden inside “New Schwabenland” in the Queen Maud Land region, or to destroy him”.

The Spanish book “Hitler esta vivo” page 161, reports that Byrd’s expedition was equipped with the very latest devices, amongst them “detectores termo magnetico” — as stated by Ladislao Szabo.

The U.S. expedition duly arrived and landed in Antarctica. With them the very latest in military gear and gadgets, from amphibian tanks to troop carriers, helicopters, floatplanes and every other conceivable military apparatus. Bases were established and quickly expanded. Observation planes were sent out all over the region. Reproduced here is a map giving a flight pattern of all the flights undertaken. Many thousands of photographs were taken and mapping missions flown. One particular flight stands out amongst all those reported and one in which Adm. Byrd, himself, was aboard. The instruments went totally haywire and the performance gauges and altimeters behaved in a most erratic manner, causing Adm. Byrd to abort the flight and return to base on “visual” control. All instruments returned to normal as soon as open terrain had been reached.

U.S. Amphibian landing

It has been reported by papers and sources previously mentioned here, that Admiral Byrd had located the Secret Nazi Base and was approaching it when the above incident took place causing abandonment of the flight, but not before he is reported to have dropped an American flag (some reports mention a bomb) on the approximate spot of the base. Undoubtedly this was done to warn Hitler he was not entirely safe even in his “New Berchtesgaden” or, as one writer calls it, Hitler’s Shang-ri-la.

Vengeance was apparently swift and it seems the Fuhrer was not to be humoured. Within 48 hours, four of Byrd’s planes had been lost, some without a trace and others without any survivors. (See crash sites marked on map). Adm. Byrd hastily abandoned all his efforts and disembarked, with all his force, for home.

German Base? German defenders? Red Alert! 

On board his flagship “Olympus” he gave the following startling interview, translated from the Spanish as it was reported in the paper El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile on March 5, 1947. It appeared on the front page under the headline “On Board the Mount Olympus on the High Seas”. Apparently Adm. Byrd granted an interview to Lee van Atta. “Adm. Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defence measures against hostile regions. The Admiral further stated that he didn’t want to frighten anyone unduly but that it was a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds. (Earlier he had recommended defence bases at the North Pole). Admiral Byrd repeated the above points of view, resulting from his personal knowledge gathered both at the north and south poles, before a news conference held for International News Service”.

During this press conference the Admiral also stated that in a quickly shrinking world the United States could no longer derive any sense of security from its isolation or on the geographic distance of the poles or oceans. The Admiral affirmed once again his belief that the entire Antarctic continent should be closely watched and surrounded by a “wall of defence installations, since it represented the last line of defence for AMERICA”. (These defence measures have since been taken). Admiral Byrd further stated that no one could give a more accurate accounting of the true significance of the situation than he could, since he had had occasion to employ the latest scientific developments and from what he had learned he could make comparisons. (Meaning he had encountered the effect of the secret weapons?)

When Admiral Byrd had arrived in the United States and the significance of his findings had found their way into the press, he was hospitalized. No hard information was ever unearthed but it seems his frank statements to the press in South America and on board the Olympus were not appreciated by the powers that be in Washington. Was he thus the first victim of a long string of prominent people “removed from circulation” for their honest belief in Unidentified Flying Objects, flying at incredible speeds from pole to pole?

Many definite and also very important conclusions can be drawn from the previous reporting:

  1. The final outcome of W.W. II is yet to be. This is borne out by the late General and former President Eisenhower’s statement—“The second world war has not yet ended” and corroborated by Admiral Byrd’s alarming phrase “in the case of a new war”. Hitler’s Last Battalion is waiting for its golden opportunity to be “the tip of the scale” in any conflagration yet to come. [admin: That’s probably why they do not stop scaring people about the Nazis! That makes sense to me now. But the Nazis are no-one to fear. It’s the shadow government that wants one world government that is the real enemy of the people. Adolf Hitler wanted freedom and sovereignty for all countries.]
  1. The over forty-four small wars since 1945 including Korea and Vietnam, were supposed to provoke a premature “showing of hands” by the Last Battalion.
  1. Hitler has defended his secret lair as successfully against Byrd as he had his numerous headquarters in Europe, during the war against the Allies.  Byrd was forced to retreat and to acknowledge the superiority of the UFO’s, and their secret weapons.
  1. The “New Third Reich” has maintained its crucial time — technology advantage over its W.W. II adversaries — possibly even increased it.
  1. Idealism (spirit) has triumphed already over Materialism (money), since only the German state was destroyed but not the ideology of National Socialism.
  1. There has been a 30-year cover up by brain and more often by brawn, about the true identity of the UFO’s or at least many of them. Their origins have been known, but deliberately suppressed by the rulers of the Unholy Alliance of 1939-45.
  1. The real and only reason for the insane UFO cover up, now falling apart, is to be found in most UFO’s German origin. The Allies in East and West have told so many lies about the barbaric, sadistic behaviour of the Nazis, that they now fear wide-spread panic amongst their populations, should the truth become known. After all, if the Nazis are still around, would it not be logical and natural for them to take revenge one day? With U.F.O. power!


