What Will Happen To This Country?!

…Whom do you think all this PRISTINE “government land” belongs to in America? Not you anymore, U.S. citizen!!!  Who owns the National Parks? Who owns many colleges? Who owns the infrastructure of our country? I.e., who owns the lakes and rivers? The water supply for our survival? Private mega conglomerates like Monsanto?! Will they turn off the spiget? We’ll die for lack of water in three days!..

What will happen if…

# If you do not pay your car loan? They’ll come and “steal” your car back.

# If you do not pay your mortgage or property taxes? They’ll evict you and take your home with great losses to you. They can also take your land and auction it all off. They may put you in prison if you cannot pay the property taxes you owe.

# The public debt, that means the debt of the Americans, incl. yours and mine, is over 14 Trillion Dollars to the robber banks and primarily to the Federal Reserve private-Jew-Bank.  The personal property such as land, house, jewelry, cars, coins, furniture, bank accounts, food and water (to kill you and give it to the mercenaries who come to take you to prison or execute you) of every person in the U.S.A. it the collateral for this debt.


What will happen if…

# We cannot pay via taxes anymore because the Satans who control us have initiated a monetary crash?  They will come with their foreign legions, their NATO soldiers, their private S.W.A.T. teams, their Communist mercenaries from the East of Europe, and from Korea, China, Vietnam, etc. that they have brought here already for decades, and they will force their ways into our homes in their SWAT outfits, rape and beat our people, eat our food and drink our water and keep us for torture or drive us off. They will rape and torture man, woman, boy and girl, including grandma. If we make one false move, they will shoot us. They might shoot us anyhow to make a quota. They are not your American boys; and even they have, to some extend, so deteriorated morally that many of them will probably do the same to us. On the top, the military is run by the most perverted men and women, sexually perverted or otherwise (per Kay Griggs). 

Why do you think they have mercenaries on our soil???

Whom do you think all this PRISTINE “government land” belongs to in America? Not you anymore, U.S. citizen!!!  Who owns the National Parks? Who owns many colleges? Who owns the infrastructure of our country? I.e., who owns the lakes and rivers? The water supply for our survival? Private mega conglomerates like Monsanto?! Will they turn off the spiget? We’ll die for lack of water in three days!

Is it true that the U.S. has concentration camps, called FEMA camps???

Dr. Lorraine Day says “it’s true and they have guillotines…”

Who do you think the Jews really are? Victims? Or Satanic Communists trying to overthrow the USA and Europe to create a One World Jewish Government where raping children and animals is normal! Women, men, and children will be raped and prostituted or used for breeding massively a mixed race. Where there will be no more family! Where Billions will be slaughtered or starved to death! There will be no more Christians allowed to live! This is all documented. I can guarantee you, these people running the show NOW are Satans. Almost the whole American Congress is made up of and controlled by Satanic Jews with a few white or colored dummies. The Lobby is run by Satanic Jews, mixed with blood of whites, so they look white, having white or colored dummies doing their footwork.

They have tried in the past and are still trying to overthrow the U.S. to get even more control because they want Armageddon for us, which means total victory for them. They’ve done it in Russia. They tried it in Germany in the Jew installed Weimar Republic after WW1 with Jewish Communists at work to overthrow Germany before Hitler came to the rescue. And they keep breeding Communists by the Millions in our country, underground. Hidden Communists come here massively from Mexico and South America. They are sleepers right now ready to pounce when the Jewish victory comes by crashing cash. The American Muslim nation, I have heard, but do not know if it is true, are supposed to be Communist sleepers under Farrakhan. The Jews have not given up their plan to overthrow the U.S.; they are just working from within to erode this country by indebting us with war after war after war until we are so weak financially and demoralized, this country will collapse. I have noticed, the biggest criminals are calm, cool, and collected and even very courteous. This is to present an “intellectual good men” image to deceive us; they are liars and actors. They have no heart and so have nothing to lose. They are not afraid because they do not feel threatened, but are very self-assured because they control our food, water, and money (removing any of them with genocide us), and they are convinced for thousands of years already that as perverted as they are there’s is the best way to be FOR THEM!!! And they are proud of their hideous behavior. For us, raised as Christians for 2,000 years, Christendom equals death, both in the behavior that we have been taught (self-denial, self-sacrifice, shame, guilt, meekness), and in the plan to eliminate all Christians. For them it’s victory! They do both, promote Christianity (to get financial collections and donations) and work against it. And killing Christians is a good excuse for them to get rid of a large part of the U.S., and then the world-wide population.

I can’t warn about this enough! The Jews are getting away with rape, robbery and murder and lying to the hilt about a Jewish holocaust that does not exist while hiding the MANY holocausts they have committed.  It is infuriating that they are so successful because of the casual, live-and-let-live attitude of the American and European people. People who have sufficient strength have to have the courage to face up to this very ugly, sickening, repulsive truth of how we are taken for fools, taken for a ride, sucked dry of our country’s wealth while they make us sicker and sicker with the chemicals and poisons in our food and medicine, having our death long planned (At least 2,000 years). Do something by spreading this information. Get into groups talking about it; that way you will be stronger, emotionally. Get the information into the U.S. military, into the Police Force, and so on.

Jewish Supremacism – David Duke

These evil Jews have conquered people’s minds with thousands of benevolent fund-raising agencies to make the hidden Satanic leaders on the top even wealthier and keep people distracted while they pull the rug out from underneath our feet. Our dumb people are collecting and contributing billions upon billions of Dollars for thousands of causes to the leaders on the top of these fundraising entities who get wealthier and wealthier, while average Joe’s own wealth is deteriorating and his children have to work several jobs without benefits or security. The adult children can’t even afford to have their own, peaceful apartment. These Jewish Demons at the top have totally screwed up our minds to make what is most important least and what is least important most important. Our whole society is upside down. Our children and grand children are mentally confused and many have lost the ability to think complex thoughts or project outcomes into the future. In other words, they have lost their intelligence due to dumbing down school teaching.

Your family and racial clan are the most important people first. All other teaching is Satanic. And if you are a Christian, Martin Luther said in his book “The Jews and their Lies (1543) (103p)” that the Jews lied to him about who is “your brother.” Your brother is only your next of kin! That is the correct translation per Martin Luther. Martin Luther was murdered after his book Freemason style.

Also murdered (poisoned) was Johann Wolfgang Goethe because he did not want to play music to promote the Old Testament for the Jews. He wanted and did play his own creation. Great German nationalist, Friedrich Schiller, was also murdered by the Freemasons. In those days, most people who were famous were in Freemasonry. Apparently this was a means by evil directors of catching the best of a society in a net to be able to scrutinize them and direct them. However, some who discovered that Freemasonry was an evil organization, got out of it with the result of being murdered. Goethe (a very close friend of Schiller), however, who was also a Freemason, stayed in and survived. Goethe played it all both ways. He also became treasonous against the Germans. That’s why he is honored in Jew-USA.

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