Hidden Communist Jews, Mexicans, Chinese and Islam Taking Over the U.S.




First of all, Jews are not Semites. I am not against a particular race when I complain about the Jews. I have nothing against the many Semitic peoples as long as they are not invading my territory and committing crimes. Jews are, most of the time, not made up of one particular race, though they can be. Jews come in many races and, most of all, in many mixed races. Many of them have 3 or 4 different races in them, including Negro; therefore their curly hair. In my own circles, I know of Jews who are married to different races; e.g., Chinese and Blacks, etc. Jews have been a mixed race already a couple thousand years ago. Jewish pride and common interest is not their race but their Talmudic plan to exploit non-Jews and eliminate the best gentiles whenever they can, using other fools to do their bidding and spill their blood, ordered by their treasonous leaders, who do many financial deals with jews to make them ever richer. It seems almost all our leaders are already slaves of the Jews. So is, sadly, our president, Donald Trump.

So when we truth speakers take on the Jews, we are not racists or anti-Semites. We are not speaking against a particular race, or against any races. We ARE, however, speaking against the JEWISH CRIMES BASED ON A BELIEF SYSTEM as presented in the Jewish „holy“ book, the Talmud, a book that teaches criminal insanity, partially leaning on the jew-re-written Old Testament, the debased history documents of the white race. And we are against the Old Testament orders to the Jews by their invented criminally insane, unjust, and perverted god who orders the jews to slaughter all peoples on the earth, except other jews, and take all their possessions, a plan that has far advanced due to the secret ferocity of the Jews. They smile and with Millions of helpers spit out the media controlled lies and finagle the instigations of people against each other, the evil leaders blaming it on those people who are fighting. A nasty trick! There would be no such big hassles between the peoples if all was not blown out of proportion by the lying media; the fake media.

As Jesus said, the Jew’s god is Satan and they are the children of Satan. This is a very clear statement by a Nordic man. They are god’s chosen children, their created evil god who wants the jews to commit continuous genocide. And they have been doing it, for centuries. The Jews want power over others so they can force their perverted and criminal Talmudic life style on the rest of humanity, rob them or slaughter them, and have billions of slaves to further the riches of the jews. Some of the jewish leaders have stated many evil things against gentiles, including that they want a kingdom for every Jew and us as slaves for them or dead. These are not things made up in my mind, but right out of the Talmud and from statements of Jewish rabbis.

The Jews already have many kingdoms under their belt since 1900 and the loss of WW2 by Germany catapulted the Jews into world power; it just is not obvious until you think about it. Because all the destruction of many small countries, they say, is because they have “bad people.” That is a lie. There ar good and bad people in every country. Let each country deal with them. There is quite another reason why the United States and its shadow government go in and ruin countries so they can financially enslave them with the result to be also mentally and culturally enslaved.

All peoples on this earth must wake up to this fact that the Jews and their helpers want to eliminate us. It says so in the OT and in the Talmud. Besides revolutions, wars and economic collapses, we are being destroyed little by little with chemicals in our food, water, in the air, tooth paste, and (the order of the Jewish god is to kill us SLOWLY) electromagnetic waves via Wi-Fi, cell phones, Wi-Fi towers, Microwave ovens present in the home; all are destroying our nerves, eyes and brain slowly, making us dysfunctional and giving us the worst diseases, including cancer.

The Jewish-controlled media of all types is pumping all the races full with lies about the white race to make them hate whites. Is there not a war against the whites going on? It works. In the same way the Jews succeeded to brainwash all the cousins of the Germans with lies so they would hate Germans and go to war against them. Once this was accomplished, the Jews had no problem getting the Allies under the Jewish bankers to start two world wars against the Germans and bomb one Million mothers and children and grandparents to death in WW2 and murder 15 Million German civilians, mostly after the war’s end, for nearly a decade, and to brutally gang rape CONTINOUSLY Millions of German women and children. Ten percent of them tortured to death during the rape or worn to death from the injuries. These crimes against humanity were going on for years AFTER the war out of a convenient hate drilled into the heads of the Allies to harm Germans and lust after their land and homes, their personal belongings, their bodies and life so they can rob the rest of what they had, and their land and their houses, seating themselves in our German homes, occupying them and stealing them. The Fox was guarding the hen house because German doctors and German police were not allowed for many years after the end of the war. All conveniently arranged to rape, rob, murder and otherwise harm the German people. For this I blame primarily the Jews as the instigators of two world wars, and their lies about the German people, and the genocide of the German people.






The problem about this book is, the author is putting false information into this book about Adolf Hitler and the German National Socialists.