For 30 years some of the world’s most imaginative people have wondered about the “strange” behaviour of their governments when it came to the questions of the UFO’s. If the UFO’s are extra terrestrial and the humans on this planet have no “defence” against them, then why annoy these beings by orders to “shoot to kill?” It is interesting that once again we see perfect harmony of approach between the U.S. and the Soviets. Recently there was a very detailed report about the Soviet Air Forces having stumbled upon some secret UFO bases in far off Mongolia. Apparently the Soviets went in in their usual barbaric style, bombed and burned everything to the ground, as reported by Dipl. Ing. A. Schneider in the Viennese newspaper, K. Die aktuelle Serie, P.a. Sat. Sept. 14,1974.  ”. . . the following remarkable report reached us today from the Soviet Union: April 24, 1970 was a day that all hell broke loose. A supersonic Soviet jetbomber in a secret mission from Moscow to Vladivostok was lost without a trace over Siberia. The pilot was in voice contact with ground control stations when suddenly the transmission was interrupted. An intensive search by nearly two hundred planes was quickly organized over the area where the pilot was last heard from. Almost simultaneously a number of pilots reported to ground control “we are not alone up here, above us are flying objects, may be 25 or even more. They are huge, they are so high we cannot get near them”. That same afternoon in Krasnojarsk, red alert was sounded and troops were deployed around the city because an entire formation of these silvery, silent visitors circled over the scared town. Apparently, entire salvoes of ground to air missiles were fired at hundreds of flying discs which crowded the airspace of the Sino-Soviet-Mongolian frontier area. There was a concerted action by the strange intruders against the town of Ulan Bator, where all flights seemed to emanate from and end. A spokesman for a group of touring German students said after returning from Mongolia, where they had been at the time of the “UFO invasion”, that the Soviet Union had destroyed a secret UFO base of immense proportions consisting of many miles of subterranean tunnels, and dozens of pyramid like structures in the northern area of Mongolia.” However no photographic proof or documentary evidence exists. The Soviets are always very secretive.

After Admiral Byrd’s hasty retreat from Antarctica he not only suggested bases around both poles and a ring of armed camps, but offered this plan: Turn Antarctica into atomic test ranges where atom and hydrogen bombs could be dropped to be “tested”. No sooner had the idea been advanced and announced in the press than a strange thing happened. Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. received an official visit. There is not a UFO fan who has not seen this historic photograph of an entire “swarm” of U.F.O.’s flying over the nearby Congressional Buildings and the White House in perfect, “typically-German” formation. Many UFO researchers have been puzzled about that particular flight. Was it a demonstration of strength? Strength calculated to show that open cities such as Washington or New York, with the many skyscrapers, were far more vulnerable to havoc than the continent of Antarctica with its three to four mile thick ice cap. Interesting too, that the Antarctic test site idea was never again seriously considered. Perhaps we should score another victory of the Fuehrer’s “Last Battalion”?

Many sightings took place around the world from Japan to Korea, where we have a particularly good example of a UFO de-materialising in front of the cameras. (See photo.) One must ask “Why do these UFO’s always show themselves, but why do they not land”? If one accepts the normal theory that they are extra terrestrial then the behaviour is certainly strange. Did the crews of these UFO’s travel for so many millions and millions of miles and now not be able to make up their minds to land or not to land? Hardly sensible. Surely it makes more sense to assume they are from this earth, consequently they don’t have to land since they know what earth is all about, and that they are, in fact, reconnaissance aircraft of some earthly power and have no need or desire to communicate. After all, they can tune in and monitor all radio, T.V. and telephone conversations without too much effort, and this would be “old hat” to people who have lived with this, our own technology, all their lives.

