Church Teaches Whites to Hate Their Ancestors In The Bible In Support Of The Jews*P.1-20

Tricky Church, controlled by Masonry and hidden Jews, Teaches Whites To Support Jews In The Bible Against Their Own White Ancestors!

The invading Jews, shrewd when it comes to money, working with lies and deception, subjugated, drove out or murdered the white tribes, the true Israelites. Then took on their identity as Israelites and “Gods’ chosen people”. The Bible is a history book of the Nordic people (Whites) but has been re-written by the Jews to serve the Jews as our identity thieves.





OT’s Canaanites, Amorites, Giants, etc. Were White People.

Do not let the word ‘Bible’ scare you away. The Bible contains old-Germanic history (white history), partly falsified by the Jews. The worst is, they are identity thieves that have exterminated or driven out the Germans from Asia Minor (the twelve tribes of Israel were Nordic people; Israel is a GERMAN word) and the Jews have taken on the Germanic identity thousands of years ago after they thought they had eliminated most Germans.

That is why this ancient history is kept hidden whenever possible. We Germans are the arch enemies of the Jews in their writings and commandments, and because they want it so (Talmud and the Old Testament), so that they are constantly lying about us and defame us and had us murdered by their false popes and through WW1 and WW2. This elimination of Germans has been going on for centuries! We Germans have been victims of the Jews for thousands of years and not vice versa.

But the Jews’ hate goes against all white people (and in fact all peoples except their own), but in the meantime they need the white soldiers from other white countries to kill the Germans in repeated wars. So, publicly, they primarily express their hate at the Germans. But behind the scene their battle is against all whites. The tragedy is that all will get a chance to be annihilated sooner or later if we let the Jews continue on their destructive path. Once the whites are gone, the other races are not farsighted enough to hold their own because they are not deep and far thinkers and lack the organized thinking of the white man to develop weapons to defend against the Jews. None-whites, except for Jews, look at what is right before them. They will be easily led, controlled, and eliminated by the Jews. This is my opinion, of course.


Jews in action. Apparently against a Gentile woman. They also start spitting when they can’t handle the truth.


In one of their ancient prayers the Jews pray to this day, asking their God, Satan (by their own admission), not to let the Teutons (Germans) come into the Esau blessing the Jews stole long ago from us Germans.

Surely you know that all white peoples are descended from the Germans. So this prayer includes all white people not receiving any blessings. We white peoples learn in the Bible studies that those nations against which the Jews fought (the Jews were the invaders) are evil men. We learn to hate them. Most people do not know this, but in reality the many peoples in the Old Testament are our white ancestors (they lived in many countries in Asia Minor, the Near East and Middle East, and in fact the whole world, even China and Japan, as the upper classes), and the Jews turn us in the Bible against our own ancestors! Sly for the Jews, but deadly for us all if we do not face up to this horror and reveal it everywhere we can instead of protecting Satan, as Jesus called them.

Pre-historic German – The Rider from Valsgärde – Wilhelm Petersen

The Jews plan to destroy ALL peoples, not just the white ones per their Talmud and OT commandments. We whites are, however, their principal focus, and above all, the remaining Germans. This is because we are very intelligent and they do not want anyone too intelligent around to figure things out. They want to control everyone. The Jews’ smartness = deviousness. They are psychology experts. Freud (and his gang) has used and abused the white race to completely figure out how they tick. If you go to any major hospital, like Stanford, U.C. S.F., etc., then you’ll see that most Psychologists or Psychiatrist are Jews. They want to constantly figure us out so they can stay in control. They report this research probably for marketing and brain washing purposes to their leaders. The Germans and the white race are highly intelligent but oblivious to the deceitfulness of the Jews because on the outside the Jews in Germany and in the U.S. are “so nice” and “friendly” and so engaged in being “helpful.” I see it all the time. It’s called P.R. for the greater purpose of the Jews. Sooner or later they rub the Holohoax and “evil man” Hitler in your face to make you feel small. Smaller than a Jew. It happened to me several times. I have some answers for them NOW.

