CIA Terror: “Alien” Abductions And Black Experiments On Americans-Juergenson

…So I would rather let my “world image” be shaken, than in this way my “consciousness expand”. These ridiculous remarks by Professor Mack, for whom he also received “standing ovation” (in the minutes), show the whole helplessness of the artificially constructed attempts at minimizing the trauma. Or did the professor, undoubtedly a “physical being,” obtain his knowledge also only by fear?…

The Extraterrestrial Specialty Department Of The CIA

By Johannes Juergenson (2005)

(excerpt from his book, Google translated)
…“I mean, it is time for us to expand our awareness and strive to capture the extraordinary depth and complexity of the abduction phenomenon.” Dr. John E. Mack, psychiatrist and UFO abduction researcher.

“We really have an incredible phenomenon that cries after careful and multidisciplinary research.”
David E. Pritchard, physicist and organizer of the MIT conference in 1992

In the first volume of„Das Gegenteil ist wahr”, I have dealt extensively with the machinations of the secret services and other dark groups. The sheer number of secret projects carried out specifically in the US since the Second World War, without the public being aware of it, is frightening. The knowledge about it, even if it is incomplete, explains many things that seem otherwise astonishing and unbelievable. Today, we are in a similar situation to a miner who has been denied the knowledge of the telephone and the radio. One can easily impress him with voices from mysterious boxes which are supposed to be “divine” or “diabolic”. Even the steel birds, which sometimes fly over his farm, the man can not possibly understand until someone tells him. This farmer is therefore not stupid, he simply lacks the right information.

This is why I have dealt so extensively with the topic “consciousness control” in the first volume. With this knowledge, many things are quite compelling. The present, second volume builds on the first, so I recommend to study it before you continue reading here. If you have not read it, you must simply believe me a little, and that is a pity, because I do not think much of “faith”. A plausible explanation brings more knowledge than a hundred politically correct beliefs.

Thus, after we have updated our knowledge of the control of consciousness (as far as possible from the few publicly accessible documents), we turn to a seemingly different subject: the abductions by “extraterrestrials”

Usually the topic is related to the “UFO Phenomena”

because it is implicitly assumed that both topics belong together. This is exactly what they do not (or only at the very edge), as I will show. The untested assertion that the hijackers are identical to the crews of the notorious flying disks has hitherto thoroughly sabotaged the elucidation of both phenomena, and that is probably the purpose of this. I will explain why, and look back at the question of the UFOs, but first let’s look at the so-called UFO abductions.

Abducted by UFO’s?

This phenomenon occurred for the first time in 1961 in its present form. There were also occasional sporadic reports of alleged abductions by strange creatures, which however remained anecdotal and were not sufficiently documented. Moreover, they do not fit into the scheme of “modern” abductions, so that they can be excluded from this investigation with a question mark. Modern kidnapping by allegedly aliens (abbreviated “MevA’s”) are now documented in the thousands and have a typical, stringent pattern, which makes them suitable for an analysis.

The first “MevA”, which became public, was that of the couple Barney and Betty Hill, a couple who were considered as “offensive” for the time: she white, he black and two years younger than her. Both divorced with children from a first marriage, and he was active in the black civil rights movement, which, like other movements, had been specifically monitored and infiltrated since the 1960s by the FBI project “COINTELPRO”. Strange coincidence that the “extraterrestrials” were interested in such people. The case went through the press and from 1966 several books about it appeared. I do not want to recount the numerous abduction stories for the umpteenth time; the number of publications on the subject are legion and growing all the time.

It is more interesting to look at the individual cases by analyzing the common characteristics of many cases as reported by the abductees themselves. This was precisely what was done at a conference on the “abduction phenomenon” at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT (if only at “MIT” and not by “MIT”), where the most famous therapists, scientists met and victims from the USA, England, Australia and other countries in 1992. A study was made by 13 researchers from the above – mentioned countries, with a total of approximately 1,700 cases. The author Thomas E. Bullard first dealt with the question of the extent to which the ideas of the therapists or the examiner influence the outcome of the results (such an effect can never be excluded, but is more likely Low, as the many consistent statements of different investigators prove).