Civil War 2-Coming Breakup of America-Chittum


The HIDDEN Communist invasion of the West

The Jews are Communists. It is the end game and non-jews (Gentiles) could come to extinction if we do not stop he Jewish devils’ plan. Read “Russia and the Jews_Solzhenytsen-73pg..pdf” to know what might be awaiting us. Though I think in the West, the jews now will have the various races do each other in before the Jews take fully over.  The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are in fact true, because what is written in there is almost exactly happening. Jews are profound liars and deceivers, as they are ordered to be this way in their Talmud for the purpose of conquering the land and all other possessions they desire from all non-Jews. What do you expect when they have a god like this?! Please open your ears and your eyes and read the articles I have about the Talmud. According to them, they have no remorse for slaughtering us as they are simply following their god’s order. And they already pray a year ahead for forgiveness for the crimes they will be committing in the coming year against non-Jews.

Martin Luther King was a deceiver. He was a Communist and his job was to rouse the black people to create chaos so the Jews can jump in and overthrow the United States. Thousands of Communist mercenaries for the shadow government are coming into the U.S. under private contracts: Slavs, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, etc. Ask yourself what for???


Millions of Mexicans who came in the last few decades are most likely Communists

They believe Communism will save them because many live in great poverty. Look at Google earth what shacks most of them live in! The Jews have taught them Communism. The Jews taught 6 Million Germans to be Communists after WW1 because there was such great poverty after the war which the Jews instigated and planned to have them help overthrow Germany with the Jews in the lead. The Germans took up Communism because they were starving after WWI, essentially caused by the jew-British Bankers (speak Jews) food blockade after WWI. Millions starved to death. The overthrow a la Soviet Union almost succeeded if it had not been for Adolf Hitler, the rescuer of the German people. Of course all the Germans are lied to since early childhood about Adolf Hitler. Just because he was so noble and loved his people so much. He was the father of the nation.

Only very few Germans know the truth and speak it, and they are being tormented by the Jews for “hate crimes”, these jewish haters, hauled to courts over and over again for every word of truth they speak, financially ruined, incarcerated or even murdered. And many have been murdered.

In the same way, the unhappy Mexicans and other Communist South Americans took on Communism because they believed it will bring them a better live. I think the Jews are training them to go after us, and they are just waiting for the opportunity to overrun us and slaughter us. At the turn of the 20th century, I read, the Mexicans killed all the white people in Mexico and took all their property. Don’t be surprised if one day the Jews will set them up to do this to us, here in the U.S. So go ahead, keep on feeling sorry for the “poor Mexicans!” And keep kissing their ass! One of them might cut your and your family’s throat sometime in the future.

Greetings from the Communist Party of Mexico


We are massively invaded by Chinese in the United States

They are buying up massively property, housing, sometimes whole neighborhoods. This brings our housing prices way up, and rents go sky-high.

Most of them are Communists. They’ll have no mercy when push comes to shove. You know how they are pushing and shoving you aside now when there is something to get. Wait until their Communist spirit is set lose under a desperate civil situation. We are talking about breeding.  God have mercy on us! They helped slaughter the Russians for the Jewish Soviet Union when the Jews ran out of Russians because they killed between 66 Million and 100 Million of the Russians, including later on most of their police force and military who helped slaughter the Russians. The Chinese had no qualm doing the killing for some food.

Your Christian love and Christian spirit is no match for these races who have genetically very different dispositions than the white man, who has been bred on wimpy, guilty, self-deprecating, self-hating Christianity for centuries. It is very well known in psychology that a bully cannot be satisfied. No matter how nice you are to the bully, he will harm you. The nicer you are, the bolder he becomes because he despises you for not having a backbone. The only way you can manage a bully is by being stronger than him. There is no other way. We need to become selfish for our family and tough and strong and merciless when it comes to our survival.

 45 Signs That China Is Colonizing America-2012





The Muslims are aware of how evil the Jews are. However, the Muslim religion is also evil in some ways. Again, it is not about the races of the Muslims but about their belief system. Christianity on the other hand is not evil but rather insane. The Jewish god in the Old Testament is evil. Christian belief is the inverse insanity of that god making themselves into wimps which puts us Western people in great danger.  No wonder things are this way, as all three religions have been invented by the Jews for the purpose of destroying all other peoples, not always by their own hands, but most of the time by playing peoples up against each other. The Jews come in later for the robbery, rape, and their preferred torture of certain victims.

The Muslim religion was invented by the Jews for the purpose of an antagonist for the Jew-invented Christianity, so the peoples of the two religions can slaughter each other. They have done so in centuries past of which the hate still remains. The Jews have always played people against each other because they are evil. As others slaughter each other, their ‘god’s chosen children’ laugh and cash in. The Muslims are imported massively into the West BY THE JEWS for the purpose of a religious war AND FOR MASS KILLING OF THE WESTERN MAN. He is a lam against men bread by a ferocious, militant religion, Judaism and Islam. As long as the Muslims are in a minority, they are going to behave. But wait until they will become larger groups or even a majority, with averaging 8 children throughout the world, and all hell will break lose for the people of the West. Women will be forced to marry Muslims and will have their genitals clipped. Other women will be forced into harems. Others again into prostitution or menial slave work.

