The End: Horrific Electromagnetic Weapons Capable of Mass Genocide of Citizens

… Since the 50s the USA lead atomic explosions in the Van Allen belts, to explore, what  the impact of the resulting electromagnetic pulse at such high altitudes on radio communications and the operation of radar equipment would be. [gv*How insane is this!!!] This created new magnetic radiation belts which covered nearly the whole earth …

[ One must bear in mind that the world is governed by very destructive, satanic people who LOVE TO DESTROY AND bring SUFFERING TO People. (See Satanic video of the elite’s celebration at the opening of the Gotthard tunnel.) Otherwise, one can not believe that this is happening. They do not like us because they have no souls like us. They are evil, evil, evil.]


Capture Georgia GuidestoneKeep Mankind Under 500 Million! Who put this there? No-one seems to know!!! With these electromagnetic weapons this is a very likely scenario!

Warning by J.F. Kennedy to the American People. His father admired Adolf Hitler:



Basic Information



U.S. HAARP microwave transmitter in Gakona / AlaskaHAARP, research program for high-frequency radiation research (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) is being jointly conducted by the US Air Force and the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Also in Norway Similar experiments, also in the Antarctic and in the former Soviet Union. HAARP is a research project, part of the ionosphere are heated with strong radio waves in which using a ground based apparatus, an array of antennas, each equipped with its own transmitter. The energy generated heats up certain parts of the ionosphere, which may results in holes in the ionosphere and produces artificial ‘lenses’. HAARP is for many purposes einsetzbar.Durch manipulating the electrical characteristics in the atmosphere is tremendous energy can be controlled. If used as a military weapon, the consequences for the enemy can be disastrous. HAARP to a given area can be millions of times more energy charge than with any other conventional power source. The energy can be directed also at a moving target, inter alia, anti-missile system. The project also allows for better communication with submarines and manipulation of global weather conditions.

But the opposite, a disturbance in the communication is possible. By manipulating the ionosphere can disrupt global communication, the communication links of the user remain the same. Another possible use of the system is an x-ray of the earth to a depth of several kilometers (erddurchdringende tomography) to detect oil and gas fields, but also underground military facilities stationed.

Another use of the HAARP system is radar that can see above the horizon and detect objects at a great distance. This approaching objects beyond the horizon can make.

Since the 50s the US nuclear explosions through the Van Allen belts, to explore, has the impact of the resulting electromagnetic pulse at such high altitudes on radio communications and the operation of radar equipment. This created new magnetic radiation belts which covered nearly the whole earth. The electrons traveled along magnetic field lines and created an artificial Aurora Borealis above the North Pole.

These military tests are the danger arises that the Van Allen belt is disturbed severely for a long time. The Earth’s magnetic field could be disrupted over large areas and make wireless connections impossible. According to US scientists it could take hundreds of years until the Van Allen belt to return to its normal state.

HAARP could result in changes in weather. The system can also influence whole ecosystems, especially in the sensitive Antarctic regions. Another serious consequence of HAARP are the holes in the ionosphere caused by the upward strong waves entstehen.Die ionosphere protects us from incoming cosmic rays. It is hoped that the holes will fill again, but the experience of change in the ozone layer pointing in the opposite direction. Thus, the protective ionosphere contains large holes.

Electromagnetic weapons

The evidence that electromagnetic weapons are continuously directed at the civilian population, also include strange noises around the world as the “Taos Hum”, “hum”, “the hum”, “noise” or simply “it” described be, a deep, droning sound right on the edge of audibility. The sound is described as pervasive and annoying.

“It sounds like a big, fat American car engine idling,” said one of the victims of this Brummtons. Another interested party says: “My head buzzes when he would be in a beehive.”

The sound will be incredibly disruptive, and it does not stop when adjusting the stereo or the TV very loud or does something to drown it. These are likely to manipulate the government, by irradiation of microwaves, or so-called ELF waves.

As we shall see, these are not horror stories, but already tested in practice (plant) to the active mind control the population. The most known of these systems is likely to be HAARP in Alaska. But above should be considered a basic patent of Dr. Lund East.

