Bringing Germany Under Jewish Bolshevik Control Had Been Carefully Planned-Elmhurst

…Statistics from Germany have revealed positively that while these preparations for her military and economic ruin came to a head in 1918, or were under way, Jews had been eagerly watching for such opportunity to insinuate themselves into the highest positons in the country…

[Admin: People were taught in the last 30 plus years that Communism is dead to deceive them. But the truth is, it is not at all but has gone underground in the West and is spread hiddenly and deceptively by “Democracy” that is slowly turning into a terror state against citizens. Germany is the very example of state terror against people who speak up against WW2 lies and the Holohoax. We have huge amounts of  foreign Special Forces in the U.S.A. (per Dan Page); most are from Eastbloc Communist countries. Why are they here? Several good Americans have warned us of the undertow, including McCarthy. This is why I have many articles about Communism. People need to become aware that we will have the same fate as the poor human beings under Communism because as Nikita Khrushchev hollered, hitting his shoe against the podium, “The U.S. will be a Communist state.” Martin Luther King was Communist-trained by Jews, pretending to be a Christian. Cuba, for example, is run by the Communist Jews Castro. Remember it planned to attack us with Russian atomic missiles? The South American countries are made one by one into Communistic states. Mexico has strong Communism running through it. The poorest states are the best victims for Communism, a hope that is a total fraud, keeping the poor still poor. Chairman Mao who killed about 50,000 Chinese people was a Jewish Communist.

People are defensive when we tell them the truth, and we who are awake are mistreated by them. And we, unfortunately, will have to die with these poisoned people against themselves.~end]


‘Communism a World Movement’


excerpt from The World Hoax

The task of tracing within the small scope of this book even the briefest outline of the ramifications of the Jewish-Bolshevistic subversive apparatus, obviously is an impossibility. Therefore, only a few of its most conspicuous phases may here be brought to the attention of the public. The Jewish coup d’etat in Hungary has been sketched roughly in the chapter on BELA KUN, and some of the Soviet Russia’s efforts to Bolshevize England have been recounted in the chapter on LITVINOFF.

Even more pointed and detailed, however, were the subversive, Jewish activities preparatory to bringing Germany under open Jewish control after the breakdown of Russia in 1917, for the utter collapse of Germany had indeed been long and carefully prepared for. A Galician Jew, Salomon Kosmanovski, alias Kurt Eisner, offered himself as the willing tool for the task of Bolshevizing Germany, so as to bring about the end of the war by fomenting revolutionary activities within the ranks of the German soldiers and home workers. Photostatic evidence from the hand of this wandering Jew from Galicia, of his having issued a total of 3,103 checks during the period of September 25 to November 16, 1918, accounting to not less than 164,727,028 gold-marks, or about 40 million dollars, [admin: stated in the book in 1939] was reproduced in the SUEDDEUTSCHE MONATSHEFTE, May 1924. Incidentally, this sum corresponds with the special credit of 25 million pounds which England’s then Prime Minister, Lloyd George, asked, for “secret purposes,” February 16, 1917. As Germany allegedly could not be beaten by force of arms, that country’s destruction from within was considered the only alternative; and the nationless –or rather anti-national


Jew, as usual, proved to be the accepted medium for the world-Jewish hierarchy and advanced his own racial “emancipation” by utilizing the betrayed Gentile worker.

Statistics from Germany have revealed positively that while these preparations for her military and economic ruin came to a head in 1918, or were under way, Jews had been eagerly watching for such opportunity to insinuate themselves into the highest positons in the country. In anticipating of the final collapse of the German Empire, jews were ready, like vultures, to swoop down upon and grasp for themselves what was left of Germany’s greatness after October, 1918. [admin: just like toward the End of WW2, there were 50,000 Jews in Berlin].

According to a statement by Muenchmeyer in MARXISTEN ALS MOERDER, page 185, Prince Friedrich Leopold of Prussia, a high degree Mason, willingly hoisted the red flag atop his own castle at Klein Glienicke near Potsdam on November 7, 1918, in advance of the actual outbreak of the German revolution. He, in common with practically all Freemasons, readily served as a mediating link and subtle interpreter between the Jewish leftwing movements including the Freemasons, and the vested authorities, in order to stress the views, wishes and demands of the Hidden Government. One month prior to the revolution the Jew, Kappus, invited Prince Leopold and the secretary of the Social-Democratic Party to a conference in Darmstadt, Germany, and there suggested thenceforth the capital of Germany should be Frankfort-on-the-Main, in deference to the Jews in Frankfort.

