Trump A Tool Of The Financial Elite (Part 1)

…To show that he is “a good boy’ for the mighty Jewish Wall Street lobby, he held an exceedingly revealing speech on March 16, 2016, before the AIPAC (American Israel Public Action Committee), dripping with pandering. Along several concessions to the address of the Zionist terrorist state on the Levant coast, his AIPAC speech also contained an indirect war declaration to Iran…

Trump – A Tool of the Financial Elite (part 1)

On November 8, 2016, the day arrived – that hardly anyone thought possible – when Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. While the demagogues of mainstream journalism, as expected, continued their tendentious hate against the designated President and declared him the personification of absolute evil, even after his election, the early morning announcement of the poll results set off a downright storm of euphoria in many European patriot circles true to their Folks and countries.

An exuberant jubilation seized broad sections of nationalists of Europe, who immediately joined in a hymn of praise for Trump, singing of the dawn of a national-conservative revolution. For a moment, it seemed as if in Europe the culture destroying and race murdering plutocratic system of the present had stopped operating, and the Afro-Asiatic peoples had left the lands again. Trump was exalted to ‘impulse giver for a new patriotic spring’. But is Trump really the liberator he is held for by the national activists this side of the Atlantic?

It is not the objective of this article to speculate whether his propagated ‘struggle against the establishment’ is genuine, or made up of merely empty populist words for the purpose of hauling in the sheep. The fact is that Trump – similar to his predecessors in the White House – operates within a much curtailed range of decision making. The coordinates of his freedom of impact are already determined by the authors of the system wherein he functions. Even if he wanted to, he could only bring about constructive changes in small measures. After all, he is also trapped in the network of Wall Street, FED, the system press, Pentagon, occult lodges and various Jewish lobbies. At this point we don’t want to neglect to mention the Neocons, that Jewish ragbag occupying influential key positions in the armaments industry as well as in the closest advisory group to the U.S. President. And it’s the Neocons, who as Chief Editors in the media opinion factories of the United States play such an important role in manipulation of the masses. We will later take a look at their role in the past U.S. election campaign.

The mere fact that Trump is intricately entangled with Judaism, confers a bitter taste to his efforts and should, in principle, be looked at by us critically.

To show that he is “a good boy’ for the mighty Jewish Wall Street lobby, he held an exceedingly revealing speech on March 16, 2016, before the AIPAC (American Israel Public Action Committee), dripping with pandering. Along several concessions to the address of the Zionist terrorist state on the Levant coast, his AIPAC speech also contained an indirect war declaration to Iran.

Many a good hopeful may now argue that this was tactically necessary because no election can be won in the U.S.A. without the support of AIPAC.


But his intimate relationship with the Chosen People leads to the conclusion that here we had much more than a tactical election calculation. It is no coincidence that Trump’s adult children all have Jewish spouses, and in the case of his daughter Ivanka, she even converted to Judaism. Trump’s behavioral traits reveal far more than flattery to curry favor. He is immersed in a more or less obvious collaboration with the Jewish-Zionist powers. And so the throughout positive feedback of the Zionist leadership to Trump’s election showed up rather promptly.

In order to understand prevailing developments on a national and global level, it is necessary to shine a light on the true role of this man and mirror it in a world-political strategic context.

The blinded naïfs, who cheer his election success as victory, must be brought back into sober reality from their disastrous ‘Trump-to-the-rescue’ Illusion.

Our world is currently experiencing one of the greatest upheaval and reversal phases since its existence. For the peoples of Europe the situation is, in any case, deadly serious. We are standing before an all-deciding fork in the road of history, leading hereafter to either being or not being.

Against this backdrop, it would be fatal to fall prey to the mistaken belief that a Donald Trump would henceforth act in our interest. Still worse, and more despicable, are those who now opine that they can place their hands in their lap and wait for ‘dear Donald’ to take care of things for us. To such an irresponsible attitude speaks a fitting quote by Ezra Pound:  “A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him.”

A capitalist complains of capitalism!