A book which makes very interesting reading is “Incident At Kearney” written by a German American who claims, and claims most convincingly, that he was taken up in a UFO on several occasions. He writes that the entire crew spoke German and behaved like German soldiers. He was taken on a flight to the pole. (Why to the Pole and not to the jungles of Africa or Brazil???) They were friendly and correct to him. No sooner had this author, Reinhold Schmidt, landed in his native America than he was put through a regular hell on earth. Soviet methods were used to persuade him to “shut up” including the K.G.B. tactic of “insane asylum” treatment as reported by Solzhenitsyn and others. One further note of interest is that Schmidt was taken up in a UFO which matches exactly the shape and design of at least two German design UFO’s. Just coincidence? I am inclined to think not.

The UFO cover up is similar in action to those other unholy alliances such as the mass murders of Operation Keelhaul, at Katyn, Dresden and Hiroshima. Let anyone dare to “not conform” with “the establishment’s” version of things and we see people being hounded, defamed and persecuted.

The same pattern that applied in politics globally, when the non-conformist Hitler threatened to upset the international applecart, is still being applied’ to the UFO cover up and has been applied for the last 30 years. Why?

Finally even N.A.S.A. seems to have caught on that rocketry is a rather old fashioned method of spaceflight and according to “Das Neue Zeitalter”, of 5th August, 1967, is now ready to “drop rocketry in favour of flying saucers for flights beyond the Sun and Jupiter”. However, not too much has materialized in that direction to this date.

It is here that another question must be asked. At the speed of our own space vehicles, the nearest “base” for visitors would be 170,000 years away. Well, that’s quite a distance. Even granting a superior technology which could increase speed ten-fold, it would mean that the saucer crews would have to have taken off 17,000 years ago, when we barely had hairy Neanderthal “ancestors” grunting their way through caves along the “crocodile” infested Rhine. At that time, we had not even invented the wheel, hardly fire, never mind rockets. The only aircraft around at that time on this planet were, at best, birds and may be a few fire-flies. The space people could hardly have been worrying about us and our atomic experimenting — not when they left their bases, so perhaps we should stop making ourselves the laughing stock of the universe. Undoubtedly there is life out there in space amongst all those lovely stars in the sky. Not to believe this would be the height of ignorance and arrogance. Most of the UFO’s we are hearing about on this planet are earthlings! 

In 1959, in three separate large circulation newspapers in Santiago, Chile, it was reported on the front pages that UFO’s had been seen, had landed, and that the crew members behaved and talked like “soldados alemanos”. When the big UFO flap was on in the Catskills and in New York and in New Jersey in the early sixties, farmers repeatedly spoke of the crew members as addressing them in German or in English with a German accent. The power of the UFO’s was pretty well demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt by the great “black out”. Many people still insist the black out was the work of UFO’s. There certainly was a rash of sightings at the time over and along hydro lines and power stations.

The Great Blackout of 1965

Often, UFO fans advanced the theory that the strange flying objects come from distant planets and galaxies to check on our “atomic experimenting”, and some people state “contactees” have been told that the UFO’s would prevent an atomic war on the planet earth. Why should they? Why should they care? They certainly do not demonstrate any great desire to colonize the earth — at least not in any great numbers. However if they are from earth, this attitude makes sense. 

But there are other reasons why the UFO’s will not allow atomic devastation to wreck this planet:—

a) The UFO’s are, by this time, driven by electro magnetism, consequently all secrets surrounding electric power have been Since all modern communications and guidance systems are based on electronics, it is an easy task to “listen in”, decode and prevent the start or to re-direct whilst in flight, any vehicle or space craft, now in use by the “allies”.

b) The destructive power of atomic weapons is therefore much more of a threat to the powers who possess them and have them stored in silos, in subs, in planes or on their own soil than to those countries who do not have these weapons at all, since they could quite easily be set off by remote control from the UFO’s, before they were even launched.

c) The UFO’s will undoubtedly prevent atomic war to prevent the extinction of the White Race. At the moment the white people are outnumbered ten to one on the planet and should there be an atomic exchange the ratio would be a hundred to one in our dis-favour.

No man of the calibre of Adolf Hitler, deeply committed to the survival and resurgence of Western Culture, would ever allow this tragedy to happen to the White race.

There is an interesting aside to this UFO Antarctic business and spaceflight. Perhaps a few of our readers know that in the region of the South Pole (Antarctica), and to a lesser extent the North Pole, it is possible to escape from the earth’s magnetic pull and death through radiation because the Van Allen Belts open up, funnel-like, at both of these extremities. It is possible to launch a spacecraft, with very little radiation protection from this area avoiding enormous weight, a crew needs no radiation-protection gear.