Then the question is asked how the image of the “aliens” in the media, e.g. Hollywood films, etc., the perceptions distort. Here, too, it can be seen that most of the victims’ reports agree in essential parts, but there are strong differences in science fiction abductions. Finally, the question is posed as to whether the present material can be used to infer the reality of the events. Although the question remains open, there is still a strong evidence that the experiences are great in real terms. Bullard writes:

“Similarities dominate the most important and best-observable features of the reports. . . Since no narrative logic is expected (from the victom [remark byauthor]), variations have no set limits, and yet there are only a few variants. . . It is, however, remarkable how rarely variations are to be observed, not so frequently as in imagination products, which are characterized by external influences such as confabulations or the media.

Further evidence suggests that kidnapping is an independent phenomenon, and that its character is what shapes the reports. “In other words, if the reports of the victims were only nightmares or fantasies, the individual reports would have to differ more. The fact that they do not, over continents and decades, suggests that they must be genuine. What are the most important elements that are found in almost every MEvA (modern kidnapping by supposedly extraterrestrials)? Here, too, the study gives a good summary:

  1. Most of the MevAs are children, adolescents and young adults, women slightly more often than men. Abductions over 40 years of age are usually affected individuals, rarely two or more, but then often the members of a family.
  2.  Abductions are somewhat more frequent at night, mostly from the bed, but also from the car or in the remote houses and areas are preferred.
  3.  Usually it starts with strange lights at the window, sounds like buzzing, sometimes a UFO is followed by the feeling of being paralyzed and shackled.
  4.  Strange beings are perceived, of which there are roughly three categories:
  • The “typical” little horror (grey ones) with big dark eyes, a head in the form of a twisted pear, hairless, sexless with thin limbs and robotic. “The Well-Dressed Extraterrestrials usually wears a tight-fitting, one-piece uniform sometimes described as an overalls, usually dark and rarely silver. They have an embryo-like character and do not have good manners, as they clearly do not show any interest in the emotions of the victims. They speak “telepathically”, i.e., the victims perceives the voice in their heads. These grey ones, are available in two sizes: the smaller ones of 1.10 – 1.20 m body size are more frequently represented and perform hand-held services, while the larger ones are 1.60 m apparently commanding the smaller ones. Both are perceived as cold and emotionless. The “horror” is particularly common in the USA but has also been seen in other countries (England, Latin America, etc.).
  • • People, often large, blond and blue-eyed, were seen less frequently, and when they are, they are friendly, and appear to be over the horror and other beings. Interestingly, these “Nordic” were more frequently observed in the 1950s, before the emergence of the horrors with the “MevAs” of the 60s and later. They often spoke German or English with a German accent. Later they disappeared almost entirely from America, they were sporadically still in England.
  • Exotic beings, usually reptilian, meaning scaly skin, sometimes with a tail. These are always perceived as evil and aggressive. Also mixed forms between animals as well as humans / animal mixtures complete the multicultural alien zoo. It seems to be individual types of the respective current year, since most are scarcely seen twice (synonymous to carnival costumes that are reworked for the new season).
  1. The victim can be found somewhere else, usually in a futuristic space with and without technical equipment, often also a kind of cave. Most people do not know how it happened, some remember that they were hovering through the walls of their house, possibly in a light beam, accompanied by the horrors (small model), which can also float and walk through walls. Only a few go over a ramp into a UFO .
  2.  The sensation is always nebulous and the visit program inside the “spaceship” (or whatever) usually follows a proven scheme. The central point and presumably the actual purpose of the exercise is the “medical examination”. None of the guests will get around this program, even if some try to defend themselves, which is not achieved by the obligatory paralysis. The “investigation” takes place on a table, more rarely on a chair, and resembles on the one hand “earthly” techniques, on the other hand also strange instruments and practices occur, which are apparently unknown to the house doctor next door. They are usually performed by the horror (all sizes) or people in white coats. Sometimes people in uniforms are also present. The horrors try to calm the victims with “telepathic” messages such as: you do not need to be afraid, it is just necessary for your best, we do not want to hurt you, etc., and what else statements we know about banal quotations from medical doctors in novels.
  3. The effect is modest: the victims nevertheless fear or anger. The sexual organs are examined the most with the removal of seeds or egg cells. The head with its organs of sense finds great interest. There, and sometimes on other parts of the body, implants are sometimes put in or removed. Many women report having become pregnant after an “MEvA” and after another visit a few weeks later, then suddenly no more pregnancy. Side effects of the extragalactic treatment are often headache, amnesia, balance disorders, burns of the skin as after irradiation with microwaves or gamma rays, digestive problems, nightmares or sleeplessness, nose or ear bleeding as well as puncture wounds as after a biopsy (tissue extraction). Also implants are found occasionally, unfortunately without instruction of use. [sarcasm]

