Trump A Tool Of The Financial Elite (Part 2)

…What we are about to experience in the near future are the biggest distortions in the financial markets. First, the life-sustaining manipulation machines will be stopped and the controlled collapse initiated, beginning with the increase of the prime interest rate, announced by the Fed for a long time…


March 17, 2017


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Trump – A Tool of the Financial Elite (part 2)

In the first part of our two-installment article, we have illuminated that the new US President, Donald Trump, is also nothing more than a puppet of the system. In the second part, we are now trying to predict how he is going to be used by a financial oligarchy for its interests.

Cui Bono?

What remains is the legitimate question of who ultimately even benefits from this collusive game. We are quite close to the truth when we know that “The Donald” is used by the globalists and represents an integral part of their agenda for establishing the New World Order under the total rulership of mammon.

Whether he wants it or not, Trump is firmly in the hands of the one-world mafia with leading bodies largely recruited from Judaism. Organized world-politically in Zionism, it is the long-planned goal to bring the world under its total control and has already been implemented in large parts at this moment.

The architects of the US Dollar-based global economic and financial system know very well that their parasitic debt system is playing its last tunes, certainly has an expiration date, and by mathematical laws, must implode on a not too distant day.

For years, the global economic and financial system has been kept alive artificially by using massive financial and political manipulation mechanisms in the markets. The financial bubble, pumped full of worthless money created out of nothing, is swelling up ever more. But a collapse of this subjugation system, controlled by Jewish High Finance, is becoming increasingly apparent. A number of experts have already sketched this in detail.

George Soros, a large-scale Jewish speculator and one-world agent, as well as his bosom friend, the frequently quoted hedge fund manager Jim Rogers, recently also spoke of a collapse of “biblical proportions”.–Rogers-und-Soros-erwarten-gewaltigen-Crash.html

What we are about to experience in the near future are the biggest distortions in the financial markets. First, the life-sustaining manipulation machines will be stopped and the controlled collapse initiated, beginning with the increase of the prime interest rate, announced by the Fed for a long time.

The inflated financial bubbles on the stock exchange will burst and a Tsunami of worthless financial capital (long since disengaged from the real economy and covered by no real value) will thunder across the markets and create a hyperinflation that overshadows all that has hitherto been experienced. As a result, the world falls into unimaginable chaos and ruin. I specifically write of a controlled collapse, as this was deliberately delayed until Donald Trump is president. Now put on your thinking cap and guess who will then be presented to the world as scapegoat for the system collapse?

Correct! The “useful idiot” Donald Trump!

In order to escape any responsibility, the financial elite will present Trump as the main culprit. There is nothing to it to leave the bad cards in the hands of the “conservative sucker” Trump, because, after all, “he was the one who has positioned himself against globalization and mass immigration.” His economic protectionism and the “trade war” he had ignited will have to do as the cause of the turmoil in the financial markets.

How realistic this prophecy already is, is underscored by the fact that the former Goldman Sachs disciple, and today’s EZB boss Mario Draghi, did point out in February of this year exactly what the author here predicts, namely Trump being presented as the main culprit of the next stock market crash.

With the collapse of the global financial and economic system, there will be serious supply bottlenecks of food provisions and other consumer goods needed for daily life. Bloody distribution fights among the various ethnic groups and marauding immigrant gangs are the logical consequence of this civil war scenario. Latest by now, chaos and misery have reached a dimension that can be classified as an ultimate crisis. Remember: The multi-ethnic chaos is intentionally wanted and is set on its tracks with the current flooding of Europe with throngs of foreign peoples.

In the moment of greatest need, the one-world criminals will present themselves as a power bringing order and peace for their purpose of implementing their New World Order and to lead the peoples into permanent slavery. Since man’s longing for order and peace is at its greatest at this time, the totalitarian world control endeavors of the murderous banking and globalist alliance will probably find fertile ground.

Presented as the main culprit to be crucified will not only be Donald Trump but with him all the peoples who have opposed the rules of the globalization locust. Because of their negating attitude towards the neo-liberal free-market doctrine, they will say, as well as their attempts at re-nationalization and sovereignty, they carry the main blame for all the chaos and suffering the world is confronted with at this time.


Trump is not bringing us salvation but a temporary flow of hot air, installed by the Anglo-American-Jewish high-finances to establish its totalitarian rulership over the ‘all are equal’ world-civilization. He represents an integral part of their Satanic agenda and is to throw the world into chaos so that they can finally, according to their Masonic-Jewish maxim “Ordo ab Chao” (order out of chaos), catapult themselves to the head of the one world rulership.

In this context, I remind of the words of a certain David Rockefeller who had stated before the United Nations Economic Commission already in 1994:

“We are on the brink of a global transformation, and all we need is the right all-embracing crisis, and the nations will consent to the New World Order.”

Do not be misled by the Trump Syndrome, and do not jump over every stick that the system thugs throw at you. This man must in no way give us reasons for false hopes. To ensure the survival of the peoples of Europe, it is important in the queue of future actions to make the right decisions. Any form of misinterpretation of the world’s political situation creates an unnecessary waste of energy and time resources and ultimately plays into the hands of the string pullers of the current system, since such valuable resistance potential would be directed into system-conforming channels and would ultimately dissipate without any impact.

The positive: The election outcome in the US is, in spite of all, an indicator that a mighty fermentation process is taking place in the system. And this is the moment when we have the last chance for an intervention in history, to mobilize our (still) existing power reserves and grab the ball in the last moment. We are anything but powerless; we are merely scattered and disorganized. It is now necessary to fully take advantage of this budding resistance potential. Let us enter into the annals of history as a shaping and creative generation, as the generation who has succeeded in stopping the pendulum of history going against us and hurling it into the opposite direction.

It is important to build a fruitful alliance with all those who are willing to build a constructive fighting unit on our side for our community, a phalanx that serves the purpose of liberating the peoples from institutionalized exploitation and then leading them into a new, peaceful and populist socialist order of the future.

Do finally overcome the dualistic and dividing left-right thinking pattern of the system.

And the kosher babble of the “New Right” serves only the purpose of leading people into a world-view maze, by shifting their perception from the center of action (the war of the Zionists against the culture- and value-creating peoples) to a secondary issue (according to their theory, Islam is our main enemy).

As long as we let ourselves be divided into different camps and do not penetrate to the core of the problem, we will continue to direct water onto the mills of their subjugation system.
Have you already forgotten? “Divide et Impera” (Divide and rule) has always been their successful masterminding concept!

Do finally comprehend that the ‘left vs. right’ template keeps us captive in the system and only prevents us from forming a broad front of resistance against their oppressive and dictatorial apparatus.

The holistic 7 objectives of the European Action may serve us as a basis for coordinated action. They build the ideological foundation to end the death march of the peoples of Europe by a joint act of force and lead our continent into a golden age in our mental and cultural pursuits.

Translated by from “Trump – Ein Werkzeug der Finanzeliten (Teil 2)”

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