The HAARP project

On Aug. 11, 1987 the U.S. Patent Number 4,686,605 was assigned to a Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund. The patent stated that the technology following could: “causing … total destruction of telecommunication systems in the majority of the world … Not only the destruction of the country protected Fernmeldesyteme but also telecommunication systems in airspace and at sea (both above ground and below ground) … destruction, distraction and confusion of missiles or aircraft … weather modification .. by changing the solar absorption. … concentrations of ozone, nitrogen, etc. could be artificially increased … “East Lunds brainchild is in reality a reinforcing transmitter of Nikola Tesla, and two sources in patent itself deal with the Tesla technology.

The obvious first use of the technology of Patent 4,686,605 was HAARP, the “High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program”, carried out by the Ministry of Defence the Phillips Laboratory of the Air Force and the Office of Marineforschung.Obwohl the military has denied it, that this patent with HAARP communicates, exhibit East Lunds answers these statements as lies aus.HAARP is a huge electromagnetic transmitting device in Gakona, Alaska, with an area of over 23 hectares, the complex consists 360 RF antenna towers, which are directed to the sky. An up over the horizon beyond radar device.

The official description of the project is “a major Arctic facility for research on the upper atmosphere and the interactions between the sun and ice.”
Although the project is not under secrecy, this may be a trick, since many of the functions that can perform HAARP, a short description is not mentioned.
The intention of the Ministry of Defence is to make us believe that HAARP is a test facility for research in the ionosphere, while others face the project critical to point out that it has this feature and many more.

One of the most obvious, but not mentioned purpose of HAARP is a weapon system for the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars program). Another use of the technology, which is demonstrated in many representations including the original patent of East Lund to this technology, is the weather control. Another use is the mind control.

An example of the type of damage that can be done HAARP, comes from a completely different project, a radar device of the Air Force, which was taken in 1979 in operation. From one location in Cape Cod of the “Pave Paws” transmitter sent out only 1 thousandth of the electromagnetic energy from HAARP, but its effects were still deadly. Within developed two years women who lived in the surrounding towns., Leukemia with a frequency that was 23% higher than the state average, and several types of cancer with a higher by 69% frequency than other women in Massachussetts.

Perhaps the most dangerous potential use of HAARP’s mind control and splitting of consciousness, although this application option is never mentioned in the official literature. HAARP transmits on the same frequencies, which also uses the human brain, and can be tuned for specific applications to entire nations. It is also conceivable that the technology could be used to hineinzuprojizieren words, sounds (voices, whistling, buzzing …) and images directly into the awareness of entire peoples.

HAARP was taken in 1997 in operation, although it is said that it will not work before 2002 in its entirety. However circulated end 2000 network message that HAARP had its transmit power increases measurably and would now run at full power!

EISCAT – The global control

However, that could not be the only problem is that nowadays shaken us and wants to paralyze us. Although HAARP could theoretically expose of Alaska from the whole world, this kind of broadcasting equipment found on nearly every continent in one or more countries (Caribbean, Sweden, Germany, Russia, and many others.).

The global concept of these systems is EISCAT, because they are linked to each other and could also occur with a failure of individual stations do their work further. In addition, each station has its own power supply and is therefore completely independent of external circumstances.

But the hit of EISCAT is likely the whole sit on one thing. Because not only the radiation over 3 different types of destination can be sent (satellite, cable, antenna). No, most people have to wear a matching receiver VOLUNTARY at nowadays also. The speech is of course from the phone! Unfortunately The industry lobby is concealed or suppressed the real danger of these little things.

Nevertheless, it is thankfully even the layman anyway possible purpose to obtain information, even if you do not just get served on the silver plate. But it will be up to each of us if we continue to stand idly by as our right to integrity being undermined by the power of money or whether we resist and rebel against the (consciousness) control of the powerful!

Because each individual transmitter and radio tower (The now sprouting like poisonous mushrooms!) Which is situated near you, the power draws ever closer and takes you the strength to think freely! If now the forecasts of the new UMTS standards zoom takes us predict an increase of 40,000 new radio towers in Germany, then only one can give the remains to be done; to prevent any single building and to demand a full and true enlightenment from the government.

It is unacceptable that a government betrays her people and sold and allows that an external power can manipulate it at will and poison!

The eruption of the Nyiragongo – a HAARP-action?

Volcanic eruptions may be associated with tectonic shifts, these allow conclusions on mineral resources, including oil.

On 17.01.2002 in turn burst the Nyiragongo / Congo, which is considered the most active volcano in Africa, located in the border triangle of the Congo / Rwanda / Uganda. Is that a HAARP-action, perhaps as – preliminary – replacement for the war against Somalia, which has been postponed due to the indiscretion of Rudolf Scharping?

