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“Das Deutsche Maedel” is a monthly magazine issued by the National Socialist Government. Translated, the title means “The German Girl”. With this is meant the German girl who volunteered to join the “Association of German Girls” (Bund deutscher Maedel, or short BDM) under Adolf Hitler. I have been able to obtain some of these old magazines. So far I have not found the magazines on the boys, who, I’m sure had their own magazine.

Young girls – we want you in summer camp!


Das Deutsche Maedel – 1940 Januar-pdf

Translated here are some excerpts in a short version of the August 1942 issue “Das Deutsche Maedel”. (The German Girl)




The German Hitler-Youth invite youth from all German-speaking countries in the East to join them in one-year-long volunteer work helping the farmers. At the University of Posen about 1,000 of the 30,000 volunteers are present. Various dignitaries greeted them and gave short speeches on the importance of farmers and the work of the German youth in war times.

17,000 girls are helping

They are working on the farms, in war manufacturing, in the homes of families with many children, and in harvest-time with child care. The Hitler’s youth leaders make sure the children from the other German locations are in good condition.

354 Vegetable Gardens for the farmers – established by the BDM (Bund Deutscher Maedels)

These gardens are approximately each about 300 Quadratmeter. (10 x 30 meter).

30,000 Girls Came to Help the Farmers in the East

In Saybusch, in the East, the German farmers were especially poor due to foreign management for centuries [apparently Germans conquered the land back by 1942.] They were in sheer desperation. Hitler gave this land back to the Germans. Home and land were dirt poor. The animals rickety. New and better land was given to the farmers and the German girls helped in every area of the daily farmers’ life. It covers a slice of life on how Erika, a German volunteer, met a volunteer boy from the East who asked for her hand. Erika’s mother is not delighted. She had greater dreams for her daughter. The hope was that these young German farmers with all they have learned from the National Socialist Leadership could not that easily be exploited and terrorized as the current farmers.

On steep Farmland in Wildschoenau

The work of mountain farmers is extra difficult. Down in the valley, farming is much easier. But up in the hills they are not harassed by foreign authorities as the German farmers in the East countries are. Never do they have enough help for the harvest. The men are in the war. But the girls from Germany proper can help now. One of the grandmothers at a farm has already baptized the German volunteer Elsie into Liesel and says she is now part of the family, as if she wants to say “don’t come looking for her, she is now ours.” Elsie is found in the midst of the rye field with a headscarf  on, hardly recognizable, working frantically to keep up with the farmer woman and her servant in harvesting the rye with a sicle. The girl who not too recently studied Latin, differentials and integrals, looks now like a farmer from the east.

In the Evening After the Store Closes Down

Several girls are working in the drugstore in the East after hours. Shelves and tops were washed down and little bags were filled with tooth cleaning powder and other sundries. In those days everything was hand-packed into paper bags of all sizes. The girls were teasing the ones who were repacking candy into small bags that they had the best job.  The sounding comes back, “In no way. All candies are counted, and if any are missing, we will be in trouble.”

German Girls volunteered in Africa as Nurses and Nurse-Assistants for the wounded German soldiers

German girls volunteered to harvest healing herbs, for household work, nurseries for children, and provided help for the farmers in household, child care and harvest, and in factories for war production, stores and pharmacies.

All Meadows are Pharmacies

Sometimes Frau Doktor stopped by and took a few of the healing herbs we collected with her. She was always in a hurry but occasionally she stayed for a while and told us stories. She told us of the many healing herbs that grow on our meadows. The great physician Paracelsus has led German herb healing in the Middle Ages to new heights. He knew of the extraordinary substances and their effectiveness for healing. Due to our men being in the war, we have too few people to collect healing herbs to use for the treatment of our injured soldiers. Only through a complete engagement of all German youth to collect healing herbs can we come up with the necessary amount of medicine.

Hitlerjugend Bilder – pictures

Hitler youth movement

Hitler youth – girls

Hitler youth – boys

English – Pflichtlieder des Bundes Deutscher Maedel

Das Deutsche Maedel Magazin Hitlerjugend

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