Lenin was Not Financed by Hitler but by Jews in Germany

“Marxism is irreconcilable with Nationalism. Marxism puts forward Internationalism to replace all forms of Nationalism.” Lenin

Excerpts from the book The World Hoax, 1939

by Ernest Elmhurst

In 1905, the Communist emblem was born in England, arranged by Lenin. The hammer stands for industry and the sickle for agriculture. Under this emblem, Lenin and his cohorts planned the ‘Workers’ Paradise.’ [Yeah, paradise! We learned what they did to the Russian people!]

Vladimir Lenin, born April 21, 1870, real name Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, was the son of Jew, Ilko Troul Goldman, and was circumcised as Chaim Goldman, the world’s most active propagator of the Marxian doctrines.

The central idea of Bolshevism is nothing less than the direct overthrow by violence of all governments and their traditional institutions.


Edouard Drummond’s prediction in his book The End of the World, published in 1882 in Paris:

“At a given hour, Jewish finance will be let loose at the ruin of the world in order to erect on the remnants of the Aryan nations the Jewish world power.”

January 22, 1905, thousands of Bolsheviks, agitated by Jews, under Lenin’s leadership, stormed the Czar’s palace but failed.  This coup d’état was named “Bloody Sunday.”

1905 the Communist emblem was born in England: the hammer for industry and the sickle for agriculture. Under this emblem, Lenin planned the ‘Workers’ Paradise.’..

Immensely wealthy Russian Jew Parvus (Helphand), who, by means of passports of five different countries, acted as the food supply agent-general for Germany (Germany had a food blockade in WW1 and millions of Germans were starving to death.) This man suggested to the German left-wing parties (established by the Jews), that Lenin, with his crowd of anarchists, be sent to Russia so as to demoralize still further the already crumbling and partly deserting Russian fighting forces. The, then almighty, Jew of Germany, Walter Rathenau-as almighty as Baruch-was in the United States, approved this idea, and through his influence the German government granted Lenin and his gang of known Jewish revolutionaries admittance into Russia via Germany and Sweden…  Parvus’ political influence with the Social Democrats was very great. It was through intervention of these groups that the, then, Jewish-controlled German government made it possible for Parvus to finance Lenin, with his 33 anarchists, who, all in a sealed railroad car, crossed Germany from Zurich and Berne to Stockholm, Sweden, on April 9, 1917, for the express purpose of overthrowing the then existing regime of Adler-Kerensky, the latter being the head of the Mensheviki government, after Czar Nicholas II had been forced to abdicate. Influential Jews in Germany had stressed the point to the German military authorities, that Lenin would be the very type of man capable of seizing power in Russia, with his bands of organized radicals plus the liberal financial support of international Jewish bankers.

Germany, conversely, as a counter action to America’s entry into the war, consented to Lenin’s’ crossing the country because of the prospect of his being able to break up the remainder of the Russian forces. This step, the Jewish advisers of the German government cunningly pointed out, would, therefore, automatically eliminate Russia as an enemy, and the German troops thus released from the Eastern front could be diverted to the West. It should not be difficult to comprehend the tremendous appeal of this prospect to harassed and encircled Germany. All this coincided with Trotsky, who had been mysteriously liberated from a jail at Halifax, Nova Scotia, also reaching Petrograd with large financial support from Jewish banking firms of the U.S.A., Germany and Sweden.

Lenin, arriving in Russia, and first having assured himself of the fullest cooperation of all Jewish revolutionary elements, immediately introduced a bill prohibiting all anti-Jewish activities on penalty of death. All Jewish criminal and political prisoners were then freed by his order, every Russian jail opened, all exiles in Siberia granted amnesty, and all these lawless elements combined in creating a reign of terror of the most gruesome kind. The massacre of everyone who offered opposition to these liberated convicts, of whom a considerable number were Jewish, brought the pandemonium to a ghastly climax. The odds turned temporarily against Lenin, and in July 1917, he had to flee to Finland. But he soon returned to resume his work of destruction.

The Jew Sverdlov, Chief of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party, gave orders for the assassination of the Czar and his family, “and this order was carried out in the little town of Ekaterinburg, Siberia, on July 17, 1918, by the Jews Yourovsky, Goloschchekin, Syromolotove, Safarov and Voikov.”- Gerald B. Winrod: The Truth About the Protocols, Wichita, Kansas, 1935, page 49. “The extermination of the entire Imperial house of the Romanoffs was the culmination of an age-old grudge on the part of the Jews.” – Cherep-Spirodovitch: The Hidden World Government, New York, 1926. It was intended as absolute deterrent against any counter-revolutionary attempts. It was the Jew, Jankel Sverdlov, as President of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party, who approved the Czar’s assassination by the hands of his co-radicalists. The town of Ekaterinburg, in honor of the above-mentioned Jews’ verdict against the Romanovs, has been renamed Sverdlovsk.

