The Jews Have Masterminded Genocide Against Us For Centuries

…Since the Jews had long stolen the British Empire by marrying into the British Throne, they then planned to destroy Germany, the economic powerhouse of Europe, with a war against it. And they succeeded with the help of all the other white countries who were coerced by the Jews to stand by the bankers of the world, or else. Everyone turned against the Germans for their survival because their leaders were controlled by Jewish bankers…


The Bottom Line is, the Jews are the children of Satan,

Jesus per ancient historic description (blue eyes ad blond hair)

and they have been planning and committed genocide against us Germans (and other people, of course) for thousands of years.  Jesus, the white Judean, the Germanic man, the German, said the Jews are the children of Satan and liars already 2,000 years ago in Palestine trying to rescue the Germanic people from the race-mixed and partially negro- blooded nomadic Jews who flooded their country as a result of bribing Caesar. I am learning about the German history in Palestine several thousands of years ago, and the invading Jews robbing the white tribes blind then taking on their identity.

“The goal we’ve had for 3,000 years is almost accomplished. Our race will win: Every Jew a king, every Christian a slave. We stirred anti-German feelings which reached their height in WWII, but our  final goal is WWIII. This war will end our fight against the non-Jews because then our race will rule the world without dispute.” Rabbi Emanuel Rabinowitsch during a rabbi conference in Budapest on 12 Jan. 1952

Baldur und Bibel_1920-pdf

Hermann Wieland – Atlantis Edda und Bibel (1925).pdf

Der_deutsche_Heiland_Friedrich Andersen 1921

The Jews are the ORIGINAL IDENTITY THIEVES!!! They wormed themselves into the homeland Palestine of the murdered and robbed-out white tribes’ land of the people called the Israelites. “Israel” is an ancient German word. It was the Jews who brought down the Roman Empire with the changed bible and falsified sayings of Jesus to make white people weak, meek, shameful, guilty and wimpy. I bet Jesus often said just the opposite. I do not believe that he came to bring mother against daughter and father against son. How then could he have brought love? What a contradiction! As a German, he could not have said do not save for tomorrow and live like a bird. In no way could he have said give all your possessions away and that those stealing, lying, murdering Jews are the “brothers”of the Nordic race. What a fraud these sayings of the bible, changed by the Jewish idendity thieves! He came to rescue his white race who intermingled with the Jews. ONE THING IS FOR SURE, IT IS A COMMUNIST M.O. TO TURN THINGS AROUND, TO MAKE THEM INTO THE OPPOSITE, AND COMMUNISM IS A JEWISH INVENTION TO DESTROY THOSE WHO FALL UNDER IT. The New Testament changes are based on evil Communism. The Catholic Church announces that a good Catholic is a Communist, but they do not mean true loving brotherhood; instead, SECRETLY, what they mean is that they will eventually have most people eradicated, like the Jews did in Russia.  The Catholic church is a hidden Jewish empire. Most popes were Jews; just look at all those faces with their Jewish noses. Nordic people do not look like this. 2,000 years ago, the Palestinians, the Egyptian leadership, the Greek, the Italians were WHITE! White Nordic people. All Germanic.

(See the Communist twist, “Papst Unschuldig” which means “Pope Innocent” who was a devil, has tortured to death 9 million German women as witches. Their wombs will never bring forth white children!)


“All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses… Darby [a Jew] and the Plymouth Brethren [Jews and their proselytes/useful idiots] brought a Jewish Christianity to America. Masons Rutherford and Russell [both Jews] started Jehovah’s Witnesses in order to spread Judaism throughout the world under the guise of Christianity.” Jonathan Williams recorded in his “Legions of Satan”, 1781

The Jew always works in duality, in one way he fosters a perverse Christianity through Rome and the bible terror, and in the other way he destroys it. Just like he supplies weapons to opponents in revolutions and wars. He has clever ways to set up people to KILL EACH OTHER while he stands back and waits for the harvest!