Soviet Russia’s intention to Bolshevize Germany through a national revolution was shown by the statement of the Jew, Dr. Oskar Cohn—then a member of the Reichstag from the Independent Communist bloc, to the effect that on November 5, 1918, four days before the revolution, he had received from the Soviet ambassador to Germany, Joffe—alias Zaphet, the sum of 4 million rubles—2 million dollars—for the overthrow of the German Government. Confronted with the further evidence that he had used his special official train from Leningrad for the transfer of


revolutionary literature to Germany, Soviet Ambassador Joffe was forced to leave Berlin, November 6, 1918.

So as to carry out in detail the secret orders of the Soviet government, Dr. Oskar Cohn then suggested to the first President of the new German republic, Ebert, on November 9, 1918, that he make room in his cabinet for the Communist, Karl Liebknecht. This latter as well as another notorious Communist leader, the Jewess, Rosa Luxemburg, had, while both were in prison, already received from Soviet Russia through Ambassador Joffe, ample funds for use in revolutionary activities as soon as their jail terms expired in October, 1918. At the same time the Jew, Jogisches, who later called himself Tyschko, also received huge financial support through Joffe. With all this money these three suddenly burst upon the political scene in Germany as sponsors of a new party, the Spartacus Bund—a new alias for the Communist groups. And the Russian Jewish Writer, Radek-Sobelsohn, speaking as Soviet representative in Berlin on December 29, 1918, duly sanctioned this new party, launching it as a German political party of Jewish-Soviet planning. The entire Jewish-controlled press in Germany, of course, immediately favored this Jewish party, dealing with it almost as if it were an old national institution of, by, and for the people.

Remarkable, too, was the fact that while the revolution in Germany began on November 9, 1918, already the following day, November 10, the Jewish secret government appointed Jews almost exclusively as the new leaders of the Reich [admin: Is there a hidden Jewish government in the United States and Germany running alongside the government that we observe???]: The Marxist and Freemason, Ebert, as President, the Jews, Dr Kurt Rosenfeld – who is now in the United States agitating for anarchism, as Minister of Justice, Hirsch as Minister of the Interior, Hugo Simon as Minister of Finance, Eugene Schiffer as Secretary of the treasury, Kurt Eisner – alias Salomon Kosmanovski – as head of the Bavarian government, Thalheimer as Premier of Brunswick; while in the former kingdoms of Wurttemberg and Saxony, Jews were haggling over the premierships.


The Jew, Dernst, took office as Police Commissioner of Berlin. Also, on November 10, 1918, Haase and Landsberg, both Jews, formed the “Council of Six Representatives of the People.” With the German armies still in the field, Jews also took over the army command, on November 10, 1918, the day before the armistice. Thus, the Jew, Georg Meier, was named Chief of the just-formed Soldier’s Council on the East Front, while another Jew, Lewin, received the same appointment on the Western Front, Felix Stoessinger was unexpectedly made propaganda Chief, and the newly formed Central Bureau of the People’s Executive Council was headed by James Broh, both of these men being Jews. Another Jew, Siegfried Merck, represented the “A” Army, while still another, Nathan Moses, became the official head of the “B” Army. In the area of the Ukraine, Jacob Riesenfeld acted as highest in command of the German troops, and Dr. Simon had himself appointed Chief-of-Staff in Northwest Russia (Kurland). Ludwig Lewinsohn in the 4th Army Corps, Leo Muffelmann-now a 33rd degree Mason – in the 6th Army Corps, Hodenberg in the 8th and Otto Rosenberg in the 11th, completed the list of these newly appointed Hebrew army leaders. So as not to allow the Gentile masses in Germany to stray from the proper Jewish viewpoint, the Jews, Cohen-Reuss and Dr. Hilferding, were the main lecturers at the “General Congress of the Workers’ and Soldiers’ Soviets in Germany,” on Dec. 6, 1918, as reported by F.O.H. Schulz in JUDE UND ARBEITER, Berlin and Leipzig, 1934. As a public avowal of Jewish designs on what had once been Imperial Germany, Karl Liebknecht, on November 9, 1918, raised the Red flag over the former Kaiser’s palace; and the flag of the international Jewish organization, the Independent Order of B’nai B’rith – protected by machine guns – was hoisted over the center arch of the Brandenburg Tor, the internationally famous gateway which had been traditionally reserved for the exclusive use of the Kaiser and his entourage. JUDENKENNER, No. 17, Berlin.