The white race’s heart is not dark (unless they have been debased by Jews or have Jewish blood-which many have); so they cannot imagine a dark heart like that of the Jews. That’s the Achilles heel of the white man. And the Jews know this. And they have psyched us out completely! Only when whites have experienced a couple of shocks around history and WW2 and did some studying and find out the slaughter the Jews have arranged for and committed in Russia, China, Cambodia, French Revolution, American Civil War, etc. do they become aware of the evil the Jews are capable of. But know this, the Jews always work behind the scene so it looks like the two fighting are the ones who caused the war. And the fairy tale ‘The Brave Little Taylor’ speaks to this. The little Taylor (e.g., Jews were of short stature in the bible) hides in the tree and throws little stones at the two Giants (the German race). Each of the giants thinks it was the other one and gets so angry after the continuous annoyance that they fight and kill each other (one country against another). This is what has happened in WW1 and WW2 and in many, many wars since 1945. The ‘little rocks’ come from the Jewish media day in and day out, and that was so already 150 years ago. This and many other stories when examined in the light of the Jews and the white race, where a way to tip off the German people about the trickiness of the Jews. The Jews hate the ‘Brothers Grimm’ and have have made many defaming statements about them. Now you know why. They do not want you to get wise about Jews. The stories, I am sure, are no longer written in the same way as the original ones to take away the wisdom. Just like the Bible is constantly changed with new types of Bibles. The erosion of our culture, values, and memory is done drip by drip by drip so most people will not notice. Pretty soon we’ll all be Jews. Then we will fully glorify non-marriage, children given to the state to turn them into robots (they already take children from parents without proper cause, homosexuality, abortion (billions), abduction for pedophilia, bestiality, sex slaves abducted from home (Israel the master in this), killing young ones for organs to give to the rich and the Jews (as it is already done throughout the world), race blood mixing, and will be complete stupidity which makes us nothing more but consumers of the poisoned media and food they dish out to us. Already I see many people so mixed racially that I cannot identify any longer what race they are. Soon there will be contest on who is the most race-mixed, the most ill, the fattest and the most stupid. I mean this seriously. This is destruction. And this is what the jews love to build themselves up as masters.

Note: I have not translated the biblical names and names of cities into English as this is too time consuming. The names are very similar and should be easily recognized.


Germanic culture in biblical Canaan and Germanic Christianity before Christ.

By Friedrich Döllinger 1920


[*comments by]

For two thousand years, the Jews have been described as an outstanding, civilized nation, as the creators of a valuable literature, of the highest religious ideas, of Monotheism, and generous land rights. To the Jews was attributed the ideals of all agrarian reform, seen as the holy people, as the chosen people of God from whom Christianity and its exalted founder sprung. Judaism was surrounded by mystic darkness and a blazing nimbus, which since then allowed the Jews to economically control and exploit the peoples of their host country, who looked up at them with shy reverence. However, the newest historical research and excavations in the Orient [this book was written in 1920] have illuminated the historical, mysterious darkness of Judaism and the Bible, and proved all the aforementioned assumptions to be historical errors and forgeries.

For two thousand years this crude history fraud sits like a heavy fog on our German land, oppresses the awakening of a German spiritual spring and the unfolding of German power and a Volk religion. The following pages shall give the German people access to historical and archaeological research facts and with that open a path to Germany’s freedom and future. Knowing quite well that these revelations will strike like lightning into the intentionally fabricated darkness encasing the German people, and into the structure of church dogma, the author hesitated long before publishing these pages.

However, as Judaism and Jesuitism press their life-destroying fist ever more vigorously upon German culture, and as the danger of confessional incitement and fragmentation of our people grew, the author thought it his patriotic duty to submit the truth to his fellow-citizens. “The truth will set us free.” The truth will strike the enemies of Teutonic [*German] culture with the Hammer of Thor right into their heart and will break their fortresses, and Germanism will be established in a new, unprecedented splendor. Rid of their mental shackles, the German people will cultivate higher ideals and conquer and transform the world for their children. The dawning of the gods shall bring them a Germanic Christianity and with the rise of this world transformation bring forth a new empire. [*And this is what the German people did in 1933 and for that and greed of the Jewish bankers they were murdered.]

Berlin, Christmas, 1920

Friedrich Döllinger


Dedicated to the German people in their deepest humiliation.


