Are Bankers Being Suicided To Keep Financial Secrets? – Thorn

…As an afterthought, Morgan wondered, “What kind of guy that age [39-year-old Gabriel Magee] informs his girlfriend that he’s on his way out of the office and then jumps [to his death]?”…


Suspicious number of money men end their own lives

Are Bankers Being ‘Suicided’ to Keep Financial Secrets

By Victor Thorn (He “died” on August 2016 – Suicide or Murder?)

In the past few weeks, eight high-level bankers from the largest financial institutions in the world have died apparently via suicide, leading some researchers to wonder if someone may be tying up loose ends.

Most of the deceased financial officers had ties to three primary institutions: JPMorgan Chase, Germany’s Deutsche Bank and the Federal Reserve. The circumstances surrounding their demise are bizarre.

For example, on Jan. 28, Gabriel Magee, a vice president at JPMorgan Chase’s corporate and investment branch in England, emailed his girlfriend to inform her that he was about to leave the office and would be home shortly. Moments later Magee allegedly hurled himself from the 33rd story of JPMorgan’s London headquarters.

A short time later, JPMorgan executive Ryan Henry Crane, 37, who enjoyed a close business relationship with Magee, died on Feb. 3 in his home.

At JPMorgan’s main China regional office a foreign exchange trader named Li Junjie plunged to his death from a 30-story rooftop.

Three other individuals also merit discussion.

On Jan. 26, Deutsche Bank senior manager William Broeksmit was found hanging in his London home.

On Feb. 3, police found the lifeless body of Mike Dueker near the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington. Investigators are treating Dueker’s case as a suicide. It should be noted that Dueker served as an assistant vice president and research economist at the Federal Reserve’s St. Louis branch from 1991 to 2008.

JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank have been facing a great deal of scrutiny due to their involvement in manipulating foreign exchange rates. Deutsche Bank is also being investigated for cooking its books to conceal billions in losses. In addition, allegations of money laundering associated with Ponzi scheme mastermind Bernie Madoff still plague JPMorgan. Suspicions ran even higher on Feb. 6 when Richard Talley, the founder and CEO of American Title Services, a real estate services company, purportedly committed suicide in his garage by shooting himself eight times in the skull and body with a nail gun.

To better understand whether these deaths were self-in-flicted or the result of foul play, on Feb. 19, AFP contacted Marshall Auerback, the director of Institutional Partnerships Institute for New Economic Thinking, a think tank that specializes in international finance and the global economic crisis.

“Perhaps some of these victims weren’t the sociopaths we thought they were and actually did have a genuine sense of conscience about the disasters they’re wreaking on our global economy,” said Auerback. “It might also be that they were like cornered rats that saw no way out of a coming dis- aster and decided that ending it now before it all came apart was a logical course of action.”

Offering another possibility, Auerback continued, “We’ve had rampant criminality and fraud running amok and very few people had to suffer any real consequences. Maybe these guys were next on the list to be caught or ‘done.’ Or, maybe some of them didn’t actually kill themselves.”

On Feb. 19 AFP also interviewed David Morgan, an economist and the editor of The Morgan Report, a newsletter on commodity trading.

When asked about the rash of banker deaths, Morgan replied, “It doesn’t make any sense. I’m open-minded enough to think there’s a chance it goes beyond coincidence, but I’m not bold enough to say it’s murder. Human behavior can’t be predicted 100%, so I think it’s statistically improbable that all these deaths were mere coincidence.”

As an afterthought, Morgan wondered, “What kind of guy that age [39-year-old Gabriel Magee] informs his girlfriend that he’s on his way out of the office and then jumps [to his death]?”                                                                        ★

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