We must also remember Hitler’s feasibility studies of space stations, based on Prof. Dr. Oberth’s ideal, 2-hour trajectory. An artificial satellite was to be rocketed into space in 1947 with the A9-A10 rocket, in a steep angle away from the axis of the earth, and counter to the earth’s rotation. From this point it would have been possible to:

1.) Observe any spot on earth within any given two hour time period.

2.) Hit any spot on earth with accurate missiles, bombs, radar-guided or other gadgets such as “mirror beams” or “death rays”.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg mentioned these platforms in their testimony during their espionage trials. They called them “Warships of space”. Where did they get this information about these top secret plans, not realised by the Allies until 25 years later? From the same documents that gave them the atomic bomb? But all of this is an indication that spaceflight was already known to a mysterious group of beings.

The American astronomer, Prof. Dr. James Greenacre and four of his colleagues made an astounding observation from Flagstaff, Ariz. Observatory and reported it to a Conference on “Moon Problems” in New York City in May of 1964. Because of the UFO cover-up policy still in force by the government, Dr. Greenacre was only able to give his report verbally to colleagues who were present at the Conference. Here is roughly what he said “On 29th Oct. 1963 we observed several colourful spots on the Moon, the spots moved in formation across the motionless face of the moon. One month later Prof. Dr. Greenacre observed the same phenomena. The May 1966 issue of “UFO Nachrichten” Vol. 117 reproduced what Dr. Greenacre had stated he had observed . . . “Prof. Dr. Greenacre saw on or close to the moon at least 31 space craft of gigantic size. Some were from 300 metre to 4.8 kilometres long. They were in motion while being observed through the telescopes. Also, clearly discernible were numerous smaller craft approximately 150 metres in diameter, which moved past or alongside the huge craft, the “mother craft” occasionally changing colour, as in the often-reported, pulsating style.” (The distance from the earth to the moon is 384,000 kilometres). End of report.

The American Professor thought at first the Russians might have beaten the Americans to the punch but as it turns out, the workers’ paradise has not managed to land even a man on the moon — last report was that they were seen improving the brand barbed wire used in their more than 1,000 slave labour and death camps on earth, not on the moon. So, who is out there in the wild blue yonder? Prof. Dr. Phillips of Berlin, Hitler’s wartime comrade claims he knows! He even sent the author of this book some charts and times tables of his flights. They match!!

Before we leave this area of investigation, we have to look into the repeatedly reported “glowing” or “pulsating” lights emanating from U.F.O.’s. We find an interesting reference to this phenomena in the previously-mentioned book “We want You” — “Is Hitler Alive?”. On page 17 the author reports about a brilliant German metallurgist who had created “a metal harder than diamonds” called appropriately enough “Impervium”. This metal glows alternately in the colours of the rainbow when heated to a high degree. This seems to tie up another loose end. Again the timing is interesting. The metal was used for the first time commercially in 1935-36. The laboratories were located not at Schramberg as Michael X reports, but at Starnberg and Starnberger See. However, this could be a simple spelling error by someone not too familiar with the German language.

Now it is time for us to get deeper into the state of actual German UFO research and development. Some is based on hard evidence, other areas have to be pieced together from bits and pieces.

German research and science were once the envy of the world. Every time Nobel prizes were awarded, one could find half a dozen Germans amongst those honoured. That was for achievement, real honest effort; recently, the only Germans so honoured were for betraying the interests of their country, usually to the Reds, in the east. When German scientists were given proper encouragement, sufficient funds and lofty goals their creative output was truly amazing. In the few short years from the time Hitler achieved power, the Germans graduated from W.W.I-type airplanes to jets. The first all jet-powered plane was aloft in 1938 — a Heinkel. Since Germany was forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles to build large planes or military planes, research and development was taking place clandestinely in Russia for a time, but Russia being the type of country it was and still is, this work did not amount to very much.

In  National  Socialist  Germany  as  soon  as  Hitler  gave  the  directive, things  got rolling.  A tremendous amount of experimental work was carried out in several fields of development, namely:

a. conventional propeller-driven planes, usually all metal skin.

b. experimental, all-wooden, to scale delta wing airplanes, and all wing designs.

c. jet-powered planes and rockets, as well as turbo props.

d. the futuristic designs, such as flying disc and boomerang-type aircraft, powered various ways; flying platforms, people, tanks, etc.

e. the helicopter, rotating wing, the gyrocopter designs as well as U-Boat pulled kites and gyroscopes, etc.

