Deutsche! Schreibt Praesident Trump – Kopiere! – Souveränität

Liebe Deutschen, Schreibt Pres. Donald Trump (offiziell nennt man seinen Namen nicht, nur “President”) er soll Deutschland wieder sovereign machen. Hier ist ein Beispiel und seine Adresse fuer Briefe:

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20500

Fuer email hier, aber nur kurze Texte werden akzeptiert!


Ein Beispielsbrief den Sie so abaendern koennen je nachdem wie tapfer Sie sind:


The President of the United States of America

Dear Mr. President,

We are so glad you have been elected and the words you speak for the American people give us Germans much encouragement. We, too, want to be led by a president and chancellor who care about the German people. We have been betrayed for 71 years and have been lied about endlessly, and many efforts have been made, especially by our so-called “own government leaders,” to destroy the soul of the German people.

America is holding Germany on a leash and Allied soldiers are sitting in our land oppressing us bringing us into great danger with all their weapon arsenals on our land.

Please give the German Reich (German empire) sovereignty back so we can throw out the treasonous leaders. Many Germans are aware that the “Federal Public of Germany” is an alien war government that should not be in our country.

I’d like to take this opportunity to point out a few historical facts you might have missed:

*The Communist Jews, financed by Wall Street, overthrew Russia and killed at least 66 Million Russians.

*The Communist Jews tried to overthrow Germany and make it into another Soviet Union. Adolf Hitler rose up to protect the German people or we all would be Communists since 1933.

*Germany did not start war with Poland. Poland entered German territory and attacked the German border many times, torturing to death thousands of ethnic Germans.

*Britain and France declared and started World War 2.

*Roosevelt attacked German ships nearly two years before Dec. 11, 1941 when Germany started to fight back.

*Germany did not really start war with Russia. It made a pre-emptive strike as Millions of Soviet soldiers were lined up near the German border to run over Germany. Europe would have turned Communist and hundreds of Millions would have been murdered.

*The German people are in general honorable Christian people (though some have lost their faith after what was done to them in WW1 and WW2), and would never commit genocide. The German race is the noblest race, whether anyone would like to admit it or not; it’s a fact.

We come from the land of poets and thinkers, and not from the land of butchers.

My best wishes to you Mr. President and Thank You!

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