Open Letter To President Donald Trump – War Occupation Of Germany

…“The place where we are standing today, Dresden, represents the very intensive efforts, being made for a long time, to wipe out the German people. These efforts are carried out in many different ways. Dresden is, perhaps, the most bestial example, but there are more perfidious examples in the present…” (Sylvia Stolz)

February 25, 2017

Open Letter to President Donald Trump


Mr. President Donald Trump

The White House

Washington, DC 20500



Dear Mr. President,

I am grateful that you are the new representative of the American people, and even some people in the world, in the White House. Except for President John F. Kennedy, I would have never been motivated to contact any of the flakes we’ve had as our leaders. But with a man like you, I have a flicker of hope, and I give my heart what seems to be a last push, to express to a leader, an American president at that, my concerns about the plight of the German people, asking for help. Though I am American, my land of birth is Germany.



German attorney, Ms. Sylvia Stolz, who was carried from the Jew-Communist German courtroom right into a jail cell for doing her job of wanting to represent her German-Canadian client, and insisting on it, tells on the memorial day of the Dresden bombing, what is on her mind about the survival of the German people. We Germans know, all guns are directed at us, even within the United States (figuratively speaking in the U.S.) We Germans know that we have no friends, even in the United States. As long as we are silent and go along, we are, of course, accepted in America. But some of us no longer want to be silent. The Jews and their media have made sure that we Germans are thoroughly defamed. They say that we are genetically evil.

The Jews are taking over our Germany like they once took over Palestine, one part of the land at a time. Mr. President, do you know that one of the Germans’ homelands a couple of thousand years ago was Palestine, and they were invaded by the Jews and eliminated due to bribing of leaders in the Roman Empire by the Jews? I fear the same might happen to Germany. Germany needs to be only for the Germans, not for Muslims, not for Jews, not for any other cultures. Germany for Germans and other white races if it chooses so. It’s a small country.

Here Sylvia Stolz expresses her thoughts in remembrance of the 300,000 civilians genocided in the Dresden bombing. But she is focusing on the situation of the German people of today:

“The place where we are standing today, Dresden, represents the very intensive efforts, being made for a long time, to wipe out the German people. These efforts are carried out in many different ways. Dresden is, perhaps, the most bestial example, but there are more perfidious examples in the present.

It’s important to have clarity what the German people are. First of all, you must understand: It is important that the German people survive. And in the event that we should not succeed, in the event that they would accomplish to physically extinguish the German people, meaning, that German people are no longer recognized as such; even in this case – and we are, of course, striving to prevent this — it is important for us to be clear about this, even if this would be the case: what then?

The spirit which the German people embodies, the German Volk spirit, had already many existences, was already embodied by earlier peoples, long ago, in millennia and millenniums.

That what represents the German people, can never be eradicated from the earth. Never.

And I am now addressing those, who have attempted to eradicate the German people for a long time and are still working on this today: That which you want to destroy, you cannot destroy. That’s impossible. You will only harm yourselves.

The German people, or the spirit embodied by the German people, will always find something to manifest itself. And even if that were not possible – yet it is possible – but even if it were not, what would be then?

The German people and their spirit don’t need the world, it is immortal; but the world needs the spirit of the German people. And I am quoting what was expressed in 1915, during WWI. It was said by a non-German: “Germany embodies the progressive principle; to deter it, is a folly and a crime against the genius of history.”

So let us not lose courage. We have nothing to lose. Not we. The German people are immortal. The German spirit is immortal. But the world can lose us. That would not be to our harm, but to the harm of the others.

So, consider this, and this time I am addressing all the other peoples, consider whether you want to do this to yourselves. And another word to the peoples of other nations:

National Socialism is never directed against other peoples. On the contrary, National Socialism is conceived and suitable for every nation.

And another thing to consider: National Socialism is not just a community of a country’s people. It can also be, in a whole new way that is now probably necessary in the world: a community of the peoples of the world. A true community, not a pseudo-world community that measures in two different ways. Therefore, we work for the genius of history. Let us act with courage and optimism!”

Sylvia Stolz’, our very brave attorney – speech starts at 41 min. 40 sec. on video called “Bombenmord 1945 – Dresden 2017 erweiterte Version”

Mr. President, won’t you turn this flicker of hope for us Germans into a flame and with that bring back the hope to all white European people? Please give Germany back its sovereignty and turn Europe back to what it once was: A continent of white cultures, beautiful to visit and to cherish, and Germans a leading force for the best!

Thank you Mr. President for your time!

Yours truly,

signed (owner of

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