While all these details may not be of great importance, of tremendous significance is the fact that all these appointments were made the day after the start of the Revolution, showing long-range and thorough planning on the part of world-Jewry. it is no more than reasonable to accredit evidence that similarly detailed plans have already been worked out for the United States. And such plans are, moreover, undoubtedly in existence for displacing most other orderly governments as well, for the Jewish problem is rapidly reaching its climax throughout the whole world.

Germany’s literary and journalistic activities after the collapse of the Empire were likewise in the hands of the Jews. Thus, Max Cohen-Reuss, Gustav Hoch-Hanau, Edward Bernstein, Rudolf Hilferding, Ernst Hamburger and a host of others shared honors in supplying the German people with news and literature approved by the “Chosen People” and furthering their peculiar plans, while the viewpoint and interest of the German nationals were either entirely left out of consideration or treated hypocritically and perfunctorily.

In Germany, as elsewhere, the whole metropolitan press was owned and controlled by Jews. For example, the BERLINER TAGEBLATT and ULLSTEIN PRESS were owned by Theodor Wolff; the important VOSSISCHE and FRANKFURTER ZEITUNG were also owned and controlled by Jews, and in addition the worker’s press, with the VORWAERTS of Berlin in the lead, not to mention the Communistic ROTE FALME and a score of minor Jewish-edited dailies, weeklies, and monthlies many of which were camouflaged as magazines of art, literature and criticism.

Since Judaism and Bolshevism have been running on parallel tracks it is not to be wondered at, that the Jew, Goldschmidt, of the powerful Darmstaedter Bank in Berlin during the war gave a “loan” to the social-democratic daily VORWAERTS of Berlin at the head of which paper, needless to say, was likewise a jew, Singer by name. This financial help for the purpose of leading


the social-democratic German Gentile workers surely along Jewish dotted lines, amounted to 800,000 gold-marks or $200,000, from MARXISTEN ALS MOERDER, by Muenchmeyer.

It was frequently suggested by the Communists that the provincial press which in many cases was still in non-Jewish hands, should be abolished; for a most essential part of the plans of the Jewish oligarchy was to establish in Germany a tight, Jewish, press dictatorship so as to effect a complete mental domination over the 99 percent, German-Aryan majority, by the one percent, Jewish minority.

Anyone familiar with Jewish press tactics, realizes that the Jew ridicules what he fears. The treatment meted out to the distinguished educator, Dr William Wirt, of Gary, Indiana, by the whole Jew-controlled press in America (admin: in 1938!!!) after his disclosures in 1934, affords an outstanding example of this, as also the persistent ridiculing of the late Senator Huey P. Long. The same treatment was accorded Hitler’s movement – then only in its first stages – by the weekly DIE AKTION which served as a sort of literary clearing house for a considerable number of Jewish writers. Its editor, Franz Pfemfert, referred to Munich – where Hitler’s viewpoint had first taken root – as the “dumbest town in the world.” But the extent to which the Jews even then actually feared and hated Hitler’s National Socialism – which was based upon Aryan conceptions – as opposing Jewish ascendancy – was shown by their shocking murder, on April 30, 1919, of ten members of a society for disseminating Aryan Science, among them, one woman. This mass murder was committed by members of revolutionary groups including the Jews, Levine-Nissen and Axelrod, in the courtyard of the Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich; and the victims were robbed, disrobed and mutilated almost beyond recognition. It was later ascertained that most of the assassins were members of the “Independent Order of B’nai B’rith.” – From Huber: FREIMAUEREI, Stuttgart, Germany. Another outstanding figure in the process of Judaizing post-war Germany


was Albert Einstein, who, under the pretense of “Social Service” instituted his “Internationale Arbeiterhilfe.” [admin: International Help for Workers]. This huge propaganda apparatus, built on Marxian principles, naturally had exclusive, jewish leadership – the Jews, Arthur Holitscher, Maximilian Harden-Witkowski, professor Eltzbacher, Dr. Alfons Goldschmidt, Prof. Paul Oesterreich, and Leonard Frank, being Einstein’s closes associates in the organization. The Karl Marx Scholl was another hotbed of Communism, under the noble pretense of “educating” the German workers. By the way, should not the everywhere conspicuous zeal of the Jews – and their Gentile dupes – for “adult education” programs be a cause for serious inquiry?

