Jesus Was German. Galileans And Canaanites Were Germans Eradicated By The Jews

…Jesus’ words, so tells us our common sense, have clearly been changed to subjugate our minds with false and self-destructive commands just as they do today in the media. For that the Roman church had been established. The Israelites were Germans. Israel is a German word …”The newest historical research and excavations in the Orient [this book was written in 1920] have illuminated the historical, mysterious darkness of Judaism and the Bible and proved  historical errors and forgeries…”

Why have Aryans been so attracted to the Bible??? Because a big part of it is their ancient history and mythology; however, it has been severely turned upside down, parts added and many parts deleted, by the Jewish scribes of the Roman church to weaken, instead of strengthening the white race. Since the white German tribes in Palestine were invaded by the Jews, murdered and eventually driven out, the Jews got a hold of many artifacts and writings of the Germans and made them their own. Then they established a scheme to destroy the white race, a Talmud for them and a Bible for the gojim. (Goten = Goths)  They took down Rome with the Christianity they wrote. Jesus, who was trying to rescue his German people from the onslaught of the invading treacherous Jewish Nomads, would have never said such stupid and self-destructive things as he supposedly said in the New Testaments. All his disciples were not Jews as they were fishermen. Jews did not work but haggle. But all their words have been changed to meet one goal, weakening and eventually destruction of the Aryan race.

Jesus as described by an ancient Roman, with blond hair and blue eyes

After reading several chapters of “Baldur und Bibel” in the German language, and then reading another German book by Dr. Matthiessen about falsified translations of verses in the bible, providing the correct ones, I came to the conclusion:

The Jews in Palestine have invented God Yahweh specifically to destroy the many tribes of the giant Germans in the Near East and Canaan!

Yes, the Germans were warriors and they were handsome and tall! They had to be warriors in order to survive in those days. But being honest and straightforward, as it is the inborn trait of the Aryan race, they were no match for the cunning, hateful, backstabbing and lying Jews in Palestine.

Germans 1,600 B.C. – The men had balls and weapons with them all the time.

Jews, as depicted in German children’s books in the 1930s

The Jews to the contrary were physical cowards, and they still are. They let others do the hard work, like battle and farming, and sit on them like parasites, pulling the reigns.

This is what J.F. Kennedy

said about them, though he knew it was not only the Jews but their white and colored henchmen:

…In every sphere of human activity –  there is a deadly challenge – a national peril –a  secrecy – our way of life is under attack – no war has been declared, no borders have been crossed by marching troops –a peril by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy – covet means – infiltration not invasion – subversion instead of election – intimidation instead of free choice – descenders are silenced

it is a cold and secret war against us –

inform and alert the American people…


About one year later JKF was assassinated by 3 sharp shooters.

The Jews’ war was and is made up of deception, usury, lies, distraction, treason, sexual perversion, white race destruction by blood mixing with Jews and other races, and most of all, BRIBARY of leaders. They also punish those who stand against their criminal behavior with wars, revolutions, murder, and execution.

In the translation for the bible, the Jews have deceived Martin Luther to conceal this murder plan by giving him different meanings to specific sentences. He wrote about this in his book The Jews and their Lies (1543) (103p) but was not aware of the GRAND DECEPTION they played on him. They murdered him Freemason style after he wrote this book. Dr. Matthiessen gives examples in his book of this deception that gives us false Bible passages that hide the murder plan of the white race. Matthiessen, Wilhelm – Israels Geheimplan der Voelkervernichtung – Unbekannte Geheimnisse der Bibel (1938, 115 S. (Israels Secret Plan to destroy Peoples).

Jews Are The Original Identity Thieves and Genociders Of Aryans for Thousands Of Years. In ancient times, much of this genocide has been committed by deceit of the population, usury, and bribery of leaders, especially Caesar. Later through the (Jewish) Roman Church run by Marranos as Popes (Jews pretending to be Christians). In the last century by the destruction of German historical and mythological sites with bombs, and theft of its literature and archeological treasures and forbidding the Germans to read the context of 30,000 German book titles about German culture from ancient to 1945. It is of utmost importance to the Jews to confiscate or destroy Aryan history documentation, culture, and archeological findings (and even modern research, prosecuting German archeologists with false accusations), which was to be found in Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and many other countries around the world that have been bombed to Smithereens. The Aryans left their cultural imprint around the world and were the culture barriers for the development of those primitive nations; e.g., India, Egypt, Palestine.