During peace time all this work was carried out at regular aircraft plants near airports of major aircraft producing towns such as Munich, Augsburg, Stuttgart etc. These places were safe from aerial attack until America got involved in the war. Then the designs on the more futuristic designs were transferred to Silesia, East Prussia, the Sudetenland, Bohemia etc. The laboratories were usually underground in abandoned salt or coal mines, in some cases, however, entire mountains were honeycombed with a maze of tunnels, shafts, elevators and underground railroads. Smokestacks were camouflaged as medieval castle turrets. Entrances were so well camouflaged by entire forests that had been transplanted and in one such case it took playing youths six weeks after the war to stumble on a secret jet bomber factory the Americans had overlooked.

One case, known to the author’s father, is the airfield in the Sudetenland, without any runway. The entire airfield, in effect, was built into a mountain. The planes touched down on what looked like the extension of a regular highway and were immediately gobbled up by a yawning crack in the side of the mountain. On the opposite side of the mountain, the jets would roar out at almost the speed of sound whenever they took off. Eventually, the Allies stationed 20 fighters on an around-the-clock basis always circling the “hole in the ground”, hitting the elusive German fighters at that crucial time when forced to slow down to aim for the hole in the mountain. It is in bases like the above-mentioned, that some of the UFO experiments were conducted. All areas were guarded by electrified barbed wire, constant patrols and minefields. It was only possible to enter with special passes granted only by Himmler’s Headquarters, all were consecutively numbered and had a picture of the bearer affixed. All security arrangements were in the hands of the S.S. Troops. Often when rumours got around to flying discs, wings etc. amongst these S.S. Troops, they referred, in hushed tones to “Himmler’s baby”, leaning on a play in words, since Himmler in German means sky — “Himmelskind” or “child of the sky or heaven”. Why this strange nomenclature? Actually it is not so strange at all. The German “Landser”, the popular nickname for the German version of the G.I. had always developed short, but very fitting descriptive titles. For instance, when the Russians introduced their feared rocket batteries which sent a salvo of 12-16 projectiles screaming across to the German lines, it sounded like discordant organ music, therefore it was immediately nicknamed the “Stalin-organ”. So to the S.S. men the flying saucers became known as Himmler’s babies”, just as the Americans quickly called them “Krautmeteors”, appropriately enough, since they were fast as meteors and just as silent.

Let us visit one of the German saucer bases as described by the late Prof. Dr. Friedrich Kuhfuss, who died in Barcelona, Spain, in exile, having never been captured by the Allies. Prof. Kuhfuss had for years been involved in all manner of experimental flying activities. His family was wiped out by an American air raid and he vowed he would rather take his knowledge on flying saucers to his grave than to ever share them with “those barbarians from across the seas or those peachy complexioned hypocrites along the River Thames”. From Dr. Kuhfuss we at least know how one of these bases looked . . .


Deep among the near-primeval, dark and foreboding forests, somewhere in one of the many hilly areas of Germany, there was a secret base simply called X. To the outside world it looked like an ancient hunting lodge, perched atop a small hill. Only two meandering winding roads led up to the “Jagdschloss” as German woodsmen and small farmers of the nearby village (about 8 km. distant) would simply call it. Apparently some gruesome murders had taken place in centuries past at the castle and local woodsmen insisted that on certain nights one could hear the frightful din and clash of arms and the shrieks and cries of the wounded and dying. Therefore the spot was treated with a peasant’s healthy respect, for stories of this type were never taken too lightly in Europe. However, someone in high places had apparently not heard of the ghosts and had decided that because of its strategic location at the end of the world, the Jagdschloss would be a good site for some far out experimentation and before the peasants and woodsmen knew what was happening, their forest area had been declared a restricted area. They were told that for the duration of the war the entire area was under the direct control of the S.S. All villagers were issued with special passes, with photographs; no outsiders were allowed to visit them and they were sworn to secrecy. War was war, and this was not the first time in their lives they had had to restrict their lives because of special circumstances and besides they found a ready market amongst the soldiers for some of the few things they had to offer for sale, such as eggs, the occasional chicken, goat, rabbit and perhaps even a pig. They observed, however, bus loads of people driving through their village usually sombre looking men, very few women, but many of them uniformed and an exceptional number of higher rank officers.

