The Real Situation of the German Nation – Haarmann

…All the political parties are slaves of the occupation. They daily betray, belie, insult, and defraud the Germans under foreign power. [admin: Most of them are Jews by now. My God, there has to be some justice coming!!!] This power is underpinned by conscription of all these agents into secret societies…

Just like their German leader, Esus Christo, in those days in Palestine, the Germans are martyred by a gang from the Allied forces. The Germans had Christianity long before the false Christianity of the Jews. It’s in the heart of the Germans (before 1945) to be a light to the world. That’s why they are hated so much! Today, many Germans are decrepit, made so by their masters, the Jews and the Allies.




Excerpts from “Deutschland – Besetzt – Wieso; Befreit – Wodurch” [Germany Occupied – Why?; Liberated – How?] – 1985

[This is from a ca. 1985 perspective of a state that has gotten much worse in most areas. I have used mostly the words of the author and occasionally my own words to describe. the comments in brackets [ ] are mine. Translated by]

The Real Situation of the German Nation

Germans are taught in school that they are living in a sovereign state and in the most free and just Germany ever. Not true! Deception!

Whoever does not go along with this propaganda of the enemy (Germany is still in a state of war with the Allies and only under a truce) loses his position in a public or government agency or political status, and most of the time also his benefits, such as retirement, health care, etc., and often for life. Frequently, Germans are also prosecuted and imprisoned for voicing their opinions on history and against the treasonous government. This is why, it is so easy to uphold the forced lies about history and the Germans [especially WW2.] and promulgate them with bought allegiance.

Troops of several enemy countries occupy Germany; for example, German Tyrol is occupied by Italy. German Austria was illegally ripped from Germany in 1945.

The BRD (German Republic) and DDR (East Germany… this was written before the fall of the wall) are controlled mostly by German-haters. For more than 40 years, the media, directed by the occupation, is pounding anti-German messages into the heads of the German people to make it look to them and others as if what they announce is the will of the German people: “…The Germans think… the Germans want… the German people feel… the Germans fear… The Germans did… The Germans do… This is modern slavery!

The “German” collaborators, as they are called, in reality are nothing but treasonous criminals. A psycho trick is applied to keep the Germans calm: the Soviets claim to “protect” the Germans in the DDR (East Germany) from American imperialism; and the Americans in the BRD (West Germany) claim to protect the Germans from the evil Soviets.

The rules for the Germans are: Continuous occupation – rights of the occupying troops above the Germans’ rights, above the laws of the German Reich, which still exists – Costs of the occupation paid by the Germans – Should the Germans rebel, the occupiers can take them down (it’s still war) – special status for Berlin – Germans forced under NATO rule – secret additional contractual agreements without the knowledge or agreement of the German people.

Chopping the German land into pieces, so the occupiers can confuse the German people. The “German Constitution” was written by the occupiers in 1949 and put on top of the laws of the Reich. The Bundeswehr (German arms) has no sovereignty and serves the NATO. This means, if there is rebelling in Germany, the German soldiers in the NATO must shoot on their own German people. Both Warsaw and the Americans are allied in their hidden game of a world government. [admin: We must remember that the Jews have usurped Russia since 1917!]

…All the political parties are slaves of the occupation. They daily betray, belie, insult, and defraud the Germans under foreign power. [admin: Most of them are Jews by now. My God, there has to be some justice coming!!!] This power is underpinned by conscription of all these agents into secret societies…

These traitors then sign any law to damage the German people and flood Germany with foreigners to destroy the white racial substance of the nation.

The judgement of Karlsruhe

One court declared in 1973 that the German Reich (German empire since 1871) still exists and is unlawfully occupied. Dividing Austria from Germany is illegal, regardless of what German traitors, the likes of Willi Brand, signed.

Crimes committed from above upon the German People

# Brutally enforced over-taxation of Germans for foreign interests. German labor exported into countries around the world.

# Targeted destruction of the German racial substance by flooding the country with peoples from around the world; they are literally forced into Germany for that purpose.

# The Allied occupiers are enslaving the German people to pay the living costs for hundreds of thousands [in the meantime it’s millions] of purposefully infiltrating false Asylum seekers as they are forbidden to work for 2 years (the government was planning on 5 at that time). The cost to the German people for 1984-1986 was 7 Billion Deutsche Mark.