“…Galilee (from Galater, Gallier, Germanic tribe) was free of Jews. The Jews called Galilee the heathen land. None of the disciples were Jews because they were Fishermen, a job Jews would never do…”  (“Der Deutsche Heiland” Friedrich Andersen, 1921) But many sayings in the bible, coming from ancient German writings and their culture, were changed by the Jews to suit the Jews. Like a parasite, they wormed themselves into the white nations in Palestine and took on their identity and their historical past as their own.

“Israel” is a German word. The Israelites are all ancient German tribes whose history we can follow up to about 3,000 years B.C.



Excerpt translated by

Germanic culture in biblical Canaan and Germanic Christianity before Christ.


By Friedrich Döllinger 1920
Shortened public edition.
Lorenz Spindler, publishing house Nuremberg.





For two thousand years, the Jews have been described as an outstanding, civilized nation, as the creators of a valuable literature, of the highest religious ideas, of monotheism, and generous land rights. To the Jews was attributed the ideals of all agrarian reform, seen as the holy people, as the chosen people of God from whom Christianity and its exalted founder sprung. Judaism was surrounded by mystic darkness and a blazing nimbus, which since then allowed the Jews to economically control and exploit the peoples of their host country, who looked up at them with shy reverence. However, the newest historical research and excavations in the Orient [this book was written in 1920] have illuminated the historical, mysterious darkness of Judaism and the Bible, and proved all the aforementioned assumptions to be historical errors and forgeries.
For two thousand years this crude history fraud sits like a heavy fog on our German land, oppresses the awakening of a German spiritual spring and the unfolding of German power and a Volk religion. The following pages shall give the German people access to historical and archaeological research facts and with that open a path to Germany’s freedom and future. Knowing quite well that these revelations will strike like lightning into the intentionally fabricated darkness encasing the German people, and into the structure of church dogma, the author hesitated long before publishing these pages.

However, as Judaism and Jesuitism press their life-destroying fist ever more vigorously upon German culture, and as the danger of confessional incitement and fragmentation of our people grew, the author thought it his patriotic duty to submit the truth to his fellow-citizens. “The truth will set us free.” The truth will strike the enemies of Teutonic culture with the Hammer of Thor right into their heart and will break their fortresses, and Germanism will be established in a new, unprecedented splendor. – Rid of their mental shackles, the German people will cultivate higher ideals and conquer and transform the world for their children. The dawning of the gods shall bring them a Germanic Christianity and with the rise of this world transformation bring forth a new empire.

Berlin, Christmas 1920

Friedrich Döllinger

[admin: In the midst of the Jewish-run, Communist-takeover-geared Weimar Republic]

Dedicated to the German people in their deepest humiliation.


Chapter 1: The Israelis were not Jews but Germans, and the Jews were not Israelites.


The height of the pre-Jewish and non-Jewish inhabitants of the land of Canaan must have been enormous, according to the testimony of the Bible. The scouts of the Jews, who perused the Germanic territory before invading it, said of the inhabitants of Canaan, that is about the Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, and Enaks children (IV Moses 13):

“All the people that we saw in the land of Canaan are people of great height; We also saw giants there, Enak children of the giants, and we were before our own eyes as grasshoppers, and so before their eyes.” 1. Mos. 15 denotes the inhabitants of the land, the Kenites, the Kinisither, the Hittites, and the Pheresites, as giants. V. Mos. 1:28 reads that the people of Canaan are “greater and taller” than the Jews. When the Jews invaded, they wanted to avoid the land of the Amorites, according to the commandment of Moses; “For the Emin (from Gothic, en=an-as; the unique, the glowing, the incomparable ones) where at home therein; a great, strong, and tall people like the Enakim.” They were also regarded as giants like the Enakim, and the Moabites also called them Emin (V. Moses 2:10 & 11). V. Mos. 2:20 says expressly: “There lived giants also in the days before, and the Amorites called them Samesumim, a tall and mighty people like the Enakim.” In V. Mos. 3:11 is even mentioned a king of the Giants,


called Og (=Hog, Hoch = the Tall one, the colossus, giant) of Basan. “His iron bed was nine cubit long and 4 cubit wide, after a man’s elbow.