The subsequent visitation program are more flexible and less formal. Here, too, there are popular set programs, which they are always happy to book, which can be a tour of the premises, especially good friends are sometimes taken to a round flight through the closer galaxy, which promises an impressive view from the window, sometimes even explained by star maps as in the “Spaceship Enterprise”. It is important to note that the messsage is always “evil man” ruins the earth, their end is near via pole shift or Apocalypse. The guest feels honored for his invitation, for he had been “chosen” (to say, selected), and he had to convey an immensely important message to mankind, which he would, unfortunately, forget because of amnesia, but remember again in time, and precisely when “the time has come”.
8. Further details on the date, time, or content of the message are also regularly sacrificed to amnesia, as opposed to the memory of debating such world-moving things.

“The result confronts us with a mystery: frustrated people with a secret that is hidden from them.”

At the end of the visit, some guests will be somewhat more conciliatory towards their hosts and show understanding of their unconventional methods, almost as if they had enjoyed drugs. Some even get really sad to have to leave the friendly “spaceship” and its lovable inhabitants again and often get the promise of a reunion. “Chosen ones” must stick together in the end. [sarcasm] Some “lectures” refer to the issue of reproduction, and in this context a new attraction has been introduced in recent years, which is obviously gaining in popularity (at least with the hosts): a visit to an embryo breeding institute. The horrified visitor is shown hundreds of partly human, partly “grey” embryos floating in glass containers in a nutrient fluid. Also, women have been given strange-looking babies in the arm with the indication that this is theirs, which is now growing up in the UFO, where it is “in the best hands” and of course “chosen”. In the context of the removal of sperm cells, there is no such an absurd thought. Many visitors were entrusted with the “mystery”, the greys were threatened with extinction, and they had to spice up their blood with fresh human heritage, which is obviously said with expected sympathetic compassion. Who does not like to donate for extinct species? And to make an exception with the greys just because they are not from here, would be absolutely hateful. Alternatively, there is the excuse that the horrors somehow lost their soul and envied the people for theirs. Maybe we should sell them ours? However, a living being without a soul? Such a thing can only come from the minds of hardcore materialists.

9. After a successful abduction, the victims are taken back exactly where they are picked up. There are rare mishaps such as a wrongly buttoned pajamas, missing socks or even a wrong return place, which means that the victim has to walk a bit longer and possibly ends up without a key and stands in a shirt in front of the locked door of his home (all these have happened!).

10. The late effects of the experience are often psychoses and anxiety states, causing the victims to have additional problems to make their experience believable. As far as “reunion” is concerned, the extraterrestrials are consistent: most victims are abducted several times during their lives, often from childhood. Some victims report that they have also occasionally visits from strange, rude men who asked strange questions and, after judging their closing, must be fans of of the Blues Brothers. Around these “Men in Black” is built up a whole myth. These slimy comedians were apparently hired by the aliens from the Hollywood talent pool to intimidate the victims or to test whether the amnesia really works. Alternatively, some Ufo researchers claim that the Secret Service sends its worst and most conspicuous agents to get on the track of the extraterrestrial If you want, you can choose one of the two theories. [sarcasm]

It must be added that the suggested amnesia works fairly well with almost all victims, often associated with the phenomenon of “lost time”. Later, reminder fragments can come up, mostly in dreams.