A proof that after the Czar’s assassination by Jews, the German Kaiser was listed to be the next victim of Jewish politico-ritual murder, is shown by a piece of Jewish poetry from the pen of the Jew, Dr. Wilhelm Eckstein, a former Munich lawyer who deserted to the French and under the pen name, Siegfried Balder, produced the Ghetto verses of which an appropriate translation is given thus:

We’ll swear by God’s eternal name

All Hohenzollerns’ death.

There’ll be no peace till from the frame

Will roll their bloody head.

Don’t go to work, vacate the shop

Till they are liquidated.

Soon you will find that castle’s top

With a red flag decorated.

All culture, liberty and luck

Be yours through courage bold.

Give us your oath-yours is the flag

We’ll make from black-red-gold.

From Muenchmeyer: Marxisten als Moerder, page 133


“Only a few know of their – the Jews’ – last plans. If the Gentile Marxists throughout the world had a suspicion of what ultimate end they are serving, they would assuredly tear all Jewish agents and functionaries to pieces.” Julius Streicher, editor of Der Stürmer

Communism is world Jewry in action!

“We, the Jews, invented the myth of God’s Chosen People” Dr. Oscar Levy of London, ca. 1939

“The Theory of “Scientific Socialism – that later became Communism in practice – was simply a means for smashing all Gentile governments so that the Jews might become “emancipated” and supreme over Gentiles.” Karl Marx (Karl Heinrich Mordecai – Jew pretending to be a Protestant, a ticket into society)

“Whatever is, is worth destroying!”

Frequent uttering by Karl Marx

Communism is world Jewry in action!

The Theory of ‘Scientific Socialism’ – that later became Communism in practice – was simply a means for smashing all Gentile governments so that the Jews might become “emancipated” and supreme over Gentiles.” Karl Marx (Karl Heinrich Mordecai – Jew pretending to be a Protestant-a ticket into German society)

Marx lived off Germany, pretended to be German, but when he spoke of Germans in his letters from London, he always referred to them as dogs. He was twice expelled from France due to his uncouth conduct, and his typical Jewish behavior full of contradictions.

Marx’s message summed up: “Only if the workers of the whole world unite under the absolute leadership of revolutionaries of the caliber of Marx himself and his associates (first Moses Hess and Friedrich Engels) can their “emancipation” be assured. Thus he was cleverly hiding from them the knowledge that their combined cooperation would primarily cause the Jews’ domination over the non-Jews themselves-in fact that the Jews could obtain such domination only through their leadership of the non-Jewish workers. These facts, concerning the ultimate objective of the Jews, constitute a point about which the Jew, Marx, and his followers until this very day, have remained conspicuously silent, and in very truth embody the most gigantic swindle ever perpetrated, because it is done on a worldwide scale.

If the Marxists within the Communist and Socialist Parties are working toward the long-announced world revolution, this obviously must mean “the removal of all Aryan authorities, princes and churches, and their substitution by Jewish powers, Jewish princes and rabbis. The Marxist movement never had anything to do with the liberation of any oppressed party be it that of any vocation, nor that of the bourgeoisie nor that of the workers or the proletariat in general.”

Marx’s doctrines of Socialism should have really been called “Doctrines for the Domination by the Jewish Race.”

Jew Ferdinand Lasalle in Germany boasted in a letter to Karl Marx in 1859 that he made attempts to incite war between France and Prussia for the sole purpose of creating revolutionary chaos in Prussia through which he expected to actualize his plans for seizing power by means of uprising of the German workers – whom he then believed he had well under control.  Sigilla Veri

1848 Marx was the leader of the insurrection in Germany from where he was ousted, only to go to France the following year and then turned out of France, landing in England.

“Let us promote the Social Democrats wherever possible; but let us be careful that the broad masses do not notice that they are just outposts for the Jews.” Juedisches Volksblatt, Vienna, July, 1900

“The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, by the annihilation of monarchy which has always been the support of individualism, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this new world order, the Children of Israel, who are scattered over the world, will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition; and this will more particularly be the case if they succeed in getting the working masses under their control. The governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will, through the victory of the proletariat, fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which it is said, that when the Messianic time has come, the Jews will have the property of the whole world in their hands.” Baruch Levy, fellow Jew of Karl Marx, in “World Service,” Erfurt, Germany, September 15, 1935.

Excerpts from the book: The World Hoax (Jewry is Communism) Ernest Elmhurst

What Hitler said about the Jews and Marxists.pdf

Hitler not Funded by the Rothchilds

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