Of a giant named Kiriath Urba, in Jos. 14:15 it is said that he was a great man among the Enakim. The Jews seem to have had great fear of the giant Enakim in Palestine, according to various statements in the Bible. In Joshua 15:14 the three sons of Enak are also mentioned: Sesai, Ahiman, and Thalmai. These were driven out of their homeland by Kaleb. Before Moses, in other words the Egyptian mercenary leader Mesu, led the Jews, or Hyksos, to Canaan. He pointed out to them that the inhabitants of Canaan, namely the Hittites, Girgosites, Amorites, Canaanites, Pheresites, Hivites, and Jebusites, were greater and stronger than them. (V. Moses 7:1 and 9:2).

And before the crossing of the Jordan he repeatedly says “that the peoples of Canaan are taller and stronger than the Jews, that the children of Enakim “are a big and tall people, and that no one can stand against the children of Enak.” Moses also called Canaan “the land of the giants” various times, as in V. Mos. 2:20 and 21, and V. Mos. 3:13 – 7:1.  Jos. 17:15 also writes “of the land of the Pheresites and giants who dwelt in the woody mountains.” See also Jos. 13:12. It was already reported of the “giants who lived in the wood-covered mountains” in 1 Moses, 14.” Compare also Josh. 13:12. It’s already reported in 1 Moses 14 of the giants as Astarioth Karnaim and the Emim at Kiriathaim, 14:15. Even King David, the King of Judaism fought against the giant predecessors of the land (1 Chron. 20; II Sam. 21:18-22).

According to the findings of anthropologists,


the Aryans or Germans had the largest physique among all peoples and races.

By various anthropologists and archaeologists, and also by Benka (Penka?), the giants in the legends of prehistoric times are right out called Germans, whose homeland, according to the Odyssey (X, 80 ff.), was in the far North, in the Thogarma of the Bible.

The Bible often mentions a quite characteristic trait of the Canaan giants: they lived in the forest and in the mountains, like the Germanic giants of the North. It follows that these gigantic people, who lived at the time of the invasion bei the Jews in Canaan and could never be totally exterminated by the Jews, must have been Germans.

This is also borne out by dispatches from Egyptian history. It tells of the AmAmaur and the (old Babylonian amar = Amorite) = comrades and the Ketha (=Geten = Goten) [Goths] in the land of Canaan, and describes them as people of great height and pale facial color, and as Tamehu, which means Nordic people (Figures 2 and 3). These Amaur named by the Egyptians, are nothing but the Amorites and Ketites of the Bible. They are depicted in Egyptian burial chambers with white skin color, reddish-blond hair, blue eyes and pointed blond chin beard, ranky tall and pale faces, with Germanic long skulls.

There can be no doubt, therefore, that the pre-Jewish gigantic inhabitants of Canaan were Nordic or Germanic. Archeology, world history, and the Bible provide us with overwhelming evidence.

The Jews, on the other hand, are not Germans, but a mixed race with distinct anthropological features  of lower races.


They exhibit negroid racial characteristics of woolly hair, nose, dark skin and dark eye color, and their negro smell, raised negro lips, early sexual maturity, strong sensual desire remind of a strong mixture of negro blood. Their pronounced desire for acquisition reveals Mongolian blood. And other racial characteristics seen less frequently and only with some individuals [admin: that was in 1920 and is the case much more frequent now] reveal the racial characteristics of ancient Germanic-jewish blood mixture in Canaan that came about by partial subjugation of the white race.

Source: Excerpt from Baldur und Bibel, translated by

Baldur und Bibel_1920-pdf

Der_deutsche_Heiland_Friedrich Andersen 1921

Hermann Wieland – Atlantis Edda und Bibel (1925).pdf

Matthiessen, Wilhelm – Israels Geheimplan der Voelkervernichtung – Unbekannte Geheimnisse der Bibel 1938, 115 S.

Jesus a German King Hated by the Jews

Atlantis- (White man’s home) The_Mystery_Unraveled-Jurgen_Spanuth-1956 – pdf

Christ_Was_Not_A_Jew – Jacob_Elon_Conner – pdf

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