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[Admin: People were taught in the last 30 years that Communism is dead to deceive them. But the truth is, it is not but has gone underground in its leadership and is spread deceptively by “Democracy” that is slowly turning states into terror states against citizens. Germany is a very example of state terror against people who speak up against historic lies. We have huge amounts of  foreign Special Forces in the U.S.A. (per Dan Page); most of them from Eastbloc Communist countries, including Russia. Why are they here? Several good Americans have warned us of the undertow, including McCarthy. This is why I have many articles about Communism. People need to become aware that we will have the same fate as the poor human beings under Communism in Russia and other countries because, as Nikita Khrushchev hollered, hitting his shoe against the podium, “The U.S. will be a Communist state.” In the meantime they have worked for decades to turn Central America and South America into Communist states. Martin Luther King was Communist-trained, pretending to be a Christian. Cuba, for example, is run by the Communist Jews Castro. Remember he had planned to attack the U.S. with Russian atomic missiles? The poorest states are the best victims for Communism, a hope that is a fraud. Communist Chairman Mao who killed about 50,000 Chinese people was a Jew. People are defensive and we who are awake are mistreated by them. And we, unfortunately, will have to die with these people poisoned against their own kind.~end]


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By Ernest Elmhurst, 1938

…In Belgium, the Communist Party was subsidized by a “gift” of half a million francs, brought by the Soviet ambassador Rubinine to Brussels on his arrival there in the spring of 1936.

According to an Anti-Comintern report of August 1, 1936, the Soviet government donated, during the month of June, 1936, the sum of 750,000 gold rubles to the Communist Party in Austria.

The principle of reinforcing any possible weak points in the encirclement of the new national-socialistic Germany had been observed already in 1934, when Moscow sent $40,000 to the Communist Party in Holland. It is the slave-labor of the Gentiles in Russia that is supplying all these millions spent solely for the eventual glorification of Judah.

In Poland, probably more than anywhere else, the authorities have been keen enough to recognize the disintegrating influence

The Coming of the New World Order Dr. Day

of Communism not only on the state but also on the individual. The Warsaw Police Commissioner, Landebzrski, reported in March, 1935, that 98 percent of all Communist agitators arrested in Poland were Jews.

Greece, before the recent establishment of a nationalistic dictatorship there, almost suffered total disruption by Jewish Moscow, after it took the fatal step of recognizing the Soviet Union diplomatically. The Soviet embassy in Athens was the central bureau, from which were staged all of the Communistic riots recorded in that country. The reportedly strong leaning toward Communism in Greece should largely be accounted for by the fact that out of a total of 320 newspapers, 47 were directly promulgating Communism,


while 80 showed decided Communistic tendencies. The unlearned worker in Greece, as in other countries, knew little or nothing of the interrelation of Communism and Jewry or of the Jewish conspiracy as a whole. Detection and confiscation of Communistic literature in the Athens Soviet embassy was a matter of common occurrence, and every one of the frequent raids on the embassy with the subsequent arrest of members of the Soviet diplomacy, unearthed much conclusive and damming evidence.

The 5th Party Day of the Communists in Greece in March, 1934, was the occasion for the issuance of a protocol which was sanctioned by the Moscow representative of the Comintern, Wiegler. In this the following lines from the final chapter are significant: “In factories and workshops as well as among ships’ crews, a more intensive propaganda for the goals of the Communist Party of Greece must be initiated. In conservative organizations and unions, revolutionary cells have to be formed in order to plant the germ for their Bolshevization. For the purpose of conquering the population of the country for our cause, some traveling lectures have to be sent out. For the education of revolutionary leaders, schools are to be established by the Central Committee. In case the Communist Party of Greece should be outlawed, measures have to be taken to enable the work to go on without cessation. In the latter case some special leaders are to be educated.

In 1932 alone, the Communist Party of Greece received a financial contribution from Moscow of 20 million Drachmen or about $125,000. Within the Greek military units the increased Communistic agitation resulted, in 19323, in 56 cases of mutiny, and all disturbances were without exception directly traceable to Communist agitators. – Adolf Ehrt: DER WELTBOLSCHEWISMUS, Berlin and Leipzig, 1936.

The continuous concentration of Soviet agents upon the population of China ever since the Russian Soviet was established,


has made North China a battlefield for years. To incite to civil war – thus weakening the country – and seize the reins of government at the opportune moment, is, in China, too, the unfailing method of the agents of Moscow and their bandit-soldiery. In the province Kang-tse alone, this warfare was responsible for the loss of not less than 186,000 lives. An estimated 2,100,000 refugees had to abandon their homes on the farm land, and more than 100,000 buildings were wrecked in the period from 1927 to 1931 with an estimated loss of over 300 million dollars. In 1934 the Chinese marshal Chiang Kai check issued a statement to the effect that in the province Kang-tse one million people had lost their lives; and over 6 million had been deprived of their possessions in the civil war instigated by Moscow. The Jew, Borodin-Grusenberg, is the organizer of the Communist Party in China, and currency issued by the Red invaders and put into circulation, in the Red-occupied territory in China, bears the pictures of Marx and Lenin. On March 5, 1933, the population of the cities of Canton and Honan protested to their government against the reopening of the Soviet consulates there, since experience had taught them to regard each member of such staffs as a Communist agitator.

Other countries in the Far East have been similarly disrupted by Communist agents from Moscow. Freely financed by these, the rebellious elements are causing violent disorders everywhere, with the final prospect of civil war. East Turkestan, Outer Mongolia, Manchukuo, India, and Dutch India, as well as Australia, are among the countries most seriously affected.