A severe eruption of the Nyiragongo with more than 2,000 deaths occurred in 1977, one year after the 200th anniversary of 1776. The earthquake in Tangshan / China with at least 250,000 dead was seismically difficult to explain. However, it was held in July 1976, to the month 200 years after the US Declaration of Independence and just 200 years after founding the Illuminati. Thus, an artificially induced by HAARP earthquake is to be considered. Likewise HAARP is to consider when earthquakes quite unusual strength occur in earthquake peaceful Germany. Such suspicious on HAARP earthquake occurred a few years ago on the night to a 13th of April. The epicenter was located in the border triangle Germany-Holland-Belgium. In July 2001, broke out simultaneously with the G8 summit in Italy Etna.

“Humanity must be so exhausted that she sees no other way than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty by discord, hatred, strife, envy, and even by deprivation, hunger, inoculation of diseases.” 10. Illuminati Protocol v . 1897th

HAARP is i.a. bundled and pulsed RF signals into the ionosphere (reflected, inter alia, radio waves, so it comes as the interference to radio communications) Send to heat them, move and giant “lenses” hineinzubrennen, the rays bundled return to Earth. The risks are horrific, because no one can accurately predict the response of the ionosphere.

Scientists like Dr. Daniel Winter, co-founder of the “Earth Grid Network”, warning of consequences worse than the atomic bomb.

The new beam weapon, the awareness and the genomes of humans and animals change, precisely earthquakes, crop failures and severe weather can be generated. The entire highly sensitive energy field of the Earth can be manipulated to the pole shift.
Meanwhile HAARP is i.a. can produce hearing voices in individuals.

Lt. Dipl.-Ing. W. Lißeck, Rabenhorst 74a, 45355 Essen, Ruhr, TF. 0201-676758, email:, head of a working group for Electrosensitive, being required none neural chip implant, it is enough any metallic tooth filling.
RESCH describes u.a .:

###the Schuman resonance vibrations: This very long wavelength (about 40,000 km) natural oscillations run continuously between the earth surface and ionosphere from, are excited by thunderstorms and modulate important biological rhythms, especially the brain activity in the alpha state.
###The ELF vibrations (Extremely Long Frequencies): This artificially generated vibrations have similar wavelengths and modulate SCHUMAN frequencies and thus biorhythms. They are produced for decades by the superpowers with the stated aim of biological manipulation.
###The MICROWAVE: These have a wavelength of between 1 m and 1 mm, and also produces militarily significant extent.. You can i.a. effect: hair loss, motor passivity, lymphocytosis, cataracts, memory disorders, chromosome breaks.

After RESCH is on record that the Russians for years, the US Embassy in Moscow contaminated so significantly died many American Embassy employees gutters cancer. RESCH also announced that Russia due diligent study many years ago the limit for electromagnetic exposure of humans by a factor of 1,000 low ansetzte than the West under US dictation.

The issue of e-smog already starts but with the growing poisoning from amalgam fillings, as the rapidly rising ubiquitous electromagnetic field density is leading to increasingly more mercury into the body.

Even with piercing metal jewelry increased the health hazard.

Within this largely based on the TESLA-energy techniques and weather disasters, droughts, war operations, the IQ of people, epidemics, as well as designer breeds (increased births) and the like are directed under the project name HAARP decades. Frequency Sensitive people (frequency Allergy) know to report on the second decades when the machine off and off. So these machines are in Australia for the Olympics in use, suggesting military to NASA experiments. HAARP devices are long gone purely stationary but similar portable computers in antenna smallest format used worldwide.

in Germany alone, countless machines of different frequency gradation stationed not only against German citizens, but also citizens of neighboring states in use day and night. Source: Journal “space & time”

HAARP patents and increasing weather – disasters

To Search:
Following below mentioned patents are used in the HAARP project.
HAARP is lt. Guesses also be responsible for the heard humming in Germany.
To the major project, whose official financing should already be set years, but continues to be built, many obscure stories and it should now entwine completely be operable (completion 2002).

