Radical Press – Arthur Topham Website Forced to Shut Down By The Jews

Kanadian patriot Arthur Topham is being forced to shut down his website on 12 March, 2017 by the BC court system on trumped up charges of spreading “Hatred Against an Identifiable Group” – the Jews, after a ten year battle against the Kanadian thought police. Following is a dissertation of Arthur’s ten year struggle to get the truth out despite this legal vendetta. What should be mentioned and is not in Arthur’s synopsis is that a damaged party, in this case the Jews, who suffer from liable or slander have always had recourse to civil litigation as a remedy for alleged damages where the truth of the matter can be brought out through legal discovery procedures and the owness is on the complainent to establish the truth of his claim to damages. Obviously, therefore, bypassing standard civil procedure by using the criminal code instead, is clearly a case of using the prestige and resources of government authority to suppress truth.      TL


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