Adolf Hitler’s Response to the “Declaration of War” by the Jews in 1933

…In this conquest, the authors and beneficiaries of our misfortune can attribute getting away unharmed, almost without exception, to the unprecedented discipline and calmness in how this uprising proceeded. Hardly a hair on their heads was harmed…



Adolf Hitler’s Counter Boycott Speech to the National Socialist Party

on Mar 28, 1933

in Response to the “Declaration of War” by the Jews

Background Information

Adolf Hitler was elected Jan. 30, 1933, defeating among other parties, the competing Jewish-led Communist party with its millions of members. Hitler’s election signaled unfavorable political changes for the Jews who seized much power in Germany after WWI. The Jews had the highest employment rate in leading positions, often as high as 60 percent, while they represented only about one two five percent of the population. In contrast, tens of millions of Germans were unemployed. Approximately 1 Million starved to death after WWI. Jewry used the defeat of the Communist party to instigate an economic war against Germany. On March 24, 1933, the headlines of The Daily Express in London read:  “Judea Declares War on Germany – Jews of  All the World Unite – Boycott German Goods.” In response, Hitler took action four days later.

National Socialists! Party Comrades, Ladies and Gentlemen!

After 14 years of inner conflicts, the German Volk has overcome its ranks, classes, professions and religious divisions politically and carried out an uprising that put a lightning-quick end to the Marxist-Jewish racket. In the weeks after Jan. 30, a unique national revolution took place in Germany. Despite long, severest oppressions and persecutions, the masses of millions who stand behind the leadership of the national revolution, granted in perfect repose and discipline the legal endorsement to the new leadership of the Reich, to implement the reform of the German nation’s government in its leadership and constituents.

On March 5, by far the majority of eligible German voters voiced their confidence in the new brigade. The perfection of the national revolution has, therefore, become the demand of the nation. The Jewish-Marxist big wheels vacated their power positions in pitiful cowardice. Despite all their clamor, not a single one of them dared to render serious resistance. For the most part, they abandoned the masses they had lead astray and fled to foreign countries with their stuffed depositories.

In this conquest, the authors and beneficiaries of our misfortune can attribute getting away unharmed, almost without exception, to the unprecedented discipline and calmness in how this uprising proceeded. Hardly a hair on their heads was harmed. When comparing this achievement in self discipline by the national uprising in Germany with, for example, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia-resulting in more than three million deaths-one can appreciate how greatly indebted those criminals responsible for the German decline are to the power of the national revolt. Contrasting further the terrible battles and destruction during the revolution by these November men themselves-the shooting of their hostages in the years 1918 and 1919, and their butchering of helpless rivals-one will see again an enormous difference between them and the national revolution.

The leaders have solemnly announced that they want to live in peace with the world! The German Volk staunchly follows in allegiance!

Germany does not want world turmoil or international embroilment. But the national revolutionary Germany has firmly decided to put an end to its domestic mismanagement! Now that the inner enemies of the nation have been rendered harmless by the people themselves, what was long expected has arrived:

The Communist and Marxist criminals and their Jewish intellectual ringleaders, who headed to foreign countries with their monies in time, now unfurl from there an unscrupulous, treasonous hate campaign against all the German people. Since lying has become impossible for them in Germany, they launch it from the capitals of the former Entente, pouring out the same malicious agitations against the young national revolt as they did against Germany at the beginning of WWI.

Lies and slander, steeped in hair-raising perversions, are unleashed against Germany. Gruesome fables of hacked up Jewish corpses, eyes cut out and hacked off hands are distributed with the intention to defame the German people in the world for a second time and in the same way they have accomplished this in 1914. Millions of innocent people, nations with whom the German people only want to live in peace, are agitated against us by these devious criminals.

They want that German goods and German labor fall victim to an international boycott. For them, the poverty in Germany is not severe enough; they want it to be worse!

They lie and tell of Jewish women being killed, Jewish girls being raped before their parents’ eyes, and cemeteries being devastated. All of it is just one big lie, invented with the objective to spawn a new world war hate propaganda! If one were to continue to stand by this maddening crime and do nothing, one would be guilty of accessory!

Therefore, the National Socialist party will now start a defensive campaign against this serious crime with suitable methods to target those responsible. The guilty ones are right here with us. They live among us and abuse day in and day out the hospitality granted to them by the German people.

At a time when millions of us have nothing to live on and nothing to eat, when hundreds of  thousands of academics go to waste on the streets, these Jewish scholars are sitting contented among us and claim their guest entitlements. What would the United States do if the German Americans would sin in the same nefarious ways against Americans as these Jews do against Germany? And yet, the National Socialist revolution has scarcely harmed a hair on their head!

They were able to attend to their businesses as before; however, corruption will be eradicated, regardless of who commits it! Belonging to the Jewish race or to the Mosaic religion is as little license for criminal activity as belonging to our race or the Christian faith.

For decades, Germany let foreigners come here, indiscriminately.  One hundred thirty-five people live here on one square kilometer; compare this to the U.S. with not even 15 people. And yet,  the U.S. uses, extensively, a restrictive immigration system and certain nationals are excluded altogether. Germany, disregarding its own hardship, did not take such measures for decades. In gratitude for that-while millions of our own people are without work and go to pieces-a clan of Jewish intellectuals, professors and businessmen agitate hate against us in the world.