To be fair, the massive growth of Muslims in the West, is not really the fault of the Muslims. They go where a better life is offered to them. The fault lies with our treasonous leaders, and most of all with the cunning Jews who are planning our destruction. It’s not about race! It’s about Jewish Talmud evilness. And besides, the Jews are not Semites. Most Jews today are a mix of Mongols, Huns, Turks and the white race. The peoples of the West do not want the Muslim religion to take over their homelands. The Western people are afraid and unhappy over the changes to their white homelands. The Saudi Kingdom is made up of Jews. Do you know that there are Chinese and East Indian Muslims? And, of course, many more from other nations.

Radical Islam To Invade America? It May Already Be Too Late . . .

Caution! You May Live In The Radical Mosque Zone



Islamist Organizations in America



All these changes to the Bible and the writings of the Talmud have once been written by their Jewish forefathers and believers, thousands of years ago, before they invented Jesus Christ as god. Jesus Christ was not God. Now I do not know this for sure, of course, but I believe nowadays, there is no such thing as a physical God. But there are people with a godly spirit. By godly is meant a benevolent spirit. It is a spiritual thing of good or evil. The falsified or simply destructively created teachings of Jesus are suicidal for the man of the West, and all other peoples. The Muslims in our land will not accept this wimpy Christian religion. Their religion is the opposite, namely aggressive, radical and militant. They will slaughter us when they are getting closer to a majority. You can count on it.

If Jesus existed, then he was a German freedom fighter against the invading Jews in Palestine. The Germans lost because they are no match for the cunning Jews. We Germans have been the victims of the Jews probably for thousands of years, but at least for 2,000 as written down in some German history books about pre-historic Germans in Palestine. All those tribes of the Old Testament were Nordic people, and at that time all the Nordic people in Palestine were Germans. All these Christians, and I once was one of them, are being led around by their nose by the Jews with their cunning lies, with repression of true history and shoving a false Jewish victim role and glory into our face. It’s all done to conquer us! The jews play the victim, and they turn other races against each other and against the white man as you may have noticed in the Jew-run media. What does a person who feels guilty do? We all know! We are trapped in their accusations. But not me anymore!  I am in the business of exposing Jewish crimes, lies, and deception. Even though I am from Germany, I had taken on the guilt about the black people in the U.S. It is all mind conditioning. When I came across the truth about the Germans, the Jews, the Black and Indian history, my self-esteem grew tremendously. I’ll take no crap from anyone of them anymore.


Last hope fading to get help from leaders because the Shadow Government hates us

Our president, Donald Trump, is a typical „good white man,“ and I believe he means well but he has no real power. He has absolutely no idea how the Jews are using him and playing him to further their lies and deception, their wars and genocide against peoples around the world. They tell him fake stories of past, present and future events. He is deeply ingrained in Jewish live as his family has been for generations. He cannot see the forest for the trees. Three of his children are in relationships with Jews.

President Donald Trump is under the spell of the Jews, and the magic stick is old financial connections followed by family ties with Jews. The Jews have made him offers he could not refuse. Now it’s payback time $$$$ to the Jews. May God help us all!

There is a tiny flicker of Hope

And that is the “Space Nazis.” Will they come back and take down the Jew-New World Order??? That is the question I have.  They are real, and they are no little green men but tall handsome white men. And they are no evil criminals as the Jews portray the Nazis but honorable, just, and upstanding men. I have read several books about them by now. Whether they will come back and take down the New World Order is a question, but that the Germans built flying saucer prototypes and even flew some of them, including the foo-fighters, toward the end of the war is a fact. That there were lots of sightings right after the war is also a fact. That sightings continue in ever increasing numbers is a further fact. That the Allied governments forbid pilots to speak about their sights since the 1980s is an additional fact. Apparently the government plants the idea of aliens (weird creatures), kidnaps people for human experiments, (no, the Germans would not do this they are not of that nature-they have by now Millions of Germans living with them in remote areas if they would want to do experiments) and promotes false sightings. According to the authors I have read, the “Space Nazis” have destroyed or disabled many nuclear weapons depots in Russia, the USA, and some other places around the world and were active in the Iraqi war on the side of the Iraqis as they were attacked for no reason. Or were they after the hidden Nazi bases in Iraq and attacked them? This Iraqi war was and is criminal, and so are many others.

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