Most victims remember their experiences only as part of a hypnotic regression. The use of hypnosis to reveal lost memory is now common practice, but this can also lead to problems. Not all hypnotherapists are unbiased enough and adequately trained to avoid suggestive questions. This leads in some cases to the expectation of the hypnotist in the patient create new cover up memories, which are considered true by the patient and from which the actual experience can no longer be separated. Hypnosis is a difficult tool that must be used with the utmost care and skepticism. Unfortunately, some UFO abduction victims have been ruined by incapable hypnotists.

The assessment of the “MevA” phenomenon by the victims themselves remains ambivalent and inconsistent. When one reads the reports, one can imagine how horrible the experience must be, the inability to defend itself, the total surrender to a power, which can not be judged because it seems so strange, the doubts about one ‘s own mind, the problems of speaking with others about it, and the uncertainty whether and when it  may happens again, all this is enough for the most severe traumatization. MIT conference leader, professor Mack,

“Many, many abductees I have witnessed on my couch relived the horrors of the damned, screaming, angry, and full of panicky fear. I do not think it’s a good experience. “

Despite all this, many abducted peculiarly have a positive attitude towards their fate and their abductors. They believe that the experience would somehow expand their consciousness. Amy, one of the victims, said:

“I had no terrible time with the extraterrestrials. Yes, I’ve been on operating tables, but things have happened to me that have expanded my consciousness and made me feel that other dimensions are reaching my consciousness.”

Maralyn Teare, a therapist, reported on some of the patients:
“Though their experiences are traumatic. . . I ask them sometimes: ‘If you had to choose who would you trust?’ Without exception, they say, ‘The Being’, as there seems to be something like steadiness there. “

There are many such statements, and the researchers have the greatest trouble to explain this apparent discrepancy. Of course, they know the psychological theory that abduction victims often, after a certain time, develop with their tormentors a kind of complicity that gives them the illusion to have control to have something to say and be so less exposed. Even masochistic tendencies could at least play a role in the individual. But the approval of the victims, which is often after several abductions by many
“MevA” is astonishing and triggers the wildest speculations, Prof. Mack says:

What about the recklessness of the aliens? What about the fear, the impotence of the kidnapped? A number of abductees have learned that this is our only way to learn, because as physical beings who only know the physical reality, we can only learn something by experiencing it physically. Anxiety is our way of learning and expanding our consciousness. Many abductees say that the horror of physical trauma is low compared to the horror that our world image is shaken or that we become aware of the fact that our universe is not what we know it to be. “

So I would rather let my “world image” be shaken, than in this way my “consciousness expand”. These ridiculous remarks by Professor Mack, for whom he also received “standing ovation” (in the minutes), show the whole helplessness of the artificially constructed attempts at minimizing the trauma. Or did the professor, undoubtedly a “physical being,” obtain his knowledge also only by fear?

At the beginning of his lecture, he said:

“My remarks will probably tell as much about myself as about profiles of abducted people.” Sad enough if it is true. The penetrating attempts to seize the whole misery of the abuse still as something positive, let the suspicion arise that there is manipulation. But later more.

While the conclusions drawn at the congress were, in part, alarmingly naive (precisely because explosive conclusions could not be allowed to be thought from the outset, there were Mack and MIT), the scientific data collection was quite useful and revealing.

Two of the speakers noted interesting parallels between “MevAs” and ritual abuse (“SRA”, Satanic Ritual Abuse). The religious scientist J. Gordon Melton, whose institute at the University of Santa Barbara, California, has the largest public collection of UFO contacts, said:

“In the mid-1980s, the number of reports of ritual abuse increased, and at the same time bringing the abduction phenomenon into the center of ufology. The similarity between cases of ritual abuse and UFO abduction cases was more than striking.”
…In the first place, the SRA victims as well as those of the “MevA” usually need hypnotic regression to reveal their trauma. Secondly, the nature and credibility of their reports are very similar. In addition, the “nebulous” perpetrators, who indeed exist without doubt, can never be comprehended.