Chapter I:

The Israelis were not Jews, but Germans, and the Jews were not Israelites.

The height of the pre-Jewish and non-Jewish inhabitants of the land of Canaan must have been enormous, according to the testimony of the Bible. The scouts of the Jews, who perused the Germanic territory before invading it, said of the inhabitants of Canaan, that is about the Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, and Enaks children (IV Moses 13):

“All the people that we saw in the land of Canaan are people of great height; We also saw giants there, Enak children of the giants, and we were before our own eyes as grasshoppers and so before their eyes.” 1. Mos. 15 denotes the inhabitants of the land, the Kenites, the Kinisither, the Hittites, and the Pheresites, as giants. V. Mos. 1:28 reads that the people of Canaan are “bigger and taller” than the Jews. When the Jews invaded, they wanted to avoid the land of the Amorites, according to the commandment of Moses; “For the Emin (from Gothic, en=an-as; the unique, the glowing, the incomparable ones) where at home therein; a great, strong, and tall people like the Enakim.” They were also regarded as giants like the Enakim, and the Moabites also called them Emin (V. Moses 2:10 & 11). V. Mos. 2:20 says expressly: “There lived giants also in the days before, and the Amonites called them Samesumim, a tall and mighty people like the Enakim.” In V. Mos. 3:11 is even mentioned a king of the Giants, called Og (=Hog, Hoch = the Tall one, the colossus, giant) of Basan. “His iron bed was nine cubit long and 4 cubit wide, after a man’s ellbow.


Of a giant named Kiriath Urba, in Jos. 14:15 it is said that he was a great man among the Enakim. The Jews seem to have had great fear of the giant Enakim in Palestine, according to various statements in the Bible. In Joshua 15:14 the three sons of Enak are also mentioned: Sesai, Ahiman, and Thalmai. These were driven out of their homeland by Kaleb. Before Moses, in other words the Egyptian mercenary leader Mesu, led the Jews, or Hyksos, to Canaan, he pointed out to them that the inhabitants of Canaan, namely the Hittites, Girgosites, Amorites, Canaanites, Pheresites, Hivites, and Jebusites, were greater and stronger than them. (V. Moses 7:1 and 9:2).

And before the crossing of the Jordan he repeatedly says that “the peoples of Canaan are taller and stronger than the Jews, that the children of Enakim” are a big and tall people, and that no one can stand against the children of Enak.” Moses also called Canaan “the land of the giants” various times, as in V. Mos. 2:20 and 21, and V. Mos. 3:13 – 7:1.  Jos. 17:15 also writes “of the land of the Pheresites and giants who dwelt in the woody mountains.” See also Jos. 13:12. It was already reported of the “giants who lived in the wood-covered mountains” in 1 Moses, 14.” Compare also Josh. 13:12. It’s already reported in 1 Moses 14 of the giants as Astarioth Karnaim and the Emim at Kiriathaim, 14:15. Even King David, the King of Judaism fought against the giant predecessors of the land (1 Chron. 20; II Sam. 21:18-22).

Ancient German graves as found throughout Palestine and the world


According to the findings of anthropologists, the Aryans or Germans had the largest physique among all peoples and races.

By various anthropologists and archaeologists, and also by Benka (Penka?), the giants in the legends of prehistoric times are right out called Germans, whose homeland, according to the Odyssey (X, 80 ff.), was in the far North, in the Thogarma of the Bible.

The Bible often mentions a quite characteristic trait of the Canaan giants: they lived in the forest and in the mountains, like the Germanic giants of the North. It follows that these gigantic people, who lived at the time of the invasion by the Jews in Canaan and could never be totally exterminated by the Jews, must have been Germans.

Pre-historic Germans – Wilhelm Petersen

This is also borne out by dispatches from Egyptian history. It tells of the Amaur and the (old Babylonian. amar = Amorite) = comrades and the Ketha (=Geten = Goten) [Goths] in the land of Canaan, and describes them as people of great height and pale facial color, and as Tamehu, which means Nordic people (Figures 2 and 3). These Amaur named by the Egyptians, are nothing but the Amorites and Ketites of the Bible. They are depicted in Egyptian burial chambers with white skin color, reddish-blond hair, blue eyes and pointed blond chin beard, rankly tall and pale faces, with Germanic long skulls.