# Millions of genocide committed on German children by abortion; promoting abortion to the extreme. From 1982-84 there were more than 1 Million abortions in Germany.

# Targeted atomic contamination of German land.

# Targeted destruction of marriage, family, and a healthy offspring.

# Youth targeted with media propaganda to debauch and pervert them.

# General dumbing down of the people via school, media, politicians, universities, etc. to bring them down to the lowest standards.

# Promoting criminality and brutality via the media.

# Erection of an enormous historical “house of lies” with regularly repeated hate and lie campaigns to “break the back” of every German and dissolve any personal resistance. This is how they squeeze out of the Germans reparations again and again [false guilt feeling.]

# Propagation of drug use and then insipid efforts to stop drug trade and consumption.

Other white nations have also been targeted for decades with these or similar schemes for destruction.

On March 12, 1984, the State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jew Alois Mertes, said:

“Today’s justice state (referring to Germany) is based on the rudiments of the Jewish faith [that would be the Talmud].”

[In other words, Germany is run by the Jews!]

This means, there is no German right in Germany.

In short, the thousands of activities in Germany that are exploitative, destructive, and are anti-German in nature would not be possible in a free, unoccupied Germany.


The repressed rights of the German Reich (German empire formed in 1871 out of many kingdoms)

The German empire, called the German Reich, stands legally above the occupation rights. The democratic occupation and political actions in Germany are illegal and criminal. Collaborating with the enemy is treason as we are still at war since we have only an armistice and no peace agreement. [Not even in 2017!] This treason is punishable immediately!

Per Paragraph 220 of the STGB, it is genocide to put a national or racial group into a situation where they are destroyed.

Per Paragraph 311 a and b, it is a crime to put the people in a situation where they are exposed to continuous radiation, such as experienced via atomic reactors, and many accidents, as they lead to biological and genetic damage of a racial or Volk group.

The laws of the German Reich are for the protection of the German people, but under the occupation, foreigners have almost all the rights, and the Germans have none. The German-hating “governors” and arch enemies of the Germans [apparently he means the Jews] ignore any law [law of the German Reich] and give any people of the earth the right to settle in the German homeland and exploit the German people by living free of  charge and handing the bills to the Germans. Germans are even forced to take foreigners into their homes. (per FAZ).

Instead of protecting the German people in accordance with the laws of the German Reich, Germans who speak up (demonstrating, writing letters, educating the public) against the mismanagement and these crimes against the German people, are persecuted, blocked, beaten, and punished.

After our people have been misled with detailed roguery in huge agendas, partially by tortured confessions, partially with falsified documents and pictures, and so much more, they have stamped us “a people of criminals”. Such a thing was possible to do under occupation in all times and is done today. Without being able to bring  only the smallest prove, they think they have the right to bring, without scruples, all these despicable and soul destroying measures against us.

BUT NOT FOR LONG ANYMORE! (He is referring to the German flying saucers from “outer space” who will one of these days defend Germany.)

For 40 years, we have this condition in Germany

# Troops and their war machines from more than 10 enemy states on our soil

# The flags of enemy states are flying in our home country: Soviet hammer and sickle, Israeli star of David, English flag, stars and stripes, etc. whereas the flag of the German Reich, that still is valid, the black, white, red flag is not allowed.

# A threatening war condition. No peace agreement.

# Enemy states store their atomic, chemical and biological weapons on German soil [in a war between the Allies, this spells a total disaster for Germany]

# The Iron Curtain, (this was written in 1985) smack through the middle of Germany with mines and self-release automatic guns. Thousands of Germans died on the wall.

# The greatest “book burning” act of all times by the Allies since 1945.   35,000 German book titles and more than 1,500 magazines and newspapers [admin: to make the Jews the kings of the media and keep the Germans dumbed down about their culture and history] forbidden in a legal state, the German Reich. The Soviets even started this in 1914.

This book burning alone shows that an objective view of history of the German Reich and the Second World War are not allowed and not possible in the masses of the population. So all we have is the vulgar, one-sided, through and through dishonest and anti-German hate from democratic and communist sources.

But nothing is forever. This, too, will pass.


Deutschland-Besetzt Wieso-BefreitWodurch 1987 72s-pdf

Rogue State US_William_Blum 2002-pdf

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