In South American states, too, the hand of Moscow has been severely felt. As early as 1919, the Jew, Salomon Jaselmanns, incited a Communistic uprising in Argentina in which—according to an Anti-Comintern  report of November 20, 1937 – 800 persons were killed and several thousand wounded.

Brazil, Chile, Argentine and Uruguay have frequently been “taken for a ride” as a result of showing too much “tolerance” towards those “officials”


from Soviet Russia who supposedly were preoccupied with trade or “diplomatic” affairs. For instance the Soviet trade agency in Buenos Aries, known as the “Yhuzamtorg” and led by a former fur dealer – the Jew Alexander Minkin – had in its employ 1,506 such “officials” during the period 1926-1930, and all of these were known Communists whose sole purpose in going half around the globe was to spread the doctrines of Jewish Bolshevism in South America. The ensuing and abnormal influx of Jews was represented to the South American governments as an asset – a point which Chile, at least, refused to concede. For on becoming aware of the mass immigration of Jewish refugees from Germany and elsewhere the Chilean Foreign Office, on April 5, 1934, instructed all its consuls abroad not to visa any more passports to prospective immigrants who might be identified as Jews since the Chilean supply of Hebrews – “who of course are all ambitious people” – was already more than sufficient. – ANTI-COMINTERN, Berlin.

Endeavors of Communistic Jews to dispossess Gentiles of their property and nationalize it in the Judeo-Bolshevik sense, have been observed in Venezuela, where during 1935 and 1936 the seeds of Communism were carried to the native tribes. Workers employed in the oil fields of the American Gulf Refining Company then approached their employer with demands for wages of $250 per month, annual vacations of one month with pay and a free trip to Europe each year. The latter was the more amusing and merely reflects upon the originators of these detailed requests as those native workers were mostly illiterates who neither knew where Europe was located nor what countries it comprised, not to mention what languages might be spoken there. This showed that the agents of organized Jewry under the emblem of the hammer and sickle were at work to accomplish even in such a small country as Venezuela the devastating results that Jewish aggrandizement has executed thus far in the land that was once the great Russian Empire.


The police authorities of practically all of the South American countries have become thoroughly familiar with the Red activities of Moscow, and the notorious career of Alexander Minkin reads like a dime detective story. In his capacity as Soviet Trade Agent General in Buenos Aires, Argentine and at Montevideo, Uruguay, he was, as early as 1926, in constant conflict with the police on account of his incendiary activities. The exceptional size of his staff, combined with his extremely large drawing accounts in various South American banks, furnished  sufficient proof of the plans of the Moscow Soviet for the South American countries – most of which countries have now definitely refused to become further infected by the Jewish-Communistic virus.

In intimate connection with this Jew Minkin, was an organization known as the Proctor – as reported by Keller and Andersen in DER JUDE ALS VERBRECHER, Keller Josef Und Andersen Hanns-Der Jude Als Verbrecher-1937-238S.pdf

page 137 – an outfit set up to provide for the settlement of Jews from the Soviet Union and whose members were also known to the South American police authorities as being associated with an organization named “Zwi Migdol” and engaged in white slave traffic. Thus while disseminating the Marxian-Bolshevik doctrine under the authoritative “Excellency” Minkin, the other side of their derogatory mission was the lucrative business of selling Gentile women in the South American countries – in keeping with the immoral character of Jewish megalomania.

After various raids on his offices in both Argentine and Uruguay “His Excellency” Alexander Minkin, in December of 1935 was politely but firmly requested to let the “emancipation of the proletariat” in the South American countries rest and to depart for good for his native Russia. It was a stinging rebuke which he and his perverted fellow Jews should long remember.

A report under date of April 7, 1936, from ANTI-COMINTERN, Berlin, reveals that among the effects of the Russian agent, Harry Berger – then in Montevideo – were found circulars in the Portuguese language, ostensibly purporting to be nationalistic


leaflets but actually inciting the working class to simultaneous revolution in all the South American countries. Mixed in with much tactical advice to the organizers, in these papers it was emphasized for them to grant special protection to the Jews of these South American countries in the event of a political upheaval. Is any better proof than this required to establish that Communism is a Jewish plot?

So it happened that the last of the South American republics severed diplomatic relations with the Jewish government of Soviet Russia, after the Brazilian revolts – which in 1935 alone caused the deaths of no less than 150 persons and the wounding of 400 others, and which were traced directly to the activities of the Jew, Minkin – whose preparations for still further rebellions were thus definitely interrupted by the awakening of the South American governments to such Jewish menace – race-conscious South Americans say, “for good.” The background of the “proletarian emancipation” had, in the South American republic, been uncovered in its reality as the cleverly camouflaged Jewish conspiracy it actually is…

Mr. Delgass, former president of the Soviet Union’s Amtorg Trading Corporation in New York City, made a statement which may be interesting at this point — in a speech on November 30, 1931 – as follows: “In the Countries which have recognized The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, subversive activities are centralized in the embassies, while in the United States and other countries where the Soviet government is not officially recognized the general manager of the Amtorg usually is the chief of the spy system.” With a statement like this on record, why was the Soviet government ever recognized by the United States? In no less degree have Cuba and Mexico been harassed by the Red invasion. Both of these territories have their “Red Books,” with accounts of many deliberately planned attempts to break up existing institutions and conditions. Most of these staged riots have been directly linked to the activities of the Reds in the 


source: The World Hoax (Jewry is Communism) Ernest Elmhurst


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