Since there was only one Inn in the village, The Gasthaus zum Goldenen Ochsen (The Golden Oxen) occasionally some of the heavy Mercedes and Opel automobiles would stop and their occupants lunch or partake of snacks. The men behaved in a most peculair manner. They all took their briefcases with them to lunch, many of these cases being of a size larger than the usual German briefcase. They were chained and locked to left wrists and time and time again the local peasantry stood open-mouthed with amazement as these people from “the outside world” descended upon their peaceful Inn, asking for dishes with which they were not familiar and asked for in German dialects which they could hardly understand.

However, the hand motions of the eaters, sometimes shooting into the air, or weaving back and forth, sometimes hovering and the occasional word fliegen (flying), schweben (float in air), aufsteigen (climb up) which they could understand, they began to realise that something to do with flying was being discussed and obviously in connection with the Jagdschloss.

One day, one visitor even asked the proprietor’s daughter to fetch some old saucers from the kitchen with which a very serious group of men piled out into the courtyard and watched with much excited discussion and nodding, how saucer after saucer was hurled into the air like today’s “Frisbees”, to demonstrate to the assembled guests (obviously scientists) the flight peculiarities of Saucers, all of this much to the chagrin of the young woman, because dishes were a pretty precious commodity during war. However, the guests paid well for them, more than the “new” price and after the demonstration they roared out of town.

There was relative quiet for a number of weeks and then one day S.S. men asked the local burgermaster to call together the local inhabitants. An officer was introduced, he announced that close to the Jadgschloss an auxilliary to a concentration camp was to be set up and that the inmates were war plant workers engaged in extremely important work. Nobody was to fraternize with these people and all strangers or strange happenings were to be immediately reported to the S.S. Ortskommandatur. The inhabitants were thanked for the exemplary manner in which they had treated their “uninvited” guests and hoped for future good relations. He raised his arm, everybody said “Heil Hitler” and he walked out, leaving the townspeople talking excitedly amongst themselves. A few days later, truck after truck loaded with construction equipment of every conceivable description rolled through the village. Then followed wood lumber, many rolls of tarpaper and finally barbed wire. Later, followed a few buses, with windows painted over, followed by truckloads of steel-helmeted soldiers with carbines. Quiet settled again on the village. A few weeks later, where there had been meadows was now a hustling, bustling camp.

Soon loud and frightening blasts could be heard day in and day out, reverberating through the valleys. After a few months they ceased. Then huge, slow-moving, flatbed trucks began to arrive carrying loads, covered with tarpaulins all chained to the platforms and guarded by soldiers. This went on for many, many weeks. By now the whole village was rife with the most unbelievable rumours.

One night, the entire village was awakened and terribly frightened by sound of such high pitch and frequency that had commenced only as a hardly audible humming, that it was soon realised that something very unusual was happening. They rushed outside and to their utter amazement and bewilderment they saw a brilliantly illuminated “thing” hovering in the air in the general direction of the Jagdschloss. Then, just as violently as it had announced its arrival the sound died down, the light faded and the strange “thing” settled behind the treetops, out of sight of the relieved, yet still shaken local people. Eventually, this strange sound became familiar to them and only the children became excited about it everytime a “thing” started or landed. Soon, several of these strange vehicles, each a little different from the other, were flying about, at first slowly but later at such fantastic speeds that it was difficult to follow them with the naked eye. But now a new annoyance frightened the farmers. They had observed that their cows and dogs seemed to be affected by the high whine of the engines of these “things”. Sometimes, when flying so fast, they made frightful noises, big bangs, that reverberated around the valleys rather like heavy thunderclaps. All in all they were beginning to be a little “unheimlich” (scary) and there was talk of asking the mayor to protest again these shenannigans to the S.S.-Ortskommandantur.