Since the initial trials are providing monitors changes in local weather conditions resistant, and after the extension of the antenna systems and the increasing global weather – disasters. This sounds only times very fantastic, but in line with my expressed since 1988 Theory and the HAARP patents indicate a real background. (More on this under “transmit energy heats the Luftmolekühle”)

Since there is evidence that the microwave entry on mobile networks also comes to climate change, I have identified below the relevant US patents on the technologies.
This should encourage all interested parties that determined to scour finite flood of documents. The search engines provide much …
Especially the low-frequency components of the radiation could be interesting for a pulse / clock of about 217-1700 Hz, on the other, the THX system performance slowdown, which generates signals at 2 to 8 Hz.

Underlying patents:

The following patents are all from the spirit of the Father HAARP project, Bernard Eastlund. His patents are based on the preliminary work of Nikola Tesla, but Bernard Eastlund is no stranger. Shortly after the Second World War it was he who offered the USA to them as a weapon to thought manipulation and control to help and proved responsible in the research in the field of research into the links between electromagnetic radiation and processes in the human brain.

US Patent No. 4,686,605 -. August 1987
“Method and apparatus for altering a region of the Earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere and / or Magnetosphere”
US Patent No. 5,038,664 -. August 1991
“Method of producing a shell of relativistic particles in a (certain) above the Earth”
US Patent No. 4,712,155 -. December 1987
“Method and apparatus for creating an artificial, heated by electron Zyklotronenresonanz region of plasma”
US Patent No. 5,068,669 – November 1991.
“Energy-ray System”
US Patent No. 5,218,374 -. June 1993
“Energy-ray system with radiant, consisting of printed circuit elements resonant cavities”
US Patent No. 5,293,176 -. March 1994
“Folded dipole antenna cross-grid”
US Patent No. 5,202,689 -. April 1993
“Focusing lightweight reflector for use in outer space”
US Patent No. 5,041,834 -. August 1991
“Artificial, dirigible shaped plasma ionospheric mirror”
US Patent No. 4,999,637 – March 1991.
“Creating artificial ion clouds over the earth”
US Patent No. 4,954,709 -. September 1990
“Directed, high-resolution gamma-ray detector”
US Patent No. 4,817,495 -. April 1989
‘Defensive system differentiating between objects in space ”
US Patent No. 4,873,928 -. October 1989
“Radiative explosions of nuclear proportions”

The HAARP project

The HAARP project the US military risked the pole shift! Technical details of horror science

After studying the following article should anyone even halfway understands something of the danger of electromagnetic fields and their effects on biological systems, the hair stand on end. Details and background of madness project, which is being developed for many years under the strictest secrecy in Alaska by the US military. The so-called HAARP project heated with huge energy wasters (up to 100 billion watts) on the ionosphere to affect the infamous ELF waves, the Earth’s surface and the human consciousness. So you can leave a nation dancing on one leg, transmitted Cancer Information or other disease information world, and indeed precisely, you can drive an entire town into madness, control the weather, move the Erdpol that trigger earthquakes, etc. There is really nothing that one could not do with it. Efforts of US politicians, this madness project to stop time, before 1998, a large-scale test runs have been in vain. Here is the horror story that has the terrible disadvantage of being a reality!

A military installation, concealed under an elaborate Tarnkleid from alleged scientific, et al on patents such as Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere and / or magnetosphere based and remembers not only the extent of the Manhattan Project, which gave us the atomic bomb.
The published last year, excellently researched documentation à Angels Don’t Play This HAARP Angels do not play this harp (pun) ‘of the American-Canadian author teams Begich & Manning reveals what is funded behind the multi-billion dollar, mainly of black money HAARP / high frequency Active Auroral Research project -Active RF project to research the Aurora) in northern Alaska hides. A large-area antenna and transmitter installation to emit virtually any modulatable (ELF) radio-frequency radiation, the planned total output 100 gigawatt by previously unpublished information – is one hundred billion watts. The HAARP system is the most advanced, powerful and flexible electromagnetic weapons system ever built on this planet.

