Millions of Crying Hearts

After Germany’s forced ‘Unconditional Surrender,’ German women and children in Germany proper, and anywhere in Europe, were designated fair game by Jew Dwight Eisenhower; they were massively gang raped, raped into insanity or death, terrorized, and murdered by large numbers by the Americans (also by Jews, Poles, British, Russians, French, etc.), while their men and fathers were dead or held in Allied prisons in Germany and all of Europe. In Germany, among many other prisons, there were the Rhine Meadows prison camps. At the end of a war, prisoners are supposed to be released immidiately. But German prisoners were held to murder them and so they could not protect their wives and children against the occupying military. It was all planned that way to murder Germans, and as a “reward” for the Allied soldiers (from 1945 to 1950+) to rape the German women, and as a revenge for the Jews. The women, standing alone helplessly, were not only raped but tortured, robbed, and driven off their land and houses, starved and murdered. Massively, Jews and Allied military people simply took the homes of the Germans away for themselves. The German soldiers, some severely injured without treatment, were slowly destroyed by hunger, thirst, and cold on open meadows (e.g., Rheinwiesen = Rhine meadows) imprisoned by a wire fence, with only the clothes on their backs. Injured and ill, they were lying on the cold and muddy spring earth, dying slowly, if they were not beaten to death, shot for target practice, or hanged. They were treated like rabid animals. One wrong move and they were shot. Too much noise, and they were shot. Going to the hole to relief themselves in the middle of the night, they often got shot. The number of murdered German soldiers in Germany on the Rhine meadows alone is estimated to be between one million and 1.5 million. American Jew, Dwight Eisenhower was the supreme general reigning over the crimes of the Allies committed against ethnic Germans, mainland Germans, soldiers and civilians alike. The Americans made Eisenhower president of the United States because all they were fed about Germany, about Adolf Hitler, and about the war were lies.




Millionfold Longing

In the “pigsty”

Darling, where are you? I need you so!
Save me! They are brutal
And come in gangs,
Blacks, whites and Asians.
Are you still alive?

What horror!
How monstrous it all is!
What have we done?
How can this be?
What has become of this world?
When does it all stop?!
They’re squashing me to death!

They beat me when I fight them off.
They pull me around by my hair,
And call me strange names,
And make a horse out of me.
I’m desperate – almost dead.

I am a piece of meat.
You will not recognize me any more.
Will you come back?
Where are you, then?
Are you still alive?
I’m almost dead.

I am nearly beyond my limit.

Standing before an Abyss.

I am silent but yet I scream.

Come rescue me!

On the Rhine meadows

I’m sitting on the ground. Sweetheart, it’s so cold!
I’m freezing and trembling nonstop.
Oh, if only I was with you!
Are you still alive? And our little ones ???
Where are you?

Everything is ruined. Are you at home?
The beautiful world we once had,
It’s over.
What kind of soldiers are these Americans?
Are you hungry? Are you cold?
They are so mean and so coarse,
Very different than I thought.

And they laugh! People still laugh?
I’m so cold. Everywhere you look, a sea of men,
Sick, cold, half dead, buried into themselves.
We have little strength.
So many die.
They are exterminating us!
They hate us so much!
What kind of people are they???

These Americans?
They are supposed to be our relatives.
Why do they do this to us?
What have we done to them?
What do they get from this?

Something totally Satanic is going on here!
They are keeping us from each other!

They want to destroy us.
They are murdering us, yes.
When does the killing stop?
We can do nothing!
They are shooting at once. They beat,
Kick and torment us, sometimes
Until death.

Are you still alive?
What are you doing? Are you save?
Where are our parents? Are you with them?
Are you hungry?
You are so silent. I cannot hear you.
When I think of you, then
You are my hope, my light.
Soon I’ll be with you.

In the “pigsty”

I live in a pigsty.
Day and night they come and go
And speak things I do not understand.
They say “United States” and “fuck” and “cunt”
Without end. They laugh.
Is there still anything to laugh about?
For us?

They are not hungry.
They are pigs. Wild boars!
Ugly, stuffed wild boars
Who treat me like a mattress.
They turned me into cattle.
I’m dead.

But my soul… my soul still lives.
Attached to you. My Savior. My husband.
I am so mute and tired. Drained.
Wounded. Abused. In pain.
Everything will pass!
Soon you will be by my side!


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