“We hate Christianity and Christians. Even the best of them must be regarded as our worst enemies. They preach love of one’s neighbor and mercy, which is contrary to our principles. Christian love is an obstacle to the development of the revolution. Down with love of one’s neighbor. What we need is hatred; only thus shall we conquer the universe.” (A. Lunacharsky)

“The Jew is not satisfied with de-Christianizing, he Judaises, he destroys the Catholic or Protestant faith, he provokes indifference but he imposes his idea of the world, of morals and of life upon those whose faith he ruins; he works at his age-old task, the annihilation of the religion of Christ.” Bernard Lazare, in his book, “L’Antisemitisme,” page 350

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HAS WORKED ON ELIMINATING THE EASTERN CHRISTIAN CHURCH FOR CENTURIES. NOW IT INFILTRATED IT. FOR CENTURIES, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, WITH THE HELP OF THE POLES, HUNTED DOWN THE UKRAINIANS WHO BELONGED TO THE EASTERN CHURCH AND FORCEFULLY TRIED TO CONVERT THEM. IF THEY DID NOT, THEY TORTURED THEM HORRIBLY TO DEATH WITH THEIR WIVES AND CHILDREN LOOKING ON AS AN EXTRA MEASSURE OF CRUELTY. THAT’S THE “LOVE” OF THE LEADERS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. I HAVE PROOF IN A BOOK. IN WW2, THE CATHOLIC PRIESTS SPOKE IN THE POLISH CHURCHES TO TORTURE THE ETHNIC GERMANS TO DEATH! AND THE POLES DID IT. Most of the Catholic people, of course, are good people, but they are at the bottom of the Catholic empire and DO NOT KNOW WHAT DEVILS ARE RUNNING THIS EMPIRE. This empire works the same as the Freemason empire: on the bottom are the good Freemason people who do good works, but on the top are the Devils. The higher up they go, the more devilish they are in both cults, Freemasonry and Catholic Church. The problem with this support of the people below is, they bring the money into both organizations to support the devils on the top to become richer and richer and give them more and more power. I can only say, get out of the churches and get out of Freemasonry. The evangelical churches are just as rotten. They are catering to evil Jews by adhering to the church tax laws. God, if there is one, is in you if you are a good person. You do not need any middlemen! But you do need community of good people around you, your own kind who have genetically the same desires when all is said and done. Not pretenders who are nice so they can live off your back as parasites.

Then the Jews brought down France in the French revolution and stole the land and treasures of that country making themselves into French barons, stealing the names of the murdered aristocracy (identity thieves) and turned the French people into slaves; the French were worse off then ever. Then the Jews destroyed the United States’ wealth in the South in the American civil war soon after the French revolution to rob the great wealth of the Southern white people for themselves;

“We are driving the Christians into a war in that we take advantage of their stupidity, ignorance, and national pride. They’ll massacre each other and then we have enough place for our own people.” Rabbi Reichorn, in Le Contemporain, Juli 1880

then they further stole the American wealth by creating a Jew-Bank, calling their private bank “Federal” Reserve bank to deceive the American people. All the while, the Jews, God knows where they came from, gave themselves American names. In the early 20th century they overthrew Russia in a Jew-revolution, deceptively naming it “Russian” revolution, again giving themselves Russian names. But they already started their killing sprees in 1906 when they got equality in Russia, and all in all killed the finest of the Russians, and all Christians they could get their hands on, nearly 100 Million people in the end they had eliminated by torture, execution shots into the neck, or in the slave labor camps, the GULags. Millions of ethnic Germans they killed in the Ukraine, at the Volga, on the Crimea, in West Siberia and the rest of Russia over decades.