The operator of the plant, the US military (Air Force and Navy – the other party to include a number of civil engineering and supply company and the Geophysical Institute of the University of Fairbanks / Alaska whose supercomputer is used to 30% from the Department of Defense) entertained for some time an extensive smokescreen to divert public now alarmed by the true intentions. In a labor-intensive, specially staged public relations campaign, press conferences and regular beautifully colored reports on the state of affairs HAARP become a pure research project. Of course, the system also serves research purposes; the direction in which this research is carried out, which insane destinations it serves, is to study the whole, partly inadvertently leaked material completely out of the question.
The HAARP installation is on a specially built military base in the Alaskan wilderness northeast of Anchorage near the village of Gakona. The position is favorable from two points, firstly, by the pole (the magnetic field lines of the earth run particularly dense in this area and lead to increased concentration of electrically charged particles in the ionosphere) on the other hand by the massive presence of natural gas, which the by-product Crude oil production is obtained and is used for operating the HAARP generators. The technical system consists essentially of a plurality of functional groups that should interest most of which the so-called. IRI unit (Ionospheric Research Instrument -instrument to investigate the ionosphere). The HAARP IRI, technically called heater (Heater), is the most powerful high-frequency transmitter, ever built by human hands. The term heater refers to the property of the plant, electrically charging the ionosphere over the radiated power. Thus stimulated show up under certain circumstances artificial, glowing appearing Northern Lights – Auror. (The strongest heating takes place in the so-called F-layer of the ionosphere, about 200km in height). The specific partial absorption of the radiated power by the electrically charged particles of the ionosphere causes thata some portion of the transmitted radiation as waves lower frequency (ELF!) Is reflected back to the earth. The effect of such electromagnetic ELF fields on living systems has been the subject of countless scientific studies which were often strained or sponsored by the military in the last thirty years. Especially the science publications critical press ensure increasingly stir.

About the planned output of the modular, extendable heater are different information that matches that of is an unimaginable value between 10 and 100 megawatts. (The striking discrepancy between the output power of the generator / heater and in the ionosphere unfolding overall performance is illuminated below).

The so-called. Heater principle is technically within the meaning of research institutions, nothing new. Similar installations have been working for several years in Arecibo / Puerto Rico, at various locations in the former Soviet Union (OTH radars) and the Norwegian Tromso (operated by the Max Planck Institute). The HAARP facility, however, is different in addition to the aforementioned transmission power in the following details of the known installations: Instead of a single total transmission antenna was developed for the HAARP project a transmission system in which a large number of individual antennas, so-called cross-dipoles, long a. area has been distributed. This construction enables the low-cost expansion of the transmission power by linearly baying one or more additional individual antennas in existing surface. The control of the antenna complex is carried out of phase. The sequential activation of such area allows focusing the emitted radiation to almost any small area in the ionosphere. If the beam is over several minutes maintained, then a crack in this thin electric membrane layer that protects us from the strong sunlight and the continuous bombardment by cosmic rays. The number of HAARP antennas is currently at 640 pieces.

So far, proven applications:

EMP-safe communication with private and locating enemy, submerged submarines on ELF waves (extremely low frequency radiation). Only ELF-waves are able to bridge the necessary relatively long distances due to their low frequency. Such ELF communication systems are almost completely resistant to EMP (electromagnetic pulse) which primarily occur as side effects of nuclear explosions. The high energy densities such electromagnetic shock waves not only cause extensive disruption of wireless, high-frequency telecommunications the destruction of electronic components. An EMP can also be created by the coupling of high-energy scalar waves, resulting in a corresponding vote in a pulse vectorial electromagnetic energy (see last patent the following list). The HAARP technology allows, besides the fundamental synthesis, fine-tuning of EMP – of influencing or damaging technical systems and living organisms. Radiographic larger areas of the upper lithosphere (earth layer) – Erdtomographie – the spying enemy, underground deposits and hiding over long distances.

Technically possible, prepared in part applications:

Profound consciousness manipulation of large parts of the world’s population over sending specific EEG and other physiological signals. According to reports, the HAARP facility has the latest techniques for ELF modulation of the emitted radio frequency carrier.

###  Electromagnetic induction of disease patterns in biological systems.
###  Global weather manipulation.
### Extensive, massive manipulation of geophysical and ecosystems
### Highly effective shielding large areas against ICBMs and other ballistic missiles.
###  Destruction of communications and spy satellites.
### Radar applications – differentiation between own and enemy missiles.
###  Steered communication.
### Disorder or inhibiting wireless communications (radio, radar, TV, radio, telephone, etc.) over large areas of the planet.
### Influencing electronic components (semiconductor) / electromagnetic data carriers (hard disks, floppy disks.) To thermal destruction.

In addition to the self-explanatory consequences of O.A. Areas of application results in the technology in another long series of possible secondary effects on both live and on technical systems. A large part of these secondary effects occur after previous findings (especially the Soviets – OTH / Woodpecker radar) even at relatively low transmitting power, for example, in the course of temporally extended trials.