In the meantime, two of the local boys who were in the Army, came home on leave. When they were told what was going on they mentioned to their folks the nicknames “Himmelskinder”, and how it was thought that they were the miracle weapons the Fuhrer had spoken of several times in the last few months. This consoled the local population for after all reports from the front were none too rosy and if their valley could help to turn the tide of events and be of aid to the Fuhrer then it was alright with them. So, the months became years, then one day long columns of trucks clogged the roads. Since there were two roads into and out of the Jagdschloss it was difficult to know what was transpiring, but soon they knew. Les and less flying “things” were seen and soon the camp was only a shadow of its former self. One day all work ceased, tremendous explosions ripped, once again, through the valley, smoke rose from the area of the Jogdschloss and a few weeks later the Russians rode into town, unopposed, raping and looting everything in sight. They found only ruins at the Jagdschloss. When they were told, during interrogation, what had been seen, they just stared over their vodka bottles disbelieving the Germankis. Little did they realise that in those caved-in caverns, with electrical cables and wires dangling from now damp ceilings, on the debris-littered floors, in seemingly endless halls, with strange burn marks on the concrete floors, walls and ceilings, had taken place one of the wonders of the world. Now all lay wrecked and mute, only worthless bits of pieces of metal, nuts, bolts, steel rods, rubber tires, some leather and some strange-looking and feeling “slacklike”, greyish substance was to be found amongst all the rubble. There was the usual amount of rusty and burnt bunk bends, with their half-rotten straw sacks, broken down tarpaper shacks, half burned, empty cans, containers, some empty munition boxes, guard huts and two or three abandoned, cannibalized trucks. And that was all. No records, no evidence, only destruction.


Technical Details 

One could safely state without fear of contradiction, that the UFO origins and their technical aspects, such as method of propulsion, guidance, metallurgical composition of the craft themselves, and the origins of the crews, human or non-human, have perplexed an entire generation of people.

Much has been stated in this book that has never been looked at before in the light of German operated UFO’s. Now it is time to look at the available data, real hard facts.

Most people interested in the UFO phenomenon know the Reinhold Schmidt story, so we will only summarize here that he was an American, born in America, but who could still speak some German which his parents had taught him. He has stated that he was taken into a flying saucer on several occasions and actually taken for rides as far away as the poles. The crew spoke German and behaved like German soldiers. Certainly a remarkable story. The crew leader claimed he was from another planet, which could certainly be true, and it could mean that Germans have inhabited other planets. Then comes the obvious question — how did Germans get to other planets? Reinhold Schmidt forgot to ask. However, we do have a sketch of the flying saucer he was taken up in, and it certainly resembles the German UFO’s that follow, a photo of Schmidt’s saucer and the Bellonzo-Schriever-MietheModel which actually flew. There are two authorities who can vouch for the actual flights and some of the details as to propulsion, size, speeds reached in actual flight etc. One is the late Major Rudolf Lusar, author, and an engineer by profession who worked for the German Air Force Ministry and in the patent and discovery evaluation section during the war. We reprint his account of the Flying Disc experiments from his definitive work on German Secret Weapons of W.W.II, pages 165 and 166 of the English edition, published by Neville Spearman, London, England.

Mentioned in other pages of this book

There are a number of speculations which Lusar makes as to the postwar whereabouts of some of the scientists and their plants, equipment etc. which have since been established to be erroneous. However, in 1953 when he wrote this book, that was all that was then known and all that could be surmised. In conversations with the author just before his death, Lusar mentioned that he was going to update the 6th German Edition; his premature death prevented such updating.

Now we must turn our attention to another man who has been closely linked with the German UFO story — Victor Schauberger. Reproduced here are photos of two of his electro-magnetically powered “Flying Hats” and some photographs that show how strikingly similar they are to actual UFO’s photographed flying over the United States. Victor Schauberger lived for some years in the United States after the war where he was reported to be working on UFO projects. Apparently he was well financed and supported by a group of mysterious, but obviously wealthy people. He received wide publicity in the middle 1950’s when he first published his work on “implosion” instead of “explosion”, which is a concept as revolutionary as saying “not nuclear fission but nuclear fusion” is the way of the future. His articles were greatly discussed and then one day in Chicago he just vanished. His battered body was found and as to who killed Schauberger or why has never been solved. One version has it that gangsters tried to beat his revolutionizing secrets out of him and accidentally killed him. However, Schauberger did experiments early in 1940-41 in Vienna and his 10 foot diameter models were so successful that on the very first tests they took off vertically at such surprising speeds that one model shot through the 24 foot high hangar ceiling, damaging not only the roof but also causing the first UFO casualty, namely itself, for it was blown to bits. After this “success” Schauberger’s experiments received “Vordringlichkeitsstufe” high priority and he was given adequate funds and facilities as well as His aides included Czechoslovakian engineers who worked at the concentration camp at Mauthausen on some parts of the Schauberger flyinq saucers. It is largely through these people that the story leaked out. There is a further witness to all this, he is a Diplom-Wirtschaftsfachmann (Economist) named Hermann Klass from Muhlheim a.d. Ruhr who wrote extensively about his wartime involvement in the UFO development in the “Bergische Wochenpost” a regional paper in his area. We reproduce here a few of his photo copies which date back as far as 1941.