“It is simply so that the few thousand who profess publicly to the Satans cult are not those who are responsible for the abuse. It is others. ”

One feels tempted to add in the analogy:” It is simply that the few thousand UFOs that fly around publicly are not those who are responsible for the abuse. They are others. “But this may seem a little strange to you, dear reader.

So we postpone it later.

In her lecture, the researcher Gwen L. Dean compared the details of UFO abductions and satanic abuse and presented long tables. The Lammer couple complemented them with the corresponding data from the victims of the control experiments, and the results agree in a surprising way. (9) This begins with the environment (labs, cellars, tunnels) and then the ways of abduction (paralyzation, examinations, especially of the head and genitals, examination table or altar, sharp instruments and injuries, torture, drugs, brainwashing) up to the results of this (Amnesia, hallucinations, sleep disorders, nightmares, anxiety, depression, strange injuries , Implants, etc.). In addition, there are several cases which showed overlapping experiences, e.g. Investigations of SRA victims by men in laboratory coats, as in the MILAB cases, (10) the use of electric shock or the presence of people in military uniforms in a “UFO abduction”. Even in Germany, there are cases where aliens and militants were involved together with earthly people, as was the case in the kidnapping of Marina Rosenberg from Berlin.

The “Desert News” from Salt Lake City reported in 1995:

“Melinda Leslie, a woman from Orange County, California, who leads a self-help group for kidnappers, said that more than three dozen people – including herself – who believed they had been taken aboard spaceships, were apparently abducted again by military personnel for physical examinations and interrogations. Leslie, who spoke here before 300 people at the fifth international UFO anniversary, said that people in a ‘flying triangle’ had kidnapped her and brought her to an underground testing facility. There, men in protective suits had subjected her to a detailed gynecological examination and other medical tests, she says. She was abducted for the second time by humans and by a red-haired
‘Military chief’, who asked her to tell her everything she knew about the extraterrestrials. Men in uniforms were also present at some abduction events, among them half a dozen of her own, she said… She and other abductors were the subject of constant surveillance and harassment by the same people, she added.”(12)

Also the FBI behavior researcher Dr. Kenneth Lanning noticed these strange coincidences. Only these facts seem to have escaped  “specialist” Prof. Mack and his colleagues Budd Hopkins and Prof. Jacobs.

Lammer writes, “Since our research into military involvement in UFO abductions and our worldwide publications on this sensitive issue, we learned that there are many more UFO abductions that have an earthly military component much more than some of the world’s most famous UFO abduction researchers claim. Everyone can convince themselves that Budd Hopkins, Prof. David Jacobs, and Prof. John Mack have kept this aspect in their books secret for years, even though they have or had had such cases among their clients. . . As already mentioned, the well-known UFO abduction investigators such as Budd Hopkins, Prof. David Jacobs and Prof. John Mack are very silent about the obvious military involvement in UFO abductions. . . In the meantime, we have been contacted by several MILAB abductees with regard to this hypothesis, as some of them now believe that he (Prof. Jacobs) is working together with the military and spreads this nonsense for reasons of disinformation. “

In his books, he loves to spread panic, the aliens would invade us, and were living among us in thousands. Perhaps he is one of them, [sarcasm] too, and we oblivious suckers have not noticed it?

Certain doubts are appropriate with Harvard’s professor John Mack [admin*remember, Harvard hates the white race and wants to extinguish it!]: his career as a UFO expert is a little too steep. In the introduction to his book, “Abducted by Aliens” (13), he dated the first contact with the phenomenon by Budd Hopkins on January 1990. Previously he had never heard of the abduction phenomenon. In 1992, however, he was already a famous specialist and chairman of the MIT Congress. He had previously worked with a certain Robert J. Lifton in a small company funded by the MK-ULTRA project (!), in other words, the CIA.14 That he is also a Pulitzer prize-winner does not make him more credible. This prize (under the misuse of the good name) is given to only strict adherents of the establishment.15 A sure sign that his opinion is quite desirable. Karl-Heinz Zunneck also reached the same conclusion:

“On the contrary (to mind control victims: Author remark) the reports of the abducted by UFOs are broadly reported in the media. Recently published books on alleged abductions have received surprisingly good reviews in the important media, including the New York Times, which, on the other hand, has already foamed at the thought that the assassination of Kennedy was a conspiracy. Somehow this must be strange, because the procedure is highly illogical. One is ready to accept an extraterrestrial explanation before one has investigated all earthly possibilities ?!