Trump enters the spotlight of the political stage as a billionaire businessman. What type of spirit drives him can already be perceived when one analyzes the words he chooses to manipulate with. Tending to arrogance and pretentious behavior, Trump does not know honest relationships and friendships but only profitable ‘deals’. So also in his role as U.S. President. Possessed by a Jewish materialistic spirit, he sees the world through the spectacles of a profit-oriented financier. So, now this Donald Trump appears as savior on the scene and claims to protect his people from the plundering influence of the financially powerful establishment.

Similar to the right-wing populists in Europe, Trump’s criticism of the so-called establishment only sweeps on the surface of the swamp. If a fundamental paradigm shift were the driving force behind his actions, he could not help but call out the true birth defects of this anti-life system and its intellectual creators by name. However, as long as he plays according to their rules, he is nothing more than an extended arm stretching their power.

In a nutshell: As long as he accepts tacitly that Jewish private bankers are exercising control over the Dollar, it will not change in the future that the banking powers govern the political tune in Washington and have more power than all parliamentarians and judges in all of the United States. As a Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, once said: “Give me control over the money of a nation, and I do not care who makes its laws.”

Trump is a man of the system, who eagerly cuts capers but does not illuminate the true nature of this institutionalized exploitation machinery.

No matter how sharp an artillery of concepts the dear gentleman may launch against the establishment, as long as he permits capital to control the state, instead of have the state control capital, so long does he put himself into the service of the parasitic Big Capital.

No coincidences!

As Franklin Roosevelt once said, “In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

The election of Donald Trump as the new U.S. President is, of course, no exception. On the contrary, his taking office was cleverly orchestrated by machinations of the financial industry operating in the background. Already at the beginning of this article, this author briefly elucidated on the popular educational effect of opinion-forming Yellow Journalism.

Following, the role of the mass media in the backdrop of the past election campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be briefly and more closely analyzed:

It is quite accurate to evaluate the media coverage in the U.S. election campaign as a systematic press maneuver against Donald Trump. The entire media industry was busy around the clock with placing Trump in the journalistic pillory and with discrediting him. At no time did they make a secret of who was to win the election, from their point of view. Admittedly, the loutish Trump, behaving ‘like a bull in a china shop,’ provided the journalists with assembly line escapades. They gladly accepted and paid him with ever more tasteless hounding. The whole spiel was no coincidence but went according to plan and served the purpose of deeply influencing the mood of the masses in the run-up to the U.S. election and steering the voters into the desired direction. And the desired course was not toward Clinton but toward Trump.

I beg your pardon???

Yes, you’re reading correctly! But first things first…

Remember the Neocons? In their example, the author pointed out that the media is also largely owned by Jewish interests and represents, therefore, one of their greatest instruments of power for manipulation of consciousness and opinion.

“But didn’t they want Wall Street-catering Hillary to win, and for that very reason they were leading a media maneuver against Trump?”

At first glance it looks like this, but on closer inspection a totally different picture emerges. Their incessant propaganda machination against Trump is based on dialectics of behavioral psychology. The permanent agitation against his person ultimately had the exact opposite effect and increasingly resulted in Trump support. Why?

Goethe provides the answer: “A fellow who all people hate, he must be something!”
The eight miserable years with Obama have left their mark: disappointed and dissatisfied Americans, who are literally panting for political and social change.

These are, above all, those middle class Americans who are among the great losers caused by globalization, who have lost their jobs, and who experience daily the madness of ever-increasing racial mixing in their own sphere. They are those Americans who still have something that is universally called instinctive justice. Nauseated by the political authority, they experience the blows of the media against their whipping boy, Trump, as unjust and develop a deep emotional aversion to the hounding endeavor of the media cartel and the Hillary Clinton they court. The constant side blows from the media at Trump propelled him into the ‘one man against all’ stance and so flung him increasing approval.

Up to the election night, the atmosphere on all channels was that Clinton’s election victory was almost certain. Here, too, it was the Americans instinctively striving for justice who got mobilized even more to go to the voting booth and choose the hated Donald Trump. And the revelations about the criminal activities of the Clinton Mafia, published just before the election, didn’t exactly play a subordinate role, either.

Is this all about random events lining up, or is it not rather a controlled staging with the aim to lift Trump into the presidential saddle?


Translated by from “Trump – Ein Werkzeug der Finanzeliten (Teil 1)”

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