How completely Judaized Germany’s officialdom had become, may be easily estimated by the huge Jewish bureaucracy that assumed power in the Reich after ousting its former government. And with a Jewish population of only 1 percent as mentioned before, [admin: The Jews are after the Germans as ants after a watermelon!]  the Jewish delegates to the Reichstag from the Socialist Party in 1925 increased to 22 percent. In 1932, the Jewish proportion in the Communist Party was 14.5 percent, and in the Socialist Party 17 percent. A huge army of Jewish writers was at work demolishing the Christian ideal of Aryan Germany, and for a long period the Russian-Jew, Karl Radek-Sobelsohn remained the most influential literary figure there. Willi Muenzenberg, a Jew, member of the Reichstag, and editor of three radical papers, did his full share towards inspiring Germany with the Marxian ideals. A most comprehensive account of the all but complete Jewish control of the spiritual and mental life in post-war Germany may be found in Schulz’ book JUDE UND ARBEITER.

the London Daily Mail of July 20, 1933, asserted, that during the last epoch before Hitler rose to power, there were 20 times as many Jewish officials in the German government as compared with pre-war times. And not only the political offices had changed hands, but also many of the civic chairs and appointments.


In response to the Jews declaring war on Germany, Adolf Hitler arranged for a boycott against the Jews on April 1, 1933:



Judea_declares_war_on Nazi Germany (March 24, 1933).pdf


A communication of the FICHTE BUND, Hamburg, revealed, that in 1933, when Hitler became Chancellor, of 263 physicians employed by the Berlin Municipal Welfare Board, no less than 183 were Jews.

A considerable duty of Germany’s pre-Hitler doctors consisted in the creation of anew morale code after the Soviet pattern. Thus a Jew, prof. Felix Halle, published in 1931, a Jewish-Soviet designed morale code under the title “Geschlechtsleben und Strafrecht.” [admin: Sexual life, laws and punishment). The following suggestion reflected specifically upon its Jewish origin, p. 62: “Abolishment of punishment for Sodomy according to the Soviet law!” The Soviet law in sexual matters maintains: “..that sexual intercourse with animals is no deed which shall be considered punishable by the government…” The above “reform law” under the Hebrew author falls under the chapter of “Sexual Revolution.”

It is entirely relevant here to recall the fact, that the leading press organs in Germany, in referring to the revolution that had swept the country, simply called it “a change of government,” so as to prevent the average citizen from realizing, that it actually had been a total racial displacement of ownership of Germany, and a change of control of its cultural values, which had occurred. The German Aryans had, all unknowingly, become dispossessed of the natural rights of ownership and administration of their own country.

Besides all this, at that time Germany, as well as Hungary and Austria, were inundated by a continuous flood of Soviet Jews, intent upon carrying through in these countries what had already been so successfully accomplished in Russia. The Jewish writer, E. L. Cohn, now writing as Emil Ludwig, then in Germany, and now in the United States under contract with the Hearst [admin: Jewish] press, summed up the common aim of the jewish literary and political intelligentsia at work in those days [admin: and today!] in these words:

“The breakdown of the old structures of the three powers – Russia, Austria and Germany – means a considerable convenience to the


leaders of jewish politics.” Weltbuchure, [admin: Weltbrochure?] No. 33, 1921.

Since then, it has become a matter of international observation, that the Jews, by means of left-wing politics, have learned how to acquire control of the immense power inherent within the working masses, and use this power for their own racial benefit, Russia especially presenting the unparalleled example of Jewish imperialism gone mad. But the utmost care is always being taken to disguise this aim under the pretense of extreme solicitude for the poor, oppressed workers!

The Communist propaganda machinery organized and financed by the Communist International in Moscow, usually referred to as the “Comintern,” since its inception in 1918 has succeeded in establishing agencies in every country in the world, most usually through a subsidiary of the Soviet’s foreign trade departments, or even the local Soviet ambassadors themselves directing the flood of Communist propaganda now pouring as a Red Sea over the nations of the world. Generally these Soviet agencies, too, at strategical moments organize and transmit financial support from Russia.