Is it really more plausible to believe in greedy, beetle-eyed monsters from space than to the idea that Lee Harvey Oswald would not have acted alone? Or are the “kidnappings” somehow more credible than the reports of the survivors of MK-ULTRA?

Why are people who have been abducted and who are talking about the involvement of ordinary medical and military personnel in their abductions, due to possibly not functioning blockages, pushed into corners? Why are we more inclined to suspect extraterrestrial abductors than earthly machinations? “16

Summing it up: The methods of the alleged extraterrestrials and of the various secret services in the numerous black projects for the control of consciousness are the same. So we have four explanations:
• This is a strange coincidence
• The CIA has not developed its own methods but taken them over from the aliens.
• The extraterrestrials have copied the methods at the CIA, by means of moles or
• Both work together or are In the latter case, there are two options:
• CIA leaders are from Sirius, the Pleiades or Aldebaran
• The whole thing is a scam to camouflage the illegal CIA human experiments

What do you think? My experience says that the obvious solution is usually the right one, i. I vote for the last. So I have the UFO scene largely against me, because what is a religion without their gods?

Take a dog’s bone away and see what happens! But I am not alone with this view. In the German-speaking world, there are a few who share this opinion, such as the married couple Lammer, Karl-Heinz Zunneck or Heiner Gehring, who writes:

“Absolutely wrong is the assertion that extraterrestrials have something to do with all this. Abductions, implants and mutilations have the most terrestrial background: Government programs, officially foreseeable patents and well-documented technical developments can explain all these events without the need for any Greys, starfleet commanders, slim bugs or furry creatures from the eerie vastness of space. ”

The question arises, why does no one notice the apparent? Well, some may have noticed this, but this opinion is not published, as it endangers the camouflage of human experiments. After all, one needs to know today’s comprehensive techniques of consciousness control so as not to stare in holy reverence for the “magical abilities” of the aliens. And, ultimately, extraterrestrials are much more interesting than any secular intelligence services, which are frightening on the one hand, and so mundane unphilosophical on the other – is not so, Professor Mack?

The Almost Perfect Production

The techniques for controlling and influencing ignorant people have been available since the 1960s, as I have described in detail in the first volume. Remote control using implants was already possible at that time, among other things, with the “RH IC-EDOM method”:

“With the RHIC-EDOM technology you can get a hypnosis and drug-induced program or a command to run with a radio signal from the distance, again and again. The first time a RHIC-EDOM victim had to be kidnapped or subjected to a hypnosis program in a hospital. After the unaware victim was released, one could activate the commands suggested under hypnosis with the help of a certain radio signal. With this method, could repeatedly be triggered assassination commands or even UFO abduction experiences. . . The person treated with EDOM, experiences a so-called missing-time experience, similar to persons with alleged UFO abduction experiences. A detailed research in neurosurgery publications shows that these technologies were available in the 1960s and were of great interest for military-secretive applications in the MKULTRA project. Everyone can imagine how far these techniques have advanced. ”

Kidnappers, who want to free their victims, use masks. In the case of child abuse, this is often in the form of Mickey Mouse, a clown or similar masks, which also makes later reports of the child sound like fantasy. If hundreds of victims of kidnapping were reporting conduct with Mickey Mouse, it would soon be clear that people were hiding behind these masks.

But extraterrestrials, on the other hand, are at least conceivable, especially since repeatedly strange disks have seen across the skies of the US since the Second World War. Abductions can be easily pushed into their shoes. UFO models are easy to build, they float on balloons or black helicopters, of which there are already extremely quiet versions. UFO sightings can also be hypnotically programmed and retrieved on key stimuli. As for the “horror” itself, Hollywood has a number of very good makeup artists. For the smaller horrors even remote-controlled robots are possible, the larger ones should be disguised small children or older children. One of the SRA victims of the MONARCH project recalls a hangar near Dallas, Texas, where a huge UFO model is on a hydraulic suspension for such alien programs
But not only models exist. For more than thirty years, the military has been equipped with UFO-like remote-controlled reconnaissance vehicles ranging in size from 60 to 120 cm, equipped with cameras; so-called “drones”.