This has now come to an end! The Germany of the national revolution is not the Germany of cowardly citizens. We see the need and impoverishment of our own people and have the duty not to neglect doing what prevents further damage to our Volk.  The Jews among us are responsible for the lies and defamation. From them originates the lie and hate campaign against Germany! It would be in their power to censure the liars in the rest of the world. Since they do not want to do this, we will make certain that this lie and hate maneuver against Germany will not target our innocent German Volk at home but instead will strike the responsible agitators themselves. The boycott instigation and atrocity propaganda must not, and will not, affect the German people at home but will touch the Jews themselves in a thousand-fold severity.

Therefore, the following order goes forth to all party service posts and party organizations:

Item 1: Action Committees to Boycott the Jews

In every regional group and organization structure of the NSDAP (‘National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei), action committees are to be formed immediately for a practical and methodical execution of boycotting Jewish stores, Jewish products, Jewish doctors and Jewish attorneys. The action committees are responsible for making sure that this boycott does not affect any innocent people but strikes the guilty that much harder.

Item 2: Highest Protection for all Foreigners

The action committees are responsible for the utmost protection of all foreigners, regardless of their faith, origin, or race. The boycott is merely a defensive measure exclusively directed toward Jewry in Germany.

Item 3: Boycott Promotion

The action committees are to immediately promote the boycott by advertising and education. Tenet: ‘No good German still buys from a Jew or accepts goods from a Jew and those who endorse him.’ The boycott must be universal. It will be undertaken by all of our Volk and must strike Jewry in its most vulnerable place.

Item 4: The Central Leadership: Pg. Streicher

In doubtful cases, boycotting such businesses shall be avoided until other instructions are forthcoming from the Central Committee in Munich. The chairman for the Central Committee is Pg. Streicher.

Item 5: Newspaper Monitoring

The action committees monitor newspapers most rigorously to determine how extensively they are involved in the education campaign of the German people against the Jewish atrocity propaganda in foreign countries. If newspapers do not participate, or only in limited ways, it is to be assured that they will be removed immediately from every German home. No German man and no German business shall put ads into those papers! These newspapers must be met with public disdain, as they are written for Jewish racial comrades and not for the German people.

Item 6: Boycott as a Measure to Protect German Labor

The action committees, in correlation with the administrative organization branches of the party, must carry the education campaign into businesses, and especially to the German workers. The worker must be informed about the consequences generated by this Jewish atrocity propaganda for him and his job. It must be explained to him why the national boycott is necessary as a defense measure to protect German jobs.

Item 7: Action Committees to Reach all the Way to the Most Remote Villages

The action committees must be propelled into the smallest farming villages to affect especially  the Jewish merchant in the planes. Fundamentally, it always must be emphasized that this is a defensive action forced upon us.

Item 8: The Boycott Starts  April 1

The boycott does not start in a scattered way but strikes promptly. For this reason, all preparations are to be made immediately. Ordinances are going forth to the SA and SS that from the moment the boycott begins, the population is to be warned by guards against entering Jewish stores. The begin of the boycott is to be announced at billboards, by the press, and with leaflets, etc. The boycott starts exactly at 10 o’clock in the morning on Saturday, April 1. It will continue as long as no announcement from the party leadership commands it to be revoked.

Item 9: Mass Demand for Numerus Clausus

The action committees must organize immediately in tens of thousands of mass meetings, reaching all the way into the smallest villages, the demand for launching a ‘relative number’ employment principle for Jews in all occupations in accord with their relative number in our population. To heighten the impact, this requirement is at first limited to three spheres:

1) German middle schools and high schools

2) Physicians

3) Lawyers

Item 10: Educating Abroad

The action committees further have the responsibility to make sure that every German with a connection to a foreign country utilizes this relationship to broadcast in letters, telegrams, and telephone calls the truth, making it clear that there is peace and order in Germany, that the German people desire nothing more ardently than to live in harmony, attend to their work and to be in peace with the rest of the world. It must be made clear that the battle against the atrocious Jewish hate propaganda is purely self-defensive.

Item 11: Composure, Discipline and No Violence

The action committees are responsible that this whole effort proceeds in the most peaceful way and with greatest discipline. Don’t even hurt as much as a hair on a Jew’s head! We will defeat their provocations simply with the far-reaching impact of these given measures! More than ever before, it is important that the whole party stands in blind obedience, like one man, behind their leadership. National Socialists, you have achieved the miracle of bringing down the ‘November State’ with just one strike, surely you will accomplish this second assignment just the same!

This, the international Jewry shall know: The government of the national revolution is not operating in a vacuum. It is the representative of the workings of the German people. Whoever attacks the government, attacks Germany! Whoever defames it, defames the nation! Whoever fights against it, has declared war on 65 million! We have dealt with the Marxist instigators in Germany; they will not bring us to our knees, even as they now continue their treason from foreign countries.

National Socialists! Saturday, exactly at 10 in the morning, Jewry shall know to whom they have declared war!

National Socialists, German Workers Party Leadership!

Source: „Völkischer Beobachter” Nr. 88 vom 29. März 1933


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