###The possibility of early pole shift – the nightmare par excellence.
###  Global increase of earthquakes and floods.
###    Changing global Wetterstukturen.
### Disorders of the entire wireless communication, also about vital in this area plane, bush and Notfunksysteme.
###   Sensitive influencing electromagnetic communication, growth and orientation mechanisms of wildlife, such as at (tensile) birds.
### Influencing biorhythms fundamental and DNA replication.

Relatively small, emitted into the ionosphere services, technically related operators (Puerto Rico, Tromso) in the past had measurable for a long time and noticeable effects on large areas of the atmosphere result. Another idea of the real objective is obtained solely by the title line of twelve HAARP key patents. Especially the last of the following patents should dispel any doubts about the intentions of the operators – the basic question research project or weapon system – finally crushed.

The key patents, including:

US Patent Nr.4.686.605 – August 87
Method and apparatus for altering a region of the Earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere and / or magnetosphere.
US Patent No. 5,038,664 -. August 91
Method of producing a shell of relativistic particles in a (certain) above the Earth.
US Patent No. 4,712,155 -. December 87
Method and apparatus for creating an artificial, heated by electron Zyklotronenresonanz region of plasma.
US Patent No. 5,068,669 -. November 91
Energy radiation system.
US Pat. No. 5,218,374 -June 93
Energy-ray system with radiant, consisting of printed circuit elements resonant cavities.
US Pat. No. 5,293,176 -March 94
Folded trellis-dipole antenna.
US Pat. 5202689 – April 93
Focusing Santander lightweight reflector for use in space.
US Patent No. 5,041,834 -. August 91
Artificial, dirigible shaped plasma ionospheric mirror.
US Pat. No. 4,999,637 -März 91
Creation of artificial ion clouds above the Earth.
US Patent Nr.4.954.709 – September 90
Targeted, high-resolution gamma-ray detector.
US Patent No. 4,817,495 -. April 89
Defensive system for discrimination of objects in space.
US Patent No. 4,873,928 -. October 89
Radiation Free explosions of nuclear extents (sic) (Nuclear-Sized Explosions without Radiation).

HAARP and Tesla:

To all appearances, especially after an intensive study of the above mentioned Key patents contributed Nikola Tesla, the pioneer of electrical engineering (inventor of key technologies in the fields of artificial lighting, Electromedical equipment, three-phase, high-frequency and high-voltage technology, telecommunications, turbine technology and wireless power transmission) the crucial groundwork for HAARP project. Already in 1917 he offered the US War Department to a Teilchenstrahlwaffe – they laughed at him. Tesla developed the technique in the next twenty years on, he took to the grave with the crucial information.

More of HAARP relevant preparatory Tesla tabulated:

1897 – First wireless signal transmission over 40km.
1899 – Development of the Magnifying Transmitter a system for wireless power transmission.
1900 – Advertisement for the world system, the core of the system wr a never consummate telecommunication and power station in Wardenclyffe on Long Iceland
1905 – Tesla bankers terminate his cooperation. The project in Wardenclyffe can not be completed.
1912 – Tesla published the principle of its mechanical resonant vibrators. After a myriad of previous attempts – he brought ringer big vibrators buildings and bridges to falter – he explained to the press, to be capable of breaking with this technique, the earth.
1934 – Tesla explained in an interview the impact of his death rays (narrowly focused radiation (1 / 1000mm)) of coherent, electrically charged particles. Such rays reach, according to Tesla speed of light and penetrate the thickest armor. The generator required for this purpose went from Tesla’s work produced with X-rays and the Magnifying Transmitter and was developed in the twenties and thirties.

References to previous missions:

In the late 60s / early 70s gave the Soviets the then already mature technology in the form of mobile deployable Skalarinterferometern and SA-2 Fansong radars on the red Vietnamese. The Americans lost in the vicinity of these plants within days eight F-111 Starfighter without direct attack by conventional, ballistic weapons technology.
The Soviet Army is to present information for nearly 40 years in the possession of such functional, deployable attack- and defense systems.