“The apparatuses can fly into and out of a tree. The inventor of such a device, who developed it for an American intelligence agency in the sixties, told me he could send it to a conference room through a window. There was not more than a faint whirring. Next point on the list of mechanical devices are the real flying saucers, as developed by Dr. Moller near Sacramento in California. These aircraft are extremely manoeuvrable and have enough thrust to carry a pilot and equipment. They are used for exploring enemy terrain. Its diameter is almost three meters. They are equipped with lamps and can not be distinguished from real flying saucers. More complicated UFOs with projectors, lasers and sound effects were used in media spectacles such as the opening of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles or at the concerts of the Electric Light Orchestra. In these cases, the UFO can be of any size and complexity because it does not have an actual drive but hangs on a flying crane (eg an extremely quiet helicopter) that is sensibly hidden from the viewers by artificial fog. “20 So much for what has been technically feasible for some time. Back to the “aliens”.

H & M Lammer report: “These MONARCH victims” claim that satanic and alien programs were carried out at various military bases. According to Bonacci (MONARCH victim), Alien- programs took place in the mountains of Colorado. In these procedures, UFO models were presented to the victims in artificial hollowed-out caves. Masks were used for the hypnotically-programmed cover memories. . . An organization consisting of former military and secret agents is known to a woman who claims to have been involved in such UFO programs as disguised alien. Therapists who examined the woman. . . found personality traits that have satanic ritual abuse and UFO / Alien memories. As a child, she had to wear a whole body costume of a small grey extraterrestrial to play an alien mind control victim. In this mask, the head and neck were electronically manipulable to create a particularly realistic effect. 22
Now you only need a microwave transmitter, the voice “telepathically” directly in the head plays, and you’ve got yourself an “extraterrestrial”.

We must also assume that the kidnapped are invariably drugged, making it even easier to create a credible scenario. Especially hallucinogenic drugs are an excellent way to create a mixture of reality and imagination. Besides LSD, there are a number of other drugs that do this by themselves, without any additional theater.
Especially the DMT (dimethyltriptamine) already mentioned in the first volume should ideally be suitable for UFO scenarios, because it fancies fantastic landscapes and the encounter with “small beings” like elves or even little horror. These beings seem to communicate directly with the consciousness and send “telepathic” images into the mind. Changes in the space / time feeling occur, “tunnel feelings”, also light tunnels are perceived, and one feels everything “as in another world”.
A DMT test person reported, “All I know of this state are the extraterrestrial beings. They stared at me and examined me. I think I was allowed to examine them. ”

Another test person who had inhaled 40-50 mg DMT reported: “It was as if I were flying high with a very high acceleration in a large rocket … Then I saw several beings moving in front of a control desk. The visibility was not clear. I felt as if I were watching them through a screen. The beings were similar to humans and did not look like the gigantic insect-like creatures that I perceived under the influence of Stropharia mushrooms. ” All who had taken DMT experienced the beings and their world as completely real. Also under LSD there are encounters with human, human-like and fantastic beings.

There is no doubt that an accurate dosage of DMT, LSD or other hallucinogens together with a UFO staging under hypnosis can perfectly reproduce the phenomenon of “MEvA”. The similarities of the aliens reported by many witnesses are attributable to the mask theater, while the individual differences and exotic beings, which occasionally appear, come from the proportion of drugs. The mixture of both methods makes the alien encounters so bizarre and so confusing. The UFO researcher Jacques Vallee writes: “The reports of encounters with the inmates of the objects sound absurd, and the seemingly ” scientific “experiments are primitive and even grotesque.”