There can be no doubt, therefore, that the pre-Jewish gigantic inhabitants of Canaan were Nordic or Germanic. Archeology, world history, and the Bible provide us with overwhelming evidence.

The Jews, on the other hand, are not Germans, but a mixed race with distinct anthropological features  of lower races. They exhibit negroid racial characteristics of woolly hair, nose, dark skin and dark eye color, and their negro smell, raised negro lips, early sexual maturity; strong sensual desire remind of a strong mixture of negro blood. Their pronounced desire for acquisition reveals Mongolian blood. And other racial characteristics seen less frequently and only with some individuals [* that was so in 1920 and is the case much more frequent now] reveal the racial characteristics of ancient Germanic-jewish blood mixture in Canaan that came about by partial subjugation of the white race. [*like it is in Germany now!]

Archeology and world history prove the Germanic = Nordic origin of the non-Jewish inhabitants of Canaan.

The latest results [*1920] of prehistoric research have given us the irrefutable proof that the ancient homeland of the Germans is to be found in Scandinavia and in the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea, where for tens of thousands of years they lived isolated from other races by the ice wall in Central Europe during the Ice Age. There they could develop to the most physically and mentally talented human race due to strict breeding selection. [*You can see, it’s all about keeping the blood racially pure.]

Research has also shown that Germanic peoples traveled towards the South before the last Ice age and after the end of it. They made their way along the Russian streams through Russia. At that time, Russia was separated from Siberia by a sea. This forced the immigrants to the South, and they settled themselves in the land similar to their homeland, the Caucasus and Ararat mountains. From there they flooded the whole Middle East, from


Iran, or Persia, down to Egypt, and even subdued Egypt.

Later emigrants came by sea into these areas, also along the Danube, across the Balkans and Bosporus.

Although the migrating tribes were often separated from each other by natural obstacles, by deserts, waters, and mountains, a feeling of common descent and belonging remained alive.

Coming across the low black races they encountered in the Middle East, they were proud of their high noble lineage. All German tribes called themselves Aryans (Arii, Arja, Airja, Arija, Ariomani), also, Arier or Irier, or short Iri, which means “children of god,” children of the God of Light, Irmin, the White ones, the Brilliant ones, and the Noble Born, the Only Ones, in contrast to the “Children of Darkness,” as they called the lower races of man. Ar, also As, and Al signifies white, glittering, special; compare to  Al = pen = the white heads [Alpen mountains]; Ar, the oldest, the first: Aryans, meaning the oldest, the true “humans” in contrast to the dark human races.

Just as the German tribes, though of the same descent, bear different names, so the German tribes that flooded over the whole Middle East received different tribal names, which, on the whole, always signify the same, and clearly point to their high noble ancestry and their northern heritage. In the Nordic language there are often very different names for the same thing.


Names of Germanic tribes in the ancient Middle East

They are: the Geten, [Goten] which stands for Goths, meaning the good ones or masters, and the masters=masters on the shores of the Caspian and the Black Sea; in the whole of the Middle East,” already 3,000 years BC.

The Scythians, from Askythen = “sons of Asen, or children of God” or S=Koten (Goten, meaning Goths) the sons of God; Or S=Goten which is equal to Geten or Goths; The Guti = * ) Kuten or Guten (meaning good ones), i.e., Goths in Gutium south of the Bansee = N = airisee; The Teutonen (meaning Germans) = N = airi at the N-airisee (Armenia); [*Note: Jesus was called the Son of God because he was Aryan, in fact German. This does not mean he was God as there would have been millions called this. The Germans had a God called Baldur=Baal; whom they also called Allvater (father of all)]

The Aryans in the land of Ari on the banks of the Tigris; The Sumarians to the East, and in the Mesopotamia plane (Fig. 1); the Assyrians meaning ass=urier, the oldest [*Today these races are no longer white!]

* The Guti are already mentioned in the Sumerian-Babylonian inscriptions as early as 3,800 BC, and as the “blond” or “light” Goths as well. A King Thidel (Theodorich I?) of the “Goim-Guti” participated in the warfare of the Alamite king Kederlaomos (Kutur Lagamar) and the Sumerian Amraphel against the small Israelite kingdoms. (Genesis XIV).