On April 8, 1984, came to the northern Japanese coast to a huge explosion on the extent of a nuclear detonation. Huge amounts of water have been transported tens of kilometers into the atmosphere. Rushed to the scene special units of the Japanese government could however find no radioactive fallout nor excessive radiation levels. What had happened? Experts speak in this context of so-called cold explosions, in this case the effects of targeted Skalarwaffentests the Soviets. Conjecture or reality. On satellite images of Russian Bennett Island in the Arctic Ocean, and Novaya Semilja north of the Russian mainland over 200km have been discovered long buildings that were brought by experts in conjunction with the Scalar Howitzers / OTH radars in Saryshagan / SU. These electromagnetic weapons systems are, in principle, among others trigger cold explosions able over a wide area (thousands of kilometers) (see. the last patent in the O.A. list).

During a live broadcast of the American news channel CNN from the Gulf War happened a little glitch, the experts left startled. A fixed camera for several minutes setting showed the CNN reporters before a special Iraqi bunker, about the origin and protective effect, even against nuclear weapons at that time a lot was in the press. From the background of an American attack helicopter approached with strange lateral structures of the scene, hovering for about 30 seconds over the bunker. The sound also live broadcast was only the noise of helicopter rotors are removed, loudspeaker announcements were not heard from that direction. Made in Germany – – Suddenly the doors of light, air and sound-proof bunker opened and a number of Iraqi soldiers came with their hands out smiling (!). What had happened? It may be assumed that it was in the superstructure of the helicopter about an ELF modulated Skalarwaffe, a Skalarinterferometer – mobile HAARP technology.

Trials and planned operations:

Although the Senate did not agree to a further financing of the project in 1995, work continued further in the project. Here arises the question repeated, the sources from which flow the necessary funds. The previous test runs the plant, during which it partially came to significant incidents to the information found as follows instead:

December 94: Basic function tests of the entire plant with relatively low power
January 95: Continuation of the test phase for verifying the overall concept
February / March 95: Extensive testing of the existing overall plant and individual components
March / April 95: Official test of the system
July / August 95: Due to technical problems, which during a test run with 100 watts / antenna – corresponding to a total input power of 3,600 watts !!! – (. See with planned input power of 100 MW) occurred, there was a test of the system with coordinated sweep passes (time raising and lowering of the carrier frequency). In the above test run vaporized a 100 mm thick aluminum plug, caused by resonant coupling.
Summer 96: The work on the system will continue. The timing of further tests are not disclosed. Additional antenna and Sendeeinrichungen be bayed in the near future areally to the existing installation.

Technical problems:

As already mentioned, the trials did not go without a hitch. Even with the described input power of 100 watts / antenna unit, there was sensitive failures, such as evaporation of a solid plug. However, the fed, relatively modest 100 watts are not enough by far to produce such effects. The observed at other interfaces reinforcing relations between input and output of the system can only be explained by a variety of resonance phenomena. The radiated power of the HAARP transmitter is, for example, after entering the ionosphere about a thousand times the current fed into the system electrical power. This gain is referred to in the original text as antenna gain, a rather vague, not explained in greater detail explanation. Elsewhere this negative impedance of the overall resonant circuit is attributed to the maser effect, which comes closer to the thing, the necessary technical details subject to secrecy. The maser approach is due to the coherent coupling with charged particles of the ionosphere, a further platform resulting from the use of multiple, coordinated phase multibeam systems – their mutual scalar coupling, which is based on an avant-garde field concept.

However, the above-mentioned incident with the Alustecker has emphatically that the technology is not yet even begin dominated by the operators. A comparison to the all too familiar, but the world thousands of times occurred accidents in nuclear power plants (Three Mile Iceland, Chernobyl, crumbs, etc … etc … etc …) is not only close.

Other undesirable side effects:

Besides the already-mentioned potential impact even throttled operating phases alone the HAARP system, it is a number of other undesirable side-effects, among other things, of alienated flow of information to keep in mind.
In the mid-eighties (!) Confiscated American patrolmen electromagnetic hand weapon with which a short time before a member of a political organization paralyzed own nervous system. This is the first sentence. In whose hands these biologically highly effective weapons technology might always advised or has already fallen, the latest at this point the question arises after less protective measures on.


Let’s not fool ourselves. The times of the Cold War are not over, the Cold War is colder than ever.

The technical maturity electromagnetic, nonlethaler weapons systems has the effect of time-honored ABC (Atomic-Biological-Chemical) reached mass destruction systems. The loopy scientists are all possible assistance in excess available.