The determined fanaticism, with which the Communistic Jews and their Gentile dupes insist upon stamping Communism upon the rest of the world is reflected in an address made on the occasion of the VIIth World Congress of the Communist International in Moscow in July-August of 1935, when the Soviet dictator was given the following assurance:

“In the name of the army of the millions of fighters of the proletarian revolution, in the name of the laboring masses of all countries, we turn to thee, comrade Stalin, our leader and faithful follower of the work of Marx, Engels and Lenin, – to thee, who together with Lenin has welded a new kind of party, the party of the Bolsheviki.

…The VIIth World Congress of the Communist International assures thee, comrade Stalin, in the name of the 65 communist parties, that the Communists always and everywhere, to the end will stand faithful to the unconquered emblem of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. Under this banner Communism will conquer the whole world.”


Another proof, that the Communist movement is not a movement of and for the workers, but a determined and age-old fight on the part of the Jewish minority for control of the Gentile majority of the world, appeared in a sentence from the Jewish PRAVDA, of Moscow, on September 9, 1928:

“Our program tosses an open war declaration for life and death against the entire world.”

Since the overwhelming majority of the workers of the world are Gentiles, this declaration of war against the whole world, therefore, must include automatically, all the Gentile workers. And Communism actually is such a war declaration, for events in Russia have tragically and abundantly proven, that it is, in very fact, directed against the workers themselves. It is only the Jew, who can – and does – in the long run benefit by the anti-Aryan, or rather anti-Gentile, system of Jewish Socialism, Communism, and Bolshevism. This combination, as enforced by Stalin and his mentors, is of such a decompository nature, that even the socialist Jew, Kerensky-Adler, who succeeded the late Czar as dictator of Russia, said after his deposition:

“The present dictatorship of Stalin possesses no precedent, even in the middle ages. The Bolsheviki have thrust Russia into a bottomless abyss of destitution. Foreigners, who back the Soviet regime, resemble the lunatics, who gave willing help to Nero in the burning of Rome.”

From the overwhelming proof here presented it should be evident, that the workers of the world, who unite under the Communistic banner, in very fact are as the lunatics, who aid their own executioners, the racially foreign Jews, who, banded tightly together, and are committed to the destruction of all Christian civilization, of which the workers themselves are such an all-important and indispensable part.

After the Communistic – or more correctly communizing – Jews gained their objective in Russia, and since Lenin’s epoch,


the identical forces are at work with the preliminaries to the culmination of their huge world-domination program, using to full advantage the already more or less strongly established socialistic and communistic movements, which lead directly, throughout the whole world, to their central station, Moscow. In every instance, their Russian-Jewish origin can be traced. In Japan, too, the agitators being arrested at frequent intervals, are admitting, that they work by order of Moscow. The Communist Party, and all other Communist activities, are outlawed in Japan.

The primary task of expanding Communism on a world-wide scale – and first into adjacent countries – has in many cases, if not in most, been made obligatory with the deluded workers, who usually all too willingly, even enthusiastically, have aided in this labor towards their own destruction. Never for a single moment have the Jewish tacticians swerved in their determination to dominate the whole world!

Labor agitations on an extensive scale have long been penetrating Outer Mongolia, China, India, and East Turkestan, where, too, the history of the past decades has shown Jewish agitators to be at the bottom, in almost every instance, of the work of instilling the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin into the minds of the workers. Abundant funds from the Soviet Union have been poured into every country, where the ground already had been prepared by the Red agitators. The financing of the Ruhr, Germany, upheaval by Trotsky, with a million dollars during the French occupation in 1923 has been mentioned before, and during his stay in France he also freely aided the Communist movement with funds stolen from the toiling workers of Soviet Russia, so as to prepare for the political pact since effected between these two countries. The gradual Judaization of France, therefore, is responsible for its striking change towards the left. Through a largely augmented Jewish bureaucracy, plus a thoroughly Judaized press, France has finally arrived at the point, where the Socialists and Communists no longer are termed rebels,


but loyalists – exactly as has been the case in the news treatment of events in desperate Spain!


…The sinister threat of world-Bolshevism has been recognized by discerning minds for a considerable period. One such was Mr. Oudendyk, Netherlands Minister in Petrograd during the Bolshevik revolution. This gentleman submitted a report to the British Minister in Norway, Sir M. Findlay, who in turn forwarded the same to Mr. Arthur J. Balfor of the British government on September 18, 1918. Part of this report reads as follows: “

“I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue now before – not even excluding the war, which is still raging – and unless as above stated, Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe, and the whole world; as it is organized and worked by jews, who have no nationality and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things.” 