Sons of Asen in Assyria (Assyria = land of the Asen, land of the Goths, the Aryans); The Teukrer, a Cimbrian (Kimber) German tribe, who occupied the land Dor (Thor!) South of the Carmel Mountains in Palestine in 1,250 BC; The tribe of Dan or Danen (=the ancestors = Asen) (compares to Danes in Denmark) Danemark = Mark of the ancestors, Gat or Goths, Asser or Assur in Palestine, Manasseh = the men of the Ases = God’s men in Canaan; The Babylonians, named after the Nordic-Germanic Walburgen [castles] or Volkskirchen [folk churches] “Babylon” they built there and named after those; the Syrians = S = Surier in Syria or Suri; The Mitani, meaning the middle-dwellers in the Armenian highland *); The gothic Midianites in southern Canaan; The Ghatti or Gheti or Kethen, meaning Geten or Goten (Goths) in all of Asia Minor, Syria, and Palestine all the way to the Egyptian frontier (Figs 2, 3). Already around 1,750 BC the Gheta as a gigantic tribe arises and forms in the fifteenth century BC the Great Goths=(Theta) empire in Asia Minor and Syria. Numerous illustrations, especially Egyptian in nature, show the Geten (Goths) army leaders and other Geten as Nordic types; An Egyptian painting of Ramses II. shows him as a Nordic blond. Other Geten warriors, of course, are of a semitic type; these were the ones subjugated by the Geten.

According to the ancient historians Brokopius of Säsarea and Jordanes, the Geten and the Goths are the same tribes.

*) Their kings bear Indo-European names; Their nobles become Sharri, meaning Arya, meaning the noble, born free, as opposed to the subjugated, the Armenian first mentioned on the inscription of Darius (+486), whose father, Hayk, is depicted in the inscription as a pure Blond.


According to reports by Greek and Egyptian historians, these peoples had the chief characteristic of Germanic=Nordic origin; Blond hair and blue eyes. Blond hair was regarded among the peoples of antiquity as a mark of noblest (Aryan) descent. Even still at the time of The Great Migration of the Peoples in Europe, West Goths and East Goths and Alans lived north of the Caucasus and were expelled by the Huns [*Mongolian-Jew-Turk mix in Russia] and driven westward. Remains of those peoples are the splendidly built blond Georgians and Circassians in the Caucasus, and also the strongly darkened Kurds in the Armenian highlands, the Malkars and Baikars north of the Elburs Mountains (descendants of the Germanic Alans), the Sphakoaks (Sphakioten) on Crete. The Taurians in the Taurus Mountains proved to be the northern giant Kimmerers; Their names are reflected in the mountain name Tauern in Austria and Taurien (Crimean Peninsula), where one could still hear Gothic language even 100 years ago.

All the names of the peoples mentioned above point to a Nordic-Germanic origin. One can briefly designate their bearers as the Germanic Goths of antiquity in Near Asia. (Figures 2 and 3)

They gave some regions, mountains, rivers, and lakes names which prove the Nordic origin of the Goths in the Near East, i.e., Arcadia d.i. Aria=kadien = Aria = Kedien or the land of the Aryan or Goths in Persia; Iran, meaning Iran or Land of the Irish in Persia; Ur in the southern Armenian highlands = the land of the Uroder nobles; Armenia or Aria=manien = the land of the Aryan men; Mucri meaning the land of the all-destroying Aryan = also sons of the Iri or Aryans;

Women figure from Tello (Goths Land) – 1,500 to 2,000 B.C.; Aryan-Nordic type


Samaria i.e., the sun land of the Aryans; Chetaan or Kenaan, i.e., Canaan = Gotenland, i.e., Land of the Goths; Ur = artu, i.e. the ancient land of the noblest Aryans north of the Ban Lake (Bansee); Elam = Alam i.e., The land of God and the white, splendid sons of the gods (from Ul = El = the glorious, sublime, the One); N = ari and Mus-asir, inhabited by Kethen or Goths, south of the Urumi Lake, now called Urmia Lake; the Kaschiari = asiari = mountains; The Ur (ancient) = al (Ural) mountains; The Ur = al Sea, the Uria = vadi; Ur = arthu = the country of the people of the Ur = art means original or the oldest and noblest kind south of the lake N=airi=see (Bansee); Kir = uri (from Goths Kir, sanskrit Gir = mountain) = the land of the mountain = Aryans, mountain Germans; Mucci (from Muk = got. Mak = sons) the land of the sons of the Arii on the Taurus; Muc = ur = the land of the ancient sons; i.e., of the white people from the mouth of the Nile (Egypt) to the Dead Sea; Kutu = Gutim = Gotland (land of the Goths) in the mountains