In the former Eastern Bloc, the electromagnetic weapons systems are being tested for 40 years; their flexible deployment capabilities have the equipment (OTH radar, scalar interferometer) since often able to prove. Starting with the bombardment of the Moscow US Embassy with modulated microwaves in the sixties, on the documented use of related technologies in Vietnam and the Gulf War, about the mutual shelling of killer satellites in orbit early 80s, cold Gigaexplosionen in the Japanese sea at the same time – the list of successful trials is no end.
However, there is the Russian side little new to report, one can assume that the problems are different there mounted a little as the Americans. Concerning HAARP turns to the time probably some question of ensuring the operation at higher powers. The HAARP facility is a prime example of a technical and scientific progress, which has left the spiritual development of mankind long past. The extent of future results for this type of research blessing and benefit to mankind are left open. Considering Currently Known incidents in trial run no one can rule out that at some point we all be returned by pressing a button in the Stone Age – we have only one atmosphere.


Mansur Khan, The Secret History of American wars (Publications of the Institute of German postwar history / Tübingen, vol. 24), Grabert-Verlag, Pf. 1629, D-72006 Tübingen, ISBN 3-87847-196-3, 1st edition. 1998
A documentary on HAARP is published by in 2001 by the authors Jeane Manning and Nick Begich: “holes in the sky. The secret Ökokrieg with the ionospheric heater HAARP. “The book also reveals the tricks that defy the military to democratic control. 361 pages 30.- DM, ordered under TF. 01805-23 2001 (two thousand and Publisher).

The Chernobyl reactors were used for Star Wars program of the Soviets. It should in the final total of 16 nuclear power plants arise for operating a gigantic, 150-meter high microwave antenna field of 35 kilometers in diameter!

(Comparable to the US HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska) According to an NDR / Arte 1998 film of the Chernobyl reactor was flying after a 20-second earthquake in the air, (comparable to the US HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska) according to an NDR / Arte 1998 film of the Chernobyl reactor was flying after a 20-second earthquake in the air after strange bluish light phenomena were observed. The true GAU-grounds were declared to be secret, and a connection with the beam weapon should never come and the

Excerpt from “outing with the Geiger counter,” v Martin Ebner, 31.08.2003. […] “In addition to the nuclear power plant [Chernobyl] Pripyat is to see the big ghost town for former employees of the power plant. Why needed 5,000 workers prefabricated housing for 55,000 inhabitants? And what are these huge antennas that known by any of Chernobyl photo, but are now with the naked eye to see through Pripyat? The reserve manager shrugs.
The Declaration Lengenfelder: This is the unfinished response to the US Star Wars program – two 150-meter high and 600 meter long antenna walls. Ten pieces of it should have been placed in a circle with 35 kilometers in diameter, to send RF signals into the ionosphere. Using Reflection would be there to reach any point of the earth and paralyze such as the western communication systems. The NPP should already make huge amounts of energy, 16 reactors would have to be. So not only Chernobyl yielded plutonium for bombs, but was itself part of a kind of miracle weapon. “[…]

Khrushchev [gv*A communist Jew] declared in 1960 to the Bureau that these new weapons could wipe out all life on Earth (toward energy weapons). 1975 tried Brezhnev in the SALT talks to achieve a ban on these weapons. US Senator Pell said at a Senate Hearing 1975: We need a ban on the request before the military leaders of the world begin to steer storms to manipulate the weather, and to address earthquakes against their enemies.

On 07/28/1976 happened in China a major earthquake in Tangshan, China, killing hundreds of thousands. Before the first quake occurred, the sky lit up at 03:42 on daylight.

On 12.10.1976 approved the UN General Assembly the “Convention of the Prohibition of Military or any other Hostile use of Enviromental Modification Techniques” and carried a report. Such a report would not be published without knowledge of technical environmental manipulation possibilities.

1976 at the 200th Independence Day of America, the Soviets further started the “Woodpeckerbesendung ‘order Weather Manipulation areas. The Soviets swept Deten already in the 60s, the US embassy in Moscow with brain manipulation. In 1985 and 86 Lieutenant Colonel Bearden were already destroyed US aircraft and submarines, according scalar scientist. According to Indian Daily today possess many States such Skalarwaffen to environmental and human impact.


Especially with the background knowledge of HAARP is the accident of the Chernobyl reactor to a much broader fact, as it is today: It is no longer “just” nor to the interests of economic positions of power, profit maximization of energy companies but the supremacy of special military coupled respectively to them governments in the world domination. The above the respective conclusion of a “stop” on the Chernobyl nuclear power station, each reporting on the accident in question.


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