An intelligent being who has the scientific miracles that the UFOs seem to represent could reach these alleged scientific goals much more quickly with less risk. Scientists who are unconcerned with the skepticism of the UFO phenomenon (and they are in the majority) can claim that the reports of the contacts are absurd and the conclusions of the faithful are simply brain-burnt. 26

I ask you: What else could provide better camouflage of illegal human experiments over decades and ensure that serious researchers do not even deal with the abduction phenomenon? The victims are not always physically abducted.

Sometimes the victims are “treated” at home, whereby the UFO cover memories are hypnotically induced under drugs. It is interesting that the actual “UFO” is usually “seen” only later, thus under the influence of drugs. At the beginning of an abduction is often only a light, which shines through the window, which is generated with a strong headlight. Other family members are kept asleep by ELF-modulated microwaves 27, so they do not notice anything. To open doors without a trace is also no problem – this belongs to the trick bag of the secret services, as well as the messages, which in the wake state are “inner voices” that give advice, are produced by microwave waves. Many of the so-called “channeling media” receive their “messages” in exactly the same way from interested secret services! The technical possibilities of confusion are almost inexhaustible.


Above is a slightly corrected but not perfected google-translated excerpt from Johannes Juergenson’s Volume II “Das Gegenteil ist war.”

[admin: According to several German authors: There are real UFOs that have nothing to do with abductions, but they are man made. As a fact, UFOs were developed in Germany toward the end of the war and were in the early testing stages. Some flew already, like the unmanned foo-fighters that confused bombers and put their electronic equipment out of function, causing them to crash. All this super-high-technology had been moved out of Germany by Germans to prevent its theft by the Allies, though they have robbed Germany of much high technology and patents, Billions of Dollars worth. It is assumed and concluded by the authors that these flying discs have been further developed in remote areas and come in various shapes now. These flying saucers have been active in preventing military disasters to harm innocents, and creating disasters to punish the evil war makers during war activity; which is always the “big guys” and their instigator  Israel. No attacks have been made on civilians, ever. According to many of these authors, these so-called Nazis, are planning a come-back in their flying saucers and with their ultra-weapons to rescue the West from its destruction by the evil Jews who are now controlling ALL Western governments, and almost all governments worldwide. Apparently, the flying “Nazis” have some friends in various governments.  I can’t really believe this because I am asking: why are they waiting so long? Yet I have tiny hope this could be real. I have no fear, as the Nazis were the most noble people! These flying saucers, according to many, many newspaper reports for decades, have been active since 1947.

Is this why we are told the Nazis are so evil? Is this why we have been poisoned with the Holohoax? Is this why there are alien movies? Is this why there are so many evil Nazi movies, and even of Nazis returning creating hell? The enemies of the people want people to be terrified, resistant, and have a heart attack, should they come back.

Yes, that’s why! Have no fear. We Germans are a noble species. It’s almost always the other way around from what the Hollywood media says. It’s the liars, the defamers, the media controllers, namely the Jews, who want to genocide us. Their genocide plans are exposed in many posts on my website.

If there is such a thing as the Nazis coming back, they would not be able to do so until we have a financial crash and people are starving because people are too resistant against “Nazis” due to the lie propaganda, and so poisoned about them they would probably die of fear. And those “Nazis” know this; therefore their hesitance as long as people’s stomachs are full. I am really struggling with this being true as it is taking too long. The flying saucer development in Germany and the escape of top scientists and many SS soldiers into remote locations is a fact. Only the locations are in most cases not revealed.

Our government cannot say it is the “Nazis” because it would have to admit that they have weapons that could lay whole cities bare, create massive blackouts, eliminate thousands of people with their ray technology weapons in one swoop, etc., etc. So the Allies in the end would not be the winners.  And why do they not give Germany a peace agreement for 72 years now whilst they gave it to the other axis countries? Is that not strange???

The other possibility could be that the Russians or Americans have developed flying saucers; however, all the authors have examined this possibility from a technical standpoint and it seems not feasible. The Germans are the most likely flyers of the saucers as it is proven that they already developed prototypes in the war. Just my thoughts on it.]



Here you can see a lot of real flying saucers  with a few false ones and the false info of Aliens – there are none! It is not Aliens flying these but people!

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