These are the famous smokeless, soundless Schauberger Models. Note similarity to real U.F.O. shown in Photos.

Hermann Klaas knew Victor Schauberger personally and transported U.F.O. parts from Mauthausen to Vienna and most likely to the factory named Kertl which is mentioned in the book “Flying Saucers over South Africa” written by Sievers. The director of this Viennese firm complained once to Klaas about the fantastic speed and silent take-off of Schauberger’s invention which had caused the hole in the roof — earlier reported.

Let us now examine each saucer in detail. We leave the original German descriptions and add English translations on the engineering drawings.

Model I This prototype was first test-flown in 1941-42; it is also the world’s first vertical takeoff flying vehicle. It has similar flight characteristics as the Schauberger models but it was less stable. The wings which issued from the centre of the craft like spokes towards the outer rim, were tillable. The Germans called that “Flugelrad” or Wingwheel. This caused the designers immense problems because the smallest imbalance caused the wingwheel to vibrate and this vibration increased at high speeds and was the cause on many occasions of wrecked machines. Perhaps the best comparison is to the tire of a car that is not properly balanced or is unevenly worn. Since the r.p.m.’s were so utterly fantastic, the problems faced by the designers can be easily appreciated even by the layman. Whilst car wheel balancing can be corrected by adding lead slugs to the rims of the wheels, German UFO scientists could employ no such crude remedy and so it was repeatedly “back to the drawing board” and it was absolute perfect workmanship which finally eradicated the problem. This model was test-flown with the standard German Rocketmotor then in use and called the Walterrohr. Because of its tremendous speeds, fuel consumption was very high and there was not sufficient tank space on board. At first, the pilot sat in a reclining contour seat as in an airplane. Later the position was changed to lying flat. Provision was made for one flight mechanic whose compartment can be seen below the “Flugelrad”. The jet engines on all conventionally propelled flying saucers were manouverable or tillable in order to achieve what is called the “Coandaeffeckt” which results in the vertical take-off of the craft. Many improvements were naturally made in the course of the experiments and flight trials.

Model II embodies some of these changes. The size has been increased to accommodate two pilots lying in a prone position and the engine compartment as well as fuel carrying capacity have been increased. This model also used an airplane-like rudder steering-assist mechanism for stabilization. Speeds of between 1000-2000 km/hour were reportedly achieved. The problem of wheel balancing had been solved and the wingscrew or wing propeller arrangement worked to satisfaction. The German terms coined at the time were “Vertikalzugschraube” or vertical pull propeller. As soon as the desired height was reached the propeller blades were adjusted to a very flat angle and now the pull up propeller became the “Tragschraube” or carrying propeller — very similar to the principle of the helicopter.

Model III This is the final model; some experts refer to it as the Bellonzo-Schriever-Miethe Diskus. This version was produced in various sizes, some as large as 135 feet and even 225 feet in diameter. 

Actual speeds recorded were over 2000 km/hour. Conventional rocket motor speeds of up to 4000 km/hour were anticipated. As is clearly visible, this model already incorporated a very aerodynamic shape and for the first time also had retractable stilt-like shock absorbers. The craft is ringed by a sophisticated arrangement of tiltable directional jets which guaranteed not only a tremendously increased maneuverability but also increased speed and better fuel utilization. The top of the craft was ringed by suction openings which had a dual purpose; a) to cool the engine and b) to create a near vacuum into which the craft could glide or ascend into with much less effort. The flight mechanic or flight technicians’ compartment was retractable during high speed flying and was only lowered during slow flying or upon landing.

In this advanced, conventional, design can clearly be seen all the basic ingredients of just about every subsequent UFO type which has been sighted and photographed around the world. Undoubtedly, these models were also powered by Viktor Schauberger’s flameless and smokeless implosion motors. However, to date, no German technicians who ever worked on these advanced machines have volunteered their knowledge.

We reproduce here many photographs and drawings of UFO vehicles which have been sighted and photographed and any interested UFO investogator can readily compare them with the Model III German flying saucer. 

Undoubtedly, tremendous advances must have been made on these flying machines by those who knew the secret of flying saucers, and any unbiased reader must admit that the German Flying Saucer development ushered in a new age in travel…

The above is only an excerpt. Pictures and the full 182 pg. book can be found here:

Ernst Zundel-UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon-182pg. (1974)


Cristoff Friedrich – Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions-132pg

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