North of Minive (Fig. 2); the mountains Ararat = Arya = ratha = seat of the Aryan gods (The Olymp of the Asian Teutons – see the expression “Mountain of God” in the Bible); The mountains Hermon = Herman = Irman = Irmin = Irminsberg (meaning mountain of God = Goestbert); the mountain Alwänd = Mountain of the Gods (the white wall) in Armenia.

Many of these cities built by the Germanic Goths were also found in Near Asia, attesting to the Nordic origin of their founders, e.g., the name Babylon, a completely Nordic, old German word for the Nordic sun worship, at Bapy=lon)* = the home of Papa or father (Allvater=father of all) compared to the German names Pappenheim (Papa home), Bamberg, Babenhausen = [*baben=papa] home, mountain, house of the father (father of all) , Ur in Chaldäam at Euphrates, Urd = that which became = iri, Aribua, Arivad, Arbad, Aredi, Arbella, that is the city where Aryan whites are worshiping their Baal = Baldur, Bela = home of Bel or Baldur;  Erivan = Irivan = Arivan = the Eye of the Aryans, Guta = Gota in Northern Babylonia, S = kutari = the city of the Aryan Göter (Goths) in Albania and Asia Minor. Kisch = aria, Arver in Palestine, Kir = urgi, Germanir = Germanic city in the Taurus, Kirmakia the same = Germanica in Armenia, Thorma = Gorma = Gorman = German in Palestine; Old Roman Kadingir = Gotenberg (of Kadin = Kethen or Geten = Goten and gir = mountain); The presently often mentioned Karmanha = Garmansa = Germansheim in Persia, or armansa = home of the Armani; Troy (from the gothic troa = troan = trojan = threaten) so Drohburg, Trutzburg; Or of troi = three (compare the towns of Trolleburg in Sweden, Draubur, Truhendingen in Germany); Sidon = Ziusburg, Zion = Ziusburg; [*Zion is also a German word! The Jews are idendity thieves!]


*) Ion Burg is found in the naming of Belgian cities with “Arlon” = castle of the Aryans (the dome mountain there).

Thyrus = Thyros = the city of the Northern god Thyr; that is Thur; The same name is borne by the Scottish city Thurfo (=os) and the Swedish Thuros = city of Thyr, the correct spelling is Thyrso for Thyrus; Germani is a city of Asia Minor; Assur is the city of the ancient spirit, founded by Nordic God devotee immigrants (As=schar) ; that is a temple castle with three holy circles or terraces. The first builder of the temple in Assur is considered Aspia; a leader of a devoted spiritual spring celebration from us = aus and pia = bia, via (old Latin vea, via = train), old Friesian wie, wei = Weg (way); Kutha = Guta = Tota = Gotenstad (city of Goths) on the Tigris Dadesch = Gedes (Gothes) = city of Gothes at the Orontos; Bit Chattippi = (Bit = house, home) Chattenheim, Gotenheim; Mahaleel (versus Mahal = Malstadt and “el” is from the nordic Al, also Phol = god of light), therefore God Ma = Judgement seat, that agrees with the biblical meaning; Asdod = Asengut, that is the goods blessed to the Asen (gods); Raman =n’ari = City of the Aryan weather god Raman. Kirmansch = Kirmansa = Germansheim; Sun=gur = Sonneberg (sun mountain). Asia = Home and land of the Asen (German gods [*humans]). Suippar (from the gothic sibja, sippea = home of the Arian Sippe (clan).

Nebuchadnezzar shows an Aryan profile on this Cameo.


Google translated with only the most necessary corrections to save time by

The book in German language:

Baldur und Bibel_1920-pdf


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