A leaflet which was circulated among the Germans in post-war days and reprinted in the JEWISH WORLD of January 15, 1919, contained the following eloquent appeal:

“The International Jews drove the nations into the great War [WW1], in order that they themselves might make billions of money on war supplies. The Jews have undermined the strength and bravery of our glorious army by systematic agitation; they have egged the German people on to revolution, so that they might be able, in the general chaos, to get hold of some more millions of German wealth. The Jews want to rule the German people, so as to be able to plunder them still more. The German republic is being fettered by Jews. It is not German republic, but a Jew republic, in which Germans are graciously permitted to work for the Jews. Hirsch, Ledebour, Eisner, Haase, lansberg, Kohn, Nathan, and whatever the other leaders of the republic are called, are all Jews. German Soldiers! Save the Fatherland. Save the German people from its worst and most pitiless enemies – the Jews!”

Little by little, the German people became sufficiently informed and encouraged to take matters into their own hands, and so actually saved the Fatherland from the oriental scourge, — so that, in very fact, Germany has become the first bulwark in the defense of the White Man’s civilization.

… The Jews from time to time admit that they fear nothing so much as resurgent Gentile individualism and initiative. Wherever they have usurped autocratic power, therefore, their treatment of groups in which such qualities might be inherent and therefore dangerous to them, has been especially barbarous. For, realizing perfectly that race and soil have been the chief factors in the development of such individualism, they are committing the ultimate crime of “resettling” whole national groups, deliberately and on an extensive scale, for the express purpose of effacing totally, such national characteristics.

Dr. Joseph Goebbels


Dr. Joseph Goebbels said in his speech at Nuremberg on September 10, 1936:

“In Ingria the Finnish population is being systematically stamped out. From 1929 to 1931, 18,000 Finns were banished to Siberia, and in the spring of 1935, 9,000 were forced to undergo the same fate. Only two months ago the government of the Soviet Union decided to drive out another 28,000 from their native land.

In the Polish-Soviet frontier district 18,000 peasants of German stock ‘had their settlement transferred’ during the spring of this year. From 80 to 90 persons were packed into cattle trucks and sent to Siberia.

Last year 4,000 Carelians were sent in banishment to Central Asia and 3,000 to the Ural, where more than 50 percent of them succumbed of the inhuman conditions of life and work.”

It would seem as if mad inhumanity could go not further than thus to uproot whole communities of people from the soil that had been owned and tilled by their forefathers for hundreds, even thousands of years, and carry them into abject slavery in foreign countries. But in Soviet Russia it goes still further, for Dr. Goebbels continues:

“In August, 1927, the Communist propaganda apparatus drummed into the ears of the world, proclamations against the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti. In millions of leaflets and newspapers the Communists carried on their campaign in foreign countries for the revocation of the death sentence. Yet what happens in the Soviet Union itself? In one paragraph alone, of the Criminal Code, fourteen different kinds of acts are laid down which are punishable by death. By the law of April 7, 1935, the death penalty was introduced even for children.

Starving children in an educational institution had often told how good the conditions were that prevailed there in former times. This fact alone was enough to bring them within the terms of paragraph 58. Ten children were shot by the OGPU in the presence of their comrades. In a newspaper article the Soviet Prosecuting Attorney, Wischinsky, recalls ‘with content and pleasure’ the first anniversary of the day on which the death penalty for children was established by law.”

The World Hoax (Jewry is Communism) Ernest Elmhurst-pdf


Since 1945, Jews have swarmed upon Germany literally eating it up. Bolshevism comes in many forms, creeping into the minds of the children of Germany poisoning them with lies about their fathers and grandfathers during National Socialist times. The whole German nation has been overrun by peoples from all over the world gnawing on the fabric of a once beautiful nation, tearing it up and flooding it with international races to destroy a highly cultured white nation. Parasites and traitors make up most of the foreign occupants of Germany.

Latvia_Year_Of_Horror-pdf (Jewish Communist Invasion)

The Judeo Russian Mafia-5 pgs.pdf

Russia and the Jews_Solzhenytsen-73pg. pdf

Audio Book “The Jew As Criminal”

The Jew As Criminal-pdf

Keller Josef Und Andersen Hanns-Der Jude Als Verbrecher-1937-238S

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