More Judaization for France-More Deadly “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”-Elmhurst

…On October 3, 1936, Stalin, Dimitroff, Swerdnik, Kosinen, etc., held a special session for fostering their program in France. Hence the various pro-Soviet organizations were urged to use high-pressure tactics to get all French workers into the Popular Front…


Excerpt from


Ernest Elmhurst, 1939

One has to be fairly familiar with the facts – the almost complete Judaization of the world press first of all – to realize, that the Jew now actually considers himself [written in 1938] in such indisputable possession, that he dares term as “rebels” the nationalists, the patriots of any country, who stand for law and order, and not for Communist chaos. To the uninformed, of course, it is all thoroughly unintelligible and confusing – as it is expressly intended to be.

The Moscow government has supplied funds to enlarge the French paper L’HUMANITE, so as to enable it to handle the increased propaganda, which the eventually Sovietized France will have to unleash as the chief ally of Jewish Soviet Russia. So as to stamp out all political opposition, the present “French” government has also ordered the disbandment of all nationalistic organizations, such as the “Action Francaise” – and the quite powerful “Croix de Feu.” President Blum has gone a step further in proposing to the Aryan majority a law, which would make anti-Jewism a punishable crime! And on February 2, 1936, the leftist L’AMI DU PEUPLE even advocated the formation of a proletarian militia because of the increased Judaization of the government, the purpose of this militia to be, of course, the protection of the “French” government from being ousted by the Aryan majority! Further proofs of how Jewish Soviet rules are Bolshevizing France:

On August 1, 1936, during a meeting at the office of the Jewish-Socialistic paper L’HUMANITE it was decided to demand that members of the French “Popular Front” be allowed to pass the French-Spanish border without any frontier or passport obligations.

A leader in the Bolshevizing of France, has been the synthetic Jew, Piatnitzky, whose earlier missions with Borodin – included Communizing Shanghai, Indochina, Estland, etc. It was only


after one of his Red comrades had passed the French-Swiss border with a forged passport, likewise, that his plans became known. Some of the orders that were found in the possession of these two agents from Moscow included the following essential – and for the Communist Party of France – binding points:

(1) All decisions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in Moscow issued by the Comintern – Communist International – are obligatory for every Communist branch.

(3) An extraordinary congress may only take place by orders and permission of the Comintern.

(5) It will be the exclusive right of the Comintern to issue orders to the party (by direct illusion of the respective countries’ laws) which under all circumstances and without any change must be obeyed. Refusal to follow these orders will be dealt with appropriately.

On October 3, 1936, Stalin, Dimitroff, Swerdnik, Kosinen, etc., held a special session for fostering their program in France. Hence the various pro-Soviet organizations were urged to use high-pressure tactics to get all French workers into the Popular Front. For the supervision of all Moscow order these three agents were sent to Paris: Karpoff, Somoff, with the Jews Goldschild as leader, and political strikes were organized anew with strike committee subdivisions in all principal cities. the “factory-Sovietization” and within the farming districts “revolutionary brigades,” so-called “Moutons,” were the newly initiated names to the astonishment of both the French factory workers and the peasants of rural France. Hidden armories for the Communists were furthermore provided through shipments of weapons from Russia. the Communist youth movements received motorized equipment and the “Red Pathfinders” received instruction how to act as storm troops, and special groups were advised how to seize and occupy factories. In order to camouflage such terror acts these Communists sent one of their delegates to the French Cabinet in order to protest against similar steps taken by opposition groups,


as some of the latter – the nationalist – considered the seizing of the plants for the defense of the nation… Any counter movements to the Jewish- Communistic terrorization plans immediately were decried by the Jewish and Communistic press agents as the “approaching terrorization of Hitlerizing France.”

While the Soviet agents in Russia, and in former days also in Hungary, outlawed the small shop keepers as being those trade systems contrary to the laws of a Communistic proletarian state; in France, however, these Communistic agents even tried cunningly to persuade the small store owners to support the Popular Front “as such a regime freely would aid the little trader.”…

The Jewish lodge “Grand Orient of France” even went so far as to aid the Jewish dominated “Popular Front” and to demand a law for their racial press monopolists, not to permit the – Aryan majority – opposition to take advantage of the press freedom. Furthermore, it was decided by this very same Jewish lodge to launch a petition that the radio and the political newsreel be supervised by the forces in power – the Jewish initiated Popular Front and its subsidiaries. But this same “Grand Orient of France” even admitted that the weapons sent to Bolshevistic Spain were to be considered as their shipments. – Muenchmeyer: MARXISTEN ALS MOERDER, p. 228.

Another lodge, the “Grand Lodge of France,” whose membership consists, in its bulk, of Jews, demanded formally that the officers of the French Republic be sworn before a special committee, which, of course, shall consist of members of their – Jewish – lodge and a demand shall be made that the superiors of the army and navy remain loyal to the country – in the event that the Popular Front becomes victorious – for it is Freemasonry alone who allegedly is fighting for the noble aims of humanity – according to the Jews, for the Aryans are being considered by Jews and Jew-serfs as mere beasts.

This all-but-complete Judaization of France is thus


gloated over in Isaac Bluemchen’s book, “Le Droite de la Race Supiere (the right of the superior race – meaning of course Jews).” “At last the Jewish people is master of France. Any attempt at rebellion would be futile. Frenchmen have no press of their own; they have access only to newspapers and magazines edited by Jews. The law courts are entirely controlled by the “Superior Race.” Millions of French men are obliged to fight, whenever international speculation demands it…

Jewish Supremacism – David Duke

Millions of Frenchmen are obliged to fight, whenever international speculation demands it.

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