“The Russian Revolution was made by Jews. We have created Secret Societies, planned the Reign of Terror. The Revolu­tion succeeded by our convincing propa­ganda and our mass assassinations in order to form a government truly ours!” M. Hermalin, Jew, Communist, New York, 1917

Since the Jews had long stolen the British Empire by marrying into the British Throne, they then planned to destroy Germany, the economic powerhouse of Europe, with a war against it. And they succeeded with the help of all the other white countries who were coerced by the Jews to stand by the bankers of the world, or else. Everyone turned against the Germans for their survival because their leaders were controlled by Jewish bankers. After WW1, as Germany was in pieces, the Jews, taking on German names as well, tried to overthrow Germany like they did Russia, aiming to make it into another Communist country and get it totally under their control, of course planning to eliminate most native Germans. Millions of Germans starved to death. More Millions became Communists under the Jews in the hope for survival, a non-survival the Jews had actually created for the starving Germans. But One Man Stood Up as the FATHER OF THE GERMAN NATION, and that was Adolf Hitler. He was bold, he was brave, he knew what Bolshevism / Communism was and what it did to the Russians. He knew it was a Jewish creation, a Jewish plan to take down country after country and get it under their Communist idea control. He knew and saw what the Jews did in Germany to the German people, and the women and girls, bringing in prostitution, homosexuality, pedophilia, alcohol and sex for youngsters, etc., etc. and how they have brought perversity and insanity into every cultural area of the Germans. Freemasonry flourished and so did all kinds of crimes and black markets. Women and children were prostituted for food. Hundreds of thousands of Germans took their lives because they had no source of income. A highly Christian nation was taken down by the children of Satan, as Jesus called them. The Germans were innocent, just like their Jesus and they were “crucified” like him. This was repeated in WW2. Nations Germans did not even know anything about declared war on Germany. I think it was 58 nations. Who has such power to make these nations do this???  The bankers! The Jewish bankers and the press, the Jewish press, already controlling Europe!

Those who dare to take up the fight against the Jews, from them the Jews will pull away the base of their existence. They will fight them with animal brutality and with the most base methods until their nerves shatter and they give up the fight.”  Jew Alberti-Sittenfeld 1883 in the newspaper „Gesellschaft”

And these bankers made sure over the last few centuries that they bled the German and European kingdoms dry with their underhanded work, their robbing and cheating, until they became immensely rich, so rich they could marry into the white aristocracy. Once the Jews were in control of the money, they were in control of the nations. What they did to Germany in WW2 was first a way to bring down an empire and second revenge for Adolf Hitler and the German people standing up to them, rejecting their banks, and taking their control of all jobs away from them and giving jobs again to the Germans, proportionally.  It was not a revenge for a holocaust, because a jewish holocaust did not exist, but from 1906 until about 1980 there was a Russian holocaust the Jews have committed. As good Communists always do, they always blame others for the evil deeds THEY do. Not 6 Million but 66 to 100 Million Russians were murdered by the Jew government, the Soviets.

The Jews want to bring down all countries and eliminate most people on the earth so they can have the earth almost to themselves, except for slaves who will do the work. But first they want to get rid of the white race, the ones that will not intermarry with them. The Jews are not a race, they are made up of many races nowadays. What holds them together is a philosophy of supremacy and conquest, laid down in their rape, rob, steal, torture, cheat, lie, murder and pedophile book, the “holy” Talmud.

Jewish supremacism – David Duke

Duke-Jüdischer Extremismus-pdf

They prefer to intermarry with the white race but they can’t keep their Dick in their pants so they create all kinds of racial mixtures. After the white race is eliminated, they say, the rest of the races are easier to conquer because they will be less intelligent and less driven and easier to manage and kill. There will be no more human rights and constitutions to lean on or to protect these mixed races. Those are creations of white people, the noblest, most creative, intelligent, and productive race. This is why the Jews are turning all the races in hate against the white race in the media and flood the white countries with other races to breed out the white race. Just as they turned all the nations in hate against the Germans.  The rest is history and will be history again. Unless everyone wakes up and takes